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  1. Did I win? I’m sure I won!
  2. Norrad


    Damn, now I’m torn... I was going to pick up some Kharadon Overlords to go with my Fyre slayers but with these cool looking Deepkin I am thinking about adding them to my Dark Aelves. What a dilemma. Oh GW how you vex me!
  3. Norrad


    The more I see of this army the more excited I become. I can’t wait to read the book!
  4. Norrad

    Idoneth Deepkin

    Totally not disappointed with this release. As a long time Elf player I am digging where they are going with the aesthetics of this new race. I am extremely happy that they did not do Fishmen and hopefully we can put that 20+ year rumor to rest!
  5. Norrad

    GG AoS Game Night

    Oops, Tuesday you say? Well hell... they both start with a T and end in day. I guess hooked on phonics did not work for me!
  6. Norrad

    GG AoS Game Night

    So I’ve been by GG on multiple Thursdays nights now and no AOS in sight! Is this still an event? I’m guessing not.
  7. Norrad

    SAGA New Edition (2018)

    Games looked cool yesterday. Thanks for letting me hang out and ask questions.
  8. Norrad

    SAGA New Edition (2018)

    When do you think the next Saga day will be? Saturday the 24th or Sunday the 25th? What times do you normally gather? I’m looking forward to seeing some games played.
  9. Norrad

    New to Infinity

    We always do!!!
  10. Norrad

    SAGA New Edition (2018)

    Ahh, I missed that when I was skimming. Thanks
  11. I will stop by and watch but I have to go to work. Besides it wouldn’t do any good for me to play since I can’t seem to figure this damn game out! 🤬🤬🤬
  12. Norrad

    SAGA New Edition (2018)

    I got my the 2.0 rulebook plus Aetius and Arthur supplement yesterday. I’ve only had a chance to skim the rules but I’m a bit disappointed at this point. I realize that Aetius and Arthur required the main rule book or Crescent and Cross to use it but it appears that you have to have Crescent and cross for the cavalry rules. Is there any way to get the cavalry rules without buying another book?
  13. Norrad

    Looking for beastmen

    How many do you need?
  14. Norrad


    Any pics?
  15. Norrad

    SAGA New Edition (2018)

    If you had a choice between Gripping Beast and Footsore which would you choose? Also it appears that both manufacturers have army bundles. Any reason to not look at these? On another note, I ordered my books - Saga Rulebook v2, Viking Supplement, and Aetius & Arthur book.