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  1. Wiccus

    Infinity Tuesday 1/15

    There is a possibility. I think several people are showing up today for infinity.
  2. Definitely coming. Gotta make sure I kill my oppent into a draw for myself as I have stupidly done over the past 2 tournaments.
  3. Wiccus

    Infinity Escalation League

    Hey guys. My insane schedule has hindered any updates for too long. But now all the winners are decided. Sorry for the huge delay. Best general: Andy (stomping us noobs to a solid victory) Honorable mention of second and third place go to Jake and Kyle. Best Painted: Jim Favorite opponent: Cassiar The random prize draw of some Warsenal camo and smoke tokens go to Kyle. I will be down this Tuesday for a few minutes to drop off the tokens, get store credit set up and I will bring by a box of older infinity minis that everyone gets to choose something out of. If you can't come down tomorrow then let me know a good time to pick up your prize and I can meet with you. Thanks again for a great league! I hope to see everyone at the tournament at DT on the 25th!
  4. Wiccus

    The Rangers of Shadow Deep

    Looks like a lot of fun. I can break out all those random fantasy models I have and actually use them.
  5. Wiccus

    Infinity Escalation League

    Nobody has posted any pics of the mini they want to put up for best painted. Instead, if people can just PM me with your vote for best painted army you saw in the league then that will be great. I still haven't gotten many favorite opponent votes so if I don't have many by this Sunday I will make the final decisions and announce the winners next week.
  6. I will be in attendance with what will hopefully be my new and improved Morat roster. Maybe my new Raicho will make an appearance to shoot mines at everyone.
  7. Wiccus

    Infinity Escalation League

    Hey guys. Sorry it has been a while without communication. I have been very busy with school. Anybody from the league that wants to be entered into the best painted category please post a couple of pictures here or on the facebook page. Also pm me with the name of your favorite opponent. I will have final standings and prizes next week.
  8. Wiccus

    Infinity Escalation League

    Hey guys thanks for playing in the league. You have until next Tuesday to get in any make up games. I will be creating a poll or anonymous message vote for favorite mini and favorite opponent. In the next week or 2 I will announce the winners and set up a time to pick up prizes.
  9. Wiccus

    Infinity Escalation League

    So either get tons of hackers, or tons of unhackable things. Or keep your hackable things safe.
  10. Wiccus

    Infinity Escalation League

    It's actually a 4" zone so it's a bit more reasonable.
  11. I'm stoked! Come on Hamsters! Lets do this! Kevin! I need you to come so your bad luck can continue and you can help my score by playing me.
  12. Wiccus

    Infinity Escalation League

    Our next scenario is Supremacy. This one has some similarities to frontline but keep in mind that you score points at the end of each round in this scenario rather than at the end of the game. I personally wouldn't leave home without at least 3 specialists since you will need them to interact with the objectives. Hackers are allowed this week and I would definitely take one or more. If you do then I would suggest using the link to the hacking helper in the original post. That site is very useful for determining what programs each specific device can use and what they can be used against. We are up to 300pts now so our only limitation is that we are still using limited insertion lists. Next week we will be removing that restriction though.
  13. Wiccus

    Hey Joey

    Young Vin Diesel playing with toys from one of my favorite cartoons as a kid and then screaming "HAND SHARK!!!" Pretty much made my month.
  14. Wiccus

    Infinity Escalation League

    I will tell you where the hype is. Its in the fact that the Aleph Operations and Russian sectorials just got launched on infinity army today. You Ariadna players can now use sweet sweet Russian fireteams. And Brad, you can use 2 Maruts at a time now. Its an insane list and probably not very good which means it's perfect for you.
  15. Wiccus

    Infinity Escalation League

    Remember it is still limited insertion this week as well so keep it to 1 combat group. Do some solid research on Fire teams and Command tokens. Command tokens have a ton of uses such as using them for coordinated orders and re forming fireteams. You can also use them strategically if you are going second to limit your opponents coordinated orders and reduce an order pool. Now this week we can't reduce order pools because we have limited insertion lists, and if a player has only 1 combat group you can't reduce their order pool. Keep it in mind for weeks 5 and 6 though. Fireteams are a bit of a different animal. Remember that while you need to remain near to your other fireteam members, you don't need to clump up super close. Often I have seen people stack up in a row behind a building with their fireteam only to see everyone wiped out with a well placed flamethrower, missile launcher or shotgun. Also everyone tends to get excited about the 3 and 5 member benefits and forget all about the fact that a fireteam of 4+ members gets sixth sense L2. This is a very important rule as it helps when dealing with smoke and people sneaking up behind you. Read up on it.