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  1. Duckman

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    It's popular to hate anyone who steals someone's estate and then pays money to clean it up when they get caught. Documented cases (multiple) in New England over the last 20 years. The problem is you never hear about them unless you go to the local papers (which you can do online) because it is intentionally kept out of larger publications and not picked up by the AP. I'm not trying to excuse other religions. That was not on topic so I didn't address other religions at all. The truth of the matter is that I had about two more paragraphs here but as the topic is religion they probably belong in RoC. The summary is, "Don't assume that someone else's biases are like yours. You don't have the world experience (and probably have not read enough legal proceedings) to even begin to guess why people don't like the Scientologists." As regards your assumptions about me, you are so wrong that I can't even begin to correct your wrong assumptions. See prior comment about stuff that belongs in RoC and just understand that I grew up so deep in the heart of the Bible Belt that you can't imagine what it was like. I will say this, though, and maybe you'll learn it after you offend enough people here. Most of us are not you. We don't think like you, we don't act like you and we don't have the same blind spots you do. Not to say we have none, but they certainly aren't going to be the same as yours. If you want to question why we react some way to something feel free to ask but never assume you know because essentially everything you've ever written in these forums about me is wrong, mostly because I have 20-30 years more experience than you do in totally different settings than you are in.
  2. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    Them's the hazards of using bags of white powder. Do you owe anyone for the white powder or is this a personal loss?
  3. Duckman

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Try doing a little google searching on why people hate Scientology. The reason the producers were embezzling was to donate to the church. There are cases of the wills being altered after the death of someone. Cases of donation checks being signed post-mortem. Whether or not you think it is a religion, it hides behind certain laws about non-profits and religious organizations in order to do some really shady things regarding finances. Or at least so go the accusations.
  4. Duckman

    Random Photo Thread

  5. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    That or they have a God-complex.
  6. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    Mmmmmm, roasted shrimp.... Or was it prawns?
  7. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    I believe that the context there is "by the time I see them in the grocery or have them on my plate" by which time the pincers you mention are not present. This falls into the "cows have eyes and beef doesn't" category of rationalizations. 😉
  8. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

  9. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    Your initial point was learning skills and I brought this whole thing up in the context of limiting the number of skill points you might have. A person who lacks the resources and has to spend 80-100 hours a week on subsistence (be it working, cleaning house, cooking food, shopping, etc.) simply does not have as much time to spend on learning skills. A person who can hire a maid can, instead of spending time cleaning the house, can take a class, learn a hobby or work on something else that needs doing... That's what WestRider was talking about when he mentioned means of travel (although mass trans can be an opportunity to learn since you don't have to focus on traffic around you the whole time). The point is that money allows you to eliminate menial tasks which you probably have already learned most of the skills for and focus on something else. And that doesn't even begin to factor in the quality of learning that can be attained with money to get better teachers, etc. Some skills don't benefit from this (e.g. painting) while others do (e.g. calculus).
  10. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    If I had not been norm into the family I was I never would have had the time and opportunity to learn the things I did. It's not the wealth makes you special. It's that money is the time you need to study to learn.
  11. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    I think it is a lot like the old RPGs where characters are not balanced by design. Int plays a part in how many skill points but your wealth perk does as well. Do you have the time to spend learning how to fix your car or are you busy working that minimum wage job trying to make a living? That's one of the things that made Palladium interesting and unplayable... You quickly figured out the difference between Bruce Wayne and Casey Jones.
  12. But would you do modern low-budget effects? And if so, would the movie really benefit from that? Or is this the star treatment where you let ILM or someone like that loose on it to spruce it up as much as possible? I mean, the All-Mighty was intended to be just another guy, not some shiny CGI character but maybe making The Ultimate Evil more impressive... Making some of the starfield effects shinier... But so many of the other films on the list... How does modernization benefit a film like The Secret or NIMH or Rikki Tikki Tavi? Did the recent Peter Cottontail film actually appeal to anyone? And Dune... The issue with Dune is that it needs to be 9 hours long (ok, maybe only 5) and nobody has found a way to break it into manageable chunks. Yeah, I'd love to see the effects improved but the issues with Lynch's Dune film didn't really have to do with the effects. Could you remake Jodorowsky's Dune today successfully without casting Tom Cruise in it as Duke Leto and then having him demand that you rewrite it so that Leto lives and is the hero instead of Paul? I dunno... I guess I see most remakes as an attempt to take a good film and capitalize on its prior success. The Spiderman 3 comment I can see because that film was horrible and needs to be redone decently (and in theory it could be with better acting/directing, independent of modern tech).
  13. See, I keep reading the suggestions and I feel like very few of these movies call for a remake with new technology.... What I am reading into these posts is people saying "wouldn't it be cool to have new content related to this film?" The suggestion of Gremlins made specific mention of technology and how the original movie could be updated with new creature effects. But Spaceballs? I'd love to see Brooks have at the new films but wasn't one of the points of his film the crappy technology? The animation in all those animated films is part of the artistic appeal. In films like Watership and NIMH where there is no human presence to speak of why would you rework the animation? To be honest, I look at Watership and NIMH and think of them as complete and don't want to see a remake. All that could be done is a raping of my childhood. Gremlins could be remade with new technology and I don't feel that the animatronic feel was integral to the nature of the film. Time Bandits I am on the fence about. I kinda felt that the low-budget effects were intentional in that one but I could see an argument that the story could work as well with modern effects and it might be interesting. Are you guys really saying you want to see the same story or one that is largely faithful to the original or are you saying that these are film settings and characters that you want to see more about?
  14. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    The other half of the definition of generous is "more than strictly necessary". You've had to dig three definitions in to find something that even vaguely hints at expectations and the example I gave was carrying things, not holding a door, which given you struggle to hold a door is clearly more than you deem necessary. Look, I get that you want to define every word in a touchy-feely way that morphs to your worldview but we already had a conversation about that and in every conversation I don't see anyone siding with the view that language is strictly an internal concept and that you are free to interpret words in any old way that suits. Even I am willing to grant that you are the sole arbiter of the context in which you read or hear something but that doesn't give carte blanche to redefine vocabulary. Clearly I am not going to convince you of either argument so I quit worrying about it. For what it is worth, and I have said this to women who get outraged at me for holding the door for them, even holding a door has nothing to do with etiquette and everything to do with being helpful to people who might have their hands full or need an extra hand. If this were about etiquette then it would be all about the expectations, "the customary code of behavior in society". The whole point, as you call out, is that kindness is *not* about social norms and expectations. It is about being sympathetic to others and offering them assistance, expected or otherwise... Being sympathetic, considerate, generous, friendly, helpful. Of all those words, only a part of the definition of generous involves expectation. And as another side note, modern etiquette, as I think both of us have mentioned is *not* holding doors, carrying things for others, pointing out dropped cash or credit cards. In short it is, in this country, anything but considerate of others.
  15. Duckman

    Pax's Adventurers

    Also worth noting that the coffin is too small for him so he's only carrying it for use on others. 😉