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  1. So Luther escaped...

    Take your alt news sources written in favor of, and by individuals, who only stand to gain by the belief that DA are loyalists and burn in the Eye.
  2. Dark Angels Preview

    I refer you to the wars on drugs and terror.
  3. So Luther escaped...

  4. 8th Edition List Building

    I like Smoked Flagship from Fred Meyer.
  5. 8th Edition List Building

    Oh, we know 😘
  6. 8th Edition List Building

    Ha! As if. 😉
  7. 9th Age 2.0 BETA Release Dates

    I heard it plays just like AoS. Care to comment on the validity of this statement?
  8. Blood Angels Coming

    Landraiders should let units declare an assault from inside. If they fail, they disembark, still. Overwatch can target the LR or the unit.
  9. What books are you reading or have recently read?

    Sheeeiiit, if you think reading is an expensive hobby, you should check out war gaming!
  10. Dark Angels Preview

    Not seeing any inner circle primaris at the moment.
  11. Dark Angels Preview

    No, DA are anti being exposed as traitors.
  12. Dark Angels Preview

    They are chaos. Why would they be anti themselves? They aren't sons of malice.
  13. Random Thought Thread

    I tell ya, I had that thought after a friend posted a picture of a Snapple cap saying Antarctica is the largest desert, and he disagrees due to the lack of sand. I also pondered how petty would it be to unfriend him over that.
  14. Random Thought Thread

    Central Oregon is a high desert. Burning Man is also a high desert.