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  1. 15$ Baneblade anyone?

    No. Just no.
  2. okay another rule question

    Hot Shot all the way. GL are just mediocre.
  3. Black Friday Black Crusade APOC

    I can do it all. I've got an Infantry Company, an Armored Company, a Super Heavy Company, a Recon Company, an Artillery Company, and an Air Cavalry detachment.
  4. Black Friday Black Crusade APOC

    Hey I'm rebuilding! I used to have 15,000...
  5. Black Friday Black Crusade APOC

    This sounds interesting. I think I can plop down around 10,000 pts of guard if there's any interest.
  6. Stormtrooper Army 2000 pts

    At the end of the first turn, nearly all Stormtroopers should be on the ground, so I'm ok.
  7. Portland Meta?

    He'll learn about Pax soon enough.
  8. I don't know what I was thinking...

    Da plane, da plane! Rough assembly complete. Need to paint the turret assemblies before final assembly. https://imgur.com/TfIQHH0
  9. I don't know what I was thinking...

    Progress! Main hull and components together, along with turret sub assemblies. Still got a lot if detail bits to go. This one has been a real nice cast and very little to any work needed to fit and assemble. https://imgur.com/Y4cWLII
  10. Codex: Tyranids Preview – Units The new codex sees several Tyranids units gain powerful new abilities and biomorphs or, in the case of the Carnifex, new subspecies. There are myriad tweaks, adjustments and changes designed to diversify the Tyranids and put every unit on an even keel, and we thought five units were worth a special spotlight: Zoanthropes are the psychic artillery of the Tyranids, and in the new codex, they provide a deadly source of Smite attacks, make a potent linebreaker unit (thanks to Psychic Barrage), and are an always-useful source of synapse. Zoanthropes positioned near a Neurothrope can re-roll 1s on their Psychic tests, so getting off a key Smite – or a more costly psychic power – is much easier. Larger broods of Zoanthropes also inflict additional mortal wounds when they use Smite; a unit of 6, for instance, deals an additional 3! Venomthropes are a key part of any Tyranids battleline. As before, they force an enemy’s attacking units within their shrouding spores to suffer -1 to hit, but unlike in the Index, larger broods of Venomthropes can shroud Monsters and other <Hive Fleet> units too! As if that wasn’t useful enough, Venomthropes also deal D3 damage with their shooting and melee attacks, meaning any unit trying to clear out your cover in close combat is in for a very nasty surprise. Genestealers are already a great Troops option in any Tyranids list; they hit hard, they move fast, and their invulnerable saves are always welcome when hunting characters with high AP. In the new codex, Genestealers can be equipped with new biomorphs to further improve them; acid maw, for instance, allows you to give one Genestealer a powerful close combat weapon, while extended carapaces forces Genestealers to give up Swift and Deadly, but improves their save to a 4+. Lictors have received a small but significant change that makes them far easier to use in any Tyranids army. Lictors (and Deathleaper!) no longer suffer from Instinctive Behaviour – after all, as vanguard organisms, these creatures are designed to operate away from the rest of the swarm for extended periods of time. Dropping a Lictor in your opponent’s backfield is now a very reliable distraction strategy and a great way to deal with lone ranged units, psykers and support characters. Finally, as you may have noticed in our White Dwarf preview, the Carnifexis receiving two new variants along with a range of new biomorphs. You’ll be free to choose whether you want to customise a Carnifex of your own from the flexible base unit or pick a more specific battlefield role with the Thornback and Screamer-Killer. The Thornback is the master of shock-assault. In addition to causing mortal wounds to nearby models when it charges, this beast hits on a 3+ (going up to a 2+ if Old One Eye is around). Both the Thornback and the standard Carnifex can take enhanced senses, a new biomorph that gives them a BS of 3+. What’s more, this increase in Ballistic Skill is accompanied by an improvement to devourers with brainleech worms, which have their shots doubled to Assault 6. In short, the famous “Dakkafex” is back – and particularly powerful in a Hive Fleet Kronos army. Screamer-Killers, on the other hand, have a more insidious purpose. In addition to deadly scything talons, these guys have a lethal bio-plasmic scream that’ll tear enemies apart at range, while their mere presence forces your foes to add 1 to their Morale tests. All Carnifexes benefit from a new biomorph called spore cysts, an upgrade that forces enemies to subtract 1 from their hit roll, simulating the effects of a nearby Venomthrope. Of course, if you’d rather give your Carnifexes even more shooting power, the spine banks add 4 more shots at Strength 5. We’ve only scratched the surface (we haven’t even talked about the Tyrannofex yet!) of the ways in which the new Tyranids codex makes your favourite units more powerful and more fun. Thankfully, the wait for Codex: Tyranids is nearly over, and you’ll be able to pre-order your copy, alongside the new Start Collecting! box, tomorrow.
  11. Stormtrooper Army 2000 pts

