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  1. Koyote

    Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Che (Mysterious Stranger -Haunted Gunfighter) and Chief Brody (Sheriff) Che is from the Americano Mercianorios pack made by Pulp Figures. I used GS to add sideburns and extend his mustache so that he has a glorious trucker stashe. His Lewis Gun is a counts-as assault rifle with the large caliber upgrade. Chief Brody is from Lead Adventure's Contaminated Seas model line.
  2. Koyote

    Post Apocalypse Koyote

    After the first two games of our TNT campaign, Captain Quint had enough experience points to purchase his first Warband Rank. I selected Personal Pet, which lets me add a Nuisance level creature to my warband. Pip is a feral mutant child (counts-as a Wild Mutant) adopted by Quint. And while Pip isn't the captain's pet, he's loyal to a fault and rarely leaves Quint's side. Captain Quint (Militant Leader) and Pip (Wild Mutant - pet) The model that I use to represent Pip is a Wyrd Miniatures' Outcast 'Stolen' mini. The model has a rifle slung over its right shoulder. The rifle is from a Reaper sprue and I used GS to make the rifle's strap. I gave Pip the creepy black eyes to indicate that he's a mutant. I don't recall where I got the fish. It's supposed to be a mutant Red Snapper, but I didn't add enough red to the orange, so instead it's a giant mutant gold fish. I've finished converting my Missionary and Regular. With both of its hands wrapped around a big book, arming the Lovecraft mini required a little extra creativity. In keeping with my post-apoc maritime/Cthulhu theme, I added a severed tentacle to the Regular's base. The tentacle's suckers were malformed, so I repaired them with GS.
  3. Koyote

    Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Here are some of Fogou Models' shanties that I painted for an upcoming campaign scenario.
  4. Koyote

    Post Apocalypse Koyote

    I finally got around to finishing this fellow. Spider (Wandering Mutant - Freelancer)
  5. Koyote

    Warhamster game night Tuesday 4/3.

    I'll be at Dark Tower shortly after 5:00. One can play 2 games of TNT in 3-4 hours, but it'll be tight -especially when you add the in post scenario campaign phase. With 3 or 4 games occurring, more or less simultaneously, terrain and table space may also be an issue. I recommend that TNT players show up as early as possible and to please arrive with your warband rosters completed (or at least mostly completed). Oh, and word around the wasteland water cooler is that there are at least two clans of mutant cannibals stalking ruins of Old Seattle, so keep your wits about you.
  6. Koyote

    Post Apocalypse Koyote

    I've assembled the models for my post-apoc Fisherman themed Settlers warband. The first eight miniatures pictured below are part of my starting warband. The rest are reinforcements that I'll add as my warband grows. Captain Quint (Militant Leader), Chief Brody (Sheriff), Che (Mysterious Stranger -Haunted Gunfighter), & Queequeg (Militia Gunsmith) Quint, Brody, and Queequeg are Lead Adventure minis. Che is from Pulp Figures' Americano Mercenarios pack. Che's Lewis gun will eventually be an assault rifle with the large caliber upgrade. O'Connel (Regular), Tashtego (Militaman), Stub (Militiaman), & Flask (Militiaman) O'Connel comes from Pulp Figure's Merchant Sailor with Rifle pack. Tashtego is West Wind Miniature's Crow Dog Soldier set. Both Stub and Flask are from Lead Adventure's Contaminated Seas model line. Missionary, Citizen Medic, Militiaman, & Militiaman These guys are my reinforcements. As such, I haven't named them yet. The Missionary and the Militiaman with the oar are Lead Adventure minis. The civilian medic comes from Black Cat Bases. I added the backpack and GS backpack straps. The militiaman with the rifle is another Merchant Sailor from Pulp Figures. Bounty Hunter & Wandering Mutant My starting list doesn't include any Freelancers, but as soon as I can afford them I'll recruit a Bounty Hunter and Wandering Mutant. The Bounty Hunter is made by Copplestone Castings. I removed his sawed off shotgun and replaced it with an assault rifle made by Crooked Dice Game Design Studio. The Wandering Mutant comes from the Lobotomy boardgame. He is also armed with a Crooked Dice assault rifle.
  7. Koyote

    This Is Not A Test (TNT)

    Here's a Facebook post from TNT's author, Joey McGuire. The roach was made by Dragon Bait Miniatures. Here's a pic from Dragon Bait's FB page.
  8. Koyote

    Frostgrave...so good!

