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  1. Andrewgeddon

    Dice Age 40K Game?

    I would drop Dice Age a message on Facebook, they are usually quick about replying to questions through there, in my experience.
  2. Andrewgeddon

    Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Trading Thread

    LOL. Jeris and I are going to be playing a little *gasp* AoS, yes, mostly as a casual thing at my place. I was looking to play some sort of mass-skirmish style game, but none of my friends were interested in 40K. Fear not, 9th is still my primary game, and I'll be playing 9th at OFCC.
  3. Howdy all! So we had a similar thread for Dark Imperium, figure I would start one for the new Age of Sigmar box, seeing as it goes on pre-order tomorrow. Post what you have / want! I'll be looking to trade my Stormcast half for Nighthaunts. Also looking to get a few extra sets of dice, and if people are parting stuff out separately, some more Chainrasps and Grimghast Reapers.
  4. Andrewgeddon

    New player

    Hello Orson! Welcome to the forums, and the area! To answer some of your questions: -3rd party models are totally ok. I have a Infernal Dwarves for 9th Age, and very few of the models are from Games Workshop. -We have a group of us that plays 9th Age up here in Vancouver, although most of the guys are from Portland-area. We play the most recent version of 9th Age (.204?), although there has been a bit of a lull in activity for me, as summer is a busy time for family stuff. @TheBeninator might be getting more games in than myself :). -4,500 points is the most common point value we use for 9th Age, although some of us (myself included) also enjoy (or even prefer) to play at a slightly larger 5000 points. Once we get some 9th Age rolling again, we'd love to have you come up! Or I'm sure one of the other Portland guys will give you a game while I'm busy going to little kid birthday parties and dance recitals, heh.
  5. Andrewgeddon

    Necromunda for sale

    Necro stuff is moving pretty well. Almost tempted with this Star Wars Destiny stuff I have though. At this rate my grand kids are going to end up with it...
  6. Andrewgeddon

    Necromunda for sale

    So I lied, I will probably not make it down tot he gamer garage sale, have a dance recital that morning (not mine). BUT I will be at Guardian around 10:45am, if anyone wants to do a meetup there.
  7. Andrewgeddon

    Necromunda for sale

    Also, I am planning at being at the gamer garage sale at the end of the month, happy to drop stuff off there.
  8. Andrewgeddon

    Necromunda for sale

    Have a bunch of newer Necromunda stuff I"m looking to clear out, will get pics as I have time: Underhive Badzone Delta 7 NIB (shrink wrapped) - $30 Gang War 2 book - $20 Goliath Dice, Orlock Dice - $9 each Meet up in Vancouver (WA) for exchanges. Happy to ship at buyer's expense. Possibly willing to do some trades or partial cash / trades for unpainted 2E Malifaux stuff, anything Outcasts that I don't own, possibly other crew boxes outside of faction, just LMK what you have.
  9. Andrewgeddon

    Beating a dead horse, Ordo folks playing Malifaux.

    I'll plan on being there for the 14th! Would love to get some more practice games in before hand, alas it looks like I'm busy every single weekend of June 😞
  10. Andrewgeddon

    Blood Bowl 2 on sale

    How about I do you one better? Legendary Edition currently 50% off until the 4th, $22.49. I'm playing in the Reddit Blood Bowl Rookie League (College League, Oceanic Division). For anyone maybe new to the game, perfect place to start! College League is designed for new players, promoting learning, fun, and all that good stuff. Wouldn't mind seeing some friendly faces there :)
  11. Andrewgeddon

    GW is going to put out YA books?

    I've got a 1 year old at home, and I think this is great; A universe / lore that I enjoy, that I can read to / with him. The amount of hate that this is generating online is staggering though. Apparently making the "grimdark" accessible to kids is the first step in watering down the lore to make it all child friendly.
  12. Andrewgeddon

    Star Wars Destiny Lot, NIB

    Added some trade wants.
  13. Andrewgeddon


    I think their stuff looks great, especially for the price. There's a lot of people complaining on the 9th Age forum that their orders took a really long time to get shipped out though.
  14. Andrewgeddon

    Blood Bowl 2 on sale

    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/search?sort=bestselling&search=blood bowl On the Humble Bundle store for the next 14 hours. $30 for the Legendary Edition, or $8 for the base game. One of the better deals I've seen recently for anyone looking to pick it up.
  15. Andrewgeddon

    New Nighthaunt

    I'm not a horse / rat expert, but my money is on ghost horse. The description of them isn't super insightful... Glaivewraith Stalkers Nagash has a twisted sense of justice, and each member of the Nighthaunt is shaped to reflect their crimes in a previous life. The Glaivewraith Stalkers were those who hunted men for sport and pleasure – now, they still work as huntsmen, drifting slowly and unstoppably towards their quarry, pursuing them for months (or even years!) if they have to.