    If I can get this painted, this would probably be my OFCC list for next year.
  12. Stormtrooper Army 2000 pts

    That's pretty much all I look for anymore :D
  13. Stormtrooper Army 2000 pts

    Well I'm about to finish building my last airplane for this list, and I'm kinda excited to run it. I know with the FAQ on aircraft, this list isn't very tough, but it sure looks like it'll be fun to play. The idea is to have a drop platoon and a mounted platoon. Drop platoon alpha strikes the hard targets, mounted platoon jumps out and hits targets/claims objectives. The airplanes zip around and harass units, hit targets of opportunity, and act as distractions. I'm looking at 7 Command Points and have the Militarum Tempestus regiment Stratagems and stuff in effect. Thoughts? Storm Troopers Battalion Detachment Points Mounted Platoon Tempestor Prime CCW, HS Laspistol 41 Command Squad 4 Meltaguns 84 Storm Troopers 8 Storm Troopers, 2 Grenade Launchers 88 Storm Troopers 7 Storm Troopers, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, 2 Flamers 92 Commissar Bolt Pistol, Power Fist 41 Storm Troopers 8 Storm Troopers, 2 Hot Shot Volley Gun 90 Drop Platoon Tempestor Prime Power Sword, Tempestus Rod, Tactical Auto-reliquary of Tyberius 44 Command Squad Medic, Vox, Plasma Gun x 2 79 Storm Troopers 6 Storm Troopers, 2 Hot Shot Volley Guns, Vox 75 Storm Troopers 6 Storm Troopers, 2 Plasma Guns, Vox 89 Storm Troopers 6 Storm Troopers, Plasma Pistol, 2 Plasma Guns, Vox 94 Air Wing Detachment Valkyrie Multilaser, Two Rocket Pods 142 Valkyrie Multilaser, Two Rocket Pods 142 Valkyrie Multilaser, Two Rocket Pods 142 Vendetta 3 Dual Lascannons 230 Vulture H. Bolter, 2 Multilasers, 2 Rocket Pods 160 Vulture H. Bolter, 2 Lascannons, 2 Hellstrikes 200 Vulture H. Bolter, 4 Rocket Pods 164 Total 1997
  14. Codex: Tyranids Preview: Stratagems The Tyranids are often thought of as a mindless swarm but, unfortunately for the galaxy, nothing could be further from the truth. Each Hive Tyrantis a genius commander, imbued with millennia of experience, and the Hive Mind commands the swarm with absolute discipline and control. Indeed, during the Battle of Macragge, the Swarmlord was able to outmanoeuvre Marneus Calgar, one of the Imperium’s greatest commanders. On the tabletop, this tactical mastery is finally represented thanks to a series of deadly new Stratagems. One of the most grisly (and useful!) Stratagems from the new codex is Feeder Tendrils. For the cost of a Command Point, you’ll be able to recycle a dead enemy character into more precious Command Points for yourself! Suddenly, every enemy character becomes a potential liability. Psychic Barrage allows Zoanthropes to pool their powers and unleash a devastating psychic bombardment, punishing foes who group multiple small units together. Pathogenic Slime is a brutal ability that’ll make your ranged monsters even deadlier. A Carnifex with four devourers with brainleech worms using this ability will be pumping out 24 Strength 6 shots, each dealing 2 damage – perfect for overwhelming Terminators, Primaris Space Marinesand other tough targets. Hyper-toxicity is a hive fleet-specific Stratagem that works fantastically with Genestealers or Hormagaunts, allowing them to stack up damage on even the toughest of targets. The Deepest Shadow is a particularly insidious Stratagem for Hive Fleet Kronos. With it, you’ll be able to disrupt enemy Psychic tests at a key moment. Combine this with the Soul Hunger Warlord Trait (previewed yesterday) and The Shadow in the Warp (previewed Monday) and psykers will think twice about trying to Smite you! Finally, Caustic Blood is a great way to give a swarm of Termagants a devastating send-off, making a 40-strong block of these lesser bio-organisms an even less appealing prospect to fight. There are many, many more Stratagems in the book, and thanks to efficient options in every slot, you’ll have no trouble at all filling Brigade and Battalion detachments out to give you the Command Points to use them; indeed, taking only the most low-cost units in every slot, you can get a battalion in your army for only 699 points. We’ve looked at army-wide abilities, Hive Fleet Adaptations, command options and Stratagems, and tomorrow, we’ll be looking at the core of the Tyranids army – the units themselves! Make sure not to miss it and come back then.
  15. Parent/Child 'Learn'-ament

    My son is 16, would that be too old?