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  1. SISTERS OF BATTLE Buy all 8 for $96 Shipped in the US. Sister with Heavy Flamer - $14 Sister with Heavy Flamer - $14 Sister with Heavy Flamer - $14 Sister with Heavy Flamer - $14 Sister with Multimelta NIB - $14 Sister with Multimelta NIB - $14 Sister with Multimelta NIB - $14 Sister with Multimelta NIB - $14 - Venerable Dreadnought (NOS, no base) - $30
  2. So Luther escaped...

    Except I'm referring to his 'wait and see' attitude during the Heresy which is one of the many reasons that a lot of folks consider DA to be a little heretical.
  3. So Luther escaped...

    Wait, so Lion is waiting things out... AGAIN?
  4. Dark Angels Preview

    The Dark Angels are among the greatest of all the Adeptus Astartes Chapters, with an incredible history of victories against the enemies of the Imperium – a record that will only further improve now that they have a new codex. Codex: Dark Angels is your complete guide to the Unforgiven. Inside its 144 pages (or the digital equivalent, if you prefer your books binary) you’ll find all the rules, background and uniform guides you need to prepare your own Dark Angels strike force for the tabletop. It includes 76 datasheets covering the full range of options available to the Chapter, including all the Primaris Space Marines and exciting new additions such as Cataphractii Deathwing Terminators (they’ve clearly had a rummage around in the depths of the Rock and unearthed some suits). The codex also includes six Warlord Traits to personalise your commander and six Relics of Caliban for your heroes. There are six new Tactical Objectives to use in Maelstrom of War games, reflecting the way the Dark Angels wage war, and the Interromancy discipline has been enhanced with three new powers. 26 Stratagems allow you to continue to tailor the way you play on the tabletop, giving you masses of unique tactical options that will help your army play like true sons of the Lion. Every unit and piece of wargear has points values for matched play, allowing you to craft an army list perfect for devastating your enemies – or hunting the Fallen, of course. The rest of the book is devoted to background, artwork, uniform guides and glorious photographs of units and battle scenes, all of which is designed to immerse you in the lore and look of the Dark Angels and their Successors – including the Angels of Redemption, Angels of Absolution, Angels of Vengeance, Blades of Vengeance, Consecrators, Disciples of Caliban, Angels of Defiance, and Guardians of the Covenant. Codex: Dark Angels is available to pre-order now in hardback, alongside a Collector’s Edition featuring alternative cover art, plus eBook and Enhanced iBooks digital editions. Also available to pre-order now are a set of Dark Angels Dice and a deck of Datacards. The dice set contains twenty D6s with skulls replacing the 1s and the Dark Angels symbol where the 6s would be. They come in green, bone and black, representing the colours of the Chapter, Deathwing and Ravenwing, and are the perfect accessories to show your loyalty to the Lion. The Datacards set features 72 cards, covering all the Stratagems and psychic powers from the codex, along with a complete Tactical Objectives deck. But what of models? Well, there’s a set of Dark Angels Primaris Upgrades out, designed to help you make your Primaris Space Marines look more at home in your Unforgiven army. The set contains enough shoulder pads to kit out a squad of Intercessors or Hellblasters, and more to cover a squad of Aggressors or Inceptors, along with three heads, two arms (one holding a power sword styled after the one in the Chapter’s symbol) and 12 accessories that will enhance the look of your models. To make it even easier to build your own Dark Angels Primaris Space Marines, there are also three boxed sets – Dark Angels Intercessors, Dark Angels Hellblasters and Dark Angels Aggressors – that come with enough upgrades in the box to add them to every model. Lastly, we have the first uniquely Dark Angels Primaris Space Marine, Lieutenant Zakariah. Wearing Mark X armour and the distinctive robes of the Chapter, he wields a power sword and plasma pistol – a classic Dark Angels combination – and comes with both helmeted and hooded heads, along with lots of lovely details, including the Chapter symbol on his chest and shoulder. You can pre-order all of these new releases now from the Games Workshop webstore, and they’ll be hitting store shelves next weekend. The post The Eternal Hunt Begins Anew appeared first on Warhammer Community.
  5. Blood Angels Coming

