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  1. Random Song Thread

    Favorite Maiden album!... or at the very least tied with "7th Son." Maiden sure know how to close out an album
  2. Curiousity... Orcs with shields?

    Actually, Iron Orcs (aka Black Orcs) come equipped with hand weapon / shield, paired weapons, and great weapons as standard gear, and they have Weapon Master, meaning you can pick which you want to fight with at the beginning of combat. So just build them to look cool!
  3. Like the title says! Sadly doesn't seem to work on miniature books, but I have the Call of Cthulhu keep book on it's way towards me ($50 book).
  4. 9th Age Starter by TMS

    I totally get why this needed to be done, and I won't pretend that it's not going to be a huge pain to remember the new names, but I hope it won't cause people to jump ship, as the mechanics are *mostly* the same.
  5. 9th Age Starter by TMS

    Does TMS have any sort of ties to 9th Age, other than making some models for it? I don't disagree, in that I'm eagerly awaiting 2.0 to drop (although I wouldn't consider myself more eager than anything else, as I've enjoyed what I've seen for the most part), but a company putting out some models doesn't really have anything to do with the state of the 2.0 release? Also, agree that the UD look a little meh. I'm actually not a huuuuge fan of TMS' stuff, although seeing their minis painted makes them much more appealing. I think their UD range looks about on par with the Mantic stuff, with some looking better and some looking worse. KoE stuff is pretty good, but I think Norba miniatures has better models.
  6. Anyone else get a chance to take a look at this? This has got me pretty excited, not necessarily for the models (although I do think they look nice), but I love that 9th is getting more and more support. I think a 2 person starter box as a great step in the right direction for the game :)
  7. Bring me your Zombies! [and other bits]

    Hey, sorry for the delay. I rummaged through my bits, but didn't really see anything of note that you were looking for. Good luck!
  8. Black Library: Book Recommendations

    So my relationship with Warhammer 40K books has been hit or miss. I've read a number of books, and I've either loved them or hated them. Just wondering what books people like and which ones they don't. I'm an avid reader but I've been in a slump for like a year, looking to turn some pages! Books I've read, for reference: Books I've Enjoyed: Nightlords Trilogy (some of the best fiction I've read) Eisenhorn Trilogy (also great) Talon of Horus (great) Black Legion (reading now) Books That Were OK: The First Heretic Betrayer (never finished) Books I Did Not Like: Hours Rising False Gods Galaxy in Flames Flight of the Eisenstein Fulgrim Soul Drinkers Omnibus
  9. Random Song Thread

    I'm the same way, I only own, like, 5 records, but I'm always on the hunt for tapes! Sadly most of the 2nd hand shops stopped carrying them, and the music stores in Portland seem to charge "collectors prices" for them.
  10. Bring me your Zombies! [and other bits]

    I'll take a look and see what I have for the bits. For the zombies, do they have to be GW? I have a bunch of Mantic Ghouls that are very "zombie-ish."
  11. Random Song Thread

    ONLY ANALOG IS REAL!!! Funny, I have the opposite problem as you: my car's CD / AUX work fine, but my record/cassette player took a crap on me a while ago, heh. Some choice tunes sir! Envious of the King Diamond cassette. Messiah Candlemass is best Candlemass, although Epicus Doomicus Metallicus is great. Couldn't get into the Robert Lowe stuff, even though Solitude Aeturnus is good. Still haven't listened to anything after "Death Magic Doom," heh.
  12. "Minihammer" - 10mm 9th Age?

    Great group, lots of inspiration!
  13. Raising money for terrain.

    Just a little constructive criticism here, maybe you could provide a little more information? Are you trying to secure terrain for a game store? A club? Where will these 8 table tournaments be taking place?
  14. Random Song Thread

    Nightfall / Ancient Dreams / Tales of Creation have been on rotation in my car this last month.
  15. Smoothing 3-D Printed Minis

    Howdy all! So it's my first time messing around with 3-D printed anything, and I ended up picking up a set of "Evil Dwarf" obelisks for my army. Was wondering if anyone had any tips for smoothing out the striations in 3-D printed minis before I grabbed some sandpaper and went to town? I've seen people use the brush-on epoxy for larger stuff, but I worry about clogging up the detail on these guys. Cheers!