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  1. Random Thought Thread

    If I ever open a gym (I won't), I'll call it "Paunchous Pilates."
  2. outside of 9"?

    I don't want to alarm anyone, but that <9-year-old is smoking!
  3. I just wish the Archon could just take a 4++ save. I get the design concept behind having required troops to get command points. But that's not a problem for armies with troops and HQs that are worth taking. I'm perfectly happy taking a Vanguard detachment and Outsider detachment and settling for 5 CPs. One haemonculus, one HQ tax, and I'll still throw 2 squads of troops in because it feels right. 3 squads of troops, and not enough fast attack or elite slots unless I take a 3rd HQ is just not worth it to get another 1-2 CPs.
  4. Because troops and HQs are where DE are weakest. If I want to do 2 detachment and one must be a battalion, then I've got to take 3 HQs. The haemonculus is the best of them but a little overcosted and one is plenty. Archon and succubus are both just plain bad. The succubus is basically just a worse clawed fiend for twice the cost and the Archon has a terrible aura and is not good at anything. And I hate shadow fields with a fiery passion. So bad. Warriors are boring, wyches are okay but fragile which limits their ObSec value, and wracks are a decent bunker but not worth taking in abundance.
  5. One thing that's certain, neither of us forgot to drink.
  6. Unless it goes so poorly that you suppress the memory! Which is totally what I'm gonna pretend happened the last time since you can't contradict me with any confidence.
  7. I'm glad to see no Battalion/patrol requirement, they are unfriendly to DE. I need more elites and fast attack and fewer troops. Don't get me wrong, I won't have "no troops" (that would feel weird) but you'll get the minimum 2 of yesteryear, and not a model more!
  8. Could happen to anyone. I paint em different for a reason. Are their ears pointy? Do they frolic hither and thither? Yeah that's an elf. Is it a focused frolic? Is it a jovial frolic? Is it a menacing frolic? These are the kind of questions that keep many a 40k player up at night.
  9. Stop. You had me at "don't have to open my book." Everything after that is just gravy. That checks out.
  10. So it's competitive X-wing season and I checked out on 40k for a couple months. I need to catch up and I've got a few questions: 1) There's stratagem decks now? I'll be confused by them, that's certain. Any point in researching or should I just drink anytime my opponent tries to explain them to me? I don't like "gotchas" but I don't like research more. 2) Last I heard DE (Drukhari to the layperson) were the best ev4r and now I hear we're some garbage pile. Should I panic? Fret? Stew? 3) We're still debating Lords of War? I enjoyed them last edition because pieplates vs. 5 man squads always tickled me. Like a freckled buttcheek, they were. 4) On the barometric scale, how close are "the skies"? Up with the clouds still or roughly eyebrow height? 5) What do you mean YOU people?
  11. Eisenhorn Mini

    That's the first GW model I ever painted that didn't look like ass. The first time I tried more than one layer for each color. The first time I tried washes. Also the first time I tried pinning because, well, you [big bad swear word]ing had to with inquisitor models. That attempt was only slightly disastrous as I was using my dad's power drill and the smallest bit he had was about twice the diameter of the paperclips I was using. Ahh yes. Good times.
  12. Eisenhorn Mini

    Pfffsh! I've had an Eisenhorn Mini for years and years...
  13. Happy boxing day!! (Game day maybe)

    I think I'll be there. I'm getting back into town around 4.
  14. Blood Angels Coming

    Deep striking land raiders were the dumbest part of 5th edition blood Angeles. A thunderhawk (that has taken a vow of pacifism, I guess) just drops the land raider off and leaves before anyone notices? So, so dumb. I hope that rule never comes back.
  15. Yay for cheaper Court of the Archon models! I painted the [big bad swear word] out of them in the twilight of 7th edition and they became prohibitively expensive in 8th. Now they're just probably a little too expensive. That's progress!