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  1. Koyote

    Sweaty Hamster Game Night 8/7

    I'll be there with my SAGA stuff, but I'm open to board gaming as well.
  2. Koyote

    Koyote in Mordheim

    There's more than enough room in tent for an Imperial Knight. Unfortunately, I don't have a finished knight to test out in the photo tent, only this fella that I converted into a House Taranis Knight and magnetized, but never painted. And now that 40K is forever dead to me, it'll forever remain a pretty unpainted model on my shelf. 🙂
  3. Koyote

    Koyote in Mordheim

    For years and years I've been taking lousy-to-mediocre photos of my miniatures, so I finally broke down and bought myself a photo tent and some proper lamps. Here's what I purchased. It's nothing fancy, but as you can see from my first photo using the new gear, it's made a significant improvement in the quality of my photos. Over the next few months I think I'll be reshooting a lot of my minis.
  4. With the Dark Tower Mordheim campaign tentatively set to begin mid October, it's time for me to get started on my warband. My plan is to resurrect the Kislev warband that I played (but never painted) back in 2009. I've updated some of the models and added some new characters, but names and backgrounds (which I will post later), remain essentially the same. Druzhina (80) dueling pistols (13*) sword (10) = 103 points Esaul (35) great weapon (15) = 50 points Bear Tamer (35) sword (10), hammer (3)= 48 points Youth #1 (15) hammer (4) = 18 points Youth #2 (15) mace (3) = 18 points Cossack #1 (30) sword (10) shield (5) = 45 points Cossack #2 (30) sword (10) shield (5) = 45 points Cossack #3 (30) halberd (10) = 40 points Streltsi #1 (25) great weapon (15) bow (10) = 50 points Streltsi #2 (25) great weapon (15) bow (10) = 50 points Kislev Ranger (30) * 1/2 price ancestral item Youth, Youth, Druzhina, Esaul, Bear Tamer The two Youth models are City Militia models from Fireforge Games' Medieval Russian model line with GW arms,bits, and weapons. The female's head was made by Statuesque Miniatures. The Druzhina is an Altreich Engineer made by Black Chapel miniatures. The Esaul is a V&V viking miniature. I replaced its head with a head from GW's Empire Archer kit. The axe blade comes from Frostgrave's Barbarian kit. The Bear Tamer's head, body, and right arm is a metal, GW Kislev horse archer. The rest of the bits are GW. Cossack, Cossack, Cossack, Streltsi, Streltsi The 3 Cossacks are all from GW's Mordheim Kislev model line. The two Streltsi are from GW’s Kislev Kossars box set. Kislev Ranger The Kislev Ranger is another GW Mordheim model. As you can see, I strung her bow, replaced her humongous sword with a slightly less humongous axe, and did some extensive GS work to cover up her ridiculous cleavage.
  5. Koyote

    SAGA New Edition (2018)

    SAGA 2.0 FAQ Javelins have been toned down.
  6. Koyote

    Tuesday Night Hamster Fight 7/24

    ... SAGA!
  7. Koyote

    Koyote's Pagan Rus & Eastern Princes

    I've been disappointed time and again by Fireforge's "fine resin" products, so I was pleasantly surprised when opened my Richard the Lionheart blister today. The detail is fantastic. None of the pieces are malformed. Not one air bubble. Almost no mold lines or flash. Overall, a superb product. I suspect that they've changed their "fine resin" material. The new material feels denser and slightly heavier. It's much less brittle. The surfaces seem smoother. The material looks and feels like a soft-to-medium plastic. It's a big improvement.
  8. Home sick with the flu today, so Jake and Brandon/Brendon/Brendan/Branden are on their own. 😀 Sorry guys.
  9. Koyote

    Warhamsters 7/10 Game Night

    Playing Conan with Jim.
  10. Koyote

    Koyote's Pagan Rus & Eastern Princes

    I have a number of Fireforge's plastic spears. For plastics they are sturdy and not too thick. If I had to recommend plastic spears, I'd recommend Fireforge's. I've had no problem with with my wire spears holding paint. As a rule, I don't varnish my models as it tends mute the color. I do, however, apply matte varnish to the sides of bases and anything pointy that sticks out from the model. This cuts down on paint chipping. I use Valejo's matte varnish in the plastic squeeze bottle.
  11. Koyote

