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  1. How about: Ogres 6 ogres, ( 840 ) 1 Block, 2 break tackle ( 70 ) 5 snotlings (100 ) 1 +1 AG ( 40 ) 1 Leader ( 30 ) 2 RR ( 120 ) = 1200k Foul every turn, score with the AG 4 snotling, easy peasy
  2. 8th Edition List Building

    What are rules that Casual players are not following?
  3. kb10r - Daemon Build Blog

    I have 12 of the old time beaky flamers. Which make me happy. I have a few of the new flamers for using in flaming chariots or as exalted flamers. But I have NEVER said no to a few more beaky flamers!
  4. kb10r - Daemon Build Blog

    We can rebuild the list. We have the technology. We can make it better than it was. Better, stronger, faster.
  5. kb10r - Daemon Build Blog

    Part 4: HQ acquired: 2 Daemon Princes ( one disassembled ) , 2 heralds on Disks, and a changeling. ( currently in the guise of a Skaven sorcerer )
  6. kb10r - Daemon Build Blog

    Part 4 Troops acquired: Yes that is 55 pink horrors; 10 Blue Horrors; 10 Brimstone Horrors, stripped, and based.... On to HQ.
  7. kb10r - Daemon Build Blog

    Part 4: Models My 2000 requires: 2 DP w/wings 2 Disc Riders Changeling 55 pink horrors; 10 Blue Horrors; 10 Brimstone Horrors 10 Flamers 3 Burning Chariots 3 Giant Chaos Spawn I need to: 1) get them; 2) Get them into minimum play-ability; 3) paint them up; 4) actually play... OK, no problem.
  8. kb10r - Daemon Build Blog

    Yes, Yes... "sed s/immunity to shooting/can not be targeted unless they are the closest unit/g" I did not mean to imply they could not be targeted at all, I was just using shorthand.
  9. kb10r - Daemon Build Blog

    Yes, good point. I don't think I have any defensive re-rolls, so in 99.9% percent of the time it is the same. But it is good to keep in mind for weird scenario rules, or weird terrain rules.
  10. kb10r - Daemon Build Blog

    Hello again, Part 3: List reasoning. @SigurdBC: thanks for the comment. Yes, I would break this into a Battalion and a Spearhead ( Heavy support ) for the extra command point. I was thinking hard about a 6th Troop to bring two Battalions and get the sweet sweet 9 CP. For this first build I decided to go for a mono-Tzeentch army because: 4+ inv save Lots of Fly units to avoid walking around everywhere Smite, Smite, Smite The Changeling. I think the core of the list is the changeling. He ( It? ) gives a 9" bubble of -1 to hit. So starting the game I should have most if not all the army in the bubble giving a nice little boost, with the 4+ inv to survive the first turn or so. Generally I want to end the turn at around 17-18 inches for smiteing and throwing flames. Backing up if possible to maintain this. Knowing when to rush forward with everything will be key. Tthe Daemon Princes get immunity from shooting as they are Characters under 10W, so they act with their wings as a counter strike, or a precision strike against anything that advances. Strangely, the Greater Spawn does this as well... kinda. 10W T5 4+ inv is generally survivable, and will draw fire from my two special units: the flamers and the burning chariots. I am really interested in seeing if they can survive. I have always had a soft spot for flamers, and while these new ones are too expensive, they are a great anti-troop units. 5d6 of S4 -1AP autohit pistols is.. pretty good. Combined with their 12 inch move, they should give more strike power to the army. I think of the Chariots as weird all around units. Anti-Air, they should charge causing about 5W. Which is nice. They give you 2 "cheap" screamers ina body that can still shoot. Their D6 S5 AP-2 autohit pistols are for small units and should be goodish. The Spawn are interesting. They are there to get in the way, and if not hurt ( which COULD happen from healing or being ignored ) should cause 2-4 W on a Rhino or kill 3 marines or so. Fine. The Horrors are at 11-2-2 just for 5 ablative W before losing the better Smite. It's sad that they are the only standard daemon Troop that does not gain a benifit for size 20. Their Assault Weapons give a little more flexibility, but I am assuming they will never kill anything with their guns, but when they do, it will be like a little bonus. Mathhammer says 22 shots v. MEQ = 1.3 dead MEQ... so I have that going for me. The Hearlds are only on Disc to flush out the last few points and to sacrifice 1 to jump with the Daemon Princes and Spawn to give them +1S on their attacks. It can also help with positioning for Smite. So there you go, the unstoppable Tzeentch Army...
  11. kb10r - Daemon Build Blog

    Hey Guys, thanks for the comments in the thread, I'll get back to them after todays post. Part 2: 2000 points While awaiting the codex... I am going to ponder out a 2000 point list that I work toward, with 500/750/1000/1250/1500/1750 sub-lists in mind: HQ: 2 Daemon Princes of Tzeentch with Wings and claws 2 Heralds of Tzeentch on Disc with staff The Changeling Troops: 5 units of 11 Pink horrors with 2 Blue and 2 Brimstone Elites: 2 units of 5 flamers Heavy: 3 Burning Chariots 3 Giant Chaos Spawn of tzeentch More on my reasoning Tomorrow.
  12. Hello, I'm starting up this blog to organize my build of a Warhammer 40k Daemon army. Some of this is to have a place to store the thinking behind my decisions so I can look at it in the future and mock my poorly thought out ideas. Some of this is to give myself a "fun" way to not let this project stall out. Some of this is to give a venue for others to comment on my build and give guidance on my process... read at your own risk. Part 1: Why Daemons I have three and a half armies sitting around my house: Chaos Space Marines: My first army ( Never forget ) and one I have had a lot of fun playing. I have some bad memories, as their codex has really gone crazy over the last few editions. Blood Angels: I have a lot of BA in boxes and I want to have a heavy jump pack army, but who knows what their 8th codex will look like. Chaos Daemons: My last army I played a lot of. Random, mostly in a good way. Chaos Guard: I really liked "the Lost and the Damned" army; big guns and mutants. But Daemons still a couple of things that I want to have fun with: Universal invulnerable saves: with all the AP updates in 8th edition and the weakness of cover, this sounds good. Fine close combat: CC appears to be really deadly now, so having something that can combat against elite units is good. Good movement: Lots of fly and no reason not to advance gives them some speed. I have many stupid looking models. ( maybe the last models that are actually flipping people off? ) But they suck at: NO transports, so you are walking around everywhere. No deep strike; The "summon" thing is dumb; just don't start. Maybe when their codex comes out this will all get better. Terrible anti-armor: Come on... this really sucks, but at least we have a fast moving unit that eats into STARSHIPS! Oh they can't even kill a rhino now.. wow. Relatively easy to counter. ( Flyers; a whole army MADE to kill them; snipers; Assassins; Big things; gun lines ) Against an all comers list, daemons will be fun, but it doesn't take much to counter them. Let's do it.
  13. Overwatch modifiers

    P182 "a 6 is always required for a successful hit roll, irrespective of the firing model's Ballistic Skill or any modifiers."
  14. OBBL Friendlies Day #1

    I want to be there, but with a TV 1000 team... don't really want to start a new team off against a TV 1500... anyone else have a starter team that needs a friendly.