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  1. paxmiles

    ISO hurricane bolter bits

    I had offered without asking for anything, so asking now, right before the hand off, would be kinda mean. That said, you could bring some random bits to add to the WOW bits bin in my name. I'd call that a fair trade. In anycase, no, you are not expected to have any trade.
  2. paxmiles

    Who'd play H'Orks (as in Horde Orks)

    Regarding this army specifically, I don't think you have a handle on orks if you think this is a horde. If you think of 30 boyz as 10 marines, then imagine a horde of marines and how many boyz that would be. Your list seems pretty average for ork army size. Rough equivalents, you have 20 assault marines, 10 tactical marines, 15 veterans (sternguard or vanguard), 5 devastators, 6 bikes, 3 attack bikes, 5 scouts, a rhino, a dread, and a land raider. Oh, and a couple of techmarines, with plans to add some librarians. It's a good force, but it's not a horde. Not sure what the necron equivalents are. 30 shoota boys really do have the equivalent of 10 tactical marines. You get way more shots with the boyz, but only 1/3 shots hit under normal circumstances, and only 1/6 will make their armor saves when shot or sliced. Orks will win in melee, but that depends on the ork ability to deny armor/the marine ability to make saves (power klaws and marine players that can't roll 3+ make a big difference for orks in melee). If you go ork hordes, should definitely get some grots...also, Storm Boyz are a good ork horde alternative to boyz in a trukk. Regarding infantry hordes, If you keep the target "quality" about the same throughout the army, it will help muddle the opponent's weaponry. With your list, you've given clear targets for the opponent's anti-tank and anti-infantry weapons, which will work against you if the opponent has a mix of both weapon options (which is standard for list creation). A horde army would ideally focus on just having the infantry which would make a mockery of the opponent's anti-tank weapons. Things like lascannons are mostly useless if the opposing army is all orks in t-shirts.
  3. paxmiles

    Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    For that, and many other reasons. That show had problems. Maybe we'll get a better version another time, but I'm glad to hear that particular Iron Fist show is done.
  4. paxmiles

    KILL TEAM: Week 4, Mission 4: Man the comms!

    So for clarity, does the model making the com station give up their movement, their turn, or are they just unable to move during their turn? Like, can I ready to shoot while building the com station since readying doesn't require moving (despite it being used instead of moving)? Or am I unable to shoot because I'm focusing on making a com station?
  5. paxmiles

    Who'd play H'Orks (as in Horde Orks)

    I have nothing against horde armies taking the field, but I usually lose against horde armies, so I kinda have a bias there....that wasn't one of the choices, so I didn't vote. Regarding time management, it's not really an issue unique to hordes, but it should definitely be a consideration for every player. Dice is a big factor for hordes and other armies that just have lots of shots/attacks. Movement trays can work, though played against this guy were they spent more time putting them into the trays than they would have just deploying them, and then they didn't fit with the terrain, so, for him, they were counter-productive. Reference cards are very nice, also indexing your codex/knowing where things are, can make games go much faster. In general, understanding your own army rules and being able to clearly explain them to your opponent will do wonders towards making the game go smoothly. I will note that horde armies are by far the most expensive way to play 40k, both in time and cash. New players shouldn't try to make a horde army, it should be something they aspire towards, not unlike an apoc army.
  6. paxmiles

    ISO hurricane bolter bits

    I haven't forgotten. See you tonight around 6pm. They should be playing kill team, so I might bring something for that, too.
  7. paxmiles

    Fallout 76 official teaser trailer

    The challenge I see with multi-player games is that they often ditch the AI programing in favor of just having players be the challenge. It's lazy programming, but it does make things more challenging with less effort so I understand the justification. That said, I thought the AI for the enemies in fallout 4 was pretty lacking, and that was single player, so perhaps they just need it. I would hope that multi-player allows non-human character creation. That's been a long desired fallout function they've yet to implement. All that said, my main hope is that they manage to make a more upbeat game than their previous Bethsoda titles. I feel that fallout 4 was depressing, and wasn't balanced by enough humor as was the case in fallout 1 & 2. I feel that multiplayer would likely bring only cutthroat PVP, which doesn't appeal at all. I won't write it off yet, but I'm certainly not going to pre-order this one, as I did for fallout 4 (which was a mistake, in hindsight).
  8. paxmiles

    Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    Stan Lee's Lucky Man (Season 1) 3/5 It's your classic corrupt police go after "more" corrupt criminals, but they've thrown in a Magic Bracelet that grants super powers for the lead protagonist detective. I'm enjoying it, but it's really nothing special. This one is a UK show, but it's basically an equal to any of the Marvel TV shows that have been released lately, like Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and so forth. I am enjoying the setting, since it's easier to detach due to it being set in the UK. Not sure if it's a throwback to the comics, or just a British thing, but definitely seems like most criminals/antagonists are racially different from the protagonist. Could be my imagination too. Anyway, show presently has two more seasons out, so going to continue with those.
  9. paxmiles

    Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    Is it based on the comics?
  10. paxmiles

    ISO hurricane bolter bits

    See you Tuesday.
  11. paxmiles

    LF: Alarielle and Handmaiden H: DoK

    Pictures of the models you are looking for?
  12. paxmiles

    Random Thought Thread

    Times are changing: Watching this anime. One of the nerds get's stabbed and his last words to his buddy, "Please, please wipe my hard drive." lol.
  13. paxmiles

    ISO hurricane bolter bits

    Well, okay, I purchased the sprue at GG yesterday, so i definitely have your bit. Can I meet you at WOW sometime to exchange, or will I need to mail it? PS, if you need the redeemer weapon bits, I'd trade those too. I'm building a LR Achilles, so I don't need weapons so much as I need the sponson mounting point. I got the LR chasis in bits for a very affordable price, but sponsons were too spendy that route.
  14. I think this style requires more FAQs.
  15. paxmiles

    ISO hurricane bolter bits

    Been busy in my own little world, I'll look tonight/today (3:56am....). I definitley got those bits at one point, but I'm not certain I still have them in that condition. I'll check.