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  1. Attendance list has been updated! Was able to fill some spots, but we still have 1 open slot! Army lists are due in 1 week, by 11:59pm on 2/23! Make sure you get them in and claim your 5 bonus battle points!
  2. Good to know! As I mentioned in my rules pack and on a number of my posts, players should be familiar and abide by all store policies during the event. I don't have any reason to anticipate this being an issue. If the budget allows, I may be able to provide a limited supply of water to the players. Important to note, there is complementary water available on site (bathroom faucets), and outside beverage containers are allowed, just not in the 21+ areas.
  3. I could only guess, but if I had to I would think it has something to do with keeping booze from being smuggled out to youngsters? No idea.
  4. Andrewgeddon

    Looking for bits: Mechanicus Ironstrider / Dragoon pistols

    Dropping you a PM, I build all my kits as Acolytes instead of Metamorphs, so I have a bunch of bits.
  5. Andrewgeddon

    Looking for bits: Mechanicus Ironstrider / Dragoon pistols

    Not planning on getting any of the newer kits unfortunately, but let me know what other GSC bits you might be looking for? Or a price? Thanks!
  6. Andrewgeddon

    T9A Portland/Vancouver Meetup thread

    A bit last minute, but anyone down for some 9th Age tomorrow, weather permitting? I need to pick up something at Dice Age, so would prefer to do it there, around noon?
  7. I have had some spots open up! At least one up for grabs, possible 3 total, depending on the response from the people I contacted on the reserves list. LMK if you are interested!
  8. We're less than a month away from the event! Reserves list has been updated (sorry for the delay!), so I thought I would post some reminders and clarifications! -March to War III will be a 9th Age US Masters qualifying event! This is now noted in the current version of the event packet, found HERE. -Lists are due February 23rd (by 11:59pm PST). Players who submit lists by the deadline will receive 5 bonus Battle Points towards their "Best General / Best Overall" scores, so get those lists in! Please make sure lists are legible, preferable typed rather than hand written. Army Builder or Battlescribe is fine, just make sure they are sent as a PDF and not a data file. Lists should be submitted to andrewgeddon@gmail.com -Please review and familiarize yourself with the venue's policies, found HERE. As March to War will take place in Guardian Game's Critical Sip and Level-Up areas, the event is 21+. Make sure you know the store's age restriction, beverage, and parking policies prior to arriving. -Entry fee PayPal email is NOT the same as the list submission email! To pay for your entry fee, please send $30 via PayPal to: Lcnecro@hotmail.com When submitting payment, please also submit your name (first and last) and a note for "March to War entry fee." Refunds will be given up until March 1st if you are unable to make it, however as entry fees are actively being spent in order to secure venue rental fees, trophies, printing, and other necessities for the event, please allow up to 14 days for a refund. -If you find yourself unable to make the event, please let me know as soon as possible! I hope everyone will be able to, but life happens! In the event of a player dropping, I will contact players from the "Reserves" list in the order that they appear to see if they wish to fill the spot. Looking forward to March!
  9. Andrewgeddon

    Freedom Squadron

    That's funny, I tried to get a campaign going using the Savage Worlds system where the PCs were white-collar employees at a COBRA facility; security guards, janitors, research techs, etc. Never was able to get the group to materialize, but this system looks awesome!
  10. Andrewgeddon

    Looking for bits: Mechanicus Ironstrider / Dragoon pistols

    Alternatively, I would take 2 pistols and 1 sheathed pistol (also from the same kit).
  11. Hey all! Looking for 3 (possibly 6!) of these pistols from the Mechanicus Ironstrider Ballistarius / Sydonian Dragoon box. Having a hard time finding it on ebay by itself. Happy to toss some PayPal your was if you can mail them to me, or LMK if there are any bits you are looking for :)
  12. Andrewgeddon

    More GSC previews

    Yep, with either hammers or picks. I'm considering a Tyranid detachment, but a spearhead with a lot of Carnifexs.... or whatever the plural for Carnifex is. Assuming that Acolytes DO land at 7ppm, I'm curious if we even need Genestealers? Seems they do similar jobs, but one fills a troop slot.
  13. Andrewgeddon

    More GSC previews

    Apparently it was confirmed on today's streamed match that Genestealers do not get <CULT-SECT>. Just fine for me, I've got 20 Aberrants and only 8 Genestealers, lol
  14. Andrewgeddon

    More GSC previews

    Makes sense, I had seen that floating around too. Wasn't sure if it was a community update I missed.
  15. Andrewgeddon

    More GSC previews

    Well, none of them had the <Cult-Sect> keyword, or anything similar. Current faction keywords in the index are only TYRANIDS, GENESTEALER CULTS, across all units (including Purestrain Genestealers)