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  1. kb10r

    Tuesday 10/16 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    All 4 plus a little more.
  2. I sent you a PM, memorial day weekend is a "go out and have fun" time for the fam.
  3. no. An AG4 player picking up the ball with reroll ( or sure hands ) has a 35/36 chance to picking up the ball. ( 97.2% ) An AG3 player picking up the ball with reroll ( or sure hands ) has a 8/9 chance to pick up the ball. ( 88.8 % ) An AG2 player picking up the ball with reroll ( or sure hands ) has a 3/4 chance to pick up the ball ( 75 % ) So whether picking up the ball, throwing the ball, or catching the ball, an Elf loses 8.5% chance to pick up the ball. A non-elf ( let's not talk about the poor khemri or Ogres ) loses 13.8%. Elves have it better.
  4. The choice that Games Workshop made in selecting it for a whole week.
  5. Arg... the spike site is dead. Anyone have downloaded rules?
  6. kb10r

    Desired Long term team value

    Hello, @Burk got an earful of my thoughts ( some might say a whine of my childishness ) last night when we were setting up ( and maybe while we were playing ) our league game about this seasons change to the "end of season" process for the league. Generally, some structure is in place in the rules to limit the upper end of TV to keep more parity in a league, e.g. Spiralling Expenses, expensive mistakes, the new re-buy structure. I wanted to know what peoples idea of an ideal TV is. A TV that would be fun to let's say, prebuild teams to, and you would have fun playing against each other.
  7. OK, I'm In. Save me a space in the car, and like a room and everything. I guess I should look at the rules this year.
  8. On another note, anyone want a Blitzmania game on Tues?
  9. The card this week is shockingly helpful to elf teams. Weird choice.
  10. kb10r

    Golden Tentacle 5/5/2018 - Everett WA

    No really, Shane is cool and all... but I still gotta know.
  11. kb10r

    Golden Tentacle 5/5/2018 - Everett WA

    While Shane is awesome... and I "understand" your timely updates of the tournament... I.. just... gotta... know.
  12. @JJGadget A couple of us are going to be in GG tonight for league game, I can't guarantee you will get a game, but you can hang out and start to get to know our local BB community. I'd stay until closing to get another game in though.
  13. @Weav space requested. Team in ordobowl. team in gamesworkshop