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  1. So I won't be participating in any of the events at OFCC this year, am I able to come and watch without buying tickets? Also, am I able to partake in "open play" hours to play some Kill Team?
  2. Kelharis

    Kill team league?

    I would be interested in a league for sure, but weekends are when I am available, unless the store is near me (BF almost Sandy).
  3. Kelharis


    Very nice! I might need to start a thread also. I've got Death Guard, T'au, Grey Knights, Gene Stealer Cults and Astra Militarium from the starter box, and the Reiver and Orkz boxes going. Unfortunately, most of the box teams require additions or swapouts in order to hit the ~100 point mark. I feel like I'll be starting a trade thread seeking 1 or 2 of a bunch of different armies' models, lol.
  4. Kelharis

    New Kill Team boxed set / rules / etc.

    According to spikeybits, the two new kill team boxes will come in at $50, not the $60 that the first two boxes were priced at. If so, that makes them better deals at a rough savings of $13.50 for the 'nids and $18.50 for the AM. https://spikeybits.com/2018/07/august-40k-kill-team-lineup-aos-prices-confirmed.html
  5. Kelharis

    New Kill Team boxed set / rules / etc.

    Definitely not surprised, seems like the last of the current terrain that's easily bundled into a Killzone. I'm hoping for some Tau, Necron, Tyranid and other nifty new terrain coming in the future.
  6. Hey guys, Looking to pick up some Scale 75 inks, do any of the local Portland area stores stock a decent supply of S75? I'm thinking best bet is GG, but I don't remember seeing it there last I looked.
  7. Kelharis

    New Kill Team boxed set / rules / etc.

    I kind of went all in on Kill Team. Preordered the box set, Fangs of Ulfrich, Krogskull's Boyz, Sector Mechanicus Killzone and Datacards... Will be preordering the Sector Munitorium next week most likely. I'm not sure on the two new Kill Teams. The Genestealer box doesn't seem like much of a savings, as it's like 2/3 of the Munitorium containers (about $33.50) plus $30 worth of Genestealers for (I'm guessing) $60, only saving about $3.50. The AM box would be a bit better deal at about $8.50 savings. Unless they make more new terrain ranges, beyond Killzone: Xenoscape, do we think they will make any other Killzones? I don't think STC Ryza-Pattern ruins or Wall of Martyrs will end up as a Killzone, and certainly not any of the Tau fortifications.
  8. Kelharis

    New Kill Team boxed set / rules / etc.

    Welp, I was wrong. Firewarriors, Pathfinders, Drones AND Stealth Suits. Not bad actually. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/07/15/15th-july-kill-team-focus-tau-empiregw-homepage-post-1/
  9. Kelharis

    New Kill Team boxed set / rules / etc.

    Well, based off the picture at the bottom of this article, we know there are Firewarriors and Drones at least... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/07/13/13th-july-naming-your-kill-teamgw-homepage-post-3/
  10. Kelharis

    New Kill Team boxed set / rules / etc.

    I'm waiting for the T'au dissapointment...I'm guessing firewarriors and maybe pathfinders.
  11. Kelharis

    Fallout: Wasteland Warfare?

    Anyone following this game? I'm just recently looking at it and wondering what games it might be most like. https://www.modiphius.net/collections/fallout-wasteland-warfare Miniatures looking pretty sweet, but prices are rivaling GW for sure.
  12. Kelharis


    I think you can use one, but as Brother G said, it's not a twitchy game. It's turn based like X-Com so you can literally walk away in the middle of a mission to clean up an overflowing toilet...not that I had to do that or anything....damn kids....