    With the new Codex: Blood Angels on the way, the Warhammer 40,000 loremasters over at Lexicanum have delved into the background of the Chapter to take a look at some of their artefacts and shared their findings with us… Today we investigate a handful of the potent relics of the Primarch Sanguinius – artefacts whose powers still endure ten millennia after his death. Sanguinius was perhaps the noblest and most selfless of the Primarchs. The Lord of the Blood Angels willingly went to his death at the hands of his brother Horus, with full foreknowledge of the results. He is honoured as an Imperial saint and held in higher esteem than most of his brothers by the Ecclesiarchy to this day. Today we will cover a handful of the most potent artefacts of the sons of Baal. The Red Grail is said to hold the blood of Sanguinius. It is key to a Blood Angels ritual in which one of their number drinks from this holy vessel, believing they become closer to their dead Primarch in the process. To become a Sanguinary Priest, one must drink from the Red Grail. It is from these priests, the most senior of which is Brother Corbulo, that the blood is taken to be used in the rituals of transforming Blood Angels aspirants into fully fledged Space Marines. The Red Grail is often taken to the battlefield, where it provides a source of great inspiration for the Blood Angels. The Blade Encarmine is known to have been wielded by an early Blood Angels Chapter Master, Belarius. The sword is said to only respond to and activate for those who carry the gene-seed of Sanguinius. The relic was lost to the Ork warlord Garshul the Destroyer during a battle with the Blood Angels led by Captain Leonatos. Leonatos was exiled from the Chapter by Commander Dante himself until he recovered the lost blade. In his quest to recover the Blade Encarmine, Leonatos and his group of fellow exiles tracked down the Ork warlord’s fleet, only to discover the warlord himself was host for a Daemon of Tzeentch. Following the Daemon’s Traitor Marine allies into the Eye of Terror, Leonatos once again searched for the sword across a Daemon world. He eventually recovered the blade, but at the cost of his own soul. The sword was returned to Baal by the two remaining exiles, who refused to rejoin their brothers. Instead, they themselves undertook a quest to rescue their commander from servitude to Tzeentch. Alternative accounts say that the Blade Encarmine was broken during Sanguinius’ duel with Warmaster Horus on the Vengeful Spirit, and that its shards remain in Chaos hands to this day. The Death Mask of Sanguinius is an incredibly lifelike golden mask that is said to have been modelled upon the features of the Blood Angels Primarch after his death. The Mask has been incorporated into the armour of the Blood Angels’ current Chapter Master, Dante. When Dante is in battle, it appears to come to life. A nimbus of golden energy plays about his head that strikes terror into the hearts of the Chapter’s enemies. The Spear of Telesto was wielded by Sanguinius during the Great Crusade. He was shown using it against the Slaughter-Lord Morroga on the Tapestries of Riga, which hang in the fortress monastery on Baal. Its blade is shaped like an elongated tear with a hollow in the centre to represent the single drop of blood Sanguinius shed when he swore fealty to the Emperor. The shaft is sculpted to show the Primarch as a hooded angel of blood, and beneath that is a purity seal with an oath allegedly hand-written by the Emperor Himself. The spear can emit a blast of energy which vaporises anyone who doesn’t have the blood of Sanguinius coursing through their veins. The spear was originally thought to have been lost during the Horus Heresy, but the Blood Angels’ Battle Barge Bellus was sent to recover it following the discovery of documents relating to its whereabouts on Evangelion, a mission whose outcome had profound consequences for the entire Chapter. The weapon was found among the Ork-held systems on the borders of the Segmentum Obscurus by a team led by Inquisitor Ramius Stele. A fascinating look at some of the Blood Angels’ many sacred relics. Join the Lexicanum loremasters again next week for a peek at the many orders of the Dark Angels, and in the meantime, you can find out more about the Blood Angels in their new codex, available to pre-order now. The post Artefacts of the Blood Angels appeared first on Warhammer Community.
  6. Tyranid questions

    The first one is easy. Relics are different in 8th and don't have points costs. At the top of the relic section, it tells you how to get one. The second two are more opinion-oriented and not really my purview. :)
  7. Blood Angels Coming