    Koyote's Pagan Rus & Eastern Princes

    My V&V vikings arrived and they sure are purty. The detail is quite nice and the flash and mold lines are minimal. I want all my warriors to have hand weapons (no spears) and I don't care for the shields that came in the kit, so reequipped many of them. When lined up against viking models from V&V's earlier viking kits and viking models from other manufacturers there is a noticeable difference in height and proportions. Look at the V&V vikings 4th (old) and 5th (new) from the right. Compare the size of the model's head and the thickness of the limbs. The new V&V viking make the the old one looks kind of puny. The new V&V models scale fairly well against GW human models (Empire & Bretonnians), which got me thinking. I now have 12 oversized vikings that I probably won't integrate into my Pagan Rus warband, but they would make a mighty-fine Norse Explorers warband for Mordheim. Twelve models gives me enough for a starting 500 gc warband plus room to grow. All that I need to do is find a suitable Ulfwerenar model (werewolf) and I'm ready to explore the City of the Damned. Hmm..
  12. Koyote

    Koyote's Pagan Rus & Eastern Princes

    Thanks. Wire spears are the only way to go. White metal spears are too thick and bendy. Plastic spears are better, but if the model is dropped or gets snagged, plastic can break. With wire spears the only danger is to yourself when you go to grab one and stab yourself, which is why I use a file to blunt the points. 🙂 The five or six blisters of Fireforge’s “fine resin” minis that I’ve purchased, included both cav and infanty. All were awful. However, it’s been over a year now, so you never know, they could be better now. Then again GW’s Finecast GW minis were crap and so were the “fine resin” North Star Minuature’s cultist weapon pack that bought, so it’s likely a problem with the material. With that said, Fireforge sells some very good plastic kits. Not GW good, but good for historicals. What faction are you interested in?
  13. Koyote

    Koyote's Pagan Rus & Eastern Princes

    Here's what I've put together for my Eastern Princes warlord. The rider and rearing horse are made by Curteys Miniatures. The head is from the Fireforge Russian Infantry kit and the shield is carved down Norman kite shield from Conquest Games. The model can be improved with some GS work, but even so, I feel kind of 'meh' about it. Even with a rearing horse, the rigidly posed riders makes the model feel stiff and unnatural. I gave its throwing arm a bit of a bend and the head a slight turn to the right, but it didn't do much good. Yesterday, while doing my daily rounds through the webpages of various miniatures manufacturers I spotted Fireforge Games' new Richard the Lionheart minis. The model got me thinking. By using GS to make the top of his helm a bit pointier, swapping out the shield, and carving the lions off of the mounted model's surcoat, this model could make a damn fine Eastern Princes monarch. The model's armor is heavier than those of my mounted hearthguard, but since Lithuanian warlord's are not equipped with javelins, the heavier armor makes sense. Sadly, it's cast in Fireforge's "fine resin" material. Nevertheless, against my better judgment and bitter experience with Fireforge's so called "fine resin" miniatures, I placed an order. I know, it's a gamble. But it's my hope is that since these are a brand new models, Fireforge will exercise at least some degree of quality control on these products before shipping them to customers. Fingers crossed.
  14. Koyote

    Hamsters Game Night 7/3

  15. Koyote

    Koyote's Pagan Rus & Eastern Princes

    The Bogatyr have arrived! Over the years, I've ordered hundreds of miniatures from scores of manufacturers and resellers, but I have never received my minis packaged in cigarette boxes, until now. Clever. The models were well wrapped in bubble wrap so they arrived in perfect, albeit a bit smelly, condition. LOL. Based on the product photo I was concerned that the Bogatyr models would be a bit too large, but as it turns out the opposite is true. Like Drabant miniatures, these minis are closer in scale to 25mm than 28mm. The detail is good and the presence of mold lines is about average. Overall, the quality is quite good. As in the painting that served as the inspiration for these minis, the horses' poses are fairly static. Nevertheless, the sculpts are quite nice. In fact, they rank among the best I've seen from manufacturers that produce metal historicals. Kudos to the sculptor. I had hoped to make the Bogatyr armed with a spear my Eastern Princes warlord, but the model's size may preclude that. I won't know for certain until I get a chance to compare the Bogatyr to my Gripping Beast/Fireforge Games kitbashed hearthguard.