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  1. Eldar info

    Copy pasted from Facebook. “From the livestream tactics talk: • Shining Spears are down 6 points. • No Ynnari in the Craftworlds codex. Ynnari armies don’t benefit from Craftworlds attributes. • Dire Avengers are now 12 points a model (same as Rangers). • New power Quickening, essentially Warptime. Pick a friendly Craftworlds unit within 18″ pf the caster. It can move as if it were the movement phase. • Sounds like Guardians are the same cost (they discussed points costs for troop unit, said 60 points for base Dire Avenger and Ranger squads, Guardians are closer to 80 points (which is what they are currently). • Warlord trait on the Avatar allows it to target characters in the shooting phase even if they aren’t the closest unit. • Biel-tan attribute affects all shuriken weapons in the army. • Warlord trait for +2 movement. • Webway strike stratagem allows between 1-3 Craftworld units to enter the battlefielf using normal deep strike rules. • Skystrike stratagem allows a unit with Fly to appear on the battlefield • Banshee mask denies overwatch now instead of always striking first. They can advance and charge. • Warwalkers now have an outflank ability • Swooping Hawk guns are now Assault 4 instead of Rapid Fire 2, still 24” range. • Swooping Hawks have dropped 4 points per model. • Craftworlds can field a brigade for “less than 1100 points now.” • 3 Dark Reapers are now ~80 points. Still have 3+ to hit regardless of modifiers in the shooting phase. • Relic: When this models dies, on a 2+ it causes D3 mortal wounds. If those wounds kill a model, the model with the relic remains on the table with a single wound remaining. Only relic the Avatar can take. • Phoenix Lords don’t benefit or effect Craftworld attributes. Can be taken in any Craftowlrds army without messing up the detachment bonus. • New warlord trait: Puritanical leader: All units within 6″ of the warlord auto pass morale. • Striking Scorpions down in points (didn’t say how much). • “I saw a really nice comment on Reddit, actually…” Looks like they do browse the sub! • No big changes to Wraithknights. • Everything in the book benefits from the Craftworlds attribute. Hemlock Wraithfights of Alaitoc now have -2 to hit. • Nightspinners down in points. • Iyanden Warlord trait: At the start of the turn, roll a dice. On a 6, gain a command point. • Falcon Grav tanks down by 50 points. • Heavy weapons cheaper now. • Warlocks are 35 points. • Jain Zarr, all Banshees always fight first within 6″ of her. • No changes to Storm Guardians. • Empower psychic power: +1 to wound rolls for a friendly unit. • 6 Runes of Fate. Guide, Doom, Fortune, Mind War, 2 other they mentioned quickly. • “Harlequins and Ynnari will be in a codex at some point.” Implied they’d both get their own codex. • Eldrad down in points plus some new lore. • Windriders are 18 points with shuriken catapults. 28 for shuriken cannons. • Ynnari rules packaged in the Triumverate box are the same as the index Xenos 1 rules. • 15 points for scatter lasers • “Tyranids are a really, really interesting book! We’ll talk about it in a couple of weeks ;)” Looks like that’s it! “
  2. Eldar info

    Craftworld Focus: Saim-Hann Warriors from Craftworld Saim-Hann are noted for their ferocity, striking the enemies of the Aeldari in vast Windrider hosts. On the tabletop, Saim-Hann is the ultimate Craftworld for fans of Jetbikes and Aeldari assault units, making for a fast moving and highly aggressive army. The Attribute Wild Host provides re-rolls to charges for all of your units, as well as allowing your Bikers to avoid the penalty for moving and firing their Heavy weapons. This makes the armies of Saim-Hann exceptionally mobile and aggressive, and helps you get the most out of any of your Biker units, from mounted Skyrunner Conclaves to the humble Windrider. Remember, thanks to Fly, all Jetbike units can fire the turn they fall back – one particularly deadly trick you can pull of with Saim-Hann is shooting, then charging a unit to bury yourself in a relatively safe combat, before falling back and firing again! Best Units Windriders in the new Craftworlds codex are fantastic, and scatter laser-armed Saim-Hann Windriders are a fast moving (if fragile) fire support unit. Naturally, being able to move and shoot these weapons without penalty is great, but there’s more. Both Windriders and the scatter laser have seen considerable points reductions, making them highly efficient choices in a Craftworlds army list. Thanks to the Biker keyword, Vypers benefit from the Saim-Hann Craftworld Attribute and, as such, make superb heavy weapons platforms. Again, this unit has seen a small but welcome reduction in points, while several Stratagems only serve to make it more effective on the tabletop. Our favourite is Fire and Fade – you’ll be able to dash out of cover to take a key shot against an enemy vehicle, before returning to a safe spot behind some line-of-sight blocking terrain. In short, Saim-Hann armies are fast, fierce and have a lot of firepower – everything you’d expect from the Wild Host! If you prefer to wage war with a little more subtlety, then you won’t want to miss our look at the stealthy armies of Alaitoc (and the vastly improved Fire Prism) tomorrow.
  3. Eldar info

