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  1. necrontyr

    From the personal collection of Robin Williams

    They're old Armorcast titans, the precursor to Forgeworld.
  2. So Robin Williams' daughter Zelda is going through some of his toys, and posted these on twitter:
  3. necrontyr

    Next Project

    Going for a U.S. Cavalry theme on this test model.
  4. necrontyr

    Next Project

    Starting work on my Rough Rider Platoon. Thanks for the last few models pretre!
  5. necrontyr

    Adeptus Titanicus Rumors

    It's 8mm scale instead of 6mm.
  6. necrontyr

    Nurgle vs Rogue Traders Board Game

    Skirmish Game - Rogue Trader!
  7. necrontyr

    Toying with a Necron army list

    Well if you're going that route, why not bring a Ghost Ark along too, make em even tougher?
  8. necrontyr

    Toying with a Necron army list

    Destroyers are great and wreck face, hard. Immortals seem better than warriors now, especially with Mephrit trait. Tesla works good with a Lord and HWBD, but Gauss is always good. I also love that scarabs explode again. I always bring a few for that reason alone.
  9. necrontyr

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    I was always a fan of the Aeon Trinity series by White Wolf. Simple Storyteller rules system, great storyline, and the option to play dystopian earth, hi-tech sci-fi, space travel, normal human, or enhanced psychic beings.
  10. necrontyr

    Imperial armor astra militarum pg 52

    PM sent.
  11. Finally, this issue of White Dwarf features a glimpse at an awesome upcoming new model – the Aeldari Webway Gate! After years of being an iconic part of the Warhammer 40,000 background, this huge scenery piece finally brings the webway to life on your tabletop – keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for when this goes on pre-order… The Webway Gate will be accompanying the release of Codex: Harlequins. We’re happy to confirm that this codex, alongside Codex: Deathwatch, will be out in May, and we’ll be running extensive previews on both as we get ready for them to go on pre-order.
  12. necrontyr

    Infinity War with Spoilers thread

    I read somewhere that the Ant-man movie takes place before Infinity War.
  13. necrontyr

    Infinity War with Spoilers thread

    I don't think so, no.