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  1. Re-rolling wounds, no minus to hit. Plus a convenient red glow. It's legit.
  2. andy

    base question

    Cool, thanks. I got a bunch in trade years ago, and they're standless (though probably due to me losing the stands and forgetting)
  3. andy

    base question

    Deff Koptas have bases?
  4. andy

    Urban Conquest

    My Speed Freeks are going to love Streets & Roads. Go figure 🙂
  5. andy

    Urban Conquest

    I pre-ordered a copy and am looking forward to playing. I recall reading somewhere that it's intended for 4 to 6/8(?) players; hopefully it'll scale downwards for my 3-person group. If not, I suppose we could each play 2 factions...
  6. In the most recent Independent Characters podcast, Carl Tuttle mentioned that there are two playtest groups that he's aware of. One is codenamed The Mournival, and does rules/competitive playtest -- I believe that's the one that the Nova and FLG guys are a part of. The other is called The Infinity Circuit, and comes at playtest from a more casual, narrative point of view and includes people like his group (Carl, Adan, Justin), Loopy (from the Masters of the Forge podcast, and other stuff) and a few others I don't recall. I think it is smart for GW to come at playtest from both sides. Parsing the two streams of feedback can't always be easy, as 40k has a pretty complex history (in-game backstory, playstyle and edition wars) but I'm glad they're at least trying to address all the styles of play.
  7. andy


    A Cadre Fireblade + EMP Grenade strategem is a reliable way to get a wound on a target in preparation for Focused Fire. It costs a CP, but when you *really* need that wound it's worth it. And those other T'au players running T'au sept weren't only doing it for Focused Fire... overwatch on a 5+, rerolling ones if you're clever and a bit lucky with Greater Good markerlights is like a free shooting phase.
  8. andy

    Black Legion Sorcerer

    I like it... Heretic Chaplain vibe.
  9. andy

    40k movement trays?

    I've been thinking about doing something along these lines for my orks. Mobs of 30 boys are a pita to move, but I worry that trays would be too difficult to maneuver due to terrain.
  10. andy


    I wish they'd never rolled Genestealers up into the Tyranids. They work so much better as Lovecraftian horrors IMO.
  11. andy

    Orks 2k list building

    Mostly, I need help keeping my Strategems and special abilities straight 😉 That, and assault tricks & techniques... never really did much of that with my T'au. I am going Evil Suns... looking forward to a fully mechanized Waaagh!
  12. andy

    Orks 2k list building

    Do share! I've switched over to Orks from my T'au and need all the help I can get 😄
  13. andy


    The HobbyTown on SE 82nd in Happy Valley seemed to have a large selection last time I was there... plus they have a large selection of Vallejo paints if you like.need any.
  14. andy

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Deadpool 5/5 - I put this on to keep me company while building my Gorkanaut. Two hours later I had made zero progress on the model. Hellboy 5/5 - I put this on after Deadpool, and made even less progress on the model... having glued it to my fingers.
  15. andy


    That's a Drone Controller