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  1. Exile

    GenCon Shoppers?

    Hey gang, just putting some feelers out for the North Portland Infinity guys - Is anybody on here planning on traveling to GenCon, and could do some ninja-shopping? Please let me know ASAP!
  2. Exile

    Game day - Sunday 7/15

    I'm stuck working, Jay and Eric out of town. @ninefinger Jeff, you got the open?
  3. Exile

    AOS During the Week

    Mythic Realms has an AoS campaign running Thursday nights. 10+ players so far!
  4. Exile

    Tunguska is here

    You are correct. Still, B3 boarding shotgun within 8, burst 4 AP+Shock marksman rifles up to 24... Minelayer, one Marksman, two shotgun gives you a 56 pts, 2 SWC unit that is VERY difficult to completely remove.
  5. Exile

    Tunguska is here

    Puppets allow you Posthuman-esque levels of board presence with a bonus Haris effect. The boarding shotgun profile is also a FO, so B2 wip14? ARO flash pulses, plus the AP marksman rifles (+shock from MML1). They are remotes, so can recieve Assisted fire for B4, AP+Shock ignoring Cover mod, Oh! And they have 2 wounds each. The bike is your warband. Mimetic spitfire on an 8-6 platform? Sure! You can then play Auxilia tricks with a chain rifles and a g.sync trooper, and reposition across the board VERY efficiently.
  6. Exile

    Tunguska is here

    Two structure, with Ghost, in an army with AVA 2 wip 15 engineers.
  7. Exile

    The New And Improved Infinity at the OFCC

    You should check your info.
  8. Exile

    Tunguska is here

    The motorcycle IS the synchbot. When you dismount, the Synchbot pops out next to the dismounted rider. The puppets act as a supplemental fireteam (with a new 'Troupe Leader' token). This is balls-ass crazy. Worst of all, you get a BS13 FIVE MAN LINKABLE Myrmidon.
  9. Exile

    The New And Improved Infinity at the OFCC

    Number one in the hood, G.
  10. Exile

    Parking and The Rose City Raid

    I may UBER in. Just to avoid any BS.
  11. Exile

    An Infinity Curiosity

    Yea, looks like a recast.
  12. Exile

    Sunday 06/17 - OF Game Night at WOW

    Thanks to Jeff K. and Shane for opening, hanging out and chatting, Khan and his crew for knocking out some hobby time, and thanks to Jeff R. and Tyler for playing some Infinity! I hope you got a feel for the game! Next week I'd the Rose City Raid, so myself, Jeff R and Eric will be out. Come see us at the Lucky Lab Northwest on Saturday or Sunday!
  13. Exile

    Game night June 17th will be open!

    You will be missed. I'm on my way down now.
  14. Exile

    Sunday 06/17 - OF Game Night at WOW

    Come on down, we'll see about getting you a demo in! I'll be there around 3, with some armies in tow.
  15. Exile

    Hecklers! 🤩

    Hecklers: Huehuehuehuehuehuehuehue given miniature form.