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  1. OBBL Premiership playoffs

    Burk played better than me. He just rolled one more "1" than I did. I need to look for my next team... Ogres or Khorne? Anyone?
  2. New FAME+2 episode this week!

    OK... so... I need to be more friendly, and play the Khorne team if I retire my Orcs.
  3. OBBL season two schedule - updated 9/3

    @scotthartman We have our game 6... but I am heading out to watch the Eclipse over the mountains, so I don't know if traffic will let me get back on Tuesday night. Can we play Wednesday night maybe at GG unless the club is open?
  4. I assume: ...zone no more than 6" from... should be ... no "less" than... Cool I like it.
  5. I'm in for the 500pts 40k, I assume we could get in 2-3 games as 500pts is a short game?
  6. kb10r : Chaos, Blood Angels, Daemons... I don't know.
  7. Dwarves for Carnage Cup

    How about -1 runner and +1 blocker with kick? + 1 FF
  8. Ok everyone, Haven't played since... a while ago. I would like to get in a 1k learning game to have some fun, maybe 2 games?
  9. Thanks for game 1 vraeden. It took until Turn 6 for the Orcs to catch up to your guys, I'm glad they didn't have any mutations yet.
  10. Dwarves for Spike! 2017

    For the Dwarves, I would get rid of the Fend runner, you don't need two; your blitzers are backup ball carriers. And add a kick blocker. Mmmmm kick.... With the 60k left, get Boomer for accurate bomb fun.
  11. Dwarves for Spike! 2017

    good times, good times.
  12. New guy etiquette

    My 2 cents, player models should look consistent and be numbered correctly. If you have had fun making custom players, they should be clearly positional. I don't want to remember that the guy with blue eyes is a blitzer and the brown eyes are linemen. If they are too similar, painting a color ring on the base with their position is enough for me. Consistently turn models to show they have finished their action for the turn. In the heat of the game, it can be easy to forget which ones are done. Throw away your custom dice that can't be read from across the table, or that use weird symbols. Share dice, and leave out only the minimum necessary. Stalling is valid. Fouling is valid. Fouling every turn is valid. Fouling on T16 is annoying, but ok. Declare the models action before moving... Don't turn a move into a blitz, or a move into a pass. Don't roll a die without saying why you are rolling beforehand. Rolling a D6 and THEN saying "ok, my Ogre isn't boneheaded so he blitzes..." Pause after rolling blocks to make sure the other guy sees the dice, avoid rolling them far away. ROLL the dice, don't drop them or flip them or roll them one at a time and have them bump into each other. ( that's a stabbing )
  13. OBBL season two schedule - updated 9/3

    @Vraeden, Can you play our week one at Ordo on Thursday at 8:30, or whenever you can make it? I can get Weav to keep the place open for us.
  14. Congrats to kb10r!

    Thanks to Weav for driving and Shane for the best third game ever. My tentacle trophy will sit in a place of honor.