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  1. Smiling Skulls Space Marines

    Worse, yes, by the time the contemptor is worse than the hellbrute, the hellbrute would already be dead. That said, the period where the Contemptor is merely "as good" is at the half way point (5 wounds taken). Furthermore, the Contemptor drops speed quickly, being reduced by 3" in the first group, making it slower than a hellbrute. So, while it's more likely to survive longer, I question the Contemptor's ability to actually get into melee and to perform better once in melee. My thoughts are including that the contemptor is +44pts more than a hellbrute. That's alot. If it's only better half the time, I'm not sure it is worth the increase. Hence, why I'm looking at the Decimator, which seems more likely to be able to get into melee, even if it's less durable otherwise. Only +18pts for a Decimator. OR, I could just keep to the Hellbrute and accept that I'm not going get these guys into melee. My issue, lately, is that my forces just aren't fast enough. I try to make melee range, but I've lost most of my forces by the time I get there with the hell brutes. Sure, the flat distance isn't hard, but there's usually an obstacle or enemy mobility that makes getting into melee hard. Reserves will help, and I plan to add some units for that, but last game opponent had counter-reserve units with the scouting ability to deny my chargers (his were scout sentinels). But Contemptors could be best. Not sure. So on the fence here. I think if I go word bearers, then I lean towards decimators, since the legion trait of re-rolling morale isn't really lost on a single model unit. If I keep Night Lords, then that -1 leadership aura is really something I should push for, so Contemptors or hellbrutes are the route I need to take.
  2. Smiling Skulls Space Marines

    Okay, further list tinkering. Finally hit me that the current rules for the Helldrake make it into basically a Jump Infantry Dreadnought. See, it is a flyer with no minimum speed, and a vehicle with both a melee weapon and a ranged weapon. Definitely going to have to make one converted from a dreadnought. Always thought GW should make a jump pack dreadnought, now we got one. On the fence between Night Lords and Word Bearers. Night Lords is that -1 leadership for enemies within 6" (stacks up to 3 times) which works well with my Cerberus, but that's really all I like about their rules or fluff. Word Bearers grant re-rolls on morale checks, which makes low morale units, like cultists, considerably more viable. I also like the Word Bearer Stratagem (1 CP, re-roll any of the dice for daemon summoning, and the character doesn't suffer wounds for doubles) and the Word Bearer's Relic Weapon (Power Maul with -2 AP, 3 damage, and re-rolls failed wounds against Imperium units). The Word Bearer Warlord Trait add 3" to the range of Aura abilities for the warlord, which is neat, but not amazing. Another debated topic is Contemptors vs Hellbrutes vs Decimators. For starters, the Hellbrute is nice because it benefits from Legion Traits, has solid weapon options, and I own a bunch of them. On the downside, it is slow and has no cheap speed options (even IF I owned any Dreadclaws, they are 200pts each in this edition, so really aren't a cheap transport option). The Hellbrute lacks an invulnerable save, which is often why it dies (because 3+ saves only go so far against anti-tank weapons). There is a Stratagem that allows a stationary Hellbrute to fire twice in a given turn. The Contemptor is a +44pt Hellbrute with +1 strength, +2 wounds, and an invulnerable save (5+ vs shooting and 4+ vs melee). It counts as a Hellbrute for the Legion Traits and Stratagem, and has some pretty awesome additional weapon options, plus the ability to pair alike ranged weapons. But it's more expensive and aside from the invulnerable save, it really isn't more durable. Additionally, the Contemptor has a degrading profile which begins having superior speed, WS, and BS, but becomes equal to, or weaker than, the hellbrute as it takes damage. The Decimator is basically a Hellbrute at +18pts, but is a Daemon Engine instead. This means a 5+ invulnerable save and that he doesn't have a Legion trait (he's still a legion model, just doesn't gain the trait) and doesn't qualify for the shooting twice stratagem. On the other hand, as a Daemon Engine, he qualifies for a different Stratagem which grants re-rolling hits and wounds for one shooting or fight phase. And the Decimator has similar weapon access as the Contemptor. The Decimator has +1 attack over the hellbrute or the Contemptor, and +1 strength over the Hellbrute. Of the three, the Decimator is the fastest, with 10" base movement. Additionally, as a daemon, certain chaos daemon abilities work on the decimator which don't work on the other two (like the Herald's +1 strength aura or the Bloodthirster's ability to share leadership). Although I don't own any current contemptor or decimator models, I could certainly make some, either out of hellbrutes, RT models, or with just scratch building them, so cash cost isn't really the issue at hand. Unrelated, I'm thinking I'm going to try having 340pts set aside as Reinforcement Points. I'll use that for either: Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage 340pts -or- Karanak 116pts Chaos Furies (5) 60pts Chaos Furies (5) 60pts Flesh Hounds (5) 100pts I could field this as an Outrider Detachment, but ultimately, I don't think I can fit them all in my list and also all the CSM I want to bring. Plus, summoning allows them to enter from reserve. As for who does the summoning, that depends on the opponent. If I have to come to them, I might need to turn 2 before I can summon anything (because characters can't summon the same turn they move, like arriving from reserve). If the opponent comes to me, I can summon them with a Warpsmith (or two) in my backfield, since they don't need to move anyway.
  3. 6 week "tourney"

