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  1. Prophecy

    W: Mordheim Mercs/Hired Swords/Almost Anything

    Sure these would be great. Not sure what you would like for them but I will try!
  2. Prophecy

    W: Mordheim Mercs/Hired Swords/Almost Anything

    Yeah that is a sin sir chopping up those models
  3. Prophecy

    W: Mordheim Mercs/Hired Swords/Almost Anything

    Although I will not deny what you are saying is true. I don't own a healthy bit box for fantasy and cannot provide the appeal I believe is necessary to make a strong looking warband/warbands. So I guess I would also be looking for large Empire Bits Boxes as well.
  4. Hey everyone we are starting a small Mordheim league and I was wondering if you had any basic stuff? It doesn't actually have to be authentic Mordheim models but I was hoping for human mercs and hired swords primarily. If you have stuff you don't want let me know. I'm not terribly picky as I would just buy in bulk but I would prefer cheaper prices please as I am open to most anything. Thanks!
  5. Prophecy


    From all the threads I have read, the only problem you may encounter is orders take quite a bit of time to reach you. Everything else is A ok.
  6. Prophecy

    Harlequin Formations

    Teachers make the worst students. I just can't sit there unless I'm really learning something new. That last part is exactly what I was looking for.
  7. Prophecy

    Harlequin Formations

    I got 8 minutes into the review and was so bored I had to click away. 55 minutes of that is a bit much.
  8. Prophecy

    Free Terrain Tables in Kirland Wa

    I believe Lance is up there.
  9. Prophecy

    Idoneth Deepkin

    Agreed. Though I do give the turtle a thumbs up. I think the elves with a "proper paint job" will be fine. Avoiding the eel/shark jetbikes is a must though. They are just trash. Could have done drakes and manta rays (I know Tzeentch has them but they could be reimangined).
  10. Prophecy

    Kingdom death monster amazing!

    Question: Will certain models ever be brought back to the store such as Fade and Percival?
  11. Prophecy

    Kingdom death monster amazing!

    I got whatever came in the biggest pledge. I believe this one is every expansion they have made so far. With 5 waves I have lost track of what comes when.
  12. Prophecy

    Kingdom death monster amazing!

    Mine will be here Wednesday
  13. Prophecy

    Kickass Cossacks team coming soon on Kickstarter

    Still not seeing the pledge deal I am looking for which is creating more hassle than it is worth at this point. With a little over a week to go and ideas still "Coming Soon" I sadly do not see this reaching the goals and funding it deserves due to stalling and improper pledge options and values. I wanted this to take off as Kislev is one of my favorite armies from the Warhammer universe but it just wasn't done right.
  14. Prophecy

    Kingdom death monster amazing!

    Got my tracking this morning. I'm the biggest pledge so I think you will get yours soon!
  15. Prophecy

    Kingdom death monster amazing!

    Sadly no