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    H: astra militarum W: AoS, $$$

    Well, good luck on that one.
  2. paxmiles

    GW price hikes

    If you haven't already noticed, all the start collecting boxes have gone up by at least $5. Not really sure when it happened. They were pretty consistently $85, now they are $90-95 (Space Wovles, and a few of the AoS boxes stayed at $85).
  3. paxmiles

    Necromunda Consensus?

    It would be very easy to turn a bunch of these models into a the starts of a 40k army, should it turn out that you just don't like the game. And the necromunda models aren't really any more expensive than 40k models. Seems like a good summer project that won't be a waste even if you decide that you don't like necromunda.
  4. paxmiles

    GW price hikes

    Is that a Rick and Morty reference? I just noticed it.
  5. paxmiles

    W: Female GSC Heads

    So they are GSC rough riders?
  6. Hoping to get short reviews of games others have used. Doesn't have to be a game you spent much time on. Useful to know what's out there and we have similar threads in warpspace for other topics. So, format is pretty freeform, but please include the name of the game, the platform you used it on (like PC or PS4), a rating, and at least a short description of the rating or game.
  7. paxmiles

    Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    @Brother GlaciusI wonder how much difference there is between the PC version and PS4 version. And for clarity, I gave it a 4/5, which is basically the same as your 8/10.
  8. paxmiles


    Lol. Orks can race up the board if they want, they certainly have the speed. I think your Orks lack speed because you play them very consevatively (which works very well for you). Orks also have assault weapons on just about everything and very minimal penalties for advancing, so suggesting they lack speed and move only 5" is downright misleading. Tyranid hit penalty is mounted on a non-character unit, so it's very meh compared to your character mounted FNP and KFF. Your arguments sound like a "Grass is greener on the other side" approach. I think if you tried tyranids in this edition, you'd see my point. The two armies are quite similar this time around (nothing wrong with that). As for necrons, your point is moot. The same tactics used to counter your orks getting full units back (which, like the necrons, don't come back if reduced to nothing) and the same counter tactics if they teleport them. Even if the necrons cost more and reclaim models at a lower rate, it doesn't change the counter tactics. And even psychic powers or stratagems that teleport units isn't unique to the Ork codex. Grey Knights have had that since the start of the edition. Grey Knights have their own problems, but in terms of preparing for the tactic, we're not adjusting for orkish teleportation. Anyway, I do think orks have a good codex and a strong army, but in terms of new things to prepare for, I don't really think orks feature anything new.
  9. paxmiles

    Smiling Skulls

    Started a new thread because I've ditched the CSM aspect of this army. I'm slowly liquidating my CSM. Sticking with the paint scheme, and the logo, just no Marines. That leaves Daemons and Renegade Knights (and an armorcast Reaver). For those that haven't seen the paint scheme, looks like this: Logo is a combination of the Khorne Symbol and the Ultramarine Symbol, resulting in a smiling skull. Despite the logo including part of a khorne symbol, I have no specific ties to Khorne in this army. My latest acquisition is a Great Unclean One. I'm thinking about painting it blue....
  10. paxmiles

    Smiling Skulls

    Lack of CP was also annoying, but there wasn't a whole lot I could spend it on. They FAQed that daemon stratagem that bolsters the daemon invulnerable save to cap out at 4++, so because the bloodthirster had that relic for a 4++, it doesn't really do anything. And they did focus on the bloodthirster, who again, was too crippled to be of use by the time he got to melee (and against 3++ multi-wound infantry he's kinda a waste anyway). Renegade knights don't really have any stratagems, and they really don't help much. We have a relic for them, but only if they are the warlord because they lack the stratagem to allow non-warlords to take relics. And their relic only imposes negative leadership on enemy models, no 4++ here. My Prince, again, made a huge mistake (or two or three) and got himself in a position where stratagems wouldn't really help. And then the GUO was ignored until the end, so stratagems wouldn't have really aided him.
  11. paxmiles

    Smiling Skulls

    Only really had the 1 slow unit (GUO). Thirster and Prince were 12" and flying. Knights were 14". And that's without advancing, which I did every turn until they got into charge range. Mission deployment was really screwy where opponent got a larger deploy zone (not sure why) and kept moving backwards all game. Daemons lacking any deep strike units is pretty annoying, but that's what daemons are this edition. There was also a very large and tall LOS blocking terrain feature in the dead center (that one was both good and bad for both armies).
  12. paxmiles


