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  1. It took way too long to paint and I see every flaw, but I was happy enough with it to finish it. That's my biggest failing with painting, finishing the job, but I'm trying to fix that.
  2. If the trade for the Kroot from Blackstone doesn't go through for whatever reason, I'd be interested also.
  3. You looking for astrogranite edition humans?
  4. I've been toying with an idea for my Tau army for a while, and I'm hoping someone here on Ordo knows enough about this stuff to either help design it, or tell me it's not doable. The idea is to make marker-light tokens using either 32mm or 40mm bases. I'd like to cut 5 small holes in the base for LEDs, and have one button to control them. Ideally, it would be a 6 click series. click once, light 1 turns on, click twice, light 2 turns on and so on, with a 6th click to turn all lights off. I picture there being a flat battery in the cavity of the base, like a CR123 type. 1. Is this doable without having a decently sized board of some type in the setup to control the clicking stuff? 2. I have no idea how to do something like this...
  5. I wont be able to make it tonight guys. 😞
  6. Barring snowpocalypse, I should be there for 1250. I still need a week 2 750 makeup, but that's secondary and can be done quickly some other time.
  7. You guys keep making me think someone has posted regarding the Shadowsun question, lol. Although I'd say at this point consensus is that we played it correctly, applying her rule after she loses (fails armor/invuln save) the wound.
  8. Hey guys, I have a few bits that I need to cast and have ordered some Oyumaru (reusable blue stuff) and Milliput. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with using it for casting, maybe some tips and things to avoid? Thanks!
  9. For those that don't know, here are the two rules in question: Saviour Protocols: If a <SEPT> INFANTRY or <SEPT> BATTLESUIT unit within 3" of a friendly <SEPT> DRONES unit is wounded by an enemy attack, roll a D6. On a 2+ you can allocate the wound to the Drones unit instead of the target. If you do, that Drones unit suffers a mortal wound instead of the normal damage. Defender of the Greater Good: Roll a D6 each time Shadowsun loses a wound whilst she is within 3" of a friendly unit of XV25 Stealth Battlesuits. On a 2+, a model from that unit can intercept that hit - Shadowsun does not lose a wound, but the unit suffers a mortal wound.
  10. Kelharis


    Not to mention the juicy 5+ overwatch that you can't do against Blood Angels...
  11. Kelharis


    Shadowsun can infiltrate...just saying... :)
  12. On my way down in a bit, should be there well before 3 @apathy alesso we can get started as soon as we are settled.
  13. @Lord Hanaur If you dont mind would you post, or send to me your LVO list? I'd love to look it over.
  14. Kelharis


    I still am amazed that ITC uses PL for any of their objectives. Point cost is the way to balance the game competitively, so why would you use power level in any competitive setting?
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