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  1. Kharadron Overlords

    I knew who you meant. Since GW went to copyright-able naming, it's been hard to spell anything. Regarding the update, as I understand it, the entire general's handbook (either version) is technically a supplement and while most gamers will be using it, it remains technically optional. That said, I'm not suggesting I intend to defy it, just pointing that out. Thinking about it more, looking at the codex and the list, might be hard to make an army I want to play out of this. I hate playing cheesy armies and I dislike the Tau. Thinking about making this into a Chaos or Death army, as that would grant me superior conversion options. Aside from the Battletome, I'm not overly invested in this army yet.
  2. Kharadron Overlords

    Shoot. Guess I need to check the FAQ. EDIT: Checked the FAQ, no update. The downloadable PDF for that unit is also the same as my book. I did a search online and found it, but seems unique to the *optional* rules expansion of the general handbook 2017.
  3. Kharadron Overlords

    Interesting. Yeah, many of the same conclusions on my end. And yeah, the hobby end is definitely more important. I think the Grundstok Thunderers unit is probably the most powerful unit availible, but I suspect it hasn't been tested as much due to it not being a battleline and (I suspect) it only comes with one of each weapon type (meaning you'd need 5 boxes for a mininmum squad with the same weapons). Regarding this faction, I suspect that the 2017 General's Handbook allowing allies within alliegences is going to make a lot of Order armies feature these as allies. I think these are mainly balanced by lacking melee and not having any wizards, so allies will certainly break them. Oh, tried the Skypike any? You know, on those Arkanaut Company Squads. Any good?
  4. Kharadron Overlords

    Still tinkering with options and deciding how to do things. That Battletome I got, the one for Kharadron Overlords, is really great. Has a larger array of "chapter tactics"-like options for the army and quite a bit of customization in rules alone. Still have barely read it. On the other hand, this means it will take me longer to decide what to do. As for general army construction, it's a wierd army for AoS in that it's got transports and lots of range, but not a whole lot of melee or fast units. Many of the abilities are focused around getting out of melee, or penalizing enemy units that charge this army. Kinda reminds me of the Tau for 40k, but I think these guys fit in the fantasy setting better than tau do in 40k (not really an accomplishment...). Not terrible in melee like tau, but they lack dedicated melee units and all of their "behemoths" are really just transports with ranged weapons and light melee. Mechanically, the transporting ability is odd because disembarking is a hero phase thing while embarking is a movement phase thing. So no disembarking after moving on the same turn. There's also no fire points or open-topped rule, so units embarked really do nothing and add nothing to my army. Plus there's no light transport option. The Frigate is 280pts and the Ironclad is 440pts. Transport Capacity is also a variable, as each has a base value, which can then be exceeded by reducing movement speed, and then additionally, there are units that do not count for transport capacity. Regarding list creation, looks like I've got 500pts between the Frigate (280pts), the Company (10 models, 120pts), and an Aetheric Navigator (dwarf with telescope that came as crew for the frigate, 100pts). Technically need another battle line for a pitched battle, but it should be enough to try against other "getting started" armies. That Aetheric Navigator can unbind spells, so he presents a good entry level hero.
  5. Selling Necron Army, looking for $$$ or Guard trades

    PM sent regarding metal spiders.
  6. Long Shot Request: Plastic Squats

    The AoS Kharadron Overlords really are squats. Here: From the instructions for an Arkanaut Company set of 10 models for $45. Those are 25mm bases.
  7. Kharadron Overlords

    Okay, wow. Picked up the Arkanaut Company, which is the only battleline for the Kharadron Overlords. Seems like they had the same idea as above (DASA) because one of the melee options are axes built into tools. Like a wrench with an axe head on one end. Not sure I'm going to need much in the way of conversions for this army, at least for the infantry. Kit is great, by the way. Includes 10 Torso+leg single pieces in various poses, all of which have generic mounts for arms and a head. Would be super easy to mix with SM arms/heads to make squats. Heads will probably not mount on SM PA torsos, but would fit on plastic terminators, due to the way the neck mount works. Box includes 20 left handed melee weapon arms (10 axes and 10 swords), 10 right handed pistol arms, 2 heavy weapons (assault cannon looking thing and a harpoon gun) and 1 2-handed spear. Also includes 2 right handed melee weapon arms (Pick and sword) and 2 left handed pistol arms (3 barreled and single barreled) for the unit champion. They also have an air tank looking backpack bit. I'm very happy to see this kit has lots of modular potential (unlike a lot of the newer GW kits). EDIT: oh, includes 12 helmeted heads. Also purchased some Orange and Copper paint pots (Model Color Hammered Copper and Clear Orange).
  8. X-Com 2

