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  1. Warhamsters 9/19 Game Night

    Last week was a make -up week, so this week is the official "week 4." I believe that Joey has agreed to extending the mini-campaign to 5 weeks. Scipiano and I want to continue playing TNT after the campaign. I don't know about the others.
  2. SAGA New Edition (2018)

    LINKY Compiling what we know (or think we know) from the teaser video... This is a whole new edition of SAGA. Not a supplement that compiles and updates the rules the way The Crescent & The Cross did. This implies there could be anything from minor to major changes to the core rules mechanics. A single core rule book that will cover overarching rules for all settings. Multiple SAGA Universe source books that will cover all factions within each setting. A compendium of scenarios and "additional rules." I'm sure future additions are possible and probably likely. The mention of Joan of Arc implies a medieval era (100 Years War) and/or setting. The mention of Achilles implies an ancients era and/or setting. More "legendary" (not quite historical) heroes (Achilles, Beowulf) will join the mix. Myth and monsters??? The new edition is expected to be released sometime in 2018
  3. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    I spent some time this weekend working on my terrain. First, I finished my Dormant Ordnance markers and my Zombie Nest. I haven't decided if I'm going to add clumps of grass to the nests. Below is my progress on operation Block Line of Sight. I printed the signs on normal printer paper, glued them in place, and hit them with some Agrax to 'dirty them up' -easy peasy.
  4. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    I just ordered some 3 scrap walls and 6 sheet metal barricades from Crooked Dice Miniatures. This should give us even more places to hide our minis. Mine won't be painted this well, but I think I will use them to add a bit more color to my board.
  5. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Thanks. Because of all the windows there's not enough places where a model can be placed completely out of sight. To remedy this I am going to paint some boards to put over some of the windows. This will break up some of the grey stone on the buildings and make it easier for models to move about the board.
  6. Morg 'N' Thorg

    Beautiful! The metal parts are superb. You are a talented painter.
  7. Warhamsters 9/12 - Game Night!

    Excuses excuses. Since a third of our number will be out this week, how about we use Tuesday night to make up games from the first three weeks? I know that D_Lo, Sherbert, and I have games to make up. Scipiano probably needs to make up one as well.
  8. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    After a skirmish against a band of Preserves, my mutants stumbled upon a looted gun shop. Brother Ne spotted a box of ammo on the floor, beneath a partially collapsed support beam. He managed to shift the beam without bringing down the ceiling and was rewarded with Pre-Fall Ammo relic. Meanwhile, my Feral Mutant, Brother Ick, had spotted something shiny in Pre-Fall porta potty. When he reached down to fish it out, he slipped, and ended up submerged tank of hundred year old excrement. He now suffers a -1 penalty to all stat test during the next Game. Brother Ick, indeed. After cashing in the bounty on the Rad-Zombies my warband destroyed, I cobbled together enough barter script to hire an Alpha Mutant to serve as second in command. This newest disciple, known simply as The Deacon, is equipped with an assault rifle and the pre-fall ammo that Brother Ne retrieved from the old gun shop. Assembling a model for this new recruit was quite simple. Put Necromunda Redemption mode on base, add a plastic belt pouch to rear of model, and voila! I will need to hire another Rank & File model in order to hire a third Specialist. I don't yet have the barter script to do this, but in anticipation of this, I assembled another cultist. I ran out of suitable plastic cultist bodies, so I used a body from the Frostgrave soldier sprue. The arms come from the North Star cultist sci-fi weapons kit (I removed the original gun), and the assault rifle was made by Anvil Industries.
  9. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    I've added rings of cratered earth to my dormant ordnance markers. I converted a Necromunda Redemptionist Deacon into a Mondo (i.e. a big, dumb mutant), for my mutant cultist warband. The arms come from the Frostgrave barbarian sprue. Models with the Large rule are supposed to be 8' tall, so to add some height to the model, I snipped off its little feet and added some boots from a plastic GW Guardsman.
  10. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Okay, so I'm not quite done with my post-apocalypse terrain. Below are some WIP barriers and 'dormant ordnance' markers. I saw Warsenal's Dark Age Scrounger Outpost and couldn't resist. It will make a fantastic centerpiece and an excellent fortification for the Little Slice of Heaven scenario. It's an interesting kit. Most of the components are MDF, but it also includes parts punched-out of a 1.5mm acrylic sheet, and even a small piece of cloth (not pictured), that serves as an awning. The acrylic parts are used for the flexible components (e.g. the roofs), customized plating, and to add depth to flat surfaces, like the floors and roofing. I wish they hadn't elected to use transparent acrylic sheeting. Once you punch-out the small acrylic plates, they are easy to lose on your workbench.
  11. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Now that my TNT terrain is mostly done, it's time to get to work on my warbands. My Tribals are my primary warband, but my mutants look like they will be much more fun to paint, so I may start with them. I still haven't decided. Below is what my Tribals look like after 3 games. I started the campaign with 9 models and have since lost and replaced 3 KIA models. I've also added an additional War Bringer and a Tribal. During the campaign phase of game 3, I drew the 'Can We Keep It' card and added 3 Wild Mutants to my warband. These mutants are represented as feral children with hidden mutations (2 have electric aura and 1 caustic blood). I used Wyrd Miniatures' 'The Stolen' minis and armed them with weapons from a Reaper Miniatures' weapon sprue. Left to right, back to front. Max (Bounty Hunter), Crazy Jack (Tribal Scout), Brother Coyote (Great Shaman), War Bringer (War Bringer), Black Cloud (War Bringer) Broken Toes (Tribal Warrior), Breaks Bows (Tribal Warrior), Hawk (Tribal), Yazzie (Tribal) Short Tooth (Warbeast), Blue Dog (Warbeast), Lynx (Wild Mutant), Ocelot (Wild Mutant), Bobcat (Wild Mutant) I'm still not 100% satisfied with my first attempt at a War Bringer armed with a missile launcher, so I went back the the drawing board. This fella is one of Westwind's Crow Dog minis. The mini is between 28mm "pulp" and 28mm "fine" scale, so it is too small for an Anvil RPG launcher. Instead, I replaced its shotgun with a Reaper Miniature's bazooka and added a cut down Anvil rocket propelled grenade to the muzzle. This model's face was a bit malformed (bad cast), so I performed reconstructive surgery with GS.
  12. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    I've always hated painting vehicles and these old wrecks are no exception. Bleh! Nonetheless, I was eager to get them done, along with the Walking Dead barriers, so that I no longer need to use unpainted terrain. There are still a few pieces I want to add to my 4' x 4' apocalypse table, but for the most part it's done.
  13. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    It's time to add a second Warbringer to my Tribal warband. This model is an Apache from Black Scorpion Miniatures' Tombstone line. I've replaced the model's original weapon and arms with the Anvil Industry's RPG launcher bits. Like Fireforge and North Star, Black Scorpion uses the a material similar to GW's "Finecast" resin. I don't know if Black Scorpion has higher quality control standards or a more skillful manufacturer, but based upon experience with all three manufacturers, Black Scorpion does the best job of working with this awful material. There's still bubbles and malformed detail, but not to the point where I feel that I've been cheated. Black Scorpions' minis are 32mm. Most of the minis in my Tribal warband are 28mm 'fine' scale. Since my new Warbringer is on one knee, the difference in scale isn't quite as obvious. If you do a side-by-side comparison, he still looks pretty big, so I've named Big Feet.