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  1. Sunday game night is on!

    Gonna have to miss this one, working on some projects around the house today.
  2. Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    Rampage was this weekend, it was awesome, I got best army which made me super happy. Also, Brehk makes a damn fine porter. This week has been long and exhausting, so when I have some time this weekend I'll try to write things out in a bit more detail.
  3. Raindog's Rampage

    We missed you on Saturday, but hopefully you are feeling better!
  4. Yay Rampage!

    Thanks everyone for another great rampage, and special thanks to RD for running the whole thing!
  5. Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    Re-glueing some damage on a camo marker and baking up a storm for tomorrow.
  6. Raindog's Rampage

    Find this man a spot!
  7. Random Photo Thread

    @Raindog Want to break out the spicy deodorant for the rampage?
  8. Cool Mini or Not sale

    That is absurd. I'm so pissed, but happy for you.
  9. Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    The hobby room has become a spot for us to store things in that we don't feel like donating/selling/cleaning/throwing away, and I am about to clean it. God save me.
  10. Raindog's Rampage

    It's already been a long week, I am sooooo looking forward to this event!
  11. Cool Mini or Not sale

    That sale was absurd, I'm bummed that I missed everything good.
  12. Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    Brought this list against Pete's Aleph tonight: Military Orders ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 10 3 FUSILIER Lieutenant Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) KNIGHT HOSPITALLER Doctor (MediKit) MULTI Rifle / Pistol, AP CCW. (0 | 41) KNIGHT HOSPITALLER HMG / Pistol, AP CCW. (2 | 41) MAGISTER KNIGHT Missile Launcher / Pistol, DA CCW. (2 | 32) MAGISTER KNIGHT Panzerfaust, Light Shotgun / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 23) MAGISTER KNIGHT Panzerfaust, Light Shotgun / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 23) FUSILIER Hacker (Hacking Device) Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 18) SPEC. SERGEANT (CH: TO Camouflage, Infiltration, Forward Observer) Combi Rifle, Antipersonnel Mines / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 27) KNIGHT OF SANTIAGO Spitfire, Nanopulser, E/M Grenades / Pistol, AP CCW. (1.5 | 44) KNIGHT OF SANTIAGO Paramedic (MediKit) Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, E/M Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 41) 6 SWC | 300 Points Open in Infinity Army Long story short, I went first and sort of crit-stormed Pete. Our games always seem to lean heavily one way or the other, and this was just my time. By the end of my second turn I had unloaded 8 of my 10 models, leaving only my lonely fusilier Lt on the board. Next time we play, Pete will probably dice so hard that I am physically injured. Looking forward to the Rampage!!!
  13. Sunday, November 26th! Escalation League

    OKAY! I'm not working. I'm not sick. There should be nothing keeping me from this.
  14. Infinity: Fall Escalation League 2017: Nov. 19th

    Kyndra and I are both sick, so you won't be seeing me today.
  15. Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    Modded up a Magister ML today, seemed like an easier solution than buying the 4-man box for just one model.