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  1. https://imgur.com/gallery/s8Xpq I will be bringing this to Guardian Games League Night on 8-2-17
  2. Post OFCC ITC rankings

    We often do face off against each other. Alex has nightmares of the Aetherstrike Force and my Nurgle Mortal army.
  3. Post OFCC ITC rankings

    I myself have Numero 10 in Overall placing for ITC AoS 2017 as of today with 3/5 Events I am the Top Stormcast Eternal player for ITC with 3 of 4 events.
  4. Friday - OFCC - 3 round 8th edition

    I took the Best General Award with Bjorn the Fell Handed, 2 Units of 5 Custodes with Spears, 2 Venerable Land Raiders. There was about 14 people I believe.
  5. Best in Faction...?

    Well now that you are my only competition, I guess I should show up with Double Mornghuls
  6. Just bought my very first ofcc event ticket

    "Always go Hard!" Words to live by have never been truer.
  7. W: Celestial Hurricanum, have Cash

    Looking for a Celestial Hurricanum, have cash.
  8. Transports in 8th

    Dedicated Transport are limited to the number of non Dedicated Transport Units taken in a detachment if the Detachment allows for Dedicated Transport. Took 2 HQ and 3 Troops in the Battalion Detachment then you can buy up to 5 Dedicated Transport options.
  9. New 40k edition

    So far out of my 7 games of 8th 2/3rd of them Ended on Turn 3 to getting tabled or having my opponent concede due to near tabling. The game needs progressive scoring back.
  10. New 40k edition

    The Emperor's Will baby.
  11. Terrain is now pointless

    LH, Non infantry still need Obscurity for Cover in CERTAIN pieces of Terrain, others pieces never grant cover to non Infantry. Not sure how the FAQ ruling changes that...
  12. New 40k edition

    Flamer Auto Hit Flyers... That in itself is 100% more amazing then they used to be
  13. 5 things you learned so far 40k 8th

    Biggest Change I learned from 8th is: What was good before is okay, what was bad before is okay. AAAAAAAA KAY!
  14. OFCC: Tickets

    Ish, I have 2,000 Points of Ironjawz you can borrow for OFCC. I will probably bring my Mortal Nurgle if you need them in that case.
  15. New 40k edition

    Correct there is no cover if you arent wholly in the terrain feature you are claiming cover for. In certain cases if you arent infantry you need additional things such as obscurity