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  1. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Thought Thread

    I was pulled over last night under the guise of my rear license plate light being out. I had DL and Insurance out when he got to the window. He thanked me, ran my DL through dispatch while he let me know my light was out. I expressed my thanks for letting me know, as the van was purchased maybe 12 days ago and we thought we'd checked all the lights. Admittedly, I did the check, and I did not check the plate lights. Anywho, he never asked where I was coming from or heading to. He said get the light taken care of and bid me a goodnight. It was just after 2am, I imagine he was hoping to get a DUII, not a contractor heading home.
  2. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Thought Thread

    I'm pretty sure Oregon doesn't have jaywalking laws, and that pedestrians always have right of way without regard to the existence of "white lines" permissing crossing.
  3. InfestedKerrigan

    8mm Maps

    Anyone with GME start assembling their terrain? Or making boards? I'm leaning towards 1x1 modular as the core, with custom buildings or similar stuff being other sizes, 1x2, 2x2, L, etc.
  4. InfestedKerrigan

    Adeptus Titanicus Rumors

    I picked up the big box tonight, putting me at 3 Warlords, 1 Reaver, and 9 Knights. Squee
  5. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Thought Thread

    It amuses me, how upset those who are disrespectful of other people's time get when they have their time disrespected.
  6. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Video and Gif Thread

    Oh, I haven't seen that, yet. Thanks for posting it, @Romans832
  7. InfestedKerrigan

    So this is a thing....

    Also, stop posting SFW porn 😉😂
  8. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Video and Gif Thread

  9. InfestedKerrigan

    The Death Knights of Khorne

    Welcome to the Forum!
  10. InfestedKerrigan

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    The Imitation Game An embellished look at Prof Turings involvement in WW2.
  11. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Thought Thread

  12. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Thought Thread

    Sounds like thousands of years of cultural misappropriation at its finest.
  13. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Thought Thread

    I'm pretty sure most of that line weren't clerics. And then there is Caligula.
  14. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Thought Thread

  15. InfestedKerrigan

    Random Thought Thread

    All his flesh rotting away wouldn't help JC any, either. [big bad swear word]ing zombies.