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  1. Oh, and I'll be there for the Sunday Game night too.
  2. Acquired the Elucidian Starstriders set. Going to fiddle with adding them to my list.
  3. The other drawback to the building rules is that they hold a max of 1 unit (plus any number of characters), totally a max of 20 models. Unlike like the vehicle transport rules, which allow multiple units. So only 1x unit of scions per bastion. Still, could work. Bastion, or one of the other big building options. That plasma obliterator is basically the same as a bastion in terms of cost (bastions are screwed by the cost of their heavy bolters).
  4. There, title is fixed. Now we're on topic...
  5. For the record, it is a better looking model than I had originally concluded. Don't really need one for my forces, but it's a very nice, generic chapter model.
  6. No problem. Though regarding the thread, it's my topic and it's value was accomplished in the first post. I was just annoyed that I missed this survey last time around, so when I noticed it this time and noticed that (to my surprise) no one else had linked it, I made a post to tell others. Treat others the way you want to be treated sort of logic. Could change the thread title if you want. "GW 2019 Survey AND Munkie DE list help," perhaps?
  7. Ah, looking at fortifications, looks like that Webway Gate model is an option for dark eldar too. Could use that for the archon. Basically let's you deep strike the archon.
  8. Well that sucks. Hmm...rather than transporting them, can you make the army work at long range?
  9. I don't have your army, but I've got armies that would traditionally deep strike (like my DA terminators, or just drop pods). The turn 2+ limitation isn't too bad, as previous editions were also turn 2+. The main thing is that 8e doesn't allow null deployment, so you have to include a ground force with your deep strikers, which is thematically annoying. Buildings might be a good route for pure Militarum Tempestus deep strikers. Put a few bastions with embarked scion squads on the table, then deep strike the rest. Those buildings are difficult to remove, that bastion being T9 with 3+ armor and 20 wounds for under 200pts. The building fire output is hamstringed by the static BS5+ of buildings in this edition, so don't bother with weapon upgrades (since they pay for weapons as if they had better BS), but embarked units can fire out normally so they aren't without shooting. Bastions are also amazing Line of Sight blockers (great for indirect firing tanks, or to conceal light transports turn 1).
  10. Oh, what about buildings? DE can embark in unaligned buildings. The buildings are pretty durable, plus disembarking is 3+normal move so they can help with speed if you start them by your deployment edge. Not great, but they are definitly more durable than raiders. Looking at battlescribe, where's Asdrubael Vect? Him and his custom transport doesn't seem to be an option.
  11. Hmm.. could do it by overcharging plasma on las/plas razors or CSM rhinos with combi-plasma. Both of those "slay" the vehicle when they rolls 1s to hit. Vindicator Linebreaker Bombardment stratagem also has potential here, since they can damage friendly models. Hmm...
  12. Random tactical thought. If I move my transport, then destroy it in my shooting/psychic phase, my unit should be able to disembark and then charge on my turn. Not sure if I can deal enough damage to myself to make this work...
  13. You say it's too expensive, but FW site has it for only $155 (free shipping at that price). 2x Raiders is going to cost $74.50. So it costs roughly 4x raiders. In game value, a raider is under 100pts. The Tantalus is about 400pts. So the Tantalus both costs 4x raiders in cash and would fill the points of 4x raiders. $155 is still spendy, but if you'd be willing to buy 2x raiders for an iffy conversion, I'd seriously consider buying the actual kit from FW. Anyway, if the goal is just to get models across the table, could try running lots of regular raiders and then just suicide them forward. The destroyed vehicle rules are really generous this edition, so it's unlikely that a given HQ will die from the explosion. Since you can't disembark after moving and the opponent can surround your vehicles to deny their contents from disembarking, you could see if there's a way to destroy your own vehicles after moving them, as that would allow you to disembark and charge...
  14. That could make a good start for a Daemon Prince.
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