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  1. InfestedKerrigan

    Imperial/Crimson Fist Primaris Kit

  2. InfestedKerrigan

    CA leaks

    Just wait, the Sanguinary Guard will get Primarisized. But not the Deathwing. [big bad swear word] traitorous scum.
  3. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Thought Thread

    Absolutely, ish. Entropy, and similar come into play, but how much heat is being re-introduced into the room (by "heat loss" through the walls, heat gain from product being loaded, or air exchange from the door being open) effects how often the condenser has to cycle on, and for how long. Same with the pull down, that is, how long is it okay to take to get BACK to holding temp. The more it cycles on, the higher the operating cost.
  4. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Thought Thread

    On a basic level, the same parts are used in a central air conditioning unit, as a walk in fridge at mcds, as the cold room at costco, as the beer cave at shell, as the drive in freezer at safeways auburn DC, as the plasma freezer, as the cryogenic freezers. It's just how you are using the parts, and what the capabilities of the refrigerant and other components are.
  5. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Thought Thread

    But maybe not, it's pretty neat stuff.
  6. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Thought Thread

    Roughly 10k annually for -40 and 80sqft. So......alot more than that
  7. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Thought Thread

    Working on a sub-zero room for a client. Originally, we were discussing -30°, they wanted to go colder. I have learned how to go to -155°. Color me impressed, and excited.
  8. InfestedKerrigan

    CA leaks

    Thank you, Sarah Sporkenbee Slanders.
  9. InfestedKerrigan

    CA leaks

    I meant "really, you don't recall the 8?" As they've been around a few editions, now. So 14 drones, 8 suits, and 880 points to play with.
  10. InfestedKerrigan

    CA leaks

    It's the Hateful 8 commanders of farsights enclave. The rules are in CA18. 1000+ point LoW choice.
  11. InfestedKerrigan

    CA leaks

  12. InfestedKerrigan

    Avengers 4 Trailer

    You never go full Ronin - Tony, probably
  13. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Photo Thread

    Punisher kills DCU is only cross over I'm interested in. Give me Kingdom Come. Crush Clark Kent's jaw. Nuke 'em All!
  14. InfestedKerrigan

    Avengers 4 Trailer

    Did Hawkeye ever go Ronin in The Ultimates?
  15. InfestedKerrigan

    CA leaks

    Well now, they wouldn't want to upstage and outclass GW, would they?