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  1. Veskit

    Looking to play some Kings of War?

    Just so you guys on here know, most Kings of War is over on the Pacific Northwest facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KingsOfWarPacificNorthwest/ There is apparently about 15 guys from around the Vancouver/Portland area to play games with (not me, I'm from the other Vancouver north of the border)
  2. Veskit

    KoW US Masters Stuff

    was fun to watch the cast! I hope I do better than the prediction for my game lol.
  3. Veskit

    Kings of War Summer Campaign!

    I'll also see about arranging something for the Lower Mainland even if it's just in Vern's barn!
  4. We are indeed doing 8th, 1650 ptd 2 hr rounds 4 on Sat and 2 on Sun. Corey I will definitely have your mug lol
  5. Thanks will check out what happened to it.
  6. Now’s your chance to pair your love of Strategy Gaming with your love of cruising, as we set sail aboard Royal Caribbean’s spectacular Oasis of the Seas on Oct 7th, 2018! 40k Malifaux Age of Sigmar Kings of War BloodBowl And if you haven’t tried cruising, what are you waiting for? The perfect venue for Gaming and you can bring your family & friends!! Enjoy what the world’s largest cruise ship has to offer: Ziplining Surf Simulator Outdoor Amphitheatre A Boardwalk complete with hot dog stand &carousel! Central Park – Trees on a cruise ship?? Ice Skating Rink and the list goes on… Click here for more details on this amazing ship! Click here for itinerary details. You may be a winner! Cruisehammer will be giving away cruise tickets at various tournaments through the year, watch this space to find which tournaments are giving away tickets! In the meantime, don’t miss out on our special pricing or if Royal Caribbean has exceptional offers on we can take advantage of those as well. We have pricing available in both Canadian & US dollars. Interior Stateroom including taxes starting at $1,018 pp Cdn / $776.52 pp US Ocean view, Park view and Balconies also available. Just $265 pp Cdn / $250 pp US to hold your space. This is refundable up until final payment June 2018!!! REGISTER BY JUNE 30, 2017 AND YOU COULD BE THE LUCKY GUEST WHO GETS A COMPLIMENTARY BEVERAGE PACKAGE. ALL THOSE REGISTERED BY JUNE 30TH WILL BE ENTERED. Valued at over $450 Canadian For more information on pricing please contact: rthibault@cruiseshipcenters.com To register, please click here!
  7. The Wet Coast GT is coming up again July 8-9th, Vancouver BC. 40k, Age of Sigmar, Warmachine, X-Wing Doubles tournament (with 2 store championship kits!), Malifaux, Guildball, Infinity, Kings of War, Lord of the Rings www.wetcoastgt.com for more info!
  8. Veskit

    The Other Side: army-scale battles in Malifaux

    It also looks like many of the sculpts are already ready for production, so it's very well possible they could ship early on this one.
  9. Veskit

    The Other Side: army-scale battles in Malifaux

    So initially I was thinking the timing was due to wanting it all out before GenCon so it can be the 2017 unveiling, but the Dec 2017 delivery date means either the kickstarter will deliver early, or backers will have it in hand for 8ish months before it's general release for GenCon 2018. Both are a bit puzzling to me and may effect my choice to back.
  10. So I've been playing Kings of War up here, but it's hard to get any traction with it, I'm hoping 9th age can do that. BUT..... I really dig the not having to re-rank up models post game, the fixed unit sizes makes the game quick to play and re-setup and gives lots of tactical play. I have heard 9th age is quite a bit like 8th, except with a few tweaks to reduce magic and other small rules changes, that the biggest thing is the rebalancing of the army books. Is this true? Any way to play this with kings of war style bases? Mark casualties with dice etc? I tend to play armies of the largish size so going back to having to re-rank units of 40ish doesn't thrill me in the slightest, and to be frank I enjoyed 7th edition much more than 8th (although I'll fully admit it was the super crazy magic phases that were my biggest peeve). Someone sell me on this game, I've downloaded books, but struggle to motivate myself to read them to potentially get into yet another game that is flash in the pan.
  11. Veskit

    Rain City Rumble II

    lots happened on the ratkin list depending on your pdf. brutes with missiles gone, clawshots lost big shield lots of tweaks to different units in rules/points (up and down). Death Engine is pretty different, no warlock on a death engine. All small stuff, but definitely enough different.
  12. Space has been expanded, we can go 50 people comfortably, and probably could fit up to 70 in a squeeze! If you got friends that were disappointed on missing out let them know!