    So one thing to keep in mind with the Kytan or the Lord of Skulls is that they can use the Daemonforge Stratagem for 1 CP (CSM daemon vehicles, of which both qualify). That Stratagem allows rerolls to hit and wound for all attacks in a single fight or shooting phase. Should help issues with scarab swarms. Doesn't help with low damage rolls... Beyond that, Diabolic Strength (CSM Psychic Power) adds +1 attack characteristic, which in turn, becomes 3 more attacks with Slash. Skarbrand could also add a further +1 attack (which is another +3 attacks with Slash).
  4. 6 week "tourney"

    And this is why you should have deployed in his teleportarium chamber.... :P
  5. 6 week "tourney"

    Huh. Hadn't considered that application of non-infantry units. Still, Kytan has like 15 (Slash) attacks, hitting on 3+, and at S10, are you really having trouble? PS: as an aside, thanks to the price drop in the CSM codex for the Lord of Skulls, the Kytan is certainly less viable than it was. Kytan's are 514pts and a minimum Lord of Skulls is 521pts. So as a cheap Lord of Skulls, the Kytan isn't.
  6. Speculating Ork Klan stuff

    I know it won't happen, but I really want to see 3rd ed lootas and looted wagons come back to 40k. For those that don't know, the Lootas were ork boyz that could take upgrade options from a SM infantry unit or IG (now AM) infantry unit. So you could have orks with sniper rifles or missile launchers from scout marines, and so forth. Looted vehicles in 3rd allowed you to take a SM or IG vehicle, reduce it's BS to 2, and treat it as an Ork vehicle in all other respects. I used to run meganobz in a Looted Land Raider and it was awesome. Same points as the higher BS version, but it was still awesome. Both were 0-1 units, unless you had a certain klan in the later released white dwarf/chapter approved.
  7. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    No, we're nerds, and ^ that is how nerds fight.
  8. Eldar info

    So for Alpha Legion, it is very notable that only the Daemon Princes, Hellbrutes, Bikers, and Infantry benefit from that -1 to hit at over 12" rule. So it's a neat rule, but it isn't quite as potent as it sounds. So, for example, Chaos Vindicators and Defilers aren't affected by it, despite being Alpha Legion models.
  9. Ordo Fanaticus October Hobby Progress Challenge!

    I love it, but does look a little too "healthy foresty" for death guard. A solid Sci-fi Druid, though.
  10. Ordo Fanaticus October Hobby Progress Challenge!

    Finished a Chaos Predator this month, but I didn't start with an unpainted model, so I don't think it counts for this (didn't bother stripping it before I started...).
  11. Smiling Skulls Space Marines

    Minorly edited the list on page 1 to reflect point changes in the CSM codex and that I'm doing Night Lords. I don't plan on keeping that list, but fun to note that my 1999pt list from last week is now a 1962pt list...
  12. Eldar info

    Not sure what they did before, but that link rule has them able to all target a unit that only one of them can see or is in range of, provided they have visibility and range to the friendly model that is the firer. Means you can have a really nasty gunline that's hard to deny LoS to. Plus they all re-roll hits and wounds.
  13. H: Death Guard / CSM, W: Dragon Ogres

    There should be a box or two of these, loose, in the GG bits bin. I didn't think anyone would want to trade for them, after my brief attempt at chaos dwarves fizzled. Honestly, not very impressive models.
  14. Eldar info

    Yay! I love linked fire. Absolutely my favorite rule from the 5th, or so, eldar codex.
  15. Smiling Skulls Space Marines

    Okay, starting to put together a plan...If I build the list around the idea of having that Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer in the army, then abilties which lower my opponent's leadership become more practical since it's ridicious weapon attacks Vs leadership (with really only a 50% chance of harming leadership 10+ if we assume average rolling). So, if I take the Night Lords, I could potentially lower a high leadership target in the movement phase, so they'd be weakened in the shooting phase. Definitely starts to shape the army. Hmm...yeah, I might go this route.