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  1. Have a college student struggling with cash flow, wondering if anyone had Tau or guard they're selling. He's considering starting either of those. Trying to avoid retail initially.
  2. Thanks for coming out! Had a blast good to see new faces and games being thrown.
  3. 40k night is on! I should be there around 430-5 hopefully. See ya there!
  4. Let's do a night of 40k!!! Who's in for this coming Tuesday? I've got 3-4 players coming that are interested in the club. Looking for some 40k peeps they might play. They just enjoy a good game of 40k. Bring up to 2k (or what you want to play). Should be fun, and bragging rights distributed! I'm guessing 5-6pm or maybe earlier for some. 😎 @DisruptiveConduct @peter.cosgrove @Lyraeus @Salty Monkey @Inquisitor66 @Jason @apathy ales @paxmiles @zcaust83 and all others!!!
  5. Wrong Pax, i think he means the event...
  6. Those responsible have been sacked.... 😂
  7. Thanks! I had no idea. I logged in and confirmed I ended the event, and it gave me the placings. But I don't see anything other than an email results to me? @Weav or @peter.cosgrove any ideas? @zcaust83 it says placings, and I did click end tournament that day. It shows recorded and placings, is that not enough?
  8. We've already started discussions about this exact topic. I agree it was a blast, and surprisingly easy to run with BCP! I had no idea honestly. We'll make sure to get the word out once we figure another.
  9. See you in the morning! I'll blame Weav for calling the event winter warzone...this explains the snow! 🤣
  10. By the way, schedule as it states. Be at the club no later than 9:30am, so we can get everyone signed in, table's assigned, etc. 9:30am Registration (be early and not late) 10am Game 1 dice start 12:30pm Game 1 Dice down 12:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch 1:30pm Game 2 dice thrown 4pm Game 2 dice down 4-4:30pm Break (Can start up at 4:15pm if you and opponent are ready) 4:30pm Game 3 dice start 7pm Game 3 Dice down 7-7:30pm Awards 7:30pm Go home victors!
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