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  1. CaptainA

    Guardian Cup Warhammer 40k 2 day ITC RTT/GT Feb 16-17, 2019

    This isn't really true. Each ITC event can do whatever they want, just need to have a winner of some sort. TO's don't need to use itc missions and can construct it pretty how they want. Now, many will do what FLG does for BAO, SoCal, and LVO, but that isn't the case in every situation as Nova, Adepticon, Renegade, and many more do their own thing and still classified as an ITC event. There is a min point cap at 1000 and scoring, but that is about it.
  2. Picked up that set and want to make a Kill Team table out of it. Thanks for the link. I'm always looking for good stl files for terrain that are unique. I love www.imperialterrain.com. Yeah, I know its star wars, but it works well for 40k!
  3. CaptainA

    2k Ork Brigade

    Da Fluger! RIsing from the ashes on a wave of green bodies. Da Fluger Charging your faces with waaging boyz. Da Fluger, Da Fluger, Da FLUGER! Good to see you back in the ork saddle.
  4. CaptainA

    3d Printer User's Group

    If I had to suggest to someone I'd say look at the Prusa MK3 (not a clone, but rather from Prusa). They have great reviews and are pushing the envelope in 3d printing. I've also heard great things about the Ender, and building it could be a great way to learn it and fix it if there is issues.
  5. CaptainA

    3d Printer User's Group

    I just loaded it into my program Cura and as is with no scaling it was at 410 grams with a 20% infill. With the filament I use it would cost me about 6.15 in filament. My experience with places like 3dhubs is that you would pay about $60 for it. A couple of those arms barely fit on my printer so it might have to be sliced further for another printer.
  6. CaptainA

    3d Printer User's Group

    All of the tan ones were printed on the Form 2. It is a resin printer. Don't know about the tires.
  7. CaptainA

    3d Printer User's Group

    Oh oh me me! I have a Ultimaker 2+, using mostly PLA to build terrain, objectives, and other parts. Recently bought an Anycubic Photon Resin printer, first week was a nightmare getting things figured out but I finally think I have it. The Ultimaker is more for larger pieces and things that need to be tougher, the resin printer is for more bits like items that need to look good on a model. First two are a couple of resin prints. Others are PLA
  8. CaptainA

    Trader A is in Medford!

    Yea, I swung by and got some shadespire.
  9. CaptainA

    Trader A is in Medford!

    Your friend and mine, Captain A is in Medford, Oregon on some family business. Got some warhams to get rid of? Hit me up!
  10. CaptainA

    3D Printed Terrain Bitz?

    I'll second Yeggi - its an aggregator of other 3d file places like Thingverse. Also got some great files from Imperial Outpost and Kickstarter. Got some of these buildings from Thingverse and another site.
  11. CaptainA

    Random Thought Thread

    (Sparked from the movie thread) Won't it be interesting when you can swap out actors for your favorite movies via vr? Like have everything so well CG'ed that the computer simulator can play you any movie and you can choose which actor plays which parts. They would sound like, look like, and act like the real actor would, but be in a different movie. Sylvester Stallone playing all the parts of Steel Magnolia for example. Just a random thought.
  12. The Girl with All the Gifts Saw the movie and didn't like the ending. Read the book and finally understood the ending. Book was pretty good - 4 out of 5 zombie bites.
  13. CaptainA

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    The Isle of Dogs 9/10 Wee Andersons I really enjoyed this flick with my daughter. Its a bit slow, but the overall story was cute and entertaining. Good heart pulls. Might help if you love dogs.
  14. Hey all! So myself, and Ben Cromwell (Dr. Insanotron) recently of the Couve have started a 40k youtube channel and website. We'll be doing all kinds of 40k content. If that is your thing, check us out! Here is our first big battle report - MaxRep Episode 1. Our other shows are: League Night Batrep - I started a league like GG in boise and we do batreps from our games there. Short and dirty! SitRep - News, list reviews, tournament reports, whatnot. The Color Guard - Painting videos WarDad! - adventures in family gaming! Story Mode - narrative, fluffy, and super longform battle reports. Website - www.maximumgaming.net Thanks! Lookit those intros!
  15. CaptainA

    Big FAQ Update

    Its in the BIG FAQ, near the bottom.