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  1. LARGE Sisters of Battle Army:Retail on this army is 1165...yeah that's more than I thought too. I was going with 30% off which is 815. IF you really wanted it and did not have all the cash I would be willing to take some trade in the form of Eldar Infantry, FW Eldar, FW IG, Tyranid Gaunts, or Warmaster. If you want pictures just send me a PM with your Email. 1 Modern Canoness unassembled w/ all options 1 Modern Canoness stripped with power sword and melta pistol 1 OOP Canoness w/ Roasrius and Combi-Flamer Assembled 1 OOP Canoness w/ Power Mail and Combi Weapon Assembled 1 OOP Canoness w/ Clipped arm and Combi Weapon partially painted 1 OOP Banner assembled 1 Diologus assembled 1 Hospitaller assembled 9 sergeants: 1 primed w/ chainsword and plasma pistol, 1 assembled w/ chainsword and plasma pistol, 1 w/ pistol clutching roasrius, the rest are all with power swords except one that was clipped and are a mix of bolt pistols and bolters. 48 sisters with bolters: About 40% are primed or stripped the rest are all just assembled 6 Flamers that are assembled 2 Storm Bolters that are assembled 6 Meltaguns: 5 are assembled and 1 is primed 6 Heavy Bolters: 2 unassembled, 2 assembled, 2 primed 3 Heavy Flamers: 1 assembled, 1 primed, 1 partially painted 4 Multi Meltas: 3 are assembled and 1 is stripped 10 Dual Pistol Seraphim: most are primed 4 Dual Flamers: 3 are primed 3 Sergeants: 2 are assembled w/ power sword and plasma pistol and 1 is NIB with Chainsword and PP 18 Repentia: 10 are partially painted and 8 are unassembled new 2 Mistresses: 1 is unassembled new and the other is partially painted
  2. 9th Age Starter by TMS

    There were quite a few angry posts on facebook. That unfulfilled previous kickstarter complaint seemed rampant.
  3. Imho, I'm excited for some really classic models to be up to par. This book looks nice but the little gribblies will be what makes or breaks it for me.
  4. latest GW price hike

    Its cheap to afford all the rage quitting!
  5. Kingdom death monster amazing!

    Mine theoretically arrives Saturday. Of course the day I have the Fall Ball concert.....
  6. Eldar info

    Whoever is writing these Eldar summaries doesn't really know the army. That Avatar stratagem is really cool though. I remember when he only had a 5+ save and could be killed by scouts with bolters. Granted 85 points was a good deal.
  7. Kingdom death monster amazing!

    I hope everyone is going to pay their shipping costs this week. You deserve to receive your game with all due haste.
  8. 9th Age Starter by TMS

    Giladis the guy who always says no to everything. Still waiting on Iron Crowns.
  9. 9th Age Starter by TMS

    Thank you for being as honest and forward as you can. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter.
  10. 9th Age Starter by TMS

    I had never seen that company before. The horses look solid. The knights seem a little stiff to me. Great stand in for questing knights though.
  11. 9th Age Starter by TMS

    You also have a good point. Granted I have been tainted by certain YouTube critics and my outlook on 2.0 is shaky right now. I would rather get more communication rather than a kickstarter. We all have the majority of the models we need I just want more feedback and clarity in general.
  12. 9th Age Starter by TMS

    I think they are getting ahead of themselves. I would have released this after 2.0. I also think the knights look awesome while the undead is a little weak like on par with mantic.
  13. Rough Riders into the Sunset

    Ive used them in every game I have played this edition. Sadly they rarely do anything other than be swift roadblock and annoyance. I love the models, but they just don't have enough killing power.
  14. New Guard Codex

    That is crap.
  15. New Guard Codex

    No bonus to artillery is a complete waste of an opportunity. If combined squads are a thing, I'm not mad but if they aren't, then I won't be using steel legion rules.