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  1. Escalation Week One: Sept 24!

    Great turnout, was awesome to see everyone there!
  2. The Grid

    That was my reading as well. I find this scenario extremely interesting. Need to try a few things.
  3. Learning games this week

    If you're up for a drive to Vancouver on Thursday night, Fate&Fury has their Infinity League running. I plan on being there, and have been helping some new players build/learn the game. I'm sure either I, or someone else there, would be glad to get you a game!
  4. Rose City Raid 2018

    This is gonna be awesome! Looking forward to it!
  5. ITS Season 9

    Unless otherwise stated, for an event or that sort of thing, the Club is very hands off on this note. Want to play a game with SoF and all the other extras? Go for it! Want to play a non-ITS scenario or ruleset? Go for it! Just make sure to talk to your opponent so that you are both on the same page.
  6. Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    I think seeing as it is an optional TO's discretion choice mutes it's impact, much like the arrival of 'Just the Tip' last year. There will be a few months-ish of people trying out the new shiny, then you'll see a balance of SoF and non-SoF events.

  8. Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    You made an aggressive LT shot. I definitely did not feel comfortable in my position at any point in that game until the very end.
  9. Return of Necromunda?

  10. Friends, Ordites, Gamers, lend me your ears! On September 23rd at 1:00 PM, the Ordo Fanaticus Senate (our organizing committee) will be holding our annual elections. These determine the makeup of the Senate, as well as the Officers who will be responsible for various duties over the next year to ensure that both our club activities, and the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge (OFCC) actually HAPPEN. This is a PUBLIC meeting, and we invite all interested members of the club to attend and possibly stand for election! Did you attend this year's OFCC and think to yourself "This event rocks, I want to help"? Now's your chance! Get involved in your local club community, and help organize the next year's events! In addition, starting at 10:00AM and running until the meeting time, our Consul, evil_bryan and other Senators will be doing a general club cleanup, sprucing up the place a bit, and possibly even working on curating our terrain collection. Many hands make light work here. For the good of the Order! Exile Ordo Chaplain
  11. Sunday, September 3rd: Safe Area

    Hey, with the SEPTEMBER TO DISMEMBER just around the corner @ Glimpses on the 9th, would anyone be interested in a game of Deadly Dance or Show of Force? Would like to get a practice game in.
  12. Options to try and things to get

    I stand corrected. However, a point of order regarding MA3. The -3 to your opponent applies, according to the 2nd bullet point under 'HOW TO READ CC CHARTS', only in a Face to Face roll. Berserk turns the CC into two separate Normal rolls. No face to face, no -3 to your opponent.
  13. Options to try and things to get

    Berserk and MA (any level) do NOT stack. One or the other.
  14. Sunday, September 3rd: Safe Area

    Too bad it's not quite league yet, I would call for a point for the pun. Or maybe a negative point for the pun. Not sure. See you guys this coming Sunday!