    I've played a number of multi-player Frostgrave games and I remember it running fairly smoothly. If memory serves, multi-player play is built into the core rules.
  9. Koyote

    SAGA: Age of Crusades

    Age of Crusades is available for pre-order. LINKY SAGA Age of Crusades is a SAGA Supplement which covers the wars of faith fought in the West and the East from the First Crusade to the Mongol invasions. This Universe offers 12 factions covering every arena of battle, each one with its own Battle Board, legendary unit, heroes and special rules. The book also contains auxiliary units to recruit, and a variant on the standard game which transforms your game into a battle of faith! Follow in the wake of Godfrey of Bouillon, join the ranks of the Teutonic Order, fight alongside Saladin or resist with the Baltic tribes. Do not weaken for the valiant will survive and win eternity in heaven!
  10. Koyote

    SAGA: Aetius Arthur

    Studio Tomahawk has printed a limited run of hard copy amendments and amended battle boards to bring SAGA Aetius & Arthur fully in line with the new edition. All future purchases of A&A will come with the new battle boards. LINKY You can download the two page amendment HERE.
  11. Koyote

    Koyote's Britons

    Sadly, I didn't take very many photos and the pics that I did snap were taken with my iPhone and in bad light, so they aren't very good. Here's a couple of photos take by Bill Thornhill, owner of Footsore Miniatures. I nabbed them from the Footsore Facebook page. Here's one of my photos. It was taken mid-game against The Dude's beautiful Byzantines. It's a shame that I didn't take any close ups. And here's my Britons castling-up against the Moors. The Moorish battle board punishes opponents who spread out, so I thought it best to deploy everyone within 6" of my Warlord. Here's Mike's berserkers charging my doomed guides. This was a hostage scenario, so the individual viking models standing directly behind my Briton units are prisoners, not active units. Here's a shot from my game against John's Spanish. The decision that he's making right now is what won him the game. By using Battle Chaos to place 2 fatigue markers on each my warlord and healthguard, he saved one of his two remaining mounted units of warriors. If I had been able to catch and destroy both units, the game would have ended in a draw. Curse you John and your Spanish trickery. :) Lastly, here's the set up for the game against my buddy, Seth.
  12. Koyote

    Warhamsters 3/27 Night o' Games

    Yes, I'll witness rolls.
  13. Koyote

    Warhamsters 3/27 Night o' Games

    I will be there to run the demo. If you have them, please bring your models and your completed warband roster.
  14. Koyote

    Koyote's Britons

    Wow! What an amazing three days of tournaments. I played doubles with Fluger. We won second place overall, but the most rewarding part of the tournament was getting a chance to play SAGA with six amazing opponents. In the first round we played against Tracy Beech and THE Andy Lyon. The outcome was never in doubt. We lost handily. Our next two rounds were played against great guys that I met at last year’s SAGA events, Farshad & Chicago Mike, and Rich & Missouri Mike (or is it Michigan Mike?). By winning both games we secured second place overall. My first round opponent in SAGA Singles was played against the host of the SAGA podcast, SAGA Thorsday, Joe (aka ‘The Dude’, aka the ‘Wiscohorndog’). He played a beautifully painted Byzantine warband. Ultimately the Byzantines triumphed and sent the Briton provincials packing. In round two I got another shot at Missouri/Michigan Mike. He avenged his earlier loss from the day before by holding me to a draw. What a great game. My last game was played againt Jeff and his devious Moors. This was my first game against Moors, so it was really fun learning about what they can do. Using his superior knowledge of the game and Moorish trickery, Jeff pulled out the win. I ended the Day 1 Singles tournament with a losing record (my first ever), but I did win ‘best painted’. Woo-hoo! I began the Day 2 Singles tournament with a game against Chicago John’s gorgeous Spanish Warband. The Spanish gave John a huge advantage in the scenario, so I was amazed when I ended up losing by only the narrowest of margins. BTW John went on to win Best Painted, and if you ever get a chance to see his spectacular hand-painted shields, you’ll know why. I played game two against the overall winner from the Day 1 Singles tournament, Nicholas. Midway through the game I believed that I had him, but then he played (with my urging), The Long Dark, and took back the advantage. Left with only one SAGA die, my only chance to narrow the scenario point gap and avoid total annihilation eluded me when I failed (two turns in a row), to roll the SAGA die I needed to move my last unit of warriors into the safety of a nearby forest. On the last turn the Rus Princes’ Warlord and Druzhina cavalry charged and obliterated my last unit of warriors. He kept apologizing for me tabling me. I told him that he had nothing to apologize for. He played a great game and was a fantastic opponent. I was very happy for him. I played game three (my very last game of SAGA 1.0) against my good friend Seth. The game was played with a crowd of friends around the table and plenty of trash talk. It looked like I was doing really well, so in a stunning display of cockiness, I used my final turn to pull my entire warband back, out of Seth’s vikings’ reach. I did it to be funny and to tease Seth, but in the end, my hubris was my undoing. My initial count of the slaughter points put me 4 points ahead of Seth. Then I realized that I had forgotten to count my 4 hearthguard casualties, so the game ended in a draw. That’s what I get for being a jackass. We all had a good laugh at my expense, and after thinking about it, a draw against good friend was the perfect way to end 3 days of SAGA tournaments and my last game of SAGA 1.0. Champions of King (SAGA Doubles) and Rune Carver (SAGA Singles).
  15. Koyote

    Koyote's Britons

    Nope. It's Google Latin for 'God dammit'.