    Posted 18/10/2017 Craftworld Focus: Biel-Tan Biel-tan have had a bit of a hard time of late, what with their craftworld being shattered by a Slaaneshi assault and the awakening of the Aeldari god of death, Ynnead. Such events have done nothing to diminish the warlike spirit of this most militant of craftworlds, and in the new codex, they remain a ferociously powerful fighting force capable of making the most of Aspect Warriors and shuriken weapons alike. The Craftworld Attribute Aspect Warriors are a key element of any Craftworlds army, and the last thing you’ll want is to lose a costly Dark Reaper or Howling Banshee to a bad Morale test. Swordwind helps compensate for this with an additional point of Leadership. Where Swordwind really comes into its own is with shuriken weaponry. Nearly every Craftworlds unit or vehicle has access to a shuriken weapon of some form or another, and with a near-universal Ballistic Skill of 3+ this essentially amounts to re-rolling a full half of all your missed attacks. Not bad! Best Units Dire Avengers are well placed to take advantage of both parts of Swordwind, possessing the Aspect Warrior keyword and wielding Avenger shuriken catapults. Both Dire Avengers and their weapons now cost fewer points, making them an excellent choice for filling out a Biel-Tan Battalion detachment. The new Stratagem Feigned Retreat particularly suits the short-ranged defensive warfare at which the Dire Avengers excel: The Avatar of Khaine makes for a great leader for any Craftworlds army, possessing fantastic durability, a high Wounds count and devastating attacks in melee. In a Biel-Tan army, the Avatar of Khaine makes for a deadly lynchpin for your assaults. Naturally, a powerful ability like this is likely to make the Avatar a high priority target for your enemies, but thanks to a new Craftworlds stratagem, not even death can stop this deadly demigod: Biel-Tan armies are perfect if you love Aspect Warriors, shuriken weapons, or both. More of a fan of Jetbikes? You’re in luck – don’t miss our preview of Saim-Hann tomorrow, where we’ll be looking at the re-tuned and much improved Jetbikes, as well as even more handy Stratagems for your army.
  4. https://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/images-20774-33157_Eldar Trade.html - Avatar of Khaine (Metal partially painted) PIC - $20.00 - Dark Reapers (5) (Resin, some paint. As shown, see pic) PIC - $20.00 - Eldrad (Old Metal, primed Black) PIC - $8.00 - Falcon 1 (Painted, plastic.) PIC - $22.00 - Falcon 2 (Painted plastic. 1 missing glass, no gunner for top. No back door. Flying peg needs to be drilled out at hull) PIC - $18.00 - Farseer (Plastic, Primed) PIC - $10.00 - Farseer (Resin, stripped. Two Swords) PIC- $8.00 - Farseer and Warlocks (3) (Metal, 1 painted. All spears) PIC - $16.00 - Fire Dragons (3) (Metal, one painted. Rest Primed) PIC - $10.00 - Fire Dragons (6) (Resin, bare. 5 and Exarch) PIC - $21.00 - Fire Prism (Partial paint, plastic. Sold as shown) PIC - $23.00 - Fire Prism Grav Tank (old version) NIS PIC- $25.00 - Guardians (10) (Partially painted plastic) PIC - $15.00 - Guardians (12+) (Primed, one with paint. Some metal, most plastic. Heavy weapons platform) PIC - $18.00 - Karandras (Primed Black) PIC - $10.00 - Night Spinner (Partial paint, plastic) PIC - $23.00 - Shining Spears (3) (resin and plastic. Banner pole needs repair) PIC - $25.00 - Storm Guardians (10) ('Ynnari' conversions with Wych bodies and resin storm guardian upgrades. Bare) PIC - $25.00 - Striking Scorpions (2) (Metal, 1 missing arm, 1 extra resin biting blade) PIC - $7.00 - Swooping Hawks (5) (4 and Exarch. Partial Paint.) PIC - $17.00 - Vyper (Painted plastic. Turret was broken at one point, but still attaches) PIC - $12.00 - Warlocks (4) (3 resin, 1 Metal, some paint/primed. 2 Swords, 2 Spears) PIC - $16.00 - Warp Spiders (8) (Primed/painted. 1 resin, rest metal. 