    With Codex: Blood Angels available to pre-order, we caught up with Paul Murphy, host of the Forge the Narrative podcast and avowed son of Sanguinius, to get his take on the best way to build an army that will dominate the Assault phase using the new codex. Here are his thoughts. Paul: Hi All. I’m Paul Murphy from Forge the Narrative. I am a huge Blood Angels fan and I’m excited to get the opportunity to speak about them. The Blood Angels are known for their close combat prowess and lightning fast movement – and in these areas, the new codex delivers. There are many ways you can approach building a Blood Angels army. At their core, they are a Space Marines Chapter and field their fighting forces based largely on the Codex Astartes. The new codex opens plenty of new options to Blood Angels that were previously only available to other Chapters, like Land Speeder Storms and Stormhawk Interceptors, meaning that they now have more flexibility than ever before. Infantry, Biker and Dreadnought Blood Angels have an ability known as the Red Thirst. In a round of combat in which the Blood Angels charged, were charged or made a Heroic Intervention, they add 1 to their wound rolls. This is big because any time you shift the result on a die, you are dramatically influencing the odds of your success. While this only affects certain units in close combat, it is formidable and really helps define the fighting style of the Chapter. The Red Thirst is an ability that you can easily make the focus of your army. It is something you can always count on working. You know when it starts and you know when it stops. There is no way for the opponent to prevent you from gaining this bonus. If you, as a Blood Angels player, can find a way to make close combat inevitable, you’ll be able to maximise this ability. Thankfully, the codex offers many ways to do this, even down to Troops selection. It is debatable which Troop option is the best, but the Red Thirst ability changes all of your potential choices into assault units. It is important to point out that, at worst, your Blood Angels units are wounding huge enemies like Knights and Primarchs on 5s in close combat. Every single one of your models has the potential to be a game-changing hero (very fitting for the noble sons of Sanguinius). It will be easy to get distracted while making your Blood Angels army due to all the special units offered in the codex, but don’t forget that in a battle-forged Blood Angels detachment, Troops units can control an objective even if your opponent has more models in range. This benefit will win games. In the lightning-fast department, the Blood Angels have two signature assault units. These are the golden-armoured Sanguinary Guard and the black-clad Death Company. The Death Company are wracked by psychic visions of their Primarch that send them into an unrecoverable state known as the Black Rage. This translates into giving them one extra attack on the turn they charge and the ability to shrug off wounds on the roll of a 6+. You have the option of equipping these guys with jump packs, and it is my heavy recommendation that you do. This gives them the ability to deploy via Jump Pack Assault, and it also makes them a better candidate for one of the new Blood Angels Stratagems, Forlorn Fury. For two Command Points, Forlorn Fury allows you to nominate a Death Company unit at the start of the first battle round, but before the first turn begins, and immediately move them AND advance as if it were the Movement phase. A potential 12″ move makes for a staggering threat range on turn 1, which your opponent will need to react to. The fact that this Stratagem exists forces your opponent to account for it in their Deployment phase, and we may see the Death Company in a lot of builds. This unit is incredibly flexible with many wargear options. With these guys, I think it’s best to keep the majority of them armed with bolt pistols and chainswords. Chainswords are going to give them an extra attack, allowing each model to make four attack rolls on the charge. Four attacks with a basic weapon might not sound like a lot, but remember that with the Red Thirst you’re wounding most things on 3s and more numerous foes on 2s. If you sprinkle in a few power fists, you’ve got an amazingly killy unit for not a lot of points. For one Command Point, you can also nominate one of your non-Primaris Chaplains, Captains or Lieutenants to fall to the Black Rage. They gain the Death Company keyword and the Black Rage ability for the duration of the battle. This is right in line with the Blood Angels theme, and the idea of a Captain with a thunder hammer, jump pack, five attacks on the charge, and wounding almost everything on 2s (with the Red Thirst) is very exciting. The Sanguinary Guard come with a power sword that does D3 damage, a 2+ armour save, and an Assault 2 bolt weapon with -1 AP, and have seen a points reduction in the codex compared to the index. Sanguinary Guard are almost twice the points cost of the Death Company, but they have two Wounds and a better armour save. Without changing their stock points cost, you can opt to equip this entire unit with power fists, and I’ll be very interested to see how many people go with this option. The Sanguinary Guard have a special rule that allows them to re-roll failed hit rolls if they are within 6″ of their warlord. This helps minimize the negative modifier that comes with the power fist. As with the Captain referenced above, the extra strength from the power fist and the Red Thirst ability will really help you pile wounds onto your opponent. These guys have a Move characteristic of 12″ and should be able to keep up with your warlord quite nicely. The Sanguinary Guard have the Jump Pack Assault rule, allowing you to deploy them high in the skies and drop them down to the battlefield right where you need them. These heirs of Azkaellon are flashy and can act as a significant distraction for your opponent. A base unit costs around 140 points for four models. You can deploy these guys all over the battlefield, forcing your opponent to deal with them. For two Command Points, you can opt to use the Descent of Angels Stratagem before making a charge roll for a Blood Angels Jump Pack unit that was set up on the table this turn, rolling 3D6 to determine the unit’s charge range. This ability is difficult for your opponent to practically plan for and counter. This is important because, as a Blood Angels player relying mostly on assault, you have to establish and control the tempo of the game. With Stratagems like this one, you can seemingly be everywhere with high threat units. The goal of an assault-based army is to get into close combat. The Blood Angels have the right tools to establish credible threats and actually make it into close combat in a shooting-heavy environment. I could keep going – I haven’t even talked about the Death Company, Librarian Dreadnoughts or the unique characters, yet! Hopefully they’ll have me back to talk some more soon. Maybe we’ll hear more from Paul on the Blood Angels in future – but for now, you can pre-order your own copy of the codex and start planning your own assault-based domination of tabletops near you.
  8. Dark Angels Preview

