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  1. Death guard trade complete. Thanks @peter.cosgrove.
  2. I'd like to plan at about 10:30am tomorrow (Wednesday)if you don't mind. Try to hit two birds with one stone since I will be out there at about 10am anyways.
  3. Lol, that would be handy. GW store opens at 12:30 according to Google but there's nothing odd about two strange people exchanging packages in front of a closed store ;).
  4. Okay, so this Wednesday is a bit tricky since I have a scheduled meet up on 82nd and Powell. It would take me about 17 mins (by google estimate) to get there and so I may be able to do a 10am meetup if you can stick around until 10:30am just to be safe. Does that work for you?
  5. Assuming you are referring to Guardian, I won't be there. I work nights (1am - 9:30am) so game nights are difficult for me. However, I have plenty of time between 9:30am and 3pm to come by somewhere if you would like.
  6. Not a bad trade. Nipple wing has always been something I desired for awhile. Are you local to portland? I work close to guardian but live close to dice age if that matters. @DasBox I appreciate the offer but I have way to many terminators at the moment. I will have to pass unfortunately.
  7. Basically, it includes everything Death guard wise as indicated in the Dark Imperium box set: (Per GW website) "In the box, you’ll find 31 Death Guard miniatures, who can be painted in the colours of any vectorium: - 1 Death Guard Lord of Contagion , a huge, terrifying Chaos Space Marine covered in spiked, corrupted Terminator armour armed with a plaguereaper. - 1 Death Guard Noxious Blightbringer armed with a cursed plague bell, plasma pistol and a tocsin of misery; - 1 Death Guard Malignant Plaguecaster armed with a corrupted staff and bolt pistol; - 7 Death Guard Plague Marines – 5 armed with boltguns and plague knives, 1 armed with plasma gun and plague knife, 1 plague champion armed with bolt pistol, plaguesword and power fist; - 1 Death Guard Foetid Bloat-drone – a huge, buzzing machine held aloft by rusted turbines – armed with plaguespitters and a plague probe; - 20 Death Guard Poxwalkers – the rotten, shambling core of the army – armed with improvised weapons (hammers, claws, bayonets and metal pipes are featured.) "
  8. A reminder/shameful bump: I do have my deathguard set I am looking to offload for 60 bucks. Comes with all the DG figures from the Dark Imperium set, all of the bases that go with them and the DI army book that doesn't really matter in a couple of weeks. If you can only trade, let me know what you have and I'll see if its something I would be willing to swap.
  9. Foam carry case suggestions

    I prefer battle foam too because they have a huge amount of custom trays. However, there is a bit of an issue with the owner so if that's something that sways your opinion then it may be important for you to know. Otherwise, I love my battle foam trays. Even got some for my space hulk box which works perfectly.
  10. All useful information but it's a bit...lengthy imo. "A" for effort on Reddit's part but it's still a mess.
  11. Looking for: 27 Marine torsos

    Oh man, I've got so many torsos. I even have at least two sets of on sprue 3rd edition mk7 torsos. If'n you're in the PDX metro area, I can hook you up.
  12. Ordo Fanaticus August Hobby Progress Challenge!

    I would imagine as supply lowers, the space ships get more expensive. Already seeing a couple (like 2 for now) of sellers selling 80 dollar box sets for 125 bucks.
  13. Spartan Games has gone out of business

    Well poop, I just finished painting some spess chips!
  14. Ordo Fanaticus August Hobby Progress Challenge!

    Ships are done: However, it comes with a heavy heart since the company just announced they are closing. I guess, on the bright side, no more space ships for me to buy????