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  1. Still looking for Daemonettes, also interested in more Rough Riders.
  2. D+D Maps

    We use this in our Firefly game all the time!
  3. 40K OFCC Team Event - Conversation starts here!

    Where's the page 11 info?! @evil_bryan
  4. Random Photo Thread

  5. Rogue Trading rules for posting?

    You leave me out of this. I mean every offense.
  6. Co Op Games

    Last Night on Earth, They Came from Outer Space, A Touch of Evil. Basically anything from Flying Frog. Awesome games with great replay and co-op that's a ton of fun.
  7. I'm looking for some of the metal Juan Diaz sculpt Daemonettes and mounted Daemonettes. Also looking for Attilan Rough Riders, or possibly the RT Rough Riders, and the plastic chaos cultists from Dark Vengeance. I have a Forgeworld Vulture to swap, it's bare resin assembled with the multilaser upgrade pack, and rocket pods. I have an unassembled chinacast Fortress of Redemption I would like to be rid of as well. Index Imperium 1 and Index Chaos are available for trade too. Pics available upon request.
  8. Something is coming.....

  9. Toy Show and Free Movie this Saturday

    I'll probably swing by with the kids. I live just a few blocks from there.
  10. WTS Jagermeister Shot Glass Freezer $125

    It's this one, and the meaning behind it....