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  1. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    Yeah, but nature is a hoot and some people learn to appreciate it... One of my peers back in the Astronomy department at UW had a great comment... When asked why he studied meteors and meteorites his answer was
  2. Duckman

    Anyone else unimpressed with E3 2018?

    There's a difference between making promises and providing information. "Starfield" was a teaser... We can only assume that it is Elder Scrolls in space because of the developer. How hard is it to say "A single-player sandbox" on that trailer? And what the heck is Satisfactory? I guess if you don't own license you cannot say Factorio set in a first-person open-world survival setting but you could say a factory building experience set in that environment. These projects were sold to a development shop with a pitch. If nothing else, you could pull the tagline from the pitch. As more and more of the game is done you could add detail if you wanted to but that isn't really necessary. If I say "a massively multiplayer first person shooter experience" then people know what to expect even if the company has said nothing about details, weapons, balance, etc. But here's the deal... If people don't know your product line, putting up a name means very little. If I just put up a banner that says "Nerma" nobody knows what it is (a cigarette brand from a century ago). On the other hand, if you have name recognition (I am looking at you, Fallout) all you have to do is put the appropriate tags in your description. I don't smoke and I know what Lucky Strike menthol 100s would be and I don't need a 60 second spot of someone smoking a cigarette. Nor does it even help me to see 60 seconds of someone smoking a cigarette to figure out that what he is smoking is a menthol 100 unless someone actually says that it is a menthol 100 because the important things about the product are not visual. Now that we have gotten to the point that everything has cinematic cuts in it, showing me cinematics means nothing. It tells me nothing about gameplay, nothing about your engine, not even anything about the graphics quality in your engine during gameplay...
  3. I have been watching and there was very little that impressed me. First, some publishers didn't announce a title that didn't have a number at the end. Is it that difficult to come up with and market a new property these days? Certainly doesn't help that I don't like the first-person shooter interface or the "look at all our free content provided by other players" PvP model which is so prevalent these days. Second, what is it with all these cinematic trailers with zero information? I mean, seriously... Did anyone have any doubt what the setting for Fallout 76 was going to be? Did that trailer tell you anything that you didn't already know about a Fallout title (unless it makes a great deal of difference to you that you would be playing in fictionalized virtual West Virginia instead of Vegas or DC). The list of titles which assume that you know everything about them based on prior title is long and to be honest it is not helpful since if you look to Fallout and Fallout 2 as an example of the Fallout franchise it is something very different now. Also, as franchises get diversified into multiple genres, saying "this is a Fallout game" means less than ever before. I was teasing someone that we could not even tell if the original Fallout 76 teaser was a PC game or a mobile app follow-up to Fallout Shelter. When that is the case, your teaser is useless except to generate hype and uninformed hype is a sure way to turn me off any product. Third, what is with the "we're not going to release any information, we're going to let the fanbois spread our information for us" move? I get that this is the generation of social media and it's cheap advertising but let me explain something... I have a friend who loves superhero movies. He's never had anything critical to say about a superhero movie. He even raves about bad DC titles. This is exactly the kind of fanboi that the gaming industry is getting to represent them... And I never ask Garry what he thought of a superhero movie because he can't give me any valuable information. He can't be critical of anything that is broken or doesn't work. His feedback on those things is useless to me. Yes, there were titles I am interested in but other than a name I have nothing useful about them from E3. Cyberpunk 2077 - Love the setting, don't have the first indication what gameplay will actually be like. Starfield - Again, love the genre... At this point we don't have any information about it though so we might assume it is like Elder Scrolls in space... Or not. Satisfactory - Is this Factorio meets Ark? Interesting concept. Also maybe totally off base, so who knows?
  4. Duckman

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    <shrug> Solo was not memorable. It's hard to find anything in it memorable enough to quote. It's not a bad movie or anything... It's just pablum. Alden did an ok job trying to reprise the role but let's face it... He's trying to fill the shoes of arguably one of the top 10 actors of the last 50 years. He obviously studied the mannerisms and he did well with those but that was not the Han Solo who shot first in the cantina in Mos Eisley. The whole point of the first trilogy was that the characters grew and the problem with everything they have tried to do since then is that they hold up these noble ideals of the characters at the end of the first trilogy which ends up destroying any sense that the characters grew at all and this movie is no different. (Remember, in The Force Awakens he's hard enough to throw out a comment that he had a crew before they went to capture the creatures in the hold... Can you imagine this Han making that comment, especially with that tone?) The story was trite and followed the existing patterns so closely that at the end you are not surprised to see a holo projection of a sith promising a return of the characters in the next installment. Harrelson's performance was not stellar (again, not bad but the movie needs more than "meh"). I have a soft spot for Donald Glover and liked him in the role as Calrissian but that's supporting cast. I didn't even recognize Emilia initially and again, it was a good performance but not stellar. Cinematically, they spared no expense and the "train robbery" was beautifully shot. The characters in Beckett's crew, however, were horribly written (or showed all the hallmarks of a movie being totally recut after filming). For a bunch of selfish pirates they certainly turn all noble when they needed to to make the heist work... And if you want to blame that on the Executive Producer who has failed to get along with any director in the history of her role, that is fine. It still doesn't change what is on the screen this go-round. I'd give this movie a 6/10 and that mostly on the shoulders of cinematography and actors that I have a personal soft-spot for. TL;DR - As a "turn your brain off and enjoy the scenery" movie this one is beautiful but don't look to it for good, tight writing or even a memorable story.
  5. Duckman


