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  1. Norrad

    Still looking for any WHF Dogs of War!

    Cash normally but what do you have for trade?
  2. Norrad

    Still looking for any WHF Dogs of War!

    Watcha looking for? I have the whole army
  3. Norrad

    FS/FT: Infinity Army (price reduced)

    Looks like Corvus Belli is finally going to give some love to Tohaa this next season. Here’s hoping that someone might want to start a new army. 😁
  4. Norrad

    SAGA: Age of Magic

    Any update on when this is to be released?
  5. Is this demo really a year from now? You have Dec 29, 2019 listed.
  6. Norrad

    AoS Kill Team?

    Path to Glory is the AOS Skirmish/ Escalation ruleset. It works great!
  7. This is what the Escalation leagues are all about and why they are so much fun and ultimately good for the gaming community.
  8. Guardian Games has an AOS and Warhammer Underworlds night on Tuesdays. Geeks n Games has a Friday night AOS league but I believe this is winding down.
  9. Norrad

    LF: Warmaster Empire Or Orcs & Gobs

    Units or whole army?
  10. Norrad

    Infinity Escalation League in January?

    The slow grow leagues are always fun but so are the narrative style campaigns. Don’t know? Maybe put up a poll and see what the interest is.?
  11. Will we see the Adeptus Custodes or other factions like Sisters in Kill Team?
  12. Will there be another Infinity Escalation League starting in the new year after the holidays? Here’s hoping so!
  13. Norrad

    FS/FT: Infinity Army (price reduced)

    Sorry I normally do not deal with shipping. Had some bad experiences in the past. How not local are you?
  14. Norrad

    FS/FT: Infinity Tohaa Army

    Just in case anyone missed this over in Rogue Trader Forum I have a new in box/blister Tohaa army for sale. This project just never got off the ground. Selling below Miniature Market prices. Tohaa Army 300pt boxset Gorgos TAG box Gorgos pilot Gao-Rael spitfire Clipsos Infiltrator Sniper  Total $142.96 Asking $100 Will also consider New, Unassembled Infinity terrain. 
  15. Norrad

    Sleeping Dragon Awakens - Escalation Blog

    Resurrection Time! It Lives... Time to get back to Infinity. So I’ll start posting again here. Just in case you didn’t see it I posted up a Tohaa Army deal in Rogue Trader for sale.