    Attention, Guardsman! We have a rare privilege for you this week. As you know, you are about to be stationed alongside the Dark Angels, one of the most venerable and respected Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. We were initially going to write a report on fighting alongside these noble warriors, but Interrogator-Chaplain Zacharias had decided to honour us with some instructions of his own. Some annotation has been necessary for the sake of clarity. Greetings, Mortal. Be not afraid.* The Dark Angels are here to assist you. Together, our faith** shall guide us to victory. 1: Do not speak to us Some of you may wish to ask questions. Engagement in combat will prevent us from answering.*** 2: Be alert for teleport flares During combat, watch out for teleport flares and endeavour not to be present when they arrive.**** 3: Avoid making permanent records of our actions For any reason. ***** That is all, Guardsman. Blessed day, Guardsman! We give praise to the Emperor and to His servants for sharing their wisdom with us. Please note that, as this Regimental Standard now contains the words of a Space Marine, it is officially graded as holy scripture (Grade 4, Leciticias Class) and as such destruction of your copy, accidental or otherwise, is punishable as iconoclasm and defilation.****** Best of luck! ++ Thought for the day: “The Traitor Can Seek No Salvation” ++ * Reg. Standard Note: Be in constant fear of the Emperor’s judgement. ** Reg. Standard Note: Which is, despite contrary claims from certain seditious sources, completely religious and non-secular on the part of the Adeptus Astartes. *** Reg Standard Note: Tales of the Dark Angels’ many victories can be easily accessed in great tomes such as [REDACTED], [REDACTED], The Destruction of Caliban by Xenos Agents, Volume 1, and [REDACTED]. **** Reg. Standard Note: The combustive physical dispersal caused by two objects simultaneously co-locating can take weeks for Chapter serfs to remove from the pale bone colour of Deathwing Terminator armour. Please note that manufacturing costs incurred by loss of material this way will be added to the manufactorum workload of your listed next of kin. ***** Reg. Standard Note: We understand that some of you may wish to make sentimental records and pict captures of this occasion, but we have been informed that it is imperative for the Dark Angels to be allowed to operate in privacy. Instead, our brave battlefield artists have risked life and limb to produce several speculative paintings depicting how we think the battles in the coming days may look. ****** We would recommend sealing your copy to your chest – we’re sure that the words of one of the Emperor’s own sons should be capable of deflecting enemy fire with the same effectiveness as your flak armour.
  9. Blood Angels Coming

    SOB can do it for cheaper. :)
  10. Dark Angels Preview

    Posted 03/12/2017 Coming Soon: The Hunt Begins Anew Next weekend, another First Founding Chapter of Space Marines will be brought fully into the Dark Millennium with new units, commanders and a codex. We are of course referring to the Dark Angels – a Chapter steeped deeply in mystery, betrayal, and vengeance. The codex is absolutely packed with units never-before-available to the Dark Angels. Of course, you’ll be able to make use of the Primaris Space Marines, as well as following the story of how they were integrated into this famously suspicious and mistrustful Chapter. However, you’ll also be able to take advantage of units previously only available to more Codex compliant Space Marines. The Deathwing can finally be equipped with mighty relics from the Horus Heresy like Cataphractii and Tartaros armour, while you can destroy your enemy’s aircraft with the Hunter and Stalker tanks. This isn’t just a book for gamers – for players who love the narrative of the Dark Angels, even the Stratagems are dripping with thematic flavour. Did you know, for example, that you can now represent the ritual duel fought by Dark Angels and Space Wolves champions before they fight together with The Lion and the Wolf Stratagem? If you’re bringing your existing Dark Angels army into the new era, there’s a range of new kits designed to help you do that. As well as Lieutenant Zakariah, you’ll be able to pick up the Dark Angels Primaris Upgrades and a range of boxed units that come with them in the box, helping you tie your Primaris units to the rest of your collection. Our favourite piece is the hand resting on the Calibanite power sword, conveying the easy gravitas of the sons of the Lion. If you’re looking to find out more, we’ll be discussing the new codex in detail right here on Warhammer Community, as well as on Warhammer TV, next week – in the meantime, let us know what you’re looking forward to most on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page.
  11. Random Thought Thread

    Almost corrected this and then got it.
  12. W: DE Boarding Pike

    I need this bit: For a D&D character conversion. Anyone have one?