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  1. Labyrinth of the Necrons game?

    Blood bowl seemed like it was easy enough to get into but I guess someone wanted to make it even easier. Good ideas even if the depth isn't all there (for SMA that is). Using the Japanese only sculpts were a good idea IMO. Makes it so you can possibly get them outside of Japan without the ebay fees.
  2. Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    That's actually kind of amazing.
  3. Custodes Info

    Left is FW, Right is plastic. Riker lean on the left, squad stance on the right. So they're about the same scale. Warning: Not my picture.
  4. Custodes Info

    What does this even mean? Lol. It's about the same size as a custodes (but standing on a rock so...) from all the pics I've seen.
  5. Leman Russ Tanks sold. I appreciate all the offers and wish people luck finding what they need.
  6. 40K OFCC Team Event - Conversation starts here!

    I like my army's position better this year versus last year but I am still on the fence about attending. The people were great, but my matchup was...interesting.
  7. I do have one other interested party for the tanks at the moment so let me see what is going on there. In the mean time, PM me what you need.
  8. Custodes Info

    The way I heard it is that they capture various chaos entities/Marines and what not and practice combat against them. Additionally, their blood games include setting up and executing invasion games to test defenses and offensive. From what I know, they aren't mock ups either and they do end up killing each other doing these. Don't know enough to have the whole picture but the idea is that they aren't as idle as it seem even if they rarely leave Terra itself.
  9. I see. Mis interpreted the post. Sorry.
  10. I'd like those custodes if you would. PM incoming.
  11. Ordo Fanaticus December Hobby Progress Challenge!

    Every time I see something new posted for this sub-forum, I get all excited to see who won. Also, I think everyone should post pictures of all the completed mini's they did due to the challenge. Think it would be fun to see everyone's work.
  12. Dropping the price on my Emperor's Fist Tank company for Ordo members to 325 for 10 tanks. That 32.5 per tank. This is the box set they sold in 2007 for Apocalypse which only includes battle cannons. My other trades are still available. Still looking to trade sisters for more custodes and still looking for reasonable trades for wolf dude and ahriman.
  13. For jim and mike, not pretre

    Those look fantastic, even if I'd prefer to see them bolter fodder rather than upright and walking😋.