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  1. InfestedKerrigan

    Pinkerton Planetary Defense Militia

    So....I bought a MiniWarlord. The feet are like same size as an Imperial Knight kit's. This shet is crazy detailed, too. I can't wait til I figure out what I'm running it as in regular 40k. I was thinking Grey Knight Super Armor Terminator. Thoughts?
  2. InfestedKerrigan

    Britannia Draconian - Micro Pinkertons

    Acquisition of materials to commence construction of Sandalphon complete. Orders include adaptation for Omni-Mech classification, instead of fixed weapons.
  3. InfestedKerrigan

    The future of non-primaris SM?

    - Every WHFB player, probably
  4. InfestedKerrigan

    Warhammer Fest Europe - 40k stuff

    And One More Thing… Back at AdeptiCon, we revealed Sisters of Battle were coming in (if the Emperor wills it) 2019. We know you guys have been anticipating this release for years, and we want to assure you that Sisters of Battle are in the best possible hands. After looking at the first of the new generation of Adepta Sororitas at AdeptiCon, today we’re previewing some early images as well as exploring how our miniatures designers have brought this iconic range to life. The flamer and bolter are classic weapons both of the Sisters of Battle and the Imperium itself, and the design team wanted to make sure that these armaments truly suited those wielding them. Based on the iconic original bolter, the weapons borne by the Sisters of Battle have been designed to be employed by humans. The weapons carried by the Emperor’s most devout warriors are as much ritual implements as they are weapons of war, and so we’ve squeezed all sorts of ornate detail into them, pushing our cutting-edge technology to the limit to make sure that every part of the new Battle Sisters tells a story. Take their bolters – just as the bolt rifles wielded by the Primaris Space Marines were based on the iconic Godwyn-pattern, so too are the new Sisters of Battle bolters. There are a bunch of distinct bolt weapons coming out, too – here are just some of them: Our designers have been pushing the design of the Sisters of Battle further than ever before – while you’ll recognise their classic armour and weapons, look closer and you’ll pick up a wealth of detail we could previously only explore in art, like the reverential engravings on each shell of this heavy bolter: And, of course, you’ll be getting flamers – lots and lots of flamers. It is, after all, the ideal heretic-purging weapon. Based again on the iconic Sisters of Battle flamer, these have been upgraded with a more ornate muzzle: For those who escape your wrath at range, there are plenty of close combat weapons on the way too, again based on classic designs and upgraded with new detail: We’ll have more news on the Sisters of Battle in future studio previews, so watch this space…
  5. InfestedKerrigan

    The future of non-primaris SM?

    Watch these batches of books be the last of rules for old marines. Does the Deathwatch Codex have any marine infantry that are not represented in the new scale? Expect that of all future releases. Same with new Primaris Chapters as they show up with the new gear.
  6. InfestedKerrigan

    The future of non-primaris SM?

    I've said in the past I believe GW is going to do this. Pretty sure I've started a thread about it, too.
  7. InfestedKerrigan

    The future of non-primaris SM?

    It's anecdotal evidence based off AoS phasing out Legacy Armies from WFB, as he said in his post.
  8. Shut your dirty pie hole!
  9. InfestedKerrigan

    Pinkerton Planetary Defense Militia

    I think I found my new Terminator model for my "Imperial Knight" Terminator Legion.
  10. InfestedKerrigan

    Pinkerton Planetary Defense Militia

    The shooty Armigers are still in their box hahaha And I picked up Adeptus Titanicus Imp knights this evening. They are sooooo cute. I have great plans for them. So great. A Space Force kind of great.
  11. InfestedKerrigan

    Britannia Draconian - Micro Pinkertons

    Resources for a Squadron of Imperial Knights have been aquisitioned, and approved by the ministry of finance. Construction is expected to commence immediately.
  12. Would you like to see Britannia rule again?