    Ok, Burk, I am confused. You say you've played a long, slow campaign and explored a lot but you recommend ignoring money and grabbing salvage in missions. If I really ignore money and grab salvage early on I go broke and quickly. Do you routinely grab one mission per month to cover your expenses and then grab salvage? Do you get rep up with a faction so you get better prices from them? Did you do something early on to alter your money management to make this strategy work for you? I'm happy to hear the feedback that you can push too hard and get into the end of the campaign in 300 days if you do. Knowing that encourages me to explore more... I just can't reconcile that with the other advice and so I want to get a feel for how you managed the cash to facilitate it. I'm 270 days in. I've gotten the Argo. I'm friendly with my secret benefactor, liked by the Magistracy and indifferent with the others although I have done a little work with them. I've got 7 months of payroll saved up (mostly from the mission that got me the Argo) but have not done much travelling because flight time means paying payroll without collecting income.
  6. Duckman


    Well, you want to give me either of those? As BroG said, early in the campaign you only have so many options for Heavies and you have no Assaults.
  7. Duckman


    Yeppers. Same here. Although I still lean toward that HBK-4P which is a thing of beauty (and one I have carefully collected more than 1 of). So much armor, so many M Lasers and so easy to repair if it does get into trouble. Put a gunner in it and split fire if you are in a cool biome and it wrecks face. Cooks lights without focusing fire. Kills multiple generators a turn. Beats down bigger mechs routinely. Only thing it really fears is big ACs and PPCs.
  8. Duckman


    Yeah, I had the same problem earlier when and recovered the dropship. I won but got decimated in the process and had to take a full 2 months off to repair all my mechs thus eliminating all the cash I had just collected.
  9. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    Actually, we all define almost every word the same way and as Kerrigan said, that is part of the social contract. You may not feel happy or you may be happy for different reasons, but happy is still "enjoying or characterized by well-being and contentment". You're not going to say you are happy when you are in fact uncomfortable. Why you are happy or relating to what specific aspect, item or event is context, as you say, but it does not change the meaning of the word happy. Maybe you are a masochist and derive pleasure from pain... That does not change the meaning of either word. It simply establishes context for yourself. One will always be one. Blue will always be blue. Free does not mean "Here's your free burrito, that'll be $1.50." Context may imply boundaries or conditions as it does in the quote that Raindog posted which began this discussion. That doesn't mean I am redefining the word free, however. It means that I am judging the context and deciding whether or not the sentence applies to me. Even with the touchy-feely words like love, trust, etc. the meaning of the word is largely unchanging and what changes is the way people evaluate the context and apply the word. I love my wife, my dogs and a really good plate of nachos, all in different ways. Words which get redefined are still a part of a social contract. It's not one person redefining a word for themselves. It's a group of people choosing to use a word to mean something within the group (a social contract) and that definition being adopted over time more broadly... Gay, nigga, groovy, bodacious, heavy, etc. They are all changed by a group using the word consistently and that social contract being passed along to others. The idea that using the existing set of social contracts is arrogant is absurd. The idea that a single person can dictate the social contract for everyone is what is arrogant (which is not to say that in this era of TV personality it doesn't happen, but...). Interpret something for yourself, fine. But if you choose to redefine a word and then have to explain what you mean when you say it using other words then you have, by definition, failed to communicate and therefore have misused the word.
  10. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    I'm not sure redefining words for yourself without publishing a dictionary of your own is quite kosher. If you say you trust me I already have an implicit understanding of what that means. The fact that you think trust as it is really defined is impossible doesn't really matter when it comes to expressing yourself to another human being. That shared definition is what makes communication possible.
  11. I'm planning on doing just that but most of the guys I expect to meet are from 3-5 hours east or from Columbus (3 hours west) which is where MasterCrafted is. I've joined the FB groups for Ohio War Kings and Northeast US Kings of War. There's plenty to do if I want to spend 3-4 hours driving (one way) but nobody, including the guys from NE US and the local pathfinder, have been able to put me in touch with anyone closer (other than the local pathfinder) who is in Erie every weekend with family or girlfriend.
  12. Define "In that region". After a week looking, the only guy I have found is the local pathfinder. If I'm willing to drive three hours there's a ton of folks but western PA is a ghost town.
  13. Duckman

    Low Carb diet!?!?

    Sugar alcohols are a myth created by people who are not looking at process. Technically an alcohol is not a carb but the problem is in how it metabolizes. It increases the release of ketones (which is what you are trying to do with ketosis) but at the same time it blocks the process by which ketosis allows you to burn fat. So, long story short... Why are you on a ketogenic diet? If the answer is to lose weight, then sugar alcohols are self-defeating. If the answer is to avoid glutens then sugar and sugar alcohol are not the problem in the first place. Personally I try to eat a low carb diet for many reasons. I've lost a lot of weight doing it. I feel a lot better when I don't have the gluten in my system. My blood sugar is level throughout the day because I am not eating things that metabolize quickly and result in spikes and troughs. The problem is that I love bread as well (and many things in which bread is a fundamental component) so I keep falling back off the wagon.
  14. Duckman

    Low Carb diet!?!?

    Remember too that carb means non-fibrous carb in all these situations. You can eat all the high-fiber veggies you want... Celery, for example, is fine on a low-carb diet because you discount the fibrous carbs right off the bat (since they cannot be digested). That doesn't necessarily affect you, pax, as it still calls for lots of meat and fat to get your calories but it's how most people manage keto.
  15. Duckman

    Beware of Cougars

    So hot women are the rarity? Now I am sorry for you.