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  1. When you give them divination, 2 different bastilladon buffs and a full unit of kroxigors inside many things can happen. Won all my games but one.
  2. My last tournament game had a full block of skinks and kroxigors. I didn't use any sauras warriors.
  3. I still vote double hand weapon. Most infantry isn't toughness 4. Don't they have +1 strength in the first round of combat for the old choppa rule? I think the numbers would favor double hand weapon vs. basic line infantry if we include the extra strength and the fact most are toughness 3.
  4. Just moved to yakima area!

    I learned that lesson about 12 years ago when I went to Ellensburg for college. For some reason warmahordes is really big but not much else when it comes to Yak town. Ellensburg had some players but they were all college kids.
  5. 30th Anniversary Marine Model

    Happy Anniversary! Daddy got messed up again and got you a lovely gift from the dollar tree. I hope you didn't put a lot of stock in this relationship.
  6. Kingdom death monster amazing!

    You have an excellent point. I just got to be part of the final 5% of people in us/UK that got their game 2.5 months late for This War of Mine the boardgame.
  7. Kingdom death monster amazing!

    Dear fans of kdm, I know you paid me a ton of money for a boardgame but after much consideration you can have a delay.
  8. Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition

    Stunty teams are best teams!
  9. Repressor Alternate

    If it came with turrets and bits with shipping of an extra 3.50 I would. 20 bucks for a top...nope.
  10. New Primaris releases coming

    They were out of stock. He needed a pimp cane for all that swagger.
  11. New Grak and Crumbleberry Rules?

    Yeah this new rule set for the duo basically makes them perfect for sitting on my shelf now.
  12. Psychic Phase Question

    I'm trying to find a way to use all 3 of Voldus' spells in a turn and it's really hard.
  13. Psychic Phase Question

    Can the same caster cast smite as many times as they want?
  14. AM List Noodling

    I take lascannons. They just work with so many orders around. I prefer heavy weapon squads but also having a few in squads means you basically always have that one extra chance when you need it. You have all the right HQ for conscripts. Personally I love 50. 50 with Yarrick and the rapid fire 2 order is just so much fun. Reroll 1's to hit and a million shots.
  15. TRADED

    I know we have some 30k fans in here so I found some original (Yes actual original not FW remakes) pre heresy style rhinos and would like to trade them. The first one is assembled with no primer or paint. The second is assembled but with an original Immolator Sisters build that has a dozer blade also has no paint or primer. The third is another Immolator build but this one is painted and missing the front hatches and smoke launchers. I would like to sell/trade them as a lot. I don't play 30k but I do play 40k and fantasy. I could use Voldus, St Celestine, PaPa Smurf. FW IG Vehicles and Chaos Dwarf infantry. I also could use non box set warmaster and Message if you want to make a deal!