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  1. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    A classic. One of those movies I can watch an infinite number of times. Makes for a good drinking game too. Take a drink every time Tom Jane slips and falls over.
  2. Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    Anybody ever watched "Last Chance U"? It's great! Forget Hard Knocks. Forget All Or Nothing. If you're interested in American football, I highly recommend this show. If you're not into American football, I highly recommend this show. Watch people raised in rough conditions who've [big bad swear word]ed up their chances to make a life for themselves, get one last chance. The narrative angle is immediately more engaging than multimillionaires stressing about stressors that stress multimillionaires. They have no money and no prospects. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.
  3. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    "What happened to Monday" Very good dystopian future sci-fi Netflix original. Noomi Rapace (the girl with the dragon tattoo series (not the [big bad swear word]ty American "this time with more explosions" version with the heiress of not one, but two American football franchises)) plays 7 identical sisters living in a world that allows only one child per family. If you want to watch a dystopian future movie with a cast that doesn't resemble the Disney Channel's dumping grounds, then I'd suggest this one. Two severed thumbs up.
  4. Warhamsters 8/29 IN SPACE

  5. Warhamsters 8/29 IN SPACE

    I see... Well would your opinion of this "Merchant" of Venus change if I told you he was an extreme global warming enthusiast ???
  6. Warhamsters 8/29 IN SPACE

    Wait, so where does this merchant hail from? An island city in the armpit of Italy, or Earth's evil twin--an environment suitable only for Russian space probes? Because those locales would produce two very different kinds of merchants.
  7. 8/15 Warhamster Game Night

    Prepare to be counter-charged and slaughtered by frail space elves with sharp blades and a hankering for souls.
  8. 8/15 Warhamster Game Night

    I could get it on that. 2k?
  9. Chapter Approved is coming back

    Yeah. Which is why deciding before deployment who goes first was always a bad design choice. Seize the initiative was just a lazy negative play experience tacked onto a bad design choice. Games can be won or lost on that roll alone. A single do or die roll is no good. Anyone know the math on the chances of the person who finished deploying second actually going first now? It's got to be pretty good. (A roll off at -1 disadvantage)+16.7%. Is it a wash, or am I conceptualizing that wrong?
  10. Chapter Approved is coming back

    Yeah that's wonky. I've always hated seize the initiative--it just sets a bad tone for the game. The one who seizes instantly feels like they need to apologize for something, and the person who gets seized on feels screwed over. But apparently this NPE must be preserved at all costs.
  11. Chaos and GK Codexes Coming

    Gav Thorpe is somewhere chuckling and twirling a (probably) non-magnetic moustache.
  12. Chaos and GK Codexes Coming

    Just magnetize mustaches for your Raven guard and play them as Alpha Legion.
  13. 2017 OFCC 40K Team Scores

    Congrats, Riders of Brohan! (Whoever the hell those guys are )
  14. Warhamsters Assemble!! August 1st

    I was actually thinking of playing some X-wing for a change of pace. I'll definitely bring the shirt though!
  15. New Primaris releases coming

    That's not a crozius arcanum, that's just a cane! But otherwise, yes, badass.