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  1. I just finished The Greater Evil, a short story from Black Library. I usually avoid gaming fiction, but I'm super-enthusiastic for my new Tau so I figured it was worth a shot. If it sucked it was only a few bucks, so what the hell? Turns out it's a fun read.
  2. WTB: Tau DS8 Tactical Support Turrets

    Thanks, I'll keep an eye on it.
  3. W: Tau Gun & Shield Drones H:$$$

    Thanks, much appreciated.
  4. W: Tau Gun & Shield Drones H:$$$

    I expect I'd take as many as possible. How many do you have? I'm in Vancouver.
  5. I need Tau drones, gun & shield. Does anyone have spares they'd be willing to sell?
  6. Crisis Suit Config?

    The problem with Early Warning Override on Crisis Suits is that for it to work, the suits must be on the table. Crisis suits are MUCH more valuable when held in deep strike reserve themselves ("Manta Strike") then bombed in (Homing Beacons FTW). I've tinkered with Shield Generators on my suits, but typically the Crisis team is inside rapid fire range and gets wasted by failing 3+ saves rather than by special weapons. In either case, the third weapons would pay dividends. Advanced Targeting System (-1 AP to all weapons) seems tasty, but Tau shooing isn't very good so I think an extra chance to hit >> better wounding. The first step of Marker Lights is re-roll 1's, so you'd have to be crazy to sacrifice more shots for the Multi-tracker (re-roll 1's). Guess that answers the question, eh? MOAR GUNS.
  7. Crisis Suit Config?

    It seems to me that answer to the question of Crisis Suit configuration is always "MOAR GUNS", but perhaps I'm missing something. Is it worth it to use up a hardpoint on wargear, instead of just bolting on another weapon?
  8. Cold weather priming

    Airbrush, baby. It's the answer to the question you didn't know you were asking.
  9. The current Layers Podcast is a really interesting discussion on thinners, flow-aids, media etc. Worth a listen: https://layerspodcast.libsyn.com/additives-and-mediums-part-2
  10. Power Ratings vs Point value

    IME Power Levels aren't for competitive games, instead work best in friendly games with people you know and have a shared understanding of the meta. My group has been using PL and we're quite fond of it. List design is very quick, and games have been balanced -- I've found that a lucky opening draw of Tactical Objectives is far more unbalancing than the 'float' in PL. If I was attending a tourney I'd certainly expect to use Points. For a pickup game at a local store I might lean towards Points... but if my opponent suggested using PL, I'd probably go for it especially if we played WYSIWYG. And if I saw 24 lascannons coming onto the table I'd concede and congratulate my opponent on his well-earned win.
  11. Power Ratings vs Point value

    1 PL is roughly equal to about 20 points, so a 50PL game is a quick scenario while 75-100PL is a bigger commitment. I like 100PL myself, though the occasional 120PL is fun 'cuz you can bring more of the big toys. 8th definitely plays faster, both due to the overall speed of the game but also because of the relative deadliness... models just vanish off the board. In most of the games I've played, the end of turn 2 looks like the end of turn 4. It's brutal. Not that brutal is a bad thing exactly, it's just different. The whole game feels like it got bumped towards the beer & pretzels end of the spectrum which gets 👍 👍 from me.
  12. 40k Warscroll Cards?

    My son was asking about something like this; I'm planning on rolling my own too. I think GW is missing some easy money on this...
  13. I need a few Tau DS8 Tactical Support Turrets to fill in a few Fire Warrior squads that were built before these little guys were a thing. Anyone have some?
  14. Plasticard in PDX?

    Excellent, thanks Scott.
  15. Plasticard in PDX?

    What's the best place around Vancouver/Portland to buy plasticard? I need some diamondplate to spiff up some bases, but don't want to just buy online sight-unseen and end up with the wrong scale. TIA