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  1. @Bosco I don't think you can have both block and guard on the Ogre. ( 30k + 20k = 50k )
  2. Points are different this year, a win is weighted heavily: Tournament scoring is determined by Match Points + Player Points = Total Points. This means that Player Points are not used as a tie breaker, but instead are used to determine Total Points. • A WIN is worth 60pts • A DRAW is worth 30pts • A LOSS is worth 10pts • Touchdowns - Every Touchdown that you score earns +1 bonus pt • Casualties - Every CAS against an opponent (including fouling, special weapons, or crowd pushes, eating a player) earns +1 bonus pt (but not failed dodges, gfis, thrown rocks, etc.) So for me: 6 ogres 6 snotlings Free Lewdgrip 2 RR 2 Block 1 Leader 1 Guard 2 Break tackle BAM! let's go!
  3. kb10r

    Online lols

    I joined up this season because it seemed like the thing to do. Joined the linemen league ( https://rebbl.net/rebbl/rebbll/Charlie ) and got roped into REL ( https://rebbl.net/rebbl/REL/Season 11 - Division 5B ) , so I have had only 3 games so far. Everyone has been nice, but who should be the first player I have ever played in rebbl... Our own... Frostitute
  4. cool. See you there, I'll grab some dinner and watch other games, so just let me know your timing when you get close.
  5. @Weav Will the club be open until late for BB on tuesday, if we go to 10?
  6. Human League game reporting in.
  7. Looks like I need to join rebbl.
  8. Those are some fantastic looking chaos cultists!
  9. Good luck, and may you not draw the attention of Nuffle.
  10. I'll be there 4ish, waiting for the doors to open.
  11. I will be there, maybe Blood Bowl, but also 500 points of Demons of Tzeentch! How Can This Be!
  12. Tuesday is open, but I know 40k is starting up, so do you have another time that is good for you?
  13. Well... i guess just do elf stuff?
  14. I thought about it. MB to the Yhetee is nice...
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