    Had to look it up. Yeah, looks great, but I'm playing on a PS4 and this doesn't seem to be an option. :( A good suggestion.
  9. Random Thought Thread

    Lol. Triscuits is a pun on Biscuits, for the reasons you've pointed out. Biscuits is borrowed from the French, which is borrowed from latin. The original meaning is twice cooked, since it was originally a 2 step baking product. Here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biscuit
  10. Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    The Tick (2017) Pilot episiode's been on Amazon Prime for a bit now, but they recently released another 5 episodes. I buy series on amazon prime, but I don't have a membership. This one, they released only for those with membership. Mistake, if you ask me. With a simple google search, I found free streams of the episodes within 12 hours of them being released on amazon prime. I'll still be buying the series, when they let me. Anyway, If you watched the Tick before or read the comic books, this one is great. They keep the humor, while having a plot with continuity between episodes. 5/5 if you like the tick. Probably closer to 3/5 if you haven't been exposed already. If you didn't like it before, you won't like this either. I really hope this one continues.
  11. X-Com 2

    Revisited this game while "waiting" for my leg to heal. I'm terrible at this game, but I like it. Finally finished the main campain (on "Rookie" difficulty). Still don't like the setting or plot, but this is a good game. Was very disappointed that it doesn't go on forever, and actually has an end. While I am bad at the game, I did figure out that my play style needing adjusting due to the way the game is designed: -the DLC for those "green" bosses makes the game really difficult to learn on. By enabling the DLC, but not actually doing the quests, the Green bosses never show up. -The game intends for players to use the save function to go back and try again. Playing on ironman mode is a horrible way to learn. ****** PS4 just released a "War of Chosen" expansion, which I bought, but I'm burned out on this game for now, so no review for now.
  12. Kharadron Overlords

    Was thinking about that, but what sort of tools does NASA use that are heavy enough to use as makeshift melee weapons? I suppose it doesn't have to be heavy to be a weapon, but never seen NASA using anything close to a weapon. There was that James Bond that had laser battles in space, but I don't recall any melee weapons. I suppose I could paint them as some sort of "holo" weapon, so as to imply they lacked weight. Maybe paint a grid on them... Anyway, back to the ship. Measure twice, cut once. I'm thinking I could add "jets" to the sides, but it would end up looking like a varient of Enterprise. Not a problem, but it does make me wonder if I shouldn't go with a star trek theme. I suppose I could do both. hmm.
  13. Kharadron Overlords

    Hmm...should I bother with space helmets for the infantry, or keep the heads as is? Presently, the kit includes odd beard-encompassing helmet which I'm not sure if I like or not. The design is odd because it's pretty clear based on the shape that either they don't ever remove the helmet, or that these are cleanly shaven dwarves wearing beards only as part of their helmets. And, on subject with infantry, what sort of weapons would NASA wield....? Lasers and such for ranged, sure, but what about melee weapons?
  14. Stitches question

    Interesting. Does the body reuse the disolved materials (digestion) or does the disolved organ get ejected (urine or poop)?
  15. Kharadron Overlords

    Been eyeballing the "Kharadron Overlords" at Guardian Games for a bit now. I really like about half of each model. Love the boats, hate the devices at the top that make it "fly." Been debating them for months. Finally bought their Battletome and an Arkanaut Frigate kit, just the other day. Not sure if I'm making an entire army or just one boat, but I really like most of the kit. That said, after opening it and doing some dry fitting, I'm torn at how to proceed. As I see it, I could do this model in two ways: 1) A pirate ship. Would need to make a mast and mount it on the ship, with sails and so forth. Pretty sure I could paint the metal plating to look wooden. I'm confident I could do it, but I'm less confident about putting it in water (clear resin) to make it seem afloat. 2) After opening the kit, I noted that the included dwarves remind me of NASA space suits, like those orange jumpsuits. Ship looks like I could convert it into more of a space ship, which I do think would look nice. Thinking white with that blue NASA logo, except have it be DASA (Duardin Aeronautics Sciences Administration). 3) Not really on the list, but I could also just build either of the above and make them Undead versions, since I do already have undead and then just call it a black coach or something like that. It's a very nice model. Regarding the kit, the one disappointment is that it isn't designed where you could make it into a ship in a bottle...The main hull sections are just too wide. EDIT Oh, I'm asking for help deciding.