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  1. U-571 is my favorite example of these. "Let's just pretend Americans captured the enigma coding device, audiences will never watch a movie where our allies look competent." One-off revisionist movies are a time honored tradition. The point I was making (not very well, I admit) is that every iteration of the Bonnie and Clyde story tells the story the same way. The truth has been known since the testimonies of former Barrow gang members, but we just decided "nah, we like this version better" and never looked back.
  2. Are we rating movies, or ourselves? 😄 I liked it, but for some reason Bonnie and Clyde stories bug me in that nobody really cares to be that historically accurate. While Bonnie was part of the gang and was absolutely an accomplice to many a crime and did fire at police in a couple shootouts, there's no evidence she ever killed anyone. Basically, they took pictures of themselves "living the gang life" where Bonnie was holding a revolver with a cigar in her mouth. When they fled a hide-out, the police found the pictures, the newspapers got a hold of them, and her reputation was cemented in history based on an ironic photograph. For instance, the scene where she kicks a wounded cop onto his back and shoots him point blank in the face. That did happen, but she is thought to have been asleep in the back seat at the time. This was after her leg was severely burned in a car crash. She pretty much just slept and slammed painkillers from then on. That said, the movies wouldn't be as interesting if it was Clyde and his gang committing crimes while Bonnie mostly waited in the car. It's just one of those weird things where we've collectively decided to revise history for the sake of better storytelling.
  3. Mechanically, harlequins and hellions operate very similarly. They both have the ability to break from combat and still charge something else. Perhaps a troupe master with the +2 move, +1 advance/charge/pile in/consolidate warlord trait.
  4. Yeah I think a bike would be the way to go. If you're into using index options, I suppose a warp jump generator would work too. I miss him 😪
  5. I appreciate the willingness to help, but this really isn't the thread for it. Just my number 1 wishlist item. I make it all work, but list building can be a little tricky.
  6. Nope. They've been chopping away at our special characters since 5th. Urien Rakarth is great, Lelith is decent, and Drazhar is one of the worst special characters in the game. 30 points more than a squad of Incubi and approximately as effective as just the Klaivex. I love my evil space elves, but their HQs need some work.
  7. Thing is, I have an unbuilt raider already. I got a bunch of DE 2nd hand a while back and there is some stuff new on sprue. So I'm only one raider away from making an iffy conversion happen. Yeah this is usually the best option but it's not great. We have 2 transports. Venoms have capacity 5 (the minimum squad size of every unit that can embark on it), and raiders have a capacity of 10 (the point at which our troops squads get additional heavy/special weapons). By comparison, both harlequins and and CWE have capacity 6 (min squad+HQ), and CWE have a capacity 12 vehicle too (max squad+2 HQs). Craftworlders also have access to Autarch with wings, autarch on bike, farseer on bike, warlock on bike, and a bunch of warlocks on bikes. They don't have to choose between slow-moving but granting their aura, or keeping up with the army but stashed inside a vehicle. It just makes very little sense within the lore of Drukhari that there are no archons who'd have wings surgically attached, that every succubus who ascended to that rank decided they no longer wanted their reaver jetbike or skyboard. It's just a bummer that our best use of an archon by far is sitting in the back, next to a parking lot of ravagers, reading them the Gettysburg Address so they shoot better.
  8. The tantalus is actually super good. But it's also forgeworld, so it'll dip into my gold filigree dental floss budget. That I can't abide. I've been thinking of kitbashing 2 raiders into one for a long while...just terrified it'll look like a plasticrack double-wide.
  9. Give Drukhari HQs a way to get from point A to B. I'll take a [big bad swear word]ing skateboard at this point.
  10. They better not! I've planned on converting dark elf cold one riders into shining spears and terradon riders into vypers for a while. Don't take my conversions from me.
  11. It seemed like an incredibly easy crisis to resolve once the sheer idiocy of the creatures was revealed. Wood chippers, industrial meat grinders, etc, etc, etc. Are hard counters.
  12. Do you have issues looking where you're going and where you're putting your feet at the same time? Because with tied shoes, I can keep my eyes up and surveying the world around me, assured that I'll not have easily avoidable tripping hazards I have to keep my eyes on. Regardless, I think the conclusion we can both agree on, is why don't people just wear velcro strap shoes?
  13. Fair. In downtown Seattle, you're never quite sure of what you'll catch. Something, certainly, but exactly what is anybody's guess.
  14. I think, technically, you're fourthing it, but the more the merrier!
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