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  1. Duckman

    Fallout 76 official teaser trailer

    PvP is not consensual. A player can grief you whether you like it or not. Their damage may be minimized if you do not return fire (I am unclear on that) but they can kill you if you don't fight back or run. You can then put them on your ignore list which will keep them from loading to your server in the future. I'm not sure I get what they are doing here. You log out and your settlement logs out with you? You get a random server draw so maybe you show up and someone else already has a settlement where yours was and so yours packs up and can be deployed elsewhere? This sounds hideously anti-immersion. I'm actually ok with the idea that you see different people each time you log in since that kinda fits my personal idea of the wasteland but the mechanics around it seem really silly. And of course, since free time is really the limiting factor in my gaming I am really against non-consensual PvP or otherwise allowing someone to dictate how I spend my gaming time (by forcing me to flee an area, etc.). I have a really hard time relating this title to Fallout. I get the impression that the flavor and intent of the game-play is really very different from prior Fallout games (although the setting seems to be very true to Fallout 3). (Gah, I agree with almost everything Pax said above... I need to have my head checked.)
  2. Duckman

    Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    I thought that it was cancelled. Did it get picked up?
  3. Duckman

    I don't know what to think about this...

    I'm holding my breath regarding American Gods as well. The second act, with Puppy hiding out in a small apartment in Minnesota or wherever it is is not going to play well on TV but I really love the way it reads and the characters involved in that portion in particular. I was also *not* impressed, for example, with the addition of Vulcan in the first season.
  4. I'm torn between joy and trepidation. They're using a Queen song in the teaser which is promising attention to detail. I like the casting (Tennant and Sheen although I don't know the kids at all). I don't know that I like the format (I would have thought it fit better as a movie or possibly a miniseries instead of a series although being only 6 episodes, maybe this is a miniseries)... I'm also concerned that it is following Crowley and Aziraphale more than Adam (and only Brian instead of the "Them") and Anathema (at least in the trailer). To the good, Gaiman has the writing credits for all 6 episodes so hopefully it is true to his vision, if not to mine...
  5. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    What is your definition of medication? Pain relievers exist as chemical compounds occurring both naturally and man-made. Pain enhancers are often less carefully designed because if you are enhancing pain you generally don't care about also causing damage to other systems. Figuring out what those compounds are called is left as an exercise to the rhetorical question.
  6. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    Notably, even on that scale (like almost all others) modern techno has been becoming more and more light-weight. As a fan of old-school anthem trance, this depresses me.
  7. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    Ask Raindog about that. I think you'll be surprised by his answer. Also, remember that a Grand Jury is civilians, not a court. If a Grand Jury comes back with a decision not to indict an officer that is far different from a court giving an officer a pass. I'm not saying that there are not bad cops. Don't get me wrong. What I am saying is that if an officer follows his training, training which has been reviewed and approved by civilians in almost all cases, then you are welcome to take issue with the training but it is absurd to blame the police as a whole for their methods or blame a specific officer for following his training. (The double standard I was referring to above.)
  8. Duckman


    How's it for supporting large groups? I know D&D aims at groups of 4-6 and it is really better at 4-5. 7 breaks it completely. I'd be interested in hearing more in regards to how combat scales for large groups.
  9. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    You have in-person encounters with them a lot and you don't think about it. We have Raindog and others right here. It's easy to go into a grocery or fast-food joint and strike up a conversation with an officer and odds are if you are at all out-going you've talked casually with one or more officers without knowing it. I live out in the country so when I move (not very often) I make a point of finding a local officer and striking up a conversation with them about how enforcement works locally, what numbers I should call, who (as in which department) is going to respond, etc. Never had a bad experience with that and in one case actually wound up talking to my next door neighbor's nephew. You can also figure out a whole lot by comparing Raindog's blog to what you see on TV. Raindog talks consistently about how he evaluates a situation and handles people he runs into while working and then compare that to what you see on TV about police training and police complaints. It's not hard to identify the double-standard that is being applied by society (often through the media). I would not look to recreational TV as indicative of anything because reality always takes a backseat to TV writing to one degree or another. Talk to officers and look at the news.
  10. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    Perhaps I am naive (and I'd love @Raindog to weigh in on that) but I suspect he was pulling you over because your license plate light was out and hoping not to get shot by the guy he pulled over. Cops have a job and demonizing them for doing their job or even thinking worse about them for it is one of the reasons there is a battle being waged in our streets. I would never want to be a cop. Talk about conflicting instructions.... Maintain control of the situation for your own safety. Don't infringe on their rights or hurt them. Keep them from shooting you. Practice hard control of potentially hostile civilians for your own protection. Draw but don't shoot unless you are absolutely certain that your life is in danger. I'm sorry... We train cops to protect themselves and protect the public and then we judge them based on their ability to be psychic about what a person intends or is carrying. Ain't no way for them to get a fair shake for just trying to do what they are trained to do. (And yes, there are people who are out there abusing their badges but it's no easier to spot them than it is to spot the guys carrying the concealed gun when you make a traffic stop.)
  11. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    I actually don't have access to RoC intentionally. Sorry. That discussion will have to be left as an exercise for the student. 😉
  12. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    As you said. Very exacting language defining specific persons as 1, 3/5ths or 0 persons in the eyes of the law for very specific purposes (and only those purposes). Only in law and theoretical math can you see 1 == 0.6 written so clearly. As I recall, there were other laws that then referred to this for other purposes in the day as well. I won't claim to be a Constitutional Scholar or anything but there a number of neat little bits of trivia that turn out to be kinda scary if you look at what they mean in a legal sense. See the proposed "Right to Vote" Amendment (2013) as a prime example.
  13. Duckman

    Random Thought Thread

    You should be being polite and following the golden rule. First, that should eliminate any real possibility of injury and, as Raindog will probably tell you, if you are following rule one most police will tell you what the real laws are and let you off because it is clear that you are trying to be conscientious (at least as a white male, they will). As you demonstrated with the discussion of handicapped people with mobility assistance, the legal definition of vehicle is ambiguous and generally stupid. This is not uncommon since laws and language are intended to serve different purposes and so you'll see it in lots of places (e.g. the legal definition of person not including a black man or a woman or being 3/5ths of a person for a black man for years). Personally, I tend to reserve the term "vehicle" for "motor vehicle" and then look for context, otherwise you get into literal interpretation which allows you to define a hand-truck or dolly as a vehicle which is accurate but confusing in most contexts... (If you call the police and say "My vehicle was stolen" and then explain that you were talking about your dolly when they get there you are going to get some interesting looks.)
  14. Duckman

    Huzzah for supportive spouses & significant others!

    I was referring to Brick Bungalow's post. My wife is very supportive of my gaming hobbies. Sadly, you have now ruined my response to BB. 😞
  15. Duckman

    Huzzah for supportive spouses & significant others!

    My spouse does not support it.