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  1. taran.shannara

    PSA NOVA Foundation Raffle

    Of interest might be some raffle tickets for the NOVA Flames of War 100 point mid-war Italian desert force or a 85 point American Armored Cavalry Company for the battlefields of Team Yankee; see this link: https://flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=6284 I'm not eligible to win.
  2. taran.shannara

    Enfilade 2019 v4 mid-war Flames of War Tournament (Official Thread)

    Something along the lines of Forces-fighting-first-m3-stuart-horde.pdf ?
  3. In Iron Cross one can take the StuG (early) assault gun. It has short 7.5cm and long 7.5cm version gun option as shown below. GBX109 is the new box set version: When comparing images I don't see an exact match. What does it map to for the existing StuG blisters?
  4. Enfilade convention informational flyer here Event is approved for the Enfilade 2019 convention and table space is reserved. Enfilade 2019 v4 Flames Of War Mid-War Tournament Ruleset: Flames of War v4 published by Battlefront Miniatures Ltd. with Lessons From the Front v4 updates Date: Saturday May 25, 2019 Location: Enfilade convention Olympia, WA Convention Website: http://www.nhmgscitadel.com/enfilade/ Room: State Room (same as last year) Scale: 15mm Era: Mid-war Points: 109 points Rounds: 3 Duration: 2h15m per round Registration: Must be registered for the Enfilade convention. Tournament is free. NOT YET LIVE http://www.nhmgscitadel.com/enfilade/ Regular sign-up via con website and in person, limited to 22 players. Along with signing up on Enfilade site, post here that you are signed up with info: first name and last initial, axis or allied, and nation. MORE INFO TO FOLLOW. WILL INCLUDE BOTH DESERT AND EASTERN FRONT
  5. taran.shannara

    TANKS-giving 2018 heads up

    Looking forward to it.
  6. taran.shannara

    85 point lists

    Re: Enfilade.... Interesting point levels for 2019 BF tournaments. Period Points Early-war 1550 points Mid-war 109 points Late-war 1625 points Team Yankee 93 points
  7. taran.shannara

    Flames of War W:churchill crocodile H:$

    I have a BR080 (Churchill VII, with Crocodile & VIII CS options). Pm sent.
  8. I have some JR Miniatures Stalingrad buildings (sold by Novus Design Studio now) we can use.
  9. taran.shannara

    Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

    @english breakfast thanks for the game and @barca for coaching. It was fun.
  10. taran.shannara

    Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

    I'm bringing a ww2 German Afrika tank force tonight 6/21 and plan to be there around 6:00 depending on traffic. Is there an opponent who wants to fight ww2 German?
  11. taran.shannara

    Fallout: Wasteland Warfare?

    I ordered the Vault Tec Complete Package Bundle when it was first announced and am eagerly awaiting the arrival in the next months. The plan is to run some games with it at gamestorm 2019.
  12. taran.shannara

    Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

    Planning on being there 6/7 by 6pm. Still working on list(s) to bring. (track events are all over with now)
  13. taran.shannara

    Enfilade 2018 v4 mid-war Flames of War Tournament (Official Thread)

    All submitted lists have been confirmed and email replies sent last night. There is a lot of variety so it should be fun. I have prize support donated by Battlefront and my company Taran Design Studio. If you are looking for official tournament objective markers that have been released at BF tournaments over the years, TDS has you covered with lots of them donated plus other great items like toy soldiers you can add to your existing forces. At least one of each of these new in blister special objective markers will be there: xx522 2009 Tournament Objective Staff Officer out on the Town xx527 2011 Tournament Objective Illinois Ford & The Chest of Mystery xx529 2012 Tournament Objective Eight Ball and hist customer M4A3E4 Sherman xx531 2013 Tournament Objective Hollywood Tiger xx532 2014 Tournament Objective Local Defence Forces with Grocers Van xx533 2015 Tournament Objective Raising the Red Banner xx538 2016 Tournament Objective Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima xx539 2017 Tournament Objective Otherworldly Sarcophagus xx541 2018 Tournament Objective Dorcester ACV with Monty and Rommel and for TY fans xx540 2018 Tournament Objective Urban Assault Vehicle FW907-obj Wolfgang and his Brattie Wagon There is a little bit of everything for prizes and every player that plays all three rounds will receive something for being a good sport.
  14. taran.shannara

    Enfilade 2018 v4 mid-war Flames of War Tournament (Official Thread)

    @barca Please plan on bringing these. Email me offline. If others have terrain they would like to bring and see on a table at the tournament, email me at pdxwar@gmail.com
  15. taran.shannara

    Enfilade 2018 v4 mid-war Flames of War Tournament (Official Thread)

    I received the pre-reg sign ups list from the Enfilade event organizer last night and will update the first post this weekend; and respond to lists that have been submitted already (three of them). note: district track meet is today and tomorrow and then back to normal schedules.