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  1. Mr. Wint was played by Bruce Glover... Crispin Glover's dad.
  2. From this point forward, I'm doing this every time I play my T'au.
  3. That's what I intended, but as it turns out I'm not to be trusted with the simplest of tasks.
  4. I *think* I saw them at the Hobby Town on 82nd in Happy Valley. Certainly not closer than GG, but an option -- maybe call them first?
  5. Needs orange armor, a crew cut and circle beard. Oh yeah, horn-rimmed glasses, too.
  6. andy

    LVO Previews

    Retirement fund? Who needs it? I shall invest in plastic.
  7. I get the Cars vibe -- reminiscent of the opening of Candy-O
  8. andy


    Just curious, what were your key take-aways from the game vs T'au?
  9. Another squat? So at this point, they're just effing with us right? Right?
  10. Is he the https://www.40kstats.com guy? I don't play competitively, but that's still pretty interesting stuff...
  11. I love infiltrators, vanguard moves, Kunnin' but Brutal... really, any deployment-related shenanigans. GSC are irresistible. Bloody GW and their cool stuff.
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