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  1. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/20

    I won't be down tonight, sadly no game lined up.
  2. Sunday Funday Game Night 02/18/18

    We're thinking about a 6pm 40k game, this too late? Someone be around until 9pm? Else, we can hit Guardian if needed.
  3. Game Night at W.O.W. - Tueday 2/13

    I'll be there for a 40k game with @happycamper around 3:45pm.
  4. Game Night: Feb 11th. Unmasking

    We'll be there right at 3pm for some 40k action with chikin. Looking forward to it. Someone be there to open at 3?
  5. savion47's Steam Game Giveaway

    Sent a PM for some goodies
  6. New to 8th and Ordo

    First off, welcome to the fray! Here's my 2 cents to get started affordably and quickly. 1) As for building the collection: Just like stated above, I HIGHLY recommend starting small (like patrol or 500pt games). This will let you toy with units, even proxy alternate models to play with (before you buy models). You might even be able to borrow someone's minis beforehand. Friendly games usually are ok with proxied models if you're learning what works and your style. I played with a carboard monolith back in the day (sized properly, even had straw guns, but cardboard none the less. Also did 32oz Gatorade bottles primed black for drop pods when I started marines). Always hate buying something, then never using it. We recently finished an escalation league recently that is great for new players building armies (starts small, ends around 1500pts). If cost is a concern, consider buying models from another person (rather than new). Of course stripping and such is an issue, but it's much less cost. If you prefer pristine models to start, then buying a kit is nicer. Can often find on sprue or new kits opened too. 2) Where to play. We have a clubhouse that plays 40k usually every Tuesday (currently in a 2k league). But yes, game stores are also good options. I don't know when Guardian does it's league, but I think it's Wed? Also, numerous other game stores (find your local store and ask?). Also, our forum offer HUGE access to lots of players. You can always post, looking for a friendly game and see what happens. Make sure to clarify your city (as we have a large collection of groups on our boards). 3) Etiquette: Have fun? Painted models are only really needed for 'events or tournaments'. Typically a 3 color minimum is required. That said, I play friendly games (even our current 40k league with some unpainted models). I'll be working on improving that, but it's acceptable for friendly games or less competitive environments. As for conversions...I've seen SUPER converted models that aren't even GW models. That's fine, as long as it's clear what is on the mini (WYSWYG). Most events would allow it too, because part of the hobby is innovation. Welcome to the addiction, I mean hobby
  7. OF Game Night @ WOW - Jan 30th

    I'll be there for my 40k game with AgentP... (someone able to open up around 3/330?)
  8. League roll call

    Thanks for hosting, but I must bow out of this season. Please...let there be much blood spilled and armor broken!!!
  9. New to 8th edition.

    8th edition is simple enough to be beer and pretzels, but keep the tactical gamer happy too! Loving 8th. Having skipped 7th entirely, and lost interest around 6th. This is very refreshing!
  10. Co Op Games

    For the family and kids, Castle Panic is solid! Random mechanic, but easy to learn and play! There's also variations of it out there (themed differently). D&D fans out there, Legend of Drizzt was excellent! An RPG board game you play 'against'. No DM.
  11. D+D Maps

    My god, this is D&D awesomeness! Thanks!!!
  12. Game Night 1/9 - WoW

    I'll be there to Blood bowl...
  13. Amtrak/I-5 Disaster in Washington

    Seriously? Just read the article, 80mph in a 30mph zone (due to the curve). Very sad.
  14. 12/19 at WoW

    I'll be there for my league Blood Bowl game with BluStorm...
  15. Dnd or Pathfinder

    Having been starting to DM and played as a player D&D 5th edition. I have to say, i really enjoy D&D 5th edition! I haven't played pathfinder. But the level of story, campaigns to draw from, the new pre-primed minis, and such are EXCELLENT! We've been having a great 5th edition campaign and i've talked the nephews into wanting to join a new campaign where I'll start DM'ing. You'd have to convince me why pathfinder would be better, because 5th edition is very solid!