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  1. Snow!

    Snowed again last night, but didn't stick to the roads.
  2. Snow!

    Didn't stick to the concrete and took a break from snowing, but we're still getting some slush coming down. Might snow later, and definitely I'm going to need to be careful of Ice tonight.
  3. Snow!

    Just a heads up to those without Windows, it is snowing here in the Portland metro area. I'm in Hillsboro and it's still safe to drive, but it's starting to stick. I love snow.
  4. We Evolved From Chaos Spawn (Pax's Tyranids)

    A tervigon? That is a great idea. Always forget about that guy, even in my re-read, overlooked him. Yeah, that would work. Darn, though, means I need to buy guants...
  5. We Evolved From Chaos Spawn (Pax's Tyranids)

    Malefactors arrived today. Odd unit. No clue what they count as. Let's see, model is really long (sticks off the Imperial Knight Base), but just as skinny as the Exocrine above. Aside from some really massive talons, it doesn't really have any weapons. And it's got an armored shell that makes me think it should be T8 or higher. Rules wise, for the OOP model, it was a troops transport for the tryranids... This guy: https://spikeybits.com/2012/03/pre-forge-world-tyranid-transport-the-malefactor.html Suggestions welcome. I'm disinclined to modify the model itself, but I was thinking that with it's skinny nature, I could create some "extra" arms that are mounted only to the base, rather than the model - so if I just need a few more weapons to make it count as something, it could be done without destroying that old model. Their arrival has me looking at the bug book again. Wow, mawlocs really changed this edition. Weak and cheap, but potentially awesome. 104pts each, with weapons (none of which have any cost). That said, they can deep strike only 1" away from enemy models. And then on top of that, they can deal mortal wounds to enemies within 2" but it's not a shooting attack or psychic power, so it's difficult to deny. And they are a huge model with a big base, so with a few in reserve, you could really disrupt enemy gunlines and fallback options.
  6. Faction question

    GW decided to clarify that there's a difference between the DAEMON keyword and the DAEMON faction keyword. Only a detachment with only DAEMON faction keyword models grants access to the DAEMON stratagems or can benefit from them. And FW still hasn't updated their book to clarify that any of the DAEMONs have the faction keyword (all of the daemons, including Anggrath, are NOT part of the daemon faction until they FAQ this....). Really annoying.
  7. Faction question

    Yes. There are a few exceptions, but basically you have it right. Every codex includes special rules bonuses for having a more specific faction exclusively in one detachment. For example, CSM Cultists have the HERETICUS ASTARTES and <LEGION> keywords. If every model in the detachment has the HERETICUS ASTARTES faction keyword, then they gain access to the CSM stratagems. If every model in the detachment has the same <LEGION> keyword, then they gain access to that Legion's trait rules.
  8. Meta down there (pdx)

    Right, because robots couldn't possibly pass the Turing test? Good for film, not a very credible test. I suppose, but at that point, how does anyone prove their own existance, much less that of others?
  9. Meta down there (pdx)

    You've met me in person, so none of that. Plus, I'm not really dishonest or computer savvy enough to employ robots.
  10. Darn it!

    I strongly doubt you are the only one.
  11. Meta down there (pdx)

    Do you look up these idioms just to confuse me? No clue what this means. I looked it up. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/whole+ball+of+wax Still don't understand it in context to your sentence.
  12. Guard Crusaders

    New plastic Juggies or old metal? Old metal is about the right size. New plastics are huge, almost twice the size as rough riders in all dimensions. You could comfortably fit two OOP Rough Riders on the Base currently supplied for Plastic Juggernauts. Are you making the Bloodletters look like they have more armor? Pretty naked models. Also, are you painting them as bloodletters? I think if you trimmed the head and horns and gave them executioners hoods (like the sisters repentia), then painted them as mishapen humans (human skin tones instead of the red daemonic skin) and gave them shields with Imperial markings, they could look right. Might want to swap the swords for more loyalist looking swords too. Or is the plan Chaos that isn't Chaos? Does seem a bit odd to have AM counts as Chaos when there are legal AM rules to make them Chaos. Though neither Crusaders nor Rough Riders are legal traitor guard unit options. Annoying to face a faction army that count as a different, also legal, faction army, but not annoying enough to ban it or not play. Just make sure they are visually amazing and you should have no issues.
  13. Meta down there (pdx)

    That is understandable. Anyway, I'm far from a compeditive player. My recommendation would be to field what seems fun to you, with a goal of getting off a particular combo or stratagem, and not really worry about the rest. Makes most games into casual games.
  14. Meta down there (pdx)

    Is Annihilation not a casual event? (I have no idea)
  15. Pax's Scummy Squadron

    Haven't forgotten this one, just keep running into scheduling conflicts on actually playing. I picked up the Millenium Falcon kit (found it for sale at 2/3rds cost). I know, not scum, but I'm planning to field it in a scummy way, as I'm putting together a scummy Rebel squadron too. Kit also contains many upgrades I've been wanting for my scum. And I still haven't painted any of these.