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  1. Job searching sucks

    Would suggest getting a head hunter or a good person to take a look at your resume. I can PM you someone if you need that. Keywords are big still as a lot of firms use search bots on their resumes.
  2. Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    has that Carpenter Thing vibe in some ways.
  3. savion47's Steam Game Giveaway

    I may add to your post/thread as I am in the same boat with tons of extra keys/codes I won't ever use.
  4. Daughters of Khaine

    Nice sculpts!
  5. no boobie scuplts for me. I think I have a bunch of the big claw ones prior to these.
  6. pics on those scupts you want? Too lazy to google them.
  7. PC/Steam codes for free

    So this popped into my head the other day as I got another email from Humble Bundle with my monthly swag bag of games, some of which I already have or have no plan on playing...why don't we setup a google share doc to provide codes to those that would like a game for free (on someone else's dime - mine or others). So if someone wants to setup a google shared doc I will be happy to add games/codes to it each month and figure there are others in my same boat. We could use fields for Game name, code, and perhaps a field for donator and a field for who claimed it. That way we keep track of active codes and a way for someone to thank someone for the free game.
  8. Rate the Last PC/Console Game You Played

    Finally getting to play Witcher 3. My last computer was ok, but whenever one of the cut scene dialogs happened I was watching a badly dubbed Japanese monster movie... So new computer I got rocks it so smooth. Fun game so far and very engaging. I know it has been out a while, but first for me.
  9. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Ok my take on these 3 for the trifecta of different opinions.. Kingsman: Golden Circle - ok B level (6-7/10). Was a let down from the first one which was great in comparison. Still enjoyed it for some of the scenes and being over the top James Bondesque. Atomic Blonde - 9/10 for me. Great music, great incorporation in the scenes. Gritty 80s view of the cold war. Awesome feel. New Star Wars - 7/10 - was a B for me. Good and had some strong points but overall I left going meh.
  10. Nausicaa-themed Eldar Exodites

    Makes me cry with joy....so love this.
  11. What books are you reading or have recently read?

    Nope, stays the same writing style. The first book of the three is the best in my mind. So if you don't really like it, don't read any further. His writing is heavy and not James Patterson breeze through for sure. So does take some time to read.
  12. What books are you reading or have recently read?

    Have you tried this thing called a library? You can reserve online even with most of them and if you turn the books back in on time it doesn't even cost a dime.
  13. What books are you reading or have recently read?

    Just finished the third book int he Takeshi Kovacs series by Richard K Morgan. Fun sci-fi series that are gritty.
  14. Both Vermintide and Tales from the Borderlands are free on Xbox with Xbox Gold right now. I know a bunch of the Ordo guys play Vermintide and have heard great things on TftB.