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  1. Dnd or Pathfinder

    They should be able and willing to pay full price, even if they don't. Having a realistic grasp of a hobby's cost is important. Getting involved in a hobby you can't afford leaves people bitter, and may make them seriously consider criminal/immoral means to support their hobby. This is true with kids and games alike. People should enter a hobby knowing the costs and be willing to pay what it costs to enjoy the hobby. I do agree, there are lots of cheap ways to do wargaming and RPGs, children too. Nothing wrong with those, just that you shouldn't get into the hobby assuming that those discount options will always be there. And you don't have to support local game stores, you just shouldn't expect them to keep existing if you don't support them. IP creators/owners as well. It's the role of the consumer to establish what they want to have survive and what doesn't need to. That said, I don't really think digital copies of the rules are good for the hobby. I just have found that people with them don't seem to read them very well, or at least don't retain what they read very well. Plus they seem to be pirated/illegally copied quite often - even from people that legally bought them and just are "loaning" digital copies to their friends and family. PS: if you don't have a local game store, there's no need to support local game stores. I'm talking from the perspective of a gamer that regularly benefits from having a high quality local game store, one that would be sad to lose.
  2. Legend of Grimrock

    Is the sequel out yet? Yeah, great game. Looking forward to the sequel (and really hoping it makes it to PS4...).
  3. Dnd or Pathfinder

    Anyway, if you don't like your local game store, I fully understand not wanting to support it. There are definitely crappy local game stores out there, ones that should just die off. I also think that if you are unwilling to buy into a hobby at full price, buying that hobby is probably an impulse buy anyway, and should be resisted. All of us have far too many hobbies, with children being the most expensive hobby I've seen - nothing quite compares to the cost of the raising children hobby. Though in terms of personal hypocracy for this thread, I see nothing wrong with buying used products. Even though used books undercut the new prices and the money doesn't go to the company, I see no issues with buying used books if you want cheaper books. Funny how the mind creates hypocracy like that.
  4. Dnd or Pathfinder

    I suspect that PP has a higher profit margin that GW. They just put less effort into their product, which sells at similar, if not higher prices that GW products. All the PP stuff is made in china and is very low quality considering they cost the same to the consumer. And PP doesn't produce assembly instructions worth beans. As for rules, PP produces rules that make their produces easier to use in a tournament, but they don't promote casual play very well. GW doesn't compete with PP, they create the market and PP lives in their shadow. If GW were to disappear, PP would die. Regarding extremely cheap online digital content, like humble bundle, it is as good for local game stores as the Pirate Bay. Like how napster was for the music industry - that's actually a really good comparison because I would never buy music, but I was using napster back when it was new. Now that napster is gone, I've gone back to not buying music (I own, maybe 4 total music CDs and they were all gifts from others). For me, if the music industry died, that would be fine, possibly even a welcome change. Regarding Barnes and Noble. I don't think that's the same thing. For one, barnes and noble is crap and I would be happy to see them die off. So there is that. Additionally, I see waiting for reasonable sales to be the same sort of hurt for local game stores. No the issue is when humble bundle "sells" a hundred Pathfinder PDFs for a dollar. That's what hurts the local game stores. That goes well below the amount they could sell the product and break even. That's what I'm addressing. Buying things on sale, or at reasonable discount, is fine. A game store can compete with that. Even Amazon, usually doesn't undercut the market by so much where the local game store doesn't have the option to compete. All that said, if GW, or any other company, isn't producing a product, or they make it really hard to acquire a certain product. I do understand seeking less than legal means to acquire a product. Supply and Demand has priority over the legal system in our capitalist society. If they have supply, but don't meet demand, they are at fault for creating the need to acquire things less than legally. For example. I wanted to buy the new Tick series. Amazon won't sell me a copy of the new Tick series (you still can't buy a copy). 6 hours after launch, I found the entire series online via google and watched it. I don't feel guilty because Amazon was the ones screwing themselves out of sale. Just like I see no issues streaming episodes of a TV show that was released in another country at an earlier date than in my country. There's no logic there, if they have the product and won't sell it, and there is demand that they won't meet, then it not a fault of the consumer to acquire it via other means. And especially with digital content, it's stupid to try to horde it.
  5. Dnd or Pathfinder

    Humble bundle purchases are donations to charity. Paizo doesn't recieve money for them, as I understand it. It's a tax write off. Humble bundle definitely takes a cut. That said, if you purchase your books for almost nothing and then you tell other people that are looking to buy books that humblebundle is where to go to buy them, then how do the local stores sell the product sitting on their shelves? If they can't move the product, then why should they carry it? And if they don't carry it, why should they support the hobby? And if they don't support it, how long will it last? The humble bundle deal is bad for the hobby, even if their are short term gains for the individual players. Same issue with the Pirate Bay. The legality really doesn't matter, what makes it bad is that the local hobby isn't being supported because it's being undercut by the online sales. If people stopped buying 40k in the store, and exclusively bought it online, stores would not have play space for 40k. That's why GW tries to keep their digital content the same price as the physical copies, it's not greed, as greed would have them undercut local businesses, it's that they want the hobby to continue, long term. GW is greedy, no question, but their online prices are as such to promote the local stores, not because they want to stiff the players.
  6. Elex

    Here's the wikipedia page: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ELEX http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/elex If you note, metacritic gives it a 58/100 on the PS4, but the critisism aren't really things that invalidate the game. They complain the plot is too thin. They complain it doesn't become good fast enough. They complain that their copy didn't work. And so on and so forth, but they don't thinkk the game is bad, they just don't think it is as good as it could be (which is certainly true, but as far as problems go, that really should yield a higher rating...).
  7. Elex

