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  1. Great! I'll be there after my kid wakes me up, see you all at 6:45am!
  2. Rounds started at... 10am last year? Haven't seen the master schedule for this year, but I would guess it will be similar, if not the same.
  3. Hey Ben! You can go to this thread, it has the info on how to get the special room rate for OFCC:
  4. Warriors of the Dark Gods! Only this year it will be my army, not a borrowed one 🙂
  5. I didn't see this posted anywhere, but Dice Age is doing the equivalent of a "Gamer Garage Sale" tomorrow. @splinx and I are sharing a table, I'll be bringing along some good stuff: NIB Wraithknight, some NIB Necron stuff, a full Infernal / Chaos / Abyssal / "Evil" Dwarf army, some Malifaux, and whatever else I can muster up. Hope to see some of you all there! https://www.facebook.com/events/408161346415308/ Per Dice Age's Facebook: "Local gaming enthusiasts are selling their no longer needed board games, models, bits and bobs and other assorted doohickeys. This is a great time to come in and see what they have to offer. It's the perfect time to buy** the one item that you have been looking for and you might even find it. Stop by between 12:30 and 4:30pm and have a look around. Looking to SELL* your bits and bobs, models and games, and other assorted doohickeys. Reserve a table (half or full) and sell your goods to that customer willing to pay your price. Any games, bits, models, etc, that a customer buys from you (the sale will be rang up through the store), will earn you store credit (ex: they buy $20 worth of stuff from you, you get $20 in store credit) with which you can buy new product with. It's a great chance to clear you closet out of those OOP games you no longer play, or those extra bitz from models you don't need, old cards, etc. Contact the store to reserve a table. *You set the prices, you sell the stuff, the buyer purchases your products from us, and you get in-store credit for your sales! **Loyalty points are not earned for Bitz Blitz and Used Games Sale purchases. Note: All sales are final; no refunds will be issued and cannot be returned to Dice Age Games. All deals made between the seller and buyer are between each other and Dice Age Games holds no responsiblity for those agreements."
  6. I'll keep an eye on this! Nothing wrong with having more options for 9th Age minis 🙂
  7. I never played the game, but I think it's cool that there are still cards being produced for it. Decipher's Lord of the Rings CCG was probably my favorite card game of all time, I wish something like this existed for it.
  8. Awesome news man! Really enjoyed our game last year (will never forget about the frog punching a Chosen and killing the unit off, haha), hopefully we get to play again this year 😎
  9. Yeah, unfortunately both the Gauss and Tesla flavored Immortals use the same back torso piece with the cabling. It's easy enough to find the guns via ebay or bits sites, it's the torsos that are a pain, heh.
  10. Kinda a long shot for these, considering what's "good" and what "isn't" for Necrons in 8th, but I'm looking for a few Necron bits: -Death Ray from the Night/Doom Scythe kit. I have a Night Scythe that I'm looking to turn into a Doom Scythe, need the Death Ray. -Immortals Tesla bits. I have 5 Deathmarks that I'm looking to turn into Tesla Immortals. Need the torsos and guns. -Wraith legs. 1 of my Wraiths came with legs missing, I need 1 of the larger front legs and 2 of the smaller back legs. Have paypal, or I can look around for other bits you might want. Thanks!
  11. Can we get some hair on the Genestealer Cult models while we're at it? I'm tired of being associated with hybrid alien insurrectionists.
  12. Giving honest feedback as to what you prefer to not play against is hardly "policing." If you enjoy playing against Knights, or enjoy playing with them, nobody would fault you on that point. But the idea of "I'm going to bring a Castellans and anyone who doesn't want to play against it is trying to tell me how to have fun" is silly. I've got a Wraithknight. I don't think they are overpowered, and certainly not in the all Iyanden list I'm using him for. If the consensus from other OFCC players was "I would prefer not to play against a Wraithknight," I would bring something else. Because "having fun" means myself and my opponent both enjoy our game. OFCC is different kind of tournament than other, more competitive events. If the only way someone can have fun is by bringing a Castellan, than may be OFCC isn't the event for that person.
  13. I understand the point you are trying to make, but IMO this isn't that at all. This is not OFCC saying '"no Castellans allowed." The OP asked for feedback, and the (so far) consensus from other OFCC players is that they would not enjoy playing against a Castellan.
  14. These look reeeealy nice. Options are a bit more limited that I would have preferred, but the box of 32 allows you to build 24 skeletons with spears, which are pretty hard to come by. If you shorten the pikes a bit (or count them as spears) you can get 32 spear skeletons for $35! Some great stuff for VC / UD players! https://wargamesatlantic.com/products/skeleton-infantry?variant=20081470963810
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