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  1. If you want to try and swing a kill team game sometime, i live near Boring so close by. Just in case you were looking for a game, Wed and thursday evenings are usually open for me.

    1. Kelharis


      I appreciate the offer, and may be able to get a game with you at some point, but I think I'm out for the league. Wife decided I should paint the house in my free time...

  2. Kelharis


    I won't be able to make Tuesday night (or any Tuesdays unless I win the lottery), but want in on the league. I can play on Saturdays or Sundays at WoW, GG, or pretty much any store east of there (can even pull off Vancouver). I live in almost Sandy Gresham and have 3 killzone boards/terrain if you want a non-shop meetup. I'll be posting my Kill Team roster later in the week, but expect much Greater Goodness.
  3. Kelharis


    Warrior is 20 points, no additional points for that configuration.
  4. Kelharis


    And Thousand Sons
  5. Kelharis


    That's great news for me also. Tuesdays are a beyootch for me to be able to get to. Sundays should work. So I have several teams that I only have models to reach 100 points, but have Tau for a full 20 man roster potentially. I'm guessing Tau would be my best choice for the league due to casualties and such?
  6. Kelharis

    Kill Team pick up games at OFCC

    I wont be there guys and girls, family all got sick 😞
  7. Kelharis

    Kill Team pick up games at OFCC

    So Friday around 7 or so? I'm hoping to make it. If so, I will bring the rulebook, box set board, mechanicum board and munitorium board and several sets of tokens and cards. Will probably bring a couple of different teams as well. I'm hoping terrain won't be an issue, cause I don't want to haul all of that stuff as well.
  8. Kelharis

    Warhammer Fest Europe - 40k stuff

    I'd be much more inclined to go this route if they started selling the tokens and box specific cards separately.
  9. Kelharis

    Warhammer Fest Europe - 40k stuff

    I'm interested to see how they price the new Kill Team boxes. Kind of weird how they decided to do the terrain... Deathwatch box has $35 in minis and $60 in terrain, whereas the Drukhari box has $29 in minis and $40 in terrain. That's a rather substantial difference in box value.
  10. Kelharis

    Warhammer Fest Europe - 40k stuff

    Same could be said of 8chan edgelords who get offended by people getting offended.
  11. So I won't be participating in any of the events at OFCC this year, am I able to come and watch without buying tickets? Also, am I able to partake in "open play" hours to play some Kill Team?
  12. Kelharis

    Kill team league?

    I would be interested in a league for sure, but weekends are when I am available, unless the store is near me (BF almost Sandy).
  13. Kelharis


    Very nice! I might need to start a thread also. I've got Death Guard, T'au, Grey Knights, Gene Stealer Cults and Astra Militarium from the starter box, and the Reiver and Orkz boxes going. Unfortunately, most of the box teams require additions or swapouts in order to hit the ~100 point mark. I feel like I'll be starting a trade thread seeking 1 or 2 of a bunch of different armies' models, lol.