2 exarchs) PIC - $32.00 - Wave Serpent 5 (Painted, old version plastic) PIC PIC - $20.00 - Wave Serpent 6 (Painted, old version. No glass,and driver) PIC - $18.00 - Wave Serpent 7 (Painted, old version) PIC - $20.00 - Windrider Jetbikes (6) (Old sculpt, some paint. No bases) PIC - $40.00 - Windrider Jetbikes (9) (Bare plastic, previous version. Missing one rider, two extra sets of legs) PIC - $60.00 - Wraithblades (5) (Plastic, some paint. Some reassembly) PIC - $25.00 - Wraithguard (6) (Painted plastic. Missing one left arm) PIC- $30.00 - Wraithguard Job Lot (4+. Partially magnetized. Missing two heads, pile of extra weapons) PIC - $20.00 - Wraithknight Bits (plastic painted, some magnets) PIC - $10.00 - Wraithlord (Metal, primed) PIC - $12.00 - Wraithlord (Partially painted plastic with missing right hand) PIC - $20.00 - Wraithlord (Partially painted plastic with sword) PIC - $18.00 https://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/images-20774-48468_Necrons.html - Annihilation Barge 1 (Painted Plastic) PIC - $18.00 - Annihilation Barge 2 (Painted Plastic) PIC - $18.00 - Annihilation Barge 3 (Painted Plastic) PIC - $18.00 - Canoptek Scarabs (9) (Painted plastic) PIC - $12.00 - Canoptek Spyder (Painted Plastic) PIC - $16.00 - Canoptek Spyders (2) (Plastic, painted. With magnetized guns) PIC - $30.00 - Canoptek Spyders (3) (Painted metal, no bases) PIC - $45.00 - Canoptek Wraiths (11) (Painted Plastic, sold as shown) PIC - $80.00 - Canoptek Wraiths (6) (Painted Plastic, some reassembly required) PIC - $45.00 - Canoptek Wraiths (9) (Painted metal, some reassembly required) PIC - $63.00 - Cryptek 1 (Painted Resin) PIC - $8.00 - Cryptek 2 (Painted Resin) PIC - $8.00 - Cryptek 3 (Partially painted Resin) PIC - $8.00 - Cryptek 4 (Painted, missing end of Staff) PIC - $4.00 - Cryptek/Lord with Staff (Metal, painted) PIC - $8.00 - Deceiver (Painted Metal) PIC - $20.00 - Destroyer Lord with Scythe/Orb 1 (Painted Metal/Plastic, no base) PIC - $13.00 - Destroyer Lord with Scythe/Orb 2 (Painted Metal/Plastic, no base) PIC - $13.00 - Destroyers (6) (Painted plastic. No bases) PIC - $50.00 - Doomsday Ark (Painted) PICS PENDING - $20.00 - Doomsday Ark (Painted) PICS PENDING - $20.00 - Doomsday Ark (Painted) PICS PENDING - $20.00 - Doomsday Ark (Painted) PICS PENDING - $20.00 - Flayed Ones (6) (Metal painted) PIC - $27.00 - Ghost Ark (Painted) PICS PENDING - $20.00 - Ghost Ark (Painted) PICS PENDING - $20.00 - Ghost/Doomsday Ark (Partially Assembled) PICS PENDING - $20.00 - Immortals (10) (Painted metal with Gauss) PIC - $33.00 - Lord with Staff (Painted resin. Staff needs repair) PIC - $8.00 - Lord with Staff and orb (Metal, Painted) PIC - $8.00 - Lord with Staff of Light (Old Metal, Painted) PIC - $8.00 - Lord with Warscythe (Metal, Painted) PIC - $8.00 - Lord with Warscythe 1 (Painted Plastic) PIC - $8.00 - Lord with Warscythe 2 (Painted Plastic) PIC - $8.00 - Lord with Warscythe and Orb 1 (Metal Painted) PIC - $8.00 - Lord with Warscythe and Orb 2 (Metal Painted) PIC - $8.00 - Lychguard (4) (Painted Plastic) PIC - $13.00 - Monolith (Painted plastic, some repair required) PIC - $30.00 - Necron Bits Lot (see pic) PICS PENDING - $30.00 - Nemesor Zahndrekh (NOS Resin) PIC - $11.00 - Night Scythe (Painted plastic, no base or pilot) PIC - $20.00 - Nightbringer (Partially Painted metal, missing end of scythe) PIC - $15.00 - Objective Markers (6) (Plastic Painted) PIC - $6.00 - Overlord (resin, missing right arm with Warscythe) PIC - $5.00 - Pariahs (10) (Metal painted) PIC - $25.00 - Triarch Praetorians (8) (Plastic, painted, 1 missing hand/arm) PIC - $26.00 - Vargard Obyron (Bare Resin) PIC - $9.00 - Warriors 1 (10) (Painted Plastic) PIC PENDING - $12.00 - Warriors 2 (10) (Painted Plastic) PIC - $12.00 - Warriors 3 (10) (Painted Plastic) PIC - $12.00 - Warriors 4 (10) (Painted Plastic) PIC - $12.00 - Warriors 5 (13) (Painted Plastic) PIC - $15.00 - Warriors 6 (23+) (Painted Plastic) PIC - $25.00 - Warriors 7 (14) (Painted Plastic) PIC - $15.00 https://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/images-20774-43410_Tau.html - Crisis Battle Suits (12+6) (Painted plastic, some reassembly, mix of weapons. See pic. 1 converted marker drone, 1 shield drone, 2 gun drones, 2 gun drones on sprue, missing 2 drone bases) PIC PIC2- $150.00 - Devilfish 1 (Painted, drones on sprue. No bases) PIC - $19.00 - Devilfish 2 (Painted, drones on sprue. No bases) PIC - $19.00 - Firewarriors (2) (Primed plastic) PIC - $3.00 - Firewarriors 1 (12+2) (Painted, 2 converted marker drones) PIC - $20.00 - Firewarriors 2 (12+2) (Painted, 1 converted marker drone and shield drone) PIC - $20.00 - Hammerhead (Painted, removable main gun) PIC - $30.00 - Pathfinders (9+1) (Painted, mix of metal and plastic. Gun drone) PIC - $13.00 - Piranha (Painted, Missing one head and bases for drones. Drones on Sprue) PIC - $15.00 - Foam (7 pieces, as shown) - - Metal Hard Case with Lock (See Pics) PIC1 PIC2 PIC3 - $20.00
  5. Eldar info

