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  1. Exile

    Infinity Campaign

    Are we going to be playing 400 point games at some point, or are we looking at smaller games, with an "Army Roster" feel? FYI, this sounds friggin awesome!
  2. Exile


    I'm planning to be there. I am looking for an opponent for one of the following missions: Highly Classified, Power Pack, Transmission Matrix, Unmasking or, Frostbyte. I will be using the Red (extreme) Classified Deck (and red options in game) but will not ask the same from you if you are not comfortable doing so.
  3. Exile

    Question on MI

    It's a rule from the ITS season 10 pack. https://assets.infinitythegame.net/downloads/itsrules/season10/en/v1.0/season10.pdf Page 9, under 'BRAVERY'. ITS rules are of course up to you and your opponent; certain things (tags getting Fatality L1, Single combat groups being immune to Strategic use of Command tokens) originated in an ITS season, and were kept over. So it's a good thing to be aware of, that may or may not stick around.
  4. Exile

    Rose City Raid 2019 Tickets

    Got mine.
  5. Exile

    Sunday December 30th

    I'll be there. Jay, bring Commander?
  6. Exile

    JSA Shikami heads

    I'll check my bits baggie.
  7. Exile

    Sunday: The 9th! At Guardian!

    It'll be new to someone else!
  8. Exile

    Sunday: The 9th! At Guardian!

    Blister gift exchange sounds awesome. I have a dinner thing this Sunday and will be absent >.<. Next week for sure!
  9. Exile

    Fall Escalation League: Week 8 - Sunday

    The player who has more points left alive (in ITS known as 'Victory Points') at the end of the game scores 3 Objective Points.
  10. Exile

    Raindog's Rampage: 2018

    I'll be there to help, what to bring snack wise this year....
  11. Exile

    X-wing 2.0

    Hence my suggestion re: secondary market. Are the conversion kits perfect? No. Are they the best option FFG had to reset a bloated, power creeped, combo-laden system? I like to think so. Not too unlike a $60 rulebook and a $40 codex, IMO.
  12. Exile

    X-wing 2.0

    How often, and for how many armies, do you update 40k? Just asking. If all you have is Wave 1/2, it may be worth your while to look into splitting out the contents, or just trying to pickup stuff on a secondary market.
  13. Exile

    X-wing 2.0

    Each conversion kit contains enough cardboard (ship tiles, dials, pilot cards, upgrade cards, tokens) to convert between 2 and 4 copies of each ship released in 1.0. Your swarm options like the TiE/ln or Z-95 Headhunter have 4. X-wings, B-wings, Tie Adv, Firespray, YT-1300 are 2x per box. Usually there's an oddball with 3 - the A-Wing and the TiE Interceptor. There's been some slight changes to the movement templates and mechanics for barrel roll, target lock, and a few tweaks in the different phases of a turn. You may be able to get away with not picking up a Core Set for causal play, but eventually you'll probably want to. I can give you a hands-on demo, if you can make it up to Mythic in Vancouver on Wednesday nights for our regular Star Wars night, 6-10PM.
  14. Exile

    Nuclear November ITS

    /Sigh.... Retail schedule.
  15. Exile

    The Infinity Run

    Ah. Muyib LGL with smoke if you have the SWC.