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  1. The question I have at this point, is how many people are still playing this campaign? Sherbert, Brendan, Shawn (I'm positive I chose the wrong spelling), Jake, and myself? Is that all that's left? Jim, Kacy, and Christian? Are you guys still playing?
  2. I'll be down. I've played the first 3 campaign missions.
  3. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    In the Northeastern part of the state 😝
  4. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    There's a university called Northwestern. It is barely 1/3rd of the way across the continent from the eastern seaboard (borders Lake Michigan). This college should just be called North University. Maybe it's just me, but for me, you should be west of the middle of the country to be western. West of the Atlantic is bull$hit. I'm guessing they're not known for their cartography program. *edit* Will also accept Northwestern Hemisphere University.
  5. Munkie

    Vigilus Weekender data dump (from reddit)

    Do you know which detachment that unit belongs to? If so, you should be able to handle this. Heck, get a piece of scratch paper, write "Battalion, outrider, spearhead" on it and put a die next to each word. Then they would only be able to use the 3 (or less if using an Auxilary detachment) "universal" CPs. 40k is a very large and complicated game. There are many things to keep track of. I just don't buy "I'm able to add CPs from different detachments together, but the minute you ask me to start subtracting CPs according to who is using them, then the game tips into the unmanageably complicated realm" as a legitimate argument. Is it more complicated than the current system? Yes. Is it too complicated for 40k? Not even remotely.
  6. Munkie

    Vigilus Weekender data dump (from reddit)

    I really don't think it's possible for it to be more trouble than exactly as much trouble as I think it would be. Get dice that match the paint schemes of the various detachments. And shift those dice down when units in that detachment use it. Have another die that matches nothing in the army and use that to track the 3 "universal" CPs. It's exactly as complicated as keeping of faction benefits within multiple detachments. Both require you to know what keyword the unit operating has and what detachment they belong to.
  7. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    Yes. Which, again, changes nothing about the anecdote I shared nor the word of warning in it. Pax was asking if fog is a breathing hazard. I said no, but air conditions that can lead to the creation of fog can also can also lead to the accumulation of harmful particles. All of which is true, you and I clearly agree on that. Pax was not asking about the science behind why fog forms, so I'm not sure why I'm expected to answer that question instead of the one he did ask.
  8. Munkie


    Aaaaaand purity seals. The Emperor something something.
  9. Munkie

    Vigilus Weekender data dump (from reddit)

    I'm personally a fan of the "CPs generated by a detachment may only be used by that detachment" solution. All the CP batteries die, but the soup doesn't.
  10. Munkie

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I guess you have me at a disadvantage...
  11. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    That's all well and good. But the anecdote I was sharing was about how the air was completely still for a week (which is incredibly rare on a coastal town). Whether it was from an inversion zone, a Truman Show-esque dome built around the city, or some foul sorcery, that doesn't really change nor add to the point I was making. The air didn't move which fostered a massive accumulation of fog and then the air quality declined because not only was the fog trapped, but so was the smoke from the mill and private chimneys. Why the air didn't move isn't really important.
  12. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

  13. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    Have you ever seen fog on a windy day? It's both. It can't form without enough water and the proper temperature as you say, but it also can't accumulate to a visible density if it's getting actively dispersed through wind. From the linked wiki article: Although it has no Latin name, fog can be considered a type of low-lying cloud, usually resembling stratus, and is heavily influenced by nearby bodies of water, topography, and wind conditions.
  14. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    While that's true, it's also not. Fog is a product of still air. I grew up on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington and once we had no air movement for a week. Solid fog, day in and out. By the end they were advising lighting no fires because the smoke wouldn't go anywhere. It looked like fog, was fog but also a big ol' soupy mess of lung gunk. So no, fog won't affect air quality, but it can be a herald of bad air quality.
  15. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    If ever there's a DIY cloning kit, it should be called "Make Yourself at Home."