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  1. I can't make a dwarf roster I like for this so I'm bringing humies. I'll noodle a list out later today. OK, got a list I don't hate, feedback appreciated: Thrower Catcher Catcher w/block Blitzer w/ Guard Blitzer w/Tackle 2x Blitzer w/ Mighty Blow 5x Lineman Ogre w/Guard & Block 3x Reroll 1 Fan Factor 13 players (AV8 doesn't instill confidence and I've got two catchers as well), but I could drop the FF and a lineman and pick up a 3rd catcher instead. I'm tempted to drop a MB and get a second tackle piece, but it's a waste against any team without dodge.
  2. https://m.facebook.com/groups/398160157193823?multi_permalinks=858857801124054&notif_t=group_comment_mention&notif_id=1555293758787891&ref=m_notif 1.1M team build, then 150k further for skills, max 40k upgrades/player, cannot take +ST or +AG, limit to two of the same upgrade per team (no 3x guard, etc.). Unspent $ goes into the void and is lost, etc.
  3. Well I hear humans are a fun and exciting option... But I might also just bring dwarves and grumble when I get out-cas'd by pro elves again.
  4. Worst case I can borrow another senator's keys since I need a set anyways and have them made before next Tuesday so I'm taken care of.
  5. Dave and I will be there around 5:15 for human league shenanigans. Beasts vs Sponge Bath! **Edit** I won't be able to be there at 5:15, my wife had to schedule a follow-up appointment that puts me on kid duty until closer to 8pm. Posting here in case @kb10r doesn't see my PM before then so someone can let him know.
  6. Bosco

    Online lols

    Haha. I've found maybe 1/4 of random online opponents troll the whole game, but they take on a much more spiteful tone when I start fouling in response to their taunting and sending 🙂 in chat when the armor breaks. It's juvenile, but I'm not above it. Unless it's @Burk; he still wrecks my elves regardless so I try to minimize opportunity.
  7. @scotthartman well, I've already been roped into a meeting that runs until 4:30 today; likely won't be too ordo until closer to 5:30, depending on traffic.
  8. Planning on playing my week 3 game with @scotthartman this week.
  9. I might be closer to 5:15-5:30, depends on traffic and any late meetings before I can get out of the office.
  10. I'll be there to play @Blustorm for our human league game. I think it's going to be the first time I've played Nate in BB.
  11. Bosco

    Summer league

    I am interested, assuming it's an ordo league, but I do echo Burk's concern since I've got limited availability.
  12. @Weav get the PC version... join us!
  13. Another successful Ordo season! Congrats to Burk and thanks to Weav for putting in all the work to make the league run smoothly.
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