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  1. Stitches question

    It dissolves into the blood stream which is filtered.
  2. My wife is blogging about our experience here in Mexico (and the process of getting here and everything) at www.reinventing-melissa.com
  3. Random Song Thread

  4. Eclipse question

  5. Random Thought Thread

    How is it that we look down on Healthcare around the world when in Mexico you can have a two-hour housecall with a doctor for $50, preventative care is the norm and complex procedures like EKGs and CAT scans cost less total than my US co-pay?
  6. Where in the world is Ordo Fanaticus

    Sadly, no Ordo swag that I can use for a photo but I have finished my relocation to sunny Mexico. The wife and I are in San Miguel de Allende for a year or so now. The glories of both working remotely. For those interested in where this actually is, Google Maps knows and has solid street view images to show you what a beautiful place this is... https://www.google.com/maps/place/San+Miguel+de+Allende,+Guanajuato,+Mexico/@20.9150532,-100.7447025,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x842b51af9871bc0f:0x653101031d07b0a4!8m2!3d20.9144491!4d-100.745235?hl=en And just to salt the wounds of those who suffered the insane temperatures last week, we're at 6200' so my daytime highs have been in the 80s since we got here. (Tomorrow the rain hits and we probably are not above 70.)
  7. Random Thought Thread

    I would say that banks are the devil but I don't hold the devil in such low regard.
  8. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    As simple as it was, my wife and I also both really liked the (typical Marvel) scene at the end of the credits.
  9. Random Thought Thread

    Sadly, you begin as a snotling and can draw random matches against the God-Emperor. You know you are in trouble when you own two models and your opponent is complaing that 10,000 points is too restrictive for him to bring all his good stuff.
  10. Camelot Unchained

    WTF? I am so confused now... Jacobs can't own the IP as it is still an ongoing concern managed by a different company. How are they not being sued for every penny they've raised by Broadsword Online (ne Mythic Entertainment)? Don't get me wrong, I love the idea but I can't see backing it until it comes out for fear that it will become vaporware.
  11. I don't play it but I know others who do and really like it. Free until 1pm Sunday. On sale for 80% off during that time as well.
  12. Poll: which movie do you like more?

    Fortunately he was spared knowing that there are people who have read the thread but not voted for either movie. I bet he's not prepared for that concept either.
  13. For those who missed it but would be interested.
  14. The announcement I saw was posted at 2pm Pacific this afternoon. It will run two weeks or until 5 million copies have been given away. Current DLC was removed in preparation for a bundle but all future DLC will be free to anyone who owns the game (including those from this free period) and the developed is committed to supporting it through October 2018 according to the announcement. https://www.polygon.com/2017/6/8/15765330/payday-2-free-steam
  15. Any interest in a casual RPG game?

    Roll20 also benefits greatly if the DM has a paid account. The rest of the players don't need anything more than the free account.