    Necrons, for one. And they could do it without psychic powers.
  13. paxmiles


    I think you could accomplish similar things with your orks as you could with tyranids. Tyranids having allies is a pretty new concept. They've been a mono-codex army for quite a while. I believe the Asta Militarum allies can't be taken if also field tyranids, but I could be mistaken there. Though as mentioned, taking ranged allies is less impressive this edition because bugs got more impressive ranged weapons this time around. Grot shields is mostly worse than Drone Saviour protocols, but we can disagree there. The ability to shift wounds from one target to another isn't really new. Your point was that orks were something you'd have to specifically plan for, and I think the same tactics you'd plan for against Drones would work against Grot Shields. And other armies do this too. It's not really a unique tactic. For fast Melee, you could teleport your orks 9" away, then charge (and you get free re-rolls on your charge). And this is allowed turn 1. Sounds fast to me. Hormaguants would much rather have a faster move speed. Or the ability to charge after advancing (which they lost with the edition change). Orks used to use Trukks as "speed bumps" in the same respect that biovore spore mines can hinder movement. Not really sure why you'd be unable to do this now with many of your ork units, but seems like that must be the case if you are envious of spore mines... Don't get me wrong, there are quirky differences between the two, but I can't think of anything orks can do that is unique to orks and requires a specific anti-ork tactic. Most anti-tyranid tactics should works against orks, though orks are slightly better at range and slightly worse at melee, though this greatly depends on your build because both can now field quite varied armies.
  14. paxmiles

    Smiling Skulls

    Got a game in against Dark Trainer. I lost. That said, playing with only 6 models is really quick. Losing or winning matters even less due to the lack of set up and take down time. Opponent seemed to think this was ITC mission, though I really wasn't playing one, I just rushed at him and attacked. I suppose it might have gone differently if I had tried for objectives. Couldn't kills wraiths all game. Three Armigers and a bloodthister just couldn't do it. In fairness, my guys rolled really bad and my opponent kept making his saves. Bloodthirster also got pretty damaged before he got to swing. I've mentioned it before, bloodthirsters are glass cannons in this edition. They just die really quickly and can't heal themselves or bolster their own defenses 3+/4++ just isn't impressive in this edition in terms of defense on a 260pt model that is too big to hide behind anything and must get into melee to attack. Plus the bloodthirster profile degrades (while some khorne units, like the lord of skulls, have a better melee profile as they take damage). Daemons not being able to deny invulnerable saves does seem a bit odd, as they are natually able to have invulnerable saves, so it does seem like they naturally have some ability to deny or otherwise reduce invulnerable saves. Meh. Let's see, opponent took advantage of my lack of range, and focused on a tactical retreat (which I kept calling them cowards for doing so, but I was not successfully able to provoke them into standing their ground...). I suppose if I run this one again at this point level, I should have more ranged units. Those Rifle Armigers would have been more tactically sound, though I don't own any. Though at higher point levels (like I'll have for next week), I'd have bigger knights anyway, so getting more ranged knights isn't really a think I need to think about. GUO was fun to bring, but didn't really do anything. Good defensive profile, and defensive abilities, but being only T7, he dies pretty quick if they actually start shooting at him. I'll tinker with his build. Daemon Prince made mistakes, which was the main problem with him, so I'm not really sure if he was good or bad. Bewitching aura was useful, but not enough to protect him in melee. In hindsight, I should have had him support the thirsters and knights against the wraiths, but that's hindsight. Maybe a different build next time. Dark Trainer's necrons fought like TAU. I wonder if it's the player or current codex that causes them to be so melee light. My TAU would love to have some wraiths...
  15. paxmiles


    While I think that the orks have a good codex, I've not seen them do anything that requires a unique tactic for orks. Grot shields is very similar to the Drone Saviour protocols, which in turn is similar to the Company Veterans (who also have a sacrifice ability) and there's probably others. Hordes aren't really new either. Aside from previous incarnations of orks, lots of other armies can make viable horde builds, which often function in a very similar capacity. Even that super shokk gun, while very impressive, isn't exactly unprecidented. Honestly, there's not a tremendous difference between the current orks and the tyranid armies. Both are low invulnerable save armies, with crazy leadership rules and the capacity to field huge hordes or elite infantry or just big things. I suppose the main difference is that orks have almost no psykers and tyranids don't have squad leaders. The difference used to include vehicle access, but since the change to vehicles with toughness, the two armies are rather similar. Range used to be more of a thing too, but bugs got a lot of viable ranged attacks this time around. Plus CSM has become a horde army due to GW push for cultist equivelents in every codex variant.
  16. paxmiles

