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  1. 6 week "tourney"

  2. 6 week "tourney"

    If my Warlord is still in Reserves after turn 3, did I give my opponent Slay The Warlord for free? I say yes.
  3. Eldar info

    They aren't getting their own book?
  4. Eldar info

    To avoid SMurfs complaining about spending CP to have demo and pred chain fire, while Spelfs get to for free. Wtf?! That's so unfair! Wraithknights, waaaaaaaaaa!!!
  5. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    You use solid bronze recast dice, too?
  6. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    That's when my Terminators are actually yours, and I don't know until the beginning of the game.
  7. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    For great justice!
  8. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    I would argue it is my teleportation pad, in my deployment zone, and you can't be within 9".
  9. 6 week "tourney"

    The Relic. Opposite short sides. Tactical Objs. I went first, advanced and shot his Avatar to death. Injured Wraithknight. He shot back and advanced Wraithconstructs. I advanced and shot his Warwalkers, Wraithguard, Wraithknight. He charged me with wraith. I kill his wraith stuff and advance. He kills a knight, I kill 2 dspinner tanks, 5 dark reapers and a war walker. He shoots doing almost nothing. I kill everything but his Autarch. He falls back, I dump thermal cannon in it, it dies.
  10. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    I imagine it is somethin to the effect of: you set up your termies on !!A!! Teleportation Pad; I deploy my termies to reserves on THE SAME PAD you deployed too; first turn assault you as we are both holding up Chief Obriens line. Pax, does that sum it up?
  11. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    Dude, "pax" is all the explanation you need. ^_^
  12. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    Rule of cool, yes. Noooo....
  13. Speculating Ork Klan stuff

    3rd was the best. Other than 9 oblits bubble wrapped with micrometers.
  14. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Chaos on the Bridge: A Paramount Defense Documentary OR Why Next Generation Has 3 First Seasons 6/10 Kirk interviews writers and executives at Paramount to expose Big Bird as a womanizing lush that viewed itself as god.
  15. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    You can run, but you can't hide, Bitch!