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  1. I am looking for the turrets for the forgeworld hammerhead variants. Anybody got any of those floating around they'd be willing to part with? High-Yield Missile Pod Twin T'au Plasma Cannon Twin Heavy Burst Cannon
  2. You hush. I will have my revenge upon the mawloc next year! BLOOD FOR THE BLO...I mean...for the greater good!!!
  3. Team D have all made it home safe and sound! I've seen a thank you thread that mostly seems to be oriented towards 9th Age, so I'm going to just put this here. I want to thank the HoG, the Ordo senators, and everyone who helped make this OFCC possible. It was laid-back, easy going, fun, and an absolute blast. In short, it was completely worth the trip out there and I can't wait to see everyone again next year!
  4. Ordo Dice

    Ordo dice are here at ofcc. What colors do you want. See group text for pic!
  5. Who is planning on playing 8th?

    Fair heheh. Just wanna make sure I give good games :) and yeah I hear ya on the comversion issue. points and usefulness for Tau units got changed about pretty dramatically.
  6. Who is planning on playing 8th?

    Indeed it is. 7th edition one will be fully painted as the official one for the event. Just don't have the time to paint an 8th edition list too. Worst comes to worst I'll cobble something together from painted models. The effectiveness will just take a nasty hit. Sad face! I'll ask the HOG though.
  7. Who is planning on playing 8th?

    For an unofficial army only played by gentleman's agreement? That's unfortunate.
  8. Who is planning on playing 8th?

    I will bring an 8th edition list, however I do not have the time to get it fully painted and might possibly have to proxy a little for any opponent who would rather play 8th (which I am more than happy to do). There are actually no overlap in models between my 7th and 8th edition lists so I may have to make some sacrifies in the latter just getting models from OH over there to play. Wish me luck! LOL.
  9. 2K Tau List

    Hello, all! I've been trying to formulate a 2k Tau list that can work as a take all comers in my local meta without being "That" guy. You know the guy. Local meta right now consists of a few space marine/chaos marine varieties, some fledgling tau, Xavier's orks, and 2+ Astra Militarum players. The list below is what I've been putting together so far with the idea to bring my beloved kroot finally back to the table, and fire warriors are a good and more solid anti-infantry presence, but having looked at the ork , AM, and knight-containing lists popping up I'm concerned I don't have enough legit anti-tank. Outside opinions are welcome cause I can mull over this all day and not really get anywhere with so much of my current play-style grounded in 6th and 7th. Total Points: 1916 Battalion Detachment - 1600 HQ Aun'Va (65) [75] -Ethereal Guard (2) (10) Longstrike (137) [225] -Railgun (38) -Smart Missile System (2) (40) -Seeker Missile (2) (10) Commander (76) [156] -Missile Pod (3) (72) -Drone Controller (8) Troops Strike Team (10) [103] -Shas'vre Markerlight (3) -Missile Pod Turret (20) Strike Team (10) [103] -Shas'vre Markerlight (3) -Missile Pod Turret (20) Strike Team (10) [103] -Shas'vre Markerlight (3) -Missile Pod Turret (20) Kroot Carnivores (10) [60] Kroot Carnivores (10) [60] Kroot Carnivores (10) [60] Fast Attack Pathfinders (10) [125] -Markerlights (7) (21) -Rail Rifle (3) (66) -Pulse Accelerator Drone (8) Pathfinders (10) [125] -Markerlights (7) (21) -Rail Rifle (3) (66) -Pulse Accelerator Drone (8) Elites Firesight Marksman (21) [24] -Markerlight (3) Heavy Support Sniper Drones (9) [162] Hammerhead (117) [205] -Railgun (38) -Smart Missile System (2) (40) -Seeker Missile (2) (10) Outrider Detachment - 330 HQ Commander in Coldstar Battlesuit (90) [144] -Missile Pod (24) -High-Output Burst Cannon (20) -Advanced Targeting System (8) -Multi-tracker (2) Cadre Fireblade (39) [42] -Markerlight (3) Fast Attack Kroot Hounds (12) [48] Kroot Hounds (12) [48] Kroot Hounds (12) [48]
  10. 8th Edition FAQ

    Looks like the first round of FAQs is out. Everybody take a look! They're already tweaking unit sizes and stats along with broader rules changes. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/07/02/warhammer-40000-faq-now-available-july2gw-homepage-post-1/
  11. new edition army size

    Not weird at all heheh. From what I've gleaned so far points-size for lists should be around 2000 but at this juncture no one really knows since we haven't seen point values for units yet. As for playing the bad guy, in the 41st millenium who ISN'T the bad guy?
  12. the fallout

    Jeff's got his Tzeentch sorcerer list he's planning on taking to OFCC. I'm still working on mine though mine's more half new than new. Not sure what Sean's current project is. I think a space marine armored company.
  13. The Hunt...

    Thank you for the feedback :). Yeah I do like the ghostkeel models quite a bit. I stopped running them soon after getting them due to them being unfriendly to the large number of new players I'd had in the area at the time. Said players have become all growed up since then though and this is kind of the last hurrah for the 'keels in 7th. As stealth suits go I have always loved the models though I generally have trouble fitting them into lists. In this case it was a mix of I didn't want to increase the power of the Optomized Stealth Cadre too much more by adding more stealth suits into the formation, and I wanted to take the remoras too which competes for that same 180 some-odd points.
  14. The Hunt...

    Lol! I bow before the unbridled majesty of your unmodified ranged D pie plates =P Although more seriously if you're saying this list is on the same level as that for OFCC that's something I need to address >_>