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  1. Bosco

    Blood Bowl 2 on sale

    Hahahaha. Link to the coverage? Also, Blood Bowl 2 legendary edition is on sale for PC, $16 on steam. If enough of us get in on it we could get a clan (collection of coaches playing in a vaguely team based league format) together for ReBBL league or just have a greater ordo contingent than Burk and I representing.
  2. Bosco


    We've never had a problem with it, but we typically use a champagne yeast, aim for 23-14% ABV by OG and target FG. Degassing, staggered nutrient additions, and good temp control all help them chug along to the finish line. I want to use a fancy honey, but figured we're going to make sure we're getting decent results with cheap stuff first and really dial our processes in well before investing in it.
  3. Bosco


    Last year we largely used Costco clover honey, but did all gimmick meads like a bochet, melomel, or otherwise flavored mead where the honey itself was a relatively minor player. This year we might get a 2-gallon bucket of fancy honey from flying bee ranch in Salem for a traditional mead.
  4. Bosco

    Blood Bowl 2 on sale

    Unless I manage to fail in my final games I'm likely finishing 5th in div 7. Hoping I place well enough to advance to div 5-6. I need to work on my offence.
  5. Bosco

    Blood Bowl 2 on sale

    Yeah, he's beating face in 10G
  6. I'd be interested in playing the grudge bearers if someone can tell me what the roster is so I can be sure I've got the models to cover it.
  7. Bosco


    Last year I made 19 gallons of mead and 12 gallons of beer (kit, no mash setup) with a non-ordo buddy. This year we'll likely make closer to 30 gallons of mead, 6 started already. We tend to bulk age it 10+ months after secondary fermentation before bottling. Fun hobby; lots of waiting with occasional checking.
  8. Team created; more elves...
  9. I'm seeing the league as a team creation option now. I'll whip up a team at lunch and get it entered. Not certain I'll be there by 6pm, coming from OC, but I'll see if I can pull it off.
  10. Not seeing that league as a creation option on ordobowl. Do I just have the dumbs?
  11. Ok. I've got two teams (pro elf and Dwarf) and a pitch. Will be there tonight, but likely have to leave the league come March for human league since I've only got so much freedom in the week.
  12. I can try and take part, but I'd have to give up my Tuesday nights during that time. Any idea how long their league is running? I'm prioritizing human league in March right now.
  13. Had a great time, even if it wasn't my best showing. Big thanks to Weav for putting this together; organizing and running a smooth event!
  14. Bosco

    Tuesday 1/8 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    @kb10r it's looking like I'm not going to be there until closer to 5, got pulled into a late meeting against my will.