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  1. paxmiles

    Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    Lately been alternating between Minecraft and Warframe (PS4 versions). Both are grindy games where you mostly just collect stuff, though Warframe is much more fast paced than minecraft (which puts me to sleep, sometimes). Effecient wastes of time, which I like okay, but that's what I got because I don't seem to be able to get the same joy from other video games as I used to (or perhaps only as I remember having gotten).
  2. paxmiles

    CA leaks

    While I agree GW has to make money, I believe that players reusing their old models helps strengthen the brand. It creates the means for new players to justify an expensive hobby, via considering the models to be an investment in a longer term hobby. It's the difference between buying a bunch of overpriced model kits and just buying a board game with 1-piece miniatures (like Risk). As GW weakens their brand by depreciating player investments, the game loses value. Primaris marines phasing out regular marines, for example. We won't see the results of this any time soon, but it's one of those things that may have lasting consequences depending on how it's handled. WHFB was depreciated far quicker that GW strengthened AoS, which killed off most of the WHFB fanbase and left a longterm black mark on GW's reputation. I will note, regarding primaris marines, if GW truly phased out regular marines, it would mean that every existing marine model could be used as a "count's as" primaris marine, not unlike players using metal squat models as Space Marines. So, at least for now, GW needs to keep both lines alive.
  3. paxmiles


    Ah, stealth suits. Thanks.
  4. paxmiles


    Okay, paint scheme-wise, I think I'm going to try for Cherry Blossoms on a blue background. Difficult to find a picture of what I mean with my weak google-fu skills. Basically a blue backdrop with dark brown vines/branches and bits of pink attached. And that would be for main flat portions of the armor. Black/grey for exposed gearing/cloth. And then I'll need an energy color, possibly fluorescent pink. So for majority, they'll be bright blue.
  5. paxmiles


    Is that not the Multi-Tracker?
  6. paxmiles

    Faction Focus - Adepta Sororitas

    Not going to happen with how GW seems to be doing things lately. They'll get some new weapon whose design is very copyrightable. No missile launchers for sisters. Honestly, not expecting a whole lot of new models for the line. I think the push the plastic is the main thing, and actually new units might be pretty limited. Might get an Exorcist variant that comes in the same kit. Might get a penitent engine variant. Would not be surprised if the new sisters are Primaris Sisters, and GW forces all the sisters players to buy new sisters.
  7. paxmiles

    CA leaks

    It's model sales. I think WHFB reached a point where they had too many kits for sale and the large line was killing their overall sales. So they slimmed down the line into AoS. Not well executed, but it's a bit too late to correct. As for special characters, I think we should make a fan-made special character generator and just houserule them in. Waiting for GW to balance the sub-factions is a lost cause.
  8. paxmiles


    An interesting one. Weird that it doesn't cover seeker missiles... I do think that Missile Pods having double the range of the other suit-weapons is downplayed with that info. EDIT: Looks like they got the Ion Rifle (Overcharge) profile wrong. The damage should be 2, not 1. It's otherwise correct.
  9. paxmiles

    Faction Focus - Adepta Sororitas

    In an army where each unit is pre-designed for only one role, it makes sense. If you've got enough choices on the unit where they can be kitted to many roles, it makes less sense. My CSM troops can be a melee unit, a moving mid-range unit, or a stationary mid-long range unit. Each role is perfectly viable. If they kit the retributors to extreme short range, it's one such role. I agree that the mentioned build doesn't see very efficient for the mentioned targets. I also don't think the delivery method (rhino) is very viable. I would argue that I think the the value of holy trinity stratagem is found on melta weapons vs T8+ models. I don't really find it very impressive on flamer or bolter weapons. I think it's more GW's excuse for not giving sisters lascannons (which would look stupid on sisters). It effectively grants sisters S9 melta guns without altering the models. Seems like a good solution.
  10. paxmiles


    At some point, I'll get some pictures up.
  11. paxmiles


    Ended up converting one (Drone Controller) up. Though I can always break it off and use another bit if it looks too different from the one LH posts. Hmm...other tau thoughts: Pirhana's are basically attack bikes. I think they cost too much, even with the CA leaks, but they tempt me all the same, as they represent a cheap seeker missile mount. I very much like the idea of seeker missiles, possibly more than is really viable. Built the first unit of Crisis Suits. I like the crisis suits I made, but without the jump-shoot-jump, their role really changed from how I picture them. Dal'yth do have a stratagem that would allow this, but it would limit it to only a single unit per turn. So it makes me debate the second unit. Furthermore, I started working out the mathhammer on the missile pods - really bad weapons against meq. Might break off the two flamers for either fusion blasters or plasma rifles, though I do like how they look now. Given the "short model" theme, I am debating stealth suits instead of crisis suits. Probably would keep the unit I already made, but might look into trading off the other three. If anyone is interested in on sprue current crisis suits, let me know, I have 3x suits (1 squad) on sprue. Built the Pathfinder unit. Ended up with 8x markerlights+pulseblasters and 2x ion rifles. I modeled them with 2x sergeat looking models so they can be a squad of 10 or 2 squads of 5. Bombers and gunrig are mostly built. Need to do some priming before I fully assemble these. Still debating paint scheme. Debating FW flyers too.
  12. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/12/12/wrath-and-rapture-the-daemons-of-slaaneshgw-homepage-post-1/
  13. paxmiles

    Imperial/Crimson Fist Primaris Kit

    The Left handed power fist with a right handed fist logo?
  14. paxmiles

    Faction Focus - Adepta Sororitas

    But that's every army in 40k. I make a melee army and have to rush into melee range. I make a long range army and can't cope with melee. I make a mid-range army and can't cope with long range. So on and so forth. I agree that the mentioned unit doesn't sound very efficent, but the idea of focusing on a single range increment is pretty normal for 40k armies and units. And viability is often up to what the opponent brings.
  15. paxmiles


    I guess my question is: Does the current Crisis Suit Squad kit include a Drone Controller? If so, which bit is it?