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  1. Oh Noes! Is there anyone who can step in? Right now I have 5 players, which is a smidge odd for a Mega game.
  2. Hello one and all, So, in order to get this on everyone's calendar, I am putting this out now. We are going to do a mega-game of Kings of War at Dice Age on Saturday, September 30th Noon-5pm. I already have 3 players per side, but we have room for more! I already have 12' of table space reserved, and can go out further. I am also making special abyssal terrain for the event. Let me know if you aren't part of the normal group and would like to attend. Right now, I am thinking 1500 points per player. Let me know, Nick
  3. Kings of War Summer Campaign!

    Noes! Well, see you for visiting anyways. We do not have to stick to one list at all. I am aiming for a light, learning event rather than a cut-throat tournament feel. Just a reminder, this saturday at Guardian, starting at noon.
  4. Kings of War Summer Campaign!

    You sure can! Unpainted is fine- The Brotherhood has a very important role to play in the campaign...
  5. Kings of War Summer Campaign!

    I think this will be an excellent learning opportunity for you both! If you are both bringing 'good' armies, it frees up Brother Glacius to bring his undead. Huzzahs all around!
  6. Kings of War Summer Campaign!

    We are going from noon to at least 4. My hope is to have folks drop in as they can. We are only doing 1000 point games, which take 45 mins-1 hour. What army does he play?
  7. Kings of War Summer Campaign!

    Yes it will.
  8. Kings of War Summer Campaign!

    Says the guy with a winking triceratops as his avatar... Salamanders are a-ok, as are all of the armies in Uncharted Empires. One guy will be bringing his Twilight Kin, and that's off a pdf.
  9. Kings of War Summer Campaign!

    The Guardian games event is August 19th, but I predict it will be grand! Will you be able to make it (it is the one in Portland)? We do play once a month at my house in Vancouver, if that would interest you
  10. Hello All! We will be having a campaign kickoff for Kings of War. Where: Guardian Games, Critical Sip When Saturday August 19th Noon-5pm We will be doing 1000 Point games, and plenty of them. Haven't played Kings of War before? Stop on by! Our team of nerds will have demo armies available so you can try it out!
  11. Kings of War Summer Campaign!

    Okay, I have put in my request to Guardian Games. Saturday, August 19th from Noon to 5 we will be doing 1000 Point games to kick off the Summer Campaign! Haven't played Kings of War in a while/at all? Don't worry! Our team of highly trained nerds will be available to help teach you! Let me know if you plan on attending.
  12. Dropfleet Commander is here!

    Sadly, I am not a member of the Book of Faces. I was going to trade a Shaltari Cruiser sprue and 2 Shaltari Frigate sprues (with bases, labels, etc) for the Scourge equivalent. Could you email me at Nickskills (at) gmail (dot) com? We can exchange addresses and plan a day.
  13. Dropfleet Commander is here!

    Perhaps a lunchtime swap? I have a very flexible schedule, and work out in Slabtown (inner Northwest). Whereabouts do you work?
  14. Dropfleet Commander is here!

    Wanna play a quick game and do swaps at my place this Sunday morning around 10am?
  15. Dropfleet Commander is here!

    Battlecrusiers are super rare right now- I'd happily take the Basilisk off your hands for 30$, or you can hold out for 50ish on ebay (if you want to deal with that). Someone would do an exchange for the scourge starter with you. Commanders are not that useful right now- the cards are out, but hard to get in the US. Right now, I would only take one if you had a weird number of points left over. Also note that there was rules update, should be available on the website (changes a few points values and stats, makes admirals better). There is a big 'meta war' going on over drop capacity. The release of corvettes has made things unstable on that front. Generally you want to spend 20-40% of your points on drop (and bombardment). You need at least 4 strike carriers, and if you are taking bulk landers, you want 2 (just one dies too easily). Note that PHR tend to go troopship heavy (since theirs have so many guns), and Shaltari are just weird! I don't think I will get to dropfleet in July, sadly. However, dropping by the Portland Game store should get you a demo most saturdays!