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  1. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    His least annoying role.
  2. http://www.secretweaponminiatures.com/index.php?main_page=index&zenid=d5g8kr75qbcjuudva3lgn6cr05 So far, Joey and I are in. Joey -Dark Green Leaf Litter -Crushed Glass Bundle I'll place the order in a few days. If you want in, just speak up!
  3. And a sniper rifle?! You're too good to me. That would be very much appreciated. Anything you need for trade?
  4. Munkie

    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    I know, I just try to never miss an opportunity for a pun.
  5. That's a boarding shotgun. Fairly certain it's from the kuang shi set. I appreciate the offer, but I bet there's a nerd somewhere out there without enough shotguns. And that's a crying shame.
  6. Munkie

    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    Was there a time when Ultramarines were that...purple? Ultravioletmarines, more like.
  7. I've got 3 kempetei models. That's likely 1 more than I'll ever use, and I certainly don't need 2 with boarding shotguns. I've got a conversion in mind for a multi-marksman rifle, but it requires a rifle that looks just a little different from the ones I use. Any ol' (non Yu Jing) combi will do if anyone can help a fella with his uprising.
  8. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    The pithy punchline on the graphic tee?
  9. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    U talkin' U2 to me? Members: -Bonobos -Thedge -Larry Mullen Sr.'s Son -Adam Claytwothousandpounds Average Walking Speed: Really slow (20-25 mph) Genre: Good Rock 'n Roll...uhh...music
  10. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    I like my Secretaries of State like I like my Tea. Black and mixed up with Tony Blair.
  11. I would like to add that Recon is objectively terrible and should be avoided at all costs for pretty much every army. If you have a fast or multitudinous army it might look tempting. Do not get tricked, it's garbage. It requires the coordinated efforts of 4 units to score 1 point per turn. Nothing else comes close to dictating such resources for such a small payoff. On top of that, timed tournament games put a ceiling on its potential. Many games don't go past 3 turns. It encourages a LOT of suboptimal movement for very little payoff. I'm frankly shocked they haven't fixed it. As it stands now, it's just a trap for the unfamiliar to fall into and nothing else.
  12. Munkie

    Hey Joey

    Not metal. But the vivid descriptions of decomposition are spiritually aligned with metal.
  13. Munkie

    Space Marines new Beta Rule

    Am I the only one confused by the wording of this rule? Is it just a really long winded way of saying if you don't move you can double your shots, just like you would if they target was in half range?
  14. Munkie

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Well except that Scream was the movie that rejuvenated the genre while deconstructing it. IKWYDLS was one of many, many trendy teen slashers that had nothing more to add but saw the money making potential in it.