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    all right, all right, all right The new Codex has dropped into my grubby little hands and I am atwitter at the new rules. OK... there have been some changes... Many changes. The old army was based on a core of shooty pink horrors, buffed by the changeling with some counter strike units. The changeling has been nerfed to death but the horrors got a little bit better. So I will have to shift to a shooty pink horror force without the survivability of the changeling Well... Here is my new 2000pt army: HQ: 2 Daemon Princes of Tzeentch with Wings and claws, make one my General with the 3+ inv Relic. Herald if Tz ( Changecaster ) to hang out with the horrors for a +1 S buff. Herald of Tz on Disc ( Fluxmaster ) to hang out with the mobile units for the +1 S buff ) The Blue Scribes... ( WTF! yes, crazy Tzeentch stuff inserted back in. ) Troops: 3 units of 23 pink horrors w/ 2blue and 2 Brimestone hanging on for slough off wounds. ( My dakka dakka, although two units of brimestone to get in the way of deep strikers is another thought ) Elites: 2 units of 5 Flamers ( jump and flame hordes ) Heavy: 3 burning chariots ( bad dakka dakka but might, could, sorta, help out with light vehicles and shattered troops) Spined Chaos Beast of Tzeentch ( my "get in the way" dude ) OK, next to make sure I have all this and get them ready...
  2. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/20

    No, but Maybe I can teach someone new or someone plays twice?
  3. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/20

    I would play all the OGRE that there is to play as well... and Blood Bowl friendly.
  4. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/13

    Sounds great. You can kill off more of my guys.
  5. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/13

    I'll be there for a BB friendly, have my beat up TR100 team ready to go.
  6. 2/6 Game Night at W.O.W

    BB friendly? savion47 or other? I need some cash for my TR100 team.
  7. League roll call

    Dark Night ready to go
  8. League roll call

    whoa whoa whoa... I was going to to play Daemons of Khorne...
  9. OF Game Night @ WOW - Jan 30th

    Bring the Flings, I'll bring the Khorne
  10. OF Game Night @ WOW - Jan 30th

    I'm going to be in with a starter 100TR Blood bowl team, looking for a friendly to get some gold. I have perhaps the worst team ( not counting Halflings ) in Blood Bowl, so take advantage before I have any skills.
  11. Tentative league start

    Can we start with "friendlies" to get our fresh TR100 teams built up a little bit?
  12. Chaos Daemon changes over the index?

    Skipping points... and limiting myself to Tzeentch... The changeling aura is greatly changed... maybe too much. from -1 to hit to 6+ feel no pain. ( and the model must be within 9" NOT the unit ) The blue scribes are more interesting. They "auto cast" an unstoppable, and are NOT a psyker, random Tzeentch power. So they could cast a power someone else has already cast. Horrors now get a size boost like the other Troops. 20+ pink horrors gives them a A3 gun. and the gun is based on the models S, so strength boosts are good now. Blue and Brimstone horrors have progressively worse inv saves now. They clarify that a unit can be any combination of pink/blue/brimstone now. So it is the cheapest T available for Daemons, 10 Brimstones are 30pts. The autohit pistols of Tzeentch ( Flickering Flames ) are now range 12", up from 9", and are S-User as well. The Blue Fire of Tzeentch ( the bigger shots ) now H3, up from Hd3. with a better S and AP. Screamers are actually, maybe ok now. Their bite is now the standard attack, rather than a 1 off. And how could I forget, P124, Daemonic Loci, if you follow mono-god detachment!
  13. GW FAQs and new Beta rules

    Smite change makes Pink Horrors of Tzeentch nearly useless.
  14. How about: Ogres 6 ogres, ( 840 ) 1 Block, 2 break tackle ( 70 ) 5 snotlings (100 ) 1 +1 AG ( 40 ) 1 Leader ( 30 ) 2 RR ( 120 ) = 1200k Foul every turn, score with the AG 4 snotling, easy peasy