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  1. Wiccus

    Hey Hamsters, I love the things you do...6/19

    I'm totes down for infinity. What mission?
  2. Wiccus

    Warhamsters 6/12

    Yes. L5R then concert
  3. Wiccus

    Hamster Tuesday

    I think Andy was wanting to play terraforming mars or scythe tonight. We can probably get you set up with that.
  4. Wiccus

    Warhamsters 5/8 Tuesday Gamin'

  5. Wiccus

    Hamster Alert 4/10

    I will try to be down tonight but work kinda screwed me over and I may have to be there late.
  6. Wiccus

    Star Wars Legion

    I've been following it closely. It actually looks like a really good game. I am going to be running the launch events and some demos at Dark Tower in Bellingham next weekend.
  7. Wiccus

    Bham Game Night 3/13

    What scenario do you want to play?
  8. Wiccus

    Bham Game Night 3/13

    I think I'm going to eradicate Jake's filthy low tech humans for the glory of the EI to further the cause of ascendancy. I'm still eradicating you right Jake?
  9. Wiccus

    Infinity at the 2018 OFCC

    Is it a 12 pt or 8 pt spec ops? It's listed as both.
  10. Wiccus

    Warhamsters Game Night (2/27)

    Doing the Destiny tournament tomorrow.
  11. Wiccus

    Warhamster Game Night 2/6

    I would be down to do some Aristeia or Shadespire if people are interested. Nathan we can also potentially do Infinity. Failing any of that I will bring sex wang
  12. Wiccus

    1/30 The Warhamsters Ride Again!

    I will play you next week Nathan. Won't have the time to build a decent list today.
  13. Wiccus

    Warhamster Dance 1/9

    I will bring Aristeia if someone wants to try it. I will also be wanging
  14. Wiccus

    1/2* Warhamsters bring the New Year

    I will take you up on that dude. I want to try out some new stuff. You have ships? Or do you need to borrow some?
  15. Wiccus

    11/28 - Night of the Living Warhamsters

    SupercarGocar for me. 2 more weeks right Sherbert?