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  1. Destiny 2

    Playing it now on PC as well. Level 5 baby! The story and the maps are fun so far.
  2. Warhammer Fantasy Role Play Humble Bundle

    It was amusing back when I used/played/ran a game back in 1990. Though I do remember it had the best/most detailed crit list I have ever read. If you crit something or something crit your character BAD things happened.
  3. OBBL Premiership playoffs

    It is BB, crying is always involved.
  4. Fallout 4

    This is why you play these games on PC :). So many mod choices...
  5. Chappy's not here man.

    I noticed a disturbance in the force as if the Angry had moved farther away :(
  6. Black Library: Book Recommendations

    If written by Dan Abnett I read it...
  7. Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    Netflix - One Punch Man Holy [big bad swear word]snacks! This is just plain awesome. Got introduced this last weekend and binged like 6 episodes in a row on Netflix. Does a great job of spoofing the anime genre. Definitely worth a watch if you like anime.
  8. Death Guard and Ad Mech Codexes Soon!

    Ugg that Mort model :(. He is NOT A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY!!!!!
  9. Stevensonmat2's Escalation League Thread

    No, not dope. A space marine card set. Dope is week 8 prize I think.
  10. Evil Bryan's Escalation League Thread

    B - your hosting site is not working....for your leader at least. The initial pics still coming in strong.
  11. W: Space Table Matt 4x4 or bigger H: Minis, Terrain or $

    No worries, thanks for looking.
  12. W: Space Table Matt 4x4 or bigger H: Minis, Terrain or $

    NP. I wasn't quite all there that weekend anyways.
  13. Looking for a 4x4 or bigger table gaming mat with space theme as a gift for my brother. Anyone have one they no longer want or use?
  14. Suggest you add a link to some pictures. Good luck.
  15. 40K 8th ed, Battle Forged, Power Level and Points

    Wrong, but I'm not the one to give you the page/quote info on it.