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  1. Munkie

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    On the flipside, now whenever you hear Kashmir, you'll think of this stupid movie. At least that's what happened to me.
  2. Admittedly, some of my models are, in fact, dollies. Nightmarish dollies perhaps, but it's useless to deny it any longer.
  3. Munkie

    The future of non-primaris SM?

    It's not really like that though. It would be a lot closer if they decided that IG would only have storm troopers as infantry. Let's keep in mind what Primaris Marines are in the first place: a fluff justified reason to release true scale marines. Given that, why would they want true scale AND non-true scale lines in the long run? I always assumed replacing the SM line was the end goal. But here's the thing, you don't have to buy the new range. If there are no such things as tactical marines anymore, then you've got piles and piles of intercessors (or whatever they're called). When they redid the entire Dark Eldar line in 5th, nobody was required to get rid if their 3rd ed stuff. In fact, I just painted another 3rd ed converted raider for my Haemonculus detachment this week. Simply put, a new model range does NOT imply that your current collection is useless. It's an opportunity to find creative and financially feasible solutions.
  4. Munkie

    5th Edition flash back

    Nope, sorry, that book came out in 4th edition--not useable. 😉
  5. Munkie

    Kill Team pick up games at OFCC

    Depending on my schedule, I might like to get in on some kill team with my Drukhari. I'll already have the models there, and I could probably find room to fit an additional 3 pieces of paper for the squad roster.
  6. Munkie

    Sweaty Hamster Game Night 8/7

    I'm looking for some 40k.
  7. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    My porn name would be Size McHammer.
  8. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    I always hide that in my sinuses. It's more valuable than cocaine for Christ's sake!
  9. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    Your sinus cavity?
  10. Munkie

    The next doctor is female...

    I imagine we'll see nothing but calm and well reasoned replies once they have seen it.
  11. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    Buried and smothered by muesli?
  12. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    I was just being silly, but I do get the concept. The issue I have is the zipper method doesn't work if the speeds are drastically different. Essentially, people seem believe slow and steady is synonymous with safe. It often is safe, but sometimes it's very, very unsafe.
  13. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    Not as it relates to driving... 🤐
  14. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    I mostly agree with the driving philosophy of "slow and safe" (even if I don't always adhere to it), but the exception is merging into the freeway. There is nothing safe about entering a 60 mph zone while traveling 40 mph. It especially drives me insane when people choose to do this rather than use the full length of the merge lane. I wonder how many accidents are caused per year because think they are being safe by accelerating gradually and entering the freeway before theyre up to speed. Follow up: do any of these people realize they are risking lives by being "safe"?
  15. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    That is beyond the scope of science to answer.