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Hobbit 2: Disappointed with hobbit 1, then started re-watching it in boredom and now think I may have been too hard on it initially. Hobbit 1 was pretty good the second or third time through. Hobbit 2 was the same. Disappointed at first, will probably like it the second or third time (DVD). This one grows on you. Star Wars the Phantom Menace: Seen it a bunch of times when it was newer, but this was the first in a long while. A truly terrible movie. Many of the graphics look more dated than the initial VHS star wars movies - the overuse of computer animation really hurts this film's longevity. The acting and casting is very lackluster. Though, I didn't find jar-jar as bad this time around, perhaps it's all the southpark? I will note that the phantom menace is very similar to Hobbit 1, in that they are both prequels being made post-sequel. I found them both lacking in this respect, as it's clear that both movies are marketed to people that are assumed to have seen the sequels already. Starting at phantom menace, no one would ever get to a new hope, they'd just turn it off. Hobbit 1 was better, but it still has that elongated starting where someone new to the series would not really understand or enjoy the frodo/birthday party references at the start. I do hope that they make an altered start version of Hobbit 1 when they are all released, as hobbit 1 is a lousy starting movie for the Peter Jackson "JRR tolkien" movie set, despite being the first. The Wolverine Just lacking. Perhaps if I knew more of the comic related, it would be slightly more enjoyable. The film wasn't terrible, it just wasn't impressive in any way. Very bland. On the other hand, I wasn't offended and they didn't really have any major faults. It was just bland. -Pax
  17. paxmiles

    Smiling Skulls

    Updated list (warlord traits, relics and psychic powers selected) ++ Questor Traitoris Super-Heavy Detachment (Chaos - Renegade Knights) [27 PL, 522pts] ++ + Lord of War + Renegade Armigers [9 PL, 174pts] . Renegade Armiger: Character, Meltagun, Thermal spear and Reaper chain-cleaver Renegade Armigers [9 PL, 174pts] . Renegade Armiger: Meltagun, Thermal spear and Reaper chain-cleaver Renegade Armigers [9 PL, 174pts] . Renegade Armiger: Meltagun, Thermal spear and Reaper chain-cleaver + No Force Org Slot + Detachment CP ++ Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (Chaos - Daemons) [43 PL, 3CP, 724pts] ++ + No Force Org Slot + Battle-forged CP [3CP] Chaos Allegiance: Chaos Undivided Detachment CP [1CP] Rewards of Chaos (1 Relic) [-1CP] + HQ + Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage [17 PL, 260pts]: Armour of Scorn Daemon Prince of Chaos [9 PL, 189pts]: Bewitching Aura, Daemonic axe, The Mark of Excess, Warlord, Warp bolter, Wings . Slaanesh: Pavane of Slaanesh Great Unclean One [17 PL, 275pts]: Bileblade, Bilesword, Fleshy Abundance, Miasma of Pestilence ++ Total: [70 PL, 3CP, 1246pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe
  18. paxmiles

    Smiling Skulls

    Looks like I'll be ready on time. I hope it's fun.
  19. paxmiles

    More GSC previews

    Anyone else reminded of an old pewter knight model with a bent lance?
  20. paxmiles

    Smiling Skulls

    Need to build the Armigers, then figure out how to transport everything, then actually come. Sleep and food needs to be in here somewhere too...
  21. paxmiles

    Smiling Skulls

    We'll see, but probably.
  22. paxmiles

    Smiling Skulls

    Found the Armigers!
  23. paxmiles

    GW price hikes

    I didn't think it was them being sneaky. Just me noticing the price hike. I usually notice these things late.
  24. paxmiles

    Inquisitorial Forces Escalation Force Thread

    So if you beat Apathy, are you happy or sad?
  25. If I have multiple friendly units within 12" of an enemy Deathstorm Drop Pod, and one of my unit charges the pod, what happens in overwatch? Deathstorm Pod's weapons all have this rule where they shoot at everything in range. Makes perfect sense in the shooting phase, unclear what happens in overwatch.