    It doesn't look like new kits are forthcoming on this one.
  6. Eldar info

    Craftworld Focus: Ulthwé The warriors of Ulthwé are renowned for their foresight, as well as their relentlessly drilled Black Guardians. After all, nothing sharpens the senses quite like living next to a roiling maw of raw Chaos energy. With the new Craftworlds codex, Ulthwé armies are among the most flexible, with a Craftworld Attribute that has benefits for every unit in your army, a powerful and thematic Stratagem and one of the best Psykers in the game. The Craftworld Attribute Foresight of the Damned is the most versatile of the new Craftworld Attributes, acting as a flat (and much-welcome) universal bonus to the durability of the Asuryani. On more fragile units, this additional save helps to compensate for Toughness 3, while tanks and Wraith constructs are even harder to kill and gain some additional resilience against mortal wounds. Best Units Guardians in the new Craftworlds codex will still be the mainstay of your Asuryani army, having received several indirect improvements with Stratagems and Craftworlds Attributes at no increase in points cost. Statistically speaking, you’ll get more out of Foresight of the Damned on larger units, while the low armour saves of the Guardians are vastly improved by an additional chance at saving a wound. Ulthwé armies also have access to a unique Stratagem designed to represent the superior discipline of the famed Black Guardians: Throw in a nearby Autarch utilising the new and improved Path of Command ability and you’ll have a terrifyingly accurate firebase capable of chewing through light and heavy infantry alike. Meanwhile, if you’re having problems with durability, a quick Celestial Shield should help see to that: Between a considerable cut in points and the vastly expanded Runes of Fate discipline, Eldrad Ulthran makes for the perfect leader for an Ulthwé army (it helps that he’ll be available to pre-order in plastic at the same time as the codex, too!). While you’ll be spoilt for choice with what powers to take on Eldrad, we’d recommend Mind War, a deadly new way of dealing with particularly troublesome characters: Combine this ability with a nearby Hemlock Wraithfighter (which reduces enemy Leadership by 2), a unit of Warlocks casting Horrify (which reduces it by a 1) and you could quite easily cut down a key Commissar or even a Space Marine Ancient with a deadly deluge of mortal wounds. In short, Ulthwé armies are a flexible fighting force capable of shrugging off damage and dishing out a surprising amount of it in return. Come back tomorrow, when we’ll be checking out the indomitable warriors of Biel-Tan, alongside a new Stratagem that’ll make your Avatar of Khaine all but invincible…
  7. Going to have a ton more Eldar and Necrons this week as well as some Tau. Stay tuned.
  8. Oh, I meant Regimental Doctrine, not trait. Celestine is my warlord.
  9. Okay, so it looks like I'll keep all the MT in one detachment and make it an AM Tempestus detachment. Then the conscripts, Lord Com and Manticore will go in the Vanguard with the Assassins. That means that the Conscripts lose ob-sec, but I think I'm okay. oh and I'll keep the Valhallan trait for them for the order even though they can't benefit from the trait itself.
  10. Supposed new Primarus Super Heavy

    I love how GW just made up a whole universe. Redonkulous. ;)
  11. Here come the 'Nids to 8th!

    Friends don't let friends link to BOLS. :)