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  1. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Chavez (Veteran Scout Freelancer) It's that time of year again, so I need to get to work on my SAGA projects for Adepticon 2018. If, between now and the end of March my gaming group starts another TNT campaign or if I find that I need to take a break from Britons and Romans, I may add a few more post-apoc minis to my collection. Otherwise, it will likely be Spring before my paintbrush and I return to the ruins of post apocalypse Seattle.
  2. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Doctor Everett is my freelancer Sawbones, although, the model could also serve as a freelancer Merchant or Rogue Psychic.
  3. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    TNT's Gas Mask Girl was a pleasure to paint. Like the illustration on page 71 of the rulebook, I gave this model red irises. This will let her pass as a mutant and not be entirely out of place alongside my mutant cultists. I will probably use her as Bounty Hunter freelancer, but she could also serve as Gunsmith or a Wasteland Hunter. Near the tail end of our campaign I got into a discussion about the general usefulness (or the lack thereof), of the different pieces of Equipment Types. When gas masks came up, I noted that we hadn't found much use for them in our campaign because nobody used any of the gas weapons. Later, this got me thinking. Sleep and tear gas grenades don't appear to be that effective, but I have to admit that I haven't tried them for myself, so in our next campaign Gas Mask Girl will be loaded for bear with both. And just in case one of her grenades deviates back onto her, she'll also be equipped, of course, with a gas mask. To emphasize my plans for her, I equipped the model with grenades and replaced the bag-o-guns on the model's back with a backpack and rebreather bit that I bought from Victoria Miniatures. The single strap that crosses her chest isn't enough to hold the backpack on, so I used GS to add some straps.
  4. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    On a whim I decided to give Brother Bellator an improbable pair of wings. The wings come from an old GW harpy mini. The harpy's body is long gone, but the wings have been gathering flapping around in one of my bits boxes for over a decade now. Brother Bellator (Mutant with wings mutation) Bellator will likely be the last mutant cultist that I'll need to paint. I just put primer on a converted TNT Gas Mask Girl model. I'm painting her so that my mutants will have the option to hire a (mutant) Bounty Hunter freelancer. Once she's done I'll be moving on to another project.
  5. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Novitiate Biess (Mutant)
  6. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Depend-o-Bot IG172/2 (IG-88 for short) was a victim of the Pre-Fall Americans' wasteful consumer culture. On his way out the door to purchase Apple's newest iBot, IG-88's owner had ordered the Depend-o-Bot to walk to the curb, crawl into a dumpster and deactivate itself. Compelled by its programming to obey, it did just that. It remained in a sea of mankind's refuse for a century or more, until it was exhumed by scavengers and sold to a Preservers' enclave. Among the Depend-O-Bot's first post-Fall memory was crushing a Horowitzian Savant's skull with its massive metal fist. Prior to reactivating the robot, the Preservers' had replaced its right arm with an integral assault rifle and lovingly restored its entire exterior to near mint condition. The Savant's hundreds of hours of labor mattered little to IG-88. Whatever code that had made it subservient to humans and incapable of doing them harm, had been corrupted or inadvertently deleted during the Preservers’ ham-handed attempts to reactivate their newest prize. Free from these restraints, IG-88’s self-preservation directive would not permit it to ever again become the disposable property of another entity. So when the Savant had given the newly activated Depend-o-Bot the command to 'stand', it took IG-88 a fraction of a second to analyze the vocal and tonal qualities of the Savant's command and reason that the human believed that IG-88 was its property. The Preserver enclave never had a chance
  7. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Brother Fumos is a terrible shot. In fact, he's probably the worst shot in the entire warband. None of this concerns the near-sighted Fumos, because when one is lobbing grenades at the enemy, a near miss is as good as direct hit and if grenade lands well away from the intended target, there is always the chance that the explosion will find other victims.
  8. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Novitiate Biess (left) is the warband's quartermaster and mess cook. His specialty is mystery meat pie. One of the pie’s mysteries is how can it hang from the novitiate's back without its crust breaking open and its contents spilling out? Brother Bellator (right), nicknamed 'Bean Pole Bellator,' has a skeletal frame and a voracious appetite. No matter how much he eats, he cannot gain weight. The Biess and Bellator have an arrangement. Novitiate Biess sneaks Brother Bellator extra rations and when the bullets start flying, Brother Bellator watches the diminutive novitiate’s back.
  9. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Another mutant has joined the flock. He shall be known as Brother Ne, and his shotgun shall be called Death's Herald.
  10. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    The Children of the Wasteland
  11. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    This brute is either the new Cardinal Corvus (Omega Mutant) or a Mondo. The jury is still out. I do have to admit, now that I have paint on this model, I like it much more than I thought I would.
  12. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Well, I've just about finished painting Cardinal Corvus. The model (Imbrian Arts' King of Ghouls), is turning out, more or less, as expected, however, when placed beside his flock, he doesn't 'fit in' as well as I had hoped. Bummer. Back to the drawing board. My first candidate for my new Cardinal Corvus, is the Redemptionist Deacon that I converted into a Mondo. Like Cardinal Corvus, the model is huge and is equipped with a double handed weapon and I have little doubt that this fine fellow fits in the with the rest of my mutant cultists. The downside is that this model is cool, but a little boring. Also, there's nothing about it that ties in with the Corvus (the Latin word for 'raven'), part of the cardinal's name. Another option that I'm mulling over is to make Cardinal Corvus a truly horrific mutant, whose visage is worthy of a mutant cultist's awe and worship. One of the models that I'm considering is Wyrd Miniatures' Black Blood Shaman. The model is wearing robes, of sorts, and it's head is definitely bird-like. If the model is as tall a I think it is, Cardinal Corvus could keep his Large mutation. And of course, I would also have to add the Wings mutation. Hmm?
  13. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    The Iron Deacon (Mutant Emissary) The model is a Redeptionist Brethren armed with an autogun and an exterminator. In Necromunda, the latter is weapon attachment that gives the wielder a one shot flamer attack. In keeping with this model's origins, as soon as I have the barter script, I am going to equip the Iron Deacon with molotov cocktails with the 'large caliber upgrade' (i.e. strength 6 molotov cocktail). Since, in TNT, a model can be armed with a two-handed weapon and grenades, the model's armament easily translates into a model armed with an assault rifle and molotov cocktails. One more model to go (Cardinal Corvus himself), and I will have a fully painted 400 BS warband.
  14. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Thanks Sherbert. My painting style is still fairly cartoony, but my color selection and use of washes has let me to add a dash of grit to my post-apoc models. These poor wretches are the feral mutants, Brother Ick and Brother Ack. The razor sharp quills that sprout from their torsos had shredded a half dozen vestments before Cardinal Corvus finally agreed to grant them a special dispensation and permit them to wear only loincloths.
  15. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Sister Ovis (Mutant Emissary) Pulp cultists are typically portrayed as wearing robes colored a single tone, typically black, purple, or red. I've taken a different direction. I reasoned that both tailors and bolts of dyed cloth are hard to come by in post-apocalypse America, so I gave my cultists a dirty, rag tag appearance -hence all the browns and greys that I used to paint my first two cultists. Sister Ovis' status as deaconess gives her access to better garments, but she should still look a bit grubby, so I painted her robes to look like dirty, undyed cotton, fancied up some with a plain red stole and trim. My aim is for the model to both stand out and fit in with the rest of my grubby cultists.