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  1. Grim Malice, a Robot's tale... (Escalation league updates)

    The Necrons have proven to be VERY durable and a tough opponent during this league. Mainly because blobs of warriors are just hard to put down with a 4+ reanimation from the cryptark. Wraiths, D-lord, and even the Ctan are very killy. Now to try some new models next week, i'm thinking it's time for some vehicular slaughter. Even though the robot's were being ROYALLY destroyed, the Necrons managed a win purely from mass VP's and completing objective cards. Due to the luck of the draw there were quite a few cards able to be achieved. Thanks Bryan for the Raven Guard action. Shrike is still one of my favorite Space Marine HQ's.
  2. I'll be there 5pm tonight. Looking for a 40k game around that time. (maybe 530 if traffic stops me).
  3. Necron foam trays?

    I've got quite a few metals, but mostly plastic. Old wraiths, ctan, old lords, flayed ones, etc. I just don't want to go through magnetizing everything
  4. Necron foam trays?

    But what about vehicles too. I agree, the foam trays don't seem ideal for the warrior guns(i've just been using tupperware for warrior blobs), and then boxes for my vehicles. Just trying to find a way to carry it all without too much cost. Pluck foam seems like it would meet the requirement, even if I just kind of tossed em in.
  5. Necron foam trays?

    Looking for insight into what size foam trays i could get for Necrons. I'm figuring out a carry case solution and haven't quite wanted to bite the huge cost of battle foam for custom cuts. Thinking pluck foam is fine, and the game plus trays seem reasonable in price. That said, what thickness would you recommend for Necrons. Thinking 1" for warriors/immortals (but heard maybe 1.5"). I have everything sealed with paint protector so not too concerned about tighter fitting foam. What about Wraiths, vehicles, etc. Just measure them and assume? Any insight or help would be great. I didn't see dimensions on the battle foam custom trays (assumed on purpose).
  6. Foam carry case suggestions

    I got the best tip! Walmart sells some soft coolers that fit the foam insert perfect, and have hard durable sides!!! They are on clearance right now for half off for end of summer!!! $9: Compare to sabol motor pool (since it's single stack maybe smaller) https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail-36-Can-Cooler-with-Removable-Hardliner/20637067 $15: compare to sabol armored company (since it's single stack maybe smaller) https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail-42-Can-Cooler-with-Removable-Hardliner/20637057
  7. I'll be there around 5pm for 40k, looking for a game.
  8. Foam carry case suggestions

    I figure 3 cases would hold my WHOLE army if needed and much more affordable. Honestly, i've been using my modelling tacklebox to carry them around and tupperware. So figure general foam is enough since they come filled with foam already. The spear bag would likely be my main carry case for full army, maybe the shield one. Still can't convince myself to pull the trigger without seeing them in action. I saw the pack systems, holy cow very nice, but super spendy.
  9. Grim Malice, a Robot's tale... (Escalation league updates)

    Upon returning, a chapter of Grey Knights appeared to challenge the Necrons. The Necrons proved too great for the Grey knights, however early on it appeared the grey knights were crushing the necrons. Their resiliency and ability to make 3++ saves on the wraiths proved their undoing. Thanks Ando for the fun game! I'm still learning alot about 8th.
  10. Foam carry case suggestions

    It seems like once I get foam and cases, that $100-$150 is about on par for these? Battle Foam had their standard load outs with 3 cases for $180, tempted to buy that just because, 2 free cases with foam... http://us.battlefoam.com/budget-bag-bundle/
  11. Foam carry case suggestions

    This post is to get army carry case suggestions at a reasonable cost. I have a Necron army and am looking at a better way to transport them to game night, events, etc. I won't be shipping them in a plane, so nothing hardcore needed. I've been looking at Sabol Motor pool (or armored company), and battlefoam's equivalent spear bag, etc. I'm looking for suggestions of what I might need. I'm thinking the 1" trays with pre cut foam would be fine for my 40-60 necron warriors/immortals, and a 4" tray on the bottom would allow me to bring some of my MANY necron vehicles. I'd like to be able to have a versatile bag that allows me to carry around 2500pts of stuff. I'm halfway tempted to get the larger ones just so i can store them longer term in there too. Any input would be appreciated. Essentially i'm looking for a reasonable way to carry models without breaking the bank.
  12. Is posted in game night thread, but bringing 1k for league and looking for game. Should be there about 5pm, also down for a 2nd game afterwards.
  13. Game on, i'll be there with my 1k pts. Who wants to throw down? I'll be there around 5pm, and game for a 2nd game after.
  14. For escalation league, i've decided to awaken my Necrons who have been in stasis since early 6th edition. I have to admit, 8th edition has rekindled my interest in 40k! I enjoyed 2 great games yesterday at the opening day of the league. That was a blast, and a HUGE thanks Pete for the game tutorials. I had quite a few of those rules wrong! Thanks again! I'll be on hiatus for 2 weeks, but will return to bring annihilation to the universe...