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  1. Before you gripe about GW pricing...

    I usually don't complain about models prices. I think the last models I whined about were plastic Witch Elves. I'll probably continue to whine about having to fork over what I consider to be "too much money" for rules that I need in order to use the models. Buddy and I were looking at starting up LOTR Battle Companies. A $30 rule book? Ok, seems reasonable. But you need the $85 Hobbit book first. And the $28 faction book. So you're kinda locked behind a $143 "rules wall" before you even spend money on miniatures. Instead of doing that, I'll probably just spend my cash elseware. I sold some minis recently and have $200 of disposable cash; I'd rather that got me $200 worth of minis, instead of $150 worth of rules and $50 worth of toys.
  2. Malifaux, the game.

    Well, now all I want to do is play Lords of Death: Street Gang - Punks from Chinatown.
  3. Malifaux, the game.

    Not posting to play a game (do want to play, but schedule is packed through the holidays), but just wanted to share my experience with the game: Matt was kind enough to host a game at his place last weekend. I was running the Jack Daw starter box that I picked up, plus a few minis Matt let me borrow (Nurse, Johana, Ronin). Like a chump, I forgot my cards at home, but with some help and the Malifaux app, I was able to use that (until my phone died). Without going too much into it... I had a blast! Game felt really close, I was ALMOST able to kill the Dreamer before he turned into Lord Chompy Bits, but Johana got poisoned / stunned before she could come in to strike with the hammer of JUSTICE. I probably should have paid more attention to the mission(s), and not having the cards made keep track of abilities a bit tough, but still had a great time, ended up with a 5/5 draw. Immediately went out and ordered a few things to add to my collection: -Johan and Nurse, as they seemed to work pretty well in the list. -Jaakuna Ubume, because I've heard good things! -Dead Outlaws, because they were 50%, and also ghost cowboys. -Sue, because IT'S JOHNNY CASH! Looking forward to getting some more games in!
  4. 9th Age 2.0 BETA Release Dates

    Not true. It actually plays just like POGs. Instead of a General, your army is lead by your Slammer. Time to invest in some pewter minis!
  5. 9th Age 2.0 BETA Release Dates

    New magic looks awesome! I was initially worried when I heard talk of "cards" and "tokens," but everything I have seen so far looks great!
  6. 9th Age 2.0 BETA Release Dates

    Saw this spoiled this morning. Looking forward to some 2.0 goodness, can't wait to sink my teeth in and try stuff out!
  7. H: Bretonnia Army, 40K books, AvP, Dark Age CORE, BB

    Updated, some stuff sold.
  8. Post-Apocalyptic Terrain recommendations

    Looks good! I knew about Warsnal's DA stuff, but didn't know about DeathRay's terrain. I really should scratch build some stuff, but finding the time is a real pain. I do like that the terrain can kinda be whatever. I'm toying with the idea of using "gothic" style ruins, that way I could use it for Mordheim / Malifaux as well. Probably a mix is what I'm aiming for; some "area" terrain, some ruins, and some LOS blocking stuff.
  9. Post-Apocalyptic Terrain recommendations

    Maybe you guys can take this to PMs, so I stop getting post notifications that are not about Post-Apocalyptic Terrain Recommendations?
  10. Post-Apocalyptic Terrain recommendations

    I'm potentially interested in it, but since you two are both in Bellingham (I believe?), I would say go for it. I would have to wait at least until I recieved my Xmas bonus next week.
  11. Post-Apocalyptic Terrain recommendations

    Definitely! I should clarify, when I say "my buddy and I have been playing," it's more like "my buddy and I have played a game," heh. But I love the minis and the setting, and I've kinda decided to "go the whole hog" on a few of the smaller scale game I play (Dark Age, Malifaux, and maybe looking at Firestorm Planetfall), rather than continuing to invest in the games I already have plenty of minis for that I just end up selling off after a while (Fantasy, 40K, BB). My hope is I'm able to get something going somewhat regularly (maybe monthly) for Dark Age, and would be cool to have you man! Hopefully we can find something that works with everyone's schedule I looked at the Kraken stuff, seems really good! Unfortunately I missed out on the KS, and it doesn't look like they sell the scatter terrain on their website. Crooked Dice look to have some good stuff at reasonable prices. I am looking for a few ruined buildings at reasonable prices, but I think I'm going to try and stay away from the GW stuff, since it feels very... well, GW, heh.
  12. Like the title says! My buddy and I have been playing some Dark Age (which is awesome) and I was looking at getting some appropriate terrain so I could have a set up I could use to play at home. I've been looking at the cool stuff @Koyote has going on for TINAT, has definitely given me some ideas !
  13. H: Bretonnia Army, 40K books, AvP, Dark Age CORE, BB

    Appreciate it sir! I've gotten a lot of bites... but also a lot of "I'll get back to you"...
  14. H: Bretonnia Army, 40K books, AvP, Dark Age CORE, BB

    Updated for sales. I am also splitting up the Bretonnia lot. Some stuff is kinda pending (days of slooow back and forth), but if there's something your interested in LMK.
  15. H: Bretonnia Army, 40K books, AvP, Dark Age CORE, BB

    Soul searching done, I am still trying to move the Bretonnians. $300 didn't feel like a price I would be happy with though, part of the reasons I pulled them initially. Asking $350, which I still feel is more than reasonable. I didn't get any bites here for $300, so I'm not expecting any now, but it felt weird to have the army up for sale everywhere but Ordo. Also consolidated the two sale threads I had going.