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  1. Munkie

    Random Photo Thread

    God save Adrian Smith
  2. My game went pretty disastrously. I had a plan to kill a few zombies, grab a couple treasures, then lose enough henchmen to voluntarily rout. The plan went awry at "kill a few zombies". My leader smote one with ease then everyone got bogged down despite outnumbering the zombies. We got surrounded by witch hunters, caught in the open, and mercilessly slaughtered. But now a completely new Pit Fighter warband bearing identical names and equipment are escaping slavery in Tilea and seeking to throw off pursuit in Sylvania. There was actually quite a comical moment where the bloodied and broken warband and the new one passed each other on the highway. All the doppelgangers did double-takes (doppletakes), then an uneasy silence fell over the new gang--determined not to end up like those poor, hapless chumps... And all because Jim's witch hunters mistook Oenomaus' "skelly-bones" warpaint as an actual skeleton because they're stupid, stupid jerk-bullies.
  3. Spartakrieger and the Gods of the Pit are ready! The only place the Tilean slavers' mercenaries won't pursue us is into...the blighted lands of Sylvania. Woe to anyone who interferes with our path to freedom...and vengeance.
  4. WS 1!? That's OP, he'll be nearly impossible to parry!
  5. "Chad" will be your first.
  6. A couple of pit fighter specific questions: 1) would a pursuer equipped with trident and buckler benefit from either the +1 armor save house rule for this campaign or the re-rollable parry from having 2 different parry sources? 2) what critical hit table should I roll on for spiked gauntlets, blade or bludgeon?
  7. Cool thanks. I knew there was something about it. I just couldn't remember what or where.
  8. I can't remember/can't find a ruling on 2 items with parry. Is there a benefit?
  9. Munkie

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Yeah I don't know where all the praise for it comes from either. The action scenes are engaging, at least, if you keep in mind that it is Tom Cruise flying that helicopter and leaping across buildings. That's cool, but otherwise it just felt sorta heartless. I was disappointed because I liked 3, 4, and 5 a lot.
  10. What I like to do is start with henchmen groups of 1. Then add new henchmen into the group that gets the best level up. Some level ups are kinda useless for a henchmen groups (yay my saurus warrior is now initiative 2!), but +1 attack, strength, or BS can often be amazing. Multiply that good roll by buying as many guys into that group as it makes sense to.
  11. Munkie

    Random Photo Thread

    Not certain where it was. I remember the burger being good. Hopefully it was just a singular bad day for her.
  12. Munkie

    Random Photo Thread

    I recognize that, I think I ate there once when visiting my brother. If it's the place I'm thinking of, they had by far the worst customer service I've ever had in my life. The lady taking our order was visibly annoyed that customers had the audacity to walk through the doors. Then she kept making assumptions about our orders (like a side of fries or chips), then asking what we wanted, and then sighing heavily and tearing away the page dramatically to start over when she guessed wrong. Three times it took before she figured out that if you ask before you write things down, you don't have to start over. I wish I could've tipped negative dollars. So pretty much standard Portland customer service.
  13. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    The laundry service is definitely the way to go. After we moved locations, they got a washer/dryer stack. Except people would take their aprons off, bundle them up because they're gross after a dinner rush, and chuck them in the washer. They'd come out still filthy because bundled up things dont get clean. And they'd be daisy chained together what with all the straps. It's not worth the savings.
  14. Munkie

    Random Thought Thread

    I like to tell myself that it's the cost of doing magic. When I used to work at dominos, I'd have to drop off all the filthy, sauce, cornmeal, and cheese scabbed aprons once or twice a week at the the laundromat across the street. Sometimes I wondered if they were secretly just burning the aprons en masse and just had a stash of brand new ones in the back. They were pristine. I'm fortunate enough to have a washer/dryer apartment but the amount of effort it puts into it is embarrassing at times. It's the mechanical equivalent to scraping at it with your thumbnail, only soggier.