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  1. Kelharis

    Fallout: Wasteland Warfare?

    Anyone following this game? I'm just recently looking at it and wondering what games it might be most like. https://www.modiphius.net/collections/fallout-wasteland-warfare Miniatures looking pretty sweet, but prices are rivaling GW for sure.
  2. Kelharis


    I think you can use one, but as Brother G said, it's not a twitchy game. It's turn based like X-Com so you can literally walk away in the middle of a mission to clean up an overflowing toilet...not that I had to do that or anything....damn kids....
  3. Kelharis

    How do other people remember their passwords?

    Wife and I had an issue with an account being hacked so we went with a new system for all of our passwords. Basically we went with a system where theres a word that can change but is similar, followed by a number that remains the same, then another word that can change but is similar followed by another number and a special character. The password format remains the same, but the words change per site, for instance: site 1: " Pizza486Blue27* " site 2: " Cheese486Green27* " While it could certainly be more secure with complete randomness, unless we get hit with a keylogger or similar, it would be hard to pick out our patter randomly. We also decided to simplify those annoying security questions that I can't even legitimately answer most of the time because I'm old and can't remember the middle name of my third friend in grade school. same idea as passwords with a twist: something like word, numbers, word *word for the specific question* numbers So say the question is "Who is your favorite superhero?" the answer might be: China642mudhero174
  4. Kelharis

    "Minihammer" - 10mm 9th Age?

    Ah. Yes, I guess I should have read the rules for base size clarification. Thanks for the response! Chariot base would definitely make using the new GUO model difficult in T9A for sure. I'll just need to keep looking for suitable greater daemon models that fit a cavalry base seems like.
  5. Kelharis

    "Minihammer" - 10mm 9th Age?

    I was thinking about how to do a Daemon army in minihammer and had some questions that people might be able to answer (I hope). So for scale, I'm wondering if the 10mm warmaster daemon hordes or the 6mm epic daemons would work better, almost seems like the epic scale minis are larger than the warmaster minis? Also, I have some older Metal GW Daemon minis, do you guys think the old metal greater daemons would be a semi appropriate scale for minihammer greater daemons? They fill a 50mm round about as much as the new GDs fill a 100mm round, but I'm concerned about height. I'm thinking one of the old metal Daemon Princes could work for a bloodthirster as well. Another idea was to model plastic bloodletters with harpy wings to create minihammer flying daemon princes. What about brimstone horrors (cut in twain) as pink horrors, think they would fit a 12.5mm base? I don't own any, so I can only guess at scale...
  6. Kelharis


    Someone on the Paradox Forums made a nice spreadsheet that shows all the useable tonnage and hardpoints per Mech here: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/one-chart-to-rule-them-all-comparing-all-mechs-hardpoints-speed-usable-tonnage-melee-etc.1088884/
  7. Kelharis


    And yes, they took models from MWO, except for leaving out the Unseen mechs due to the whole lawsuit stuff.
  8. Kelharis


    Yeah, they did a terrible job with...well no tutorial. I learned most of what I knew/know watching Cohh stream it before release. The main thing to know about this vs. Xcom is you don't have limited time to do missions. Your only time constraint is how many credits you have to pay monthly expenses. You will spend long periods of time waiting for mechwarriors to heal and/or mechs to finish being refit. It's best to try and use the travel time between systems for refitting your mechs. (All of the mechs you get should have armor added for instance).
  9. Kelharis


    Actually, Morale is for precision shot and vigilance. Multi and sensor lock and bulwark should be usable whenever you want (as long as you haven't broken the conditions of use, like moving for bulwark, firing for sensor lock, and I'm honestly not sure for Multi)
  10. Kelharis

    Need help with tau loadouts

    Most important thing to remember for your suits though, magnetize the weapons. That way you aren't locked in on your choices forever and can play around with them if you like.
  11. Kelharis

    Tau Preview

    Rumor of homing beacons getting a big nerf in that you have to deploy them at the start of your turn, instead of anytime during your move.
  12. Kelharis

    Tau Preview

    Yes, I see that now. Probably more efficient to go with other detachments anyway. I'm excited to see the rest of the Codex. Definitely digging most of what I'm seeing so far.
  13. Kelharis

    Tau Preview

    So, doing some noodling in my head...35 points (5x fire warriors) seems to be the lowest "tax" for Commander spam (patrol detachment). Not bad considering the DS8 turret has become a free option for the FW. As long as you aren't playing in a detachment limited tournament or league, that is.
  14. Kelharis

    Tau Preview

    Also, looks like I'm going to have to go back and magnetize the 4th hardpoint on all of my XV8s.
  15. Kelharis

    Tau Preview

    Me too. Now we know the real reason behind "One commander per detachment" rule.