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  1. Warhamster Game Night 2/6

    I would be down to do some Aristeia or Shadespire if people are interested. Nathan we can also potentially do Infinity. Failing any of that I will bring sex wang
  2. 1/30 The Warhamsters Ride Again!

    I will play you next week Nathan. Won't have the time to build a decent list today.
  3. Warhamster Dance 1/9

    I will bring Aristeia if someone wants to try it. I will also be wanging
  4. 1/2* Warhamsters bring the New Year

    I will take you up on that dude. I want to try out some new stuff. You have ships? Or do you need to borrow some?
  5. 11/28 - Night of the Living Warhamsters

    SupercarGocar for me. 2 more weeks right Sherbert?
  6. Warhamsters Unite! Nov. 21

    There is a destiny tournament this week so I might have to sit out from the campaign for this week.
  7. Nov 14 Warhamster Jam @ DTG

    I will bring my death cars but will have some destiny and shadespire in case.
  8. Bellingham Warhamsters gather on the 7th of Novemeber

    I will bring destiny and shadespire in case we have time after my milk van runs everyone over
  9. Warhamsters 10/31

    Okay well we can do it next week. I'm up for some shadespire and whatever else though.
  10. Warhamsters 10/31

    If you want to do some Infinity Nathan or Brad then I'm up for that. I would also be down to test out shadespire with someone. Otherwise I will probably have Sex Wang and destiny.
  11. The Haunting of Hamster House 10/24

    Well I'm thinking the destiny tournament will start earlier so I can't play until after. I would be happy to let you play it with someone else earlier.
  12. The Haunting of Hamster House 10/24

    Yeah. Should only be 3 rounds or so though so you can probably do both.
  13. The Haunting of Hamster House 10/24

    Hard to say without having played yet and only having the core box. It looks like it has a lot of potential. The deckbuilding mechanic is cool and it's objective focus is appealing instead of a straight up kill fest though Khorne has objectives oriented to killing. The 30-45 minute playtime is appealing as well. And it gives me an excuse to get some cool AoS models without feeling dirty for possessing them. I'm excited to give it a shot. Probably get the orcs and undead when they come out in a week or 2 to see what options their cards offer up to other factions. Plus the undead crew looks gorgeous.
  14. The Haunting of Hamster House 10/24

    I would love to play infinity but there's a Destiny tournament on Tuesday. Probably going to do that and then try a game of Shadespire after. Infinity next week? I'm really excited for season 9.
  15. Warhamsters 10/17

    I'm sick so I'm not sure I will make it tomorrow