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  1. You might check FreeGeek's storefront. They get 6502 Apple stuff in a few times a year.
  2. Hat's really cool. My first computer was an Apple ][+ and I've thought about buying one for nostalgia's sake. Hmmmm.... Good luck with your search.
  3. Snow!

    They've got food, beer and piles of games. If anyone is in a position to ride out a winter storm it's them! Quitters.
  4. Job searching sucks

    If you're open to commuting to Vancouver, HP is hiring engineers (SW, FW, HW, Devops) as well as program and product manager types. Check out this link for more detail. None of the positions are in my group, but I'd be happy to chat if you want. LMK.
  5. It's like sitting through all the credits just in case there's an easter-egg scene. You're pretty sure there won't be but mayyyyybe there is...
  6. Meta down there (pdx)

    René Descartes walks into a bar. The bartender looks up and asks, "René, can I get you a beer?" Rene replies, "I think not" and disappears.
  7. Eisenhorn Mini

    I have no plans to field an Imperial Soup army, but I really want this model. FOMO is a huge part of this hobby, ain't it?
  8. Modeling Splashing Water?

    I've only done static water before, using Woodland Scenic's EZ-Water. For dynamic water, tutorials I've watched have used Woodland Scenic's Water Effects. Please follow up with what you used and how it worked out.
  9. So #TeamTFG is right out then?
  10. Is it definitely an invitational?
  11. Dorn Flakes! They're GRRRREAT!

    Hunh. I though current-day David Byrne, which is something I can live with. Regis Philbin, notsomuch.
  12. Dorn Flakes! They're GRRRREAT!

    I was pretty sure I was done with my Imperial Fists, but I think I'll pick this guy up for old times sake.
  13. If there's no minimum team size, that's a possibility. Of course, I'd have to talk the rest of the team into letting me join... no small thing.