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  1. BA, DA and Daemons Next

    My one hope is that they beef up the sanguinor the most. Someone mentioned this elsewhere but the Stormcast Celestant-Prime should be a template for both looks and feel. Maybe not primarch level stats but at least mini-demon prince with a huge presence on the field. If they don't end up doing so, I'll probably end up converting one from the celestant prime anyway. The base figure is pretty imposing. I'm not sure about the wings though.
  2. Ordo Fanaticus November Hobby Progress Challenge!

    I vow to complete one Razorback transport vehicle (twin las).
  3. BA, DA and Daemons Next

    It's really sketchy for those DA rule dumps. I don't believe they are real. Not to say there aren't some good items in there, just don't believe it's legit. Also, Lion El as a surprise release? Seems really sketchy to do that without a lead up or campaign.
  4. LF: new style leman russ, GSC hybrid heavy weapons

    ive got 10 russes...🤑
  5. BA, DA and Daemons Next

    well, i figured march for da/ba so color me surprised. still apprehensive on how they handle them though.
  6. If The Emporer Had A Text to Speech Device

    yeah, ive rewatched the series very often. its funny at times.
  7. Ordo Fanaticus October Hobby Progress Challenge!

    Thank you very much for hosting this event. Got me working off at least a few items on my list. PM was sent with mailing address.
  8. Ordo Fanaticus October Hobby Progress Challenge!

    redacted. will repost soon
  9. Scotty paints Primaris Marines

    Beautiful work as always. Those bases look awesome.
  10. Reduced price on Emperor's Fist Tank Company. Essentially 35 bucks per tank plus plenty of command frames.
  11. Ordo Fanaticus October Hobby Progress Challenge!

    Another one down: I mistakenly cut/used the wrong transfer on it though. I wanted one with more red. But since they don't make this transfer sheet, I didn't want to waste it.