    I'm PS4 at this stage, I bought it on their online store. Not a cheap or short game either. It's a full game (which is rather uncommon these days). And no, not really just fantasy genre. It's odd as a genre because they have basically 3 common genres of RPG smushed together. Without getting into spoilers of the plot too much, you can play the entire game using nothing but swords and magic. You can also play the entire using furture tech and psi powers. And you can also play the game with a post-apocalypic/wasteland feel, where your gear is all scrapped together. And all of this exists simotaneously with the setting, with the plot tying it together, more or less. In the setting, there are three general factions. You have a fantasy setting faction, a wasteland setting faction, and a sci-fi faction. Your characters doesn't start on any of the factions, but they can choose to join any of them. That said, they don't need to join a faction at all, and joining one is not easy (lots of questing required to join a faction, but all the factions will tolerate you as long as don't join one of the other factions). It's a very big game, which is why I think it's so unrefined.
  8. Elex

    Weird game. All the reviews I found were about 6/10, but the written descriptions were surprisingly very positive. User scores are often higher. Been wanting a new RPG. Elex is an Open-world RPG. The graphics are what you'd expect from an MMORPG (like that super hero one called champions), but this is a single player game. The plot very cliche, with limited originality. Very clunky dialog. It's confusing at times. That said, this is exactly the RPG I've been waiting for. Only 6 hours in, but it's good. A real diamond in the rough. Hard to explain, but you can really just randomly adventure with no regard to where the NPCs seem to think the game is suppose to go. And unlike the common games, this one is more like an old school RPG in that you can get killed really easily, but you also don't need to use combat as a solution for your problems. And then it's got a Fable-like quality where things you do, affect further gameplay (I'm only 6 hours in, but already I've triggered dialog where I get a "such and such will remember you said that" warning on my screen). And they lots of weapon options, but like a hard-ass GM, you don't start with more than a small handful and they are difficult to find. Downside wise, there doesn't seem to be a character creation option. I mean, you have loads of choices in game, but I haven't been able to figure out how to change my appearance, select another gender, or change any background information. Disappointing, but not the end of the world.
  9. Dnd or Pathfinder

    The other issue is that humble bundle really undercuts the local businesses. I really think those bundles were a really snotty thing for Paizo to do to the businesses that sell their books. Humble Bundle is basically the legal version of the pirate bay in terms what it does to local business.
  10. Dnd or Pathfinder

    I do have too much junk. But regarding PDfs, I've found that players which play pathfinder via PDFs seem to have a very poor grasp of the rules. I understand the desire for less weight and the indexing/search function is certainly convienent, but not knowing the rules is very annoying for the other players...
  11. Dnd or Pathfinder

    Can't seem to upload photos in a PM so here:
  12. Dnd or Pathfinder

    The main thing between the two is that 5e D&D is relatively new, while pathfinder has been out for a long while. So Pathfinder has much more content already out, while D&D is newer to more people. Neither system is bad, as far as I can tell. I will also note that the Pathfinder company recently released Starfinder, which is a sci-fi variant of Pathfinder, so if looking for a newer RPG, that is also an option. On a personal note, I have a bunch of Pathfinder books that I would be happy to sell you for a negligible fraction of their value. I just need the space cleared which they occupy in my home. I'm debating selling them to Powell's Books, at present. I'd rather get them to a person that would use them, and I'm not a fan of Powell's as much these days.
  13. Dunno, never finished the series the first time. I burnt out somewhere in books 6-9, not really sure - hence why I decided to just start over, rather than starting from where I left off. I'm about half way through book 4, right now. Very much enjoying it. I do recall a slow period in one of the later books, which may have been related to me burning out the first time. On the other hand, I likely burned out just because I was reading so rapidly. I'm all or nothing, most of the time, but it can't be maintained - so buring out would likely have happened even without a slow period in the series. I've also heard from other fans that the author fixes this in the even later books. That's one of the reasons I decided to revisit the series. Regarding books, I'm buying them this time around (I was using the library more on the first time around). Any book I read more than once is probably worth owning. I don't own that many books, as most are really not worth owning. Really, most of my reading in the last year has been game rules and forum posts - I just needed a good book and decided to read something I knew I'd enjoyed in the past, rather than chancing a new book.
  14. 8th Edition List Building

    Although this stratagem doesn't encourage squads with 4 missile launchers, I do think the stratagems influence my model selection, and do have some degree of cost. Relics too, by the same logic. And legion traits, especially. Choice of legion trait greatly influences the effectiveness of various weapons and encourages/discourages lots of units. Iron Warriors, for example, I think benefit from missile launchers more than the others, just because their denial of cover makes the weapon effectively have lower ap against most targets. Granted, this would work with any weapon, but missile launchers I think have most benefit. Regarding AA, That Helldrake, despite being a flyer itself, is pretty much dedicated AA. It melee hits models with FLY on 3+ while it only hits other things on 4+. That Baleflamer is also well built for AA use in 8e. Helldrake remains useful against other targets, but it shines against flyers. Speaking of, weapons that auto hit are considerably better AA in this edition. Especially the higher strength ones, like the Hellhound's Inferno cannon or the Helldrake's Baleflamer.
  15. 8th Edition List Building

    That stratagem only works on a single model's missile launcher, not the entire unit. And you can't use the same stratagem more than once in a single phase, at least in ITC. So even if you have 4 missile launchers, the stratagem is only going apply once, to one of those missile launchers. So no logic in multiple missile launchers as dedicated AA. It's still a neat stratagem, but not something to encourage 4 missile launchers in a single unit. Missile Launchers are still useful, in their own right. Nothing wrong with havoc squad with 4 missile launchers, but it doesn't help with the stratagem.