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  1. spagunk

    Good News Mechanicus Players!

    I just did my order at the end of May. It showed up this week: Inopportune I suppose.
  2. spagunk


    I like his "trucknut" blood drops on his combi-melta arm.
  3. spagunk


  4. spagunk


    This is the last of my first set of "Summer of painting" dudemans. Next up is a storm raven, a termie captain, termie chaplain, termie librarian, a sanguinary priest and a squad of jump meltagun assault marines.
  5. Petre is probably a bit busy so I guess someone needs to step up 😉 From Warhammer community: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/06/08/the-futures-bright-for-the-age-of-darkness/ The Future’s Bright for the Age of Darkness Exciting times lie in store for the Horus Heresy. Last night, Forge World Fabricator General Tony, and longtime studio veteran Andy, joined us on Warhammer Live to discuss what’s next for the Age of Darkness. As well as answering some burning questions from the community, the guys brought along a couple of tantalising, never-seen-before previews from the next stage of the Horus Heresy – Malevolence. Don’t worry if you missed it – we’ve got the full roundup (and some other teases) for you right here… Malevolence is the eighth Horus Heresy book, set during the investigation of the Signus System and the shadow campaign in the Chondax System. Signus is one of the most important war zones of the Horus Heresy, seeing Daemons unleashed en-masse and Sanguinius’ fateful duel with the Bloodthirster Ka’Bandha. This book will provide both a new perspective on some iconic lore, as well as an exploration of the hidden histories of this dark chapter for the Imperium. Inside, you’ll find rules for new Legion units, an army list for Daemons of the Ruinstorm, campaigns set on Signus Prime and the events surrounding what occurred in the Chondax System. As well as looking at the Blood Angels and White Scars, this book will also include additional content for the Alpha Legion and Space Wolves. Of course, there are loads of new models on the way, too – here’s a sneak peek at just one of them, the Blood Angels Praetor There are more previews on the way, and soon, so stay tuned. If you’re looking to stay up to date with the Age of Darkness, Warhammer Live is planning a regular slot with tactics, previews, interviews and, of course, battles – we know you guys want to see more Horus Heresy content, and we’re happy to provide! You can check these out on Twitch for free by watching live, while for just $5 a month, you can check out the entire back catalogue whenever you like. In the meantime, stay up to date with all the latest Horus Heresy goings-on by following the Forge World Facebook page, and subscribe to the Forge World newsletter for regular updates on news, releases, offers and more.
  6. spagunk


    The machine spirit is the actual weapon, not the bolts or the fire. 😉
  7. spagunk


    Sum moar dudes. Full squad
  8. spagunk

    W: Mordheim Mercs/Hired Swords/Almost Anything

    I'm pretty flexible about it. I can do trades if you happen to have 40k marine stuff but money is also good. I'll PM you so we can work something out.
  9. spagunk

    W: Mordheim Mercs/Hired Swords/Almost Anything

    So I have a few mordheim dudes collecting dust I can probably do away with. One is a set of Marienburg mercenaries while the other is some 'kkkhaos' figs (Cult of the possessed: It was a different time and age at GW). Any interest? When I got them, someone chopped off the mace the painted dude had and gave him a greatsword (double handed weapon count as in the book) which I think wasn't an actual option. Regardless, the sword kind of broke some pieces off over the years.
  10. spagunk

    Imperial Knights reproduced, Big Bertha cometh

    But then what would be left for my red boys to splat when they get into melee?
  11. spagunk

    Imperial Knights reproduced, Big Bertha cometh

    Christ almighty that dominatus knight is friggin monsterous (rules wise). I'm sure we're looking at $175 for the kit minimum (similar to a baneblade). And you have to pick which one you want (separate boxes containing only a couple of options). Were I ever in the market for some, I'd think I'd go volcano + flamer then mount battle cannons for extra range. I'd also go House Raven because who doesn't want to constantly move and fire your weapons!
  12. spagunk


    Sorry if this sounds super narcissistic but every time I see my picture of those tac Marines, the more I like how they turned out. They just worked out really well, even with the mistakes I made.
  13. spagunk


    Yeah, I have those too but I painted them so long ago that they look a bit rougher than the current set paint wise. Edit: Example here Circa 2006 (Hvy bolter is 2008)
  14. spagunk


    So I'm not going to say that scouts are my favorite models to paint but generally I'm not happy on how they go together. You don't really have many options putting them together and their heads are atrocious. However they aren't as bad as some I've done in the past (3rd edition land speeders and bikes, blech) so only doing 5 wasn't too bad. I really like how the capes turned out and I think the sniper rifle work well to break up the model. And it's something different than just red and black.