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  1. paxmiles

    Sister of Battle Weapon Previews

    So I like that they are finally doing sisters, but given the time since they announced they were going to redo sisters, this is the amount of progress I would expect from a much smaller company.
  2. paxmiles

    Pinkerton Planetary Defense Militia

    So are players that don't want to buy knights going to be allowed to field Terminators as knights? 😊
  3. paxmiles

    The future of non-primaris SM?

    If they are replacing one line with another, then I really have no issue.
  4. paxmiles

    The future of non-primaris SM?

    I spend "x" dollars per year on my 40k armies. For the last 20+ years, maybe some units/builds collect dust, but they can all be fielded if I really wanted to. There's a few exceptions, but mostly I can field everything. It's a good part of how I justify continuing to purchase models and continuing to play the game. Now if GW decides that they are going to stop supporting a good chunk of my models, that changes things. I have enough models, so it's not going to prevent from playing, but game changer is that I can no longer justify collecting on the basis that my collection can be used. Furthermore, it creates a bad precedent because it means that none of my GW purchases are guaranteed to be supported in the future. So now when I buy models from GW, I have to weigh that GW may just ditch support for these models, at a moment's notice. And it's not a moment's notice in traditional time, but how many of us have bought a kit on the basis that you will "eventually" put it together and use it in your army? I know I have. And it takes a while to paint and assemble these. Might take a good two years for some of us really get an army we are proud of. You are a guard player. The equal is if GW decided that infantry didn't belong in the astra millitarum codex. They'd keep the tanks, but no more infantry. All the infantry you have are now just extra plastic army men you can't use in 40k. It wouldn't prevent you from playing because you have enough other guard, but that's a lot of models you've taken the time to paint and assemble, which you can't use anymore. Maybe "screwed over" is extreme, but it would be a substantial setback.
  5. paxmiles

    Dark Mechanicum Begins?

    I suppose. Seemed related. I like that they rebuilt the RT model and a non-chaos version of the plague drone. http://www.solegends.com/citrt2/rt4009robots/index.htm https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-FI/Nurgle-Blight-Drone
  6. paxmiles

    The future of non-primaris SM?

    I thought they were going to do this for AoS, but apparently this time around, they are keeping up the rules, they just aren't printing any points (or otherwise balancing them in the game). Seems like splitting hairs to me, but it lets them claim to continue support without actually doing so.
  7. paxmiles

    Dark Mechanicum Begins?

    https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-US/Vultarax-Stratos-automata-Maniple-2018 https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-US/Vorax-Class-Battle-automata-Maniple-2018 https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-US/Anacharis-Scoria-2018
  8. paxmiles

    The future of non-primaris SM?

    Though it could be the other way around too, where this edition primaris marines are awesome, and next edition, go back to the regular marines being awesome. I wouldn't put past GW to screw over players in this way, instead of screwing them over by ditching the old models.
  9. paxmiles

    The future of non-primaris SM?

    Sorry about that. I know, I'm being pessimistic. AoS and 40k are different games, with different markets, so it might not be fair to compare the two as I am. And it is certainly anecdotal. Honestly, I had hoped that the AoS players would put more pressure on GW to support their old model lines. This has not been the case, in my opinion. Most of the AoS players I encounter were never WHFB players. And they don't really appreciate the value of old models being supported, because in their view, AoS is a new game and isn't related to WHFB. I commonly hear (from AoS players) that GW ditching the legacy armies is reasonable and GW was more than generous to support them for as long as they did. And even if they ditch non-primaris marines, I doubt I'd stop playing 40k. I would, however, reconsider playing GW's 40k. Might work out my own ruleset. On the other hand, if they ditch non-primaris marines, I don't really see the problem running a tactical marine with a bolter as an intercessor. The only real reason that's a problem now is because both have rules in the game. So, in many respects, if GW ditches non-primaris marines, it might actually work out very well for me.
  10. GW doesn't seem to be releasing any new SM kits that aren't primaris marines. Maybe a few characters. And if 2nd ed of AoS is any indication, does seem like they phasing out rule support for their dated models. Should I be selling my non-primaris marines now? Given that models usually decrease in value when GW stops supporting their rules...
  11. paxmiles

    Random Thought Thread

    Been cracking up reading profiles of some of the more politically incorrect super villians: http://villains.wikia.com/wiki/The_Russian http://villains.wikia.com/wiki/Black_Talon http://villains.wikia.com/wiki/The_Holy and then this one I just find funny because he's just so out of date: http://villains.wikia.com/wiki/Flag-Smasher
  12. paxmiles

    Random Thought Thread

    I think there's some middleground there, where the personal realizes their mistakes, but can't figure out how to change them for the future. Or a situation where they did identify and create a theoretical solution for the future, but the situation hasn't shown up again for them to put it into practice.
  13. paxmiles

    Just Dusldorf things

    That Ogryn kit really is great.
  14. paxmiles

    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    I know it isn't, but that would make a great alternate model for a Minotaur. And it is a bipedal beast with two horns.
  15. paxmiles

    2k IG List

    Agree for the infantry squads. On a more general note, the melta weapons have their moments even in 8e. But they are really expensive, so you need to think more about which units take melta guns than you'd have to in the past. Back to the infantry squads, the main exception to the plasma preference would be if your regular opponent would impose negative modifiers to hit. Plasma weapons are underpowered if they have negative modifiers to hit, since it also increases the range of which they overheat. While penalties to hit are imposed, the melta gun is better.