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  1. Khail

    Patches.. we all love them

    Mine were made by thestudio.com. No complaints, relatively cheap - took about 5 weeks though, so don't expect speed.
  2. Hey guys, we've got another Infinity tourney coming up at Dark Tower! Hope to see you there!
  3. Hey Folks, Just making sure the word is spread - we've got another Infinity tournament coming up at Dark Tower this Sunday 11/25. The last one we had 10 players for, which is pretty fantastic for a first go. If any of you can make it, I'd love to have you there! We should again have a couple of Canadians coming down, a couple of Seattle-ites coming up, and as many locals as I can wrangle. I guarantee it will be a good time! @Ser Warwick@Munkie
  4. Khail

    Emerald City Incursion Mark II

    Man, what a weekend. Thanks for all the pics Raindog, and congrats on 4th! Having you guys up for this was fantastic, thanks to the Ordo crew for coming up and kicking ass!
  5. Khail

    The Rangers of Shadow Deep

    Yeah, looking forward to reading through the book. I picked it up today (on RPGNow) - just need to find time.
  6. I'm just going to leave this here... Apparently the PDF is out now. Same guy that designed Frostgrave. http://therenaissancetroll.blogspot.com/2018/09/rangers-of-shadow-deep-coming-soon.html?m=1 :: Edit:: link: https://www.rpgnow.com/m/product/257695
  7. Khail

    Infinity Night 11/6

    Gotcha. He's a monster, but I get wanting to keep the theme a bit more limited.
  8. Khail

    Infinity Night 11/6

    Do you have McMurrough? He was always key to my successes with Corregidor.
  9. Khail

    Infinity Night 11/6

    Cool man - you looking at playing Corregidor at ECI or Vanilla? We should talk listbuilding and tactics either way.
  10. Hey guys - if anyone is looking for some Infinity practice for ECI Mk.II, or wants a demo or casual game - I'll be there 11/6 with terrain/etc. Gotta keep this train rollin! Our tournament on Sunday had 10 players, pretty great for a first shot at it! A couple from Canada, a couple from Seattle, and Joey, Nathan, Kyle, Bobby, and myself repping B'ham. Good times were had!
  11. Event is up for registration in the OTM: https://its.infinitythegame.com/event/9622cda49-the-cascadia-conflicts-oct-2018
  12. I have 2 decks we can use it it comes down to it, and I think one of the Canadians that is coming has 2 as well. We'll be able to make it work.
  13. Hey man, there still room on the waitlist for ECI? I think I wanna try and get in after all, if someone drops out.

    1. Khail


      Hey Jeff,

      I'll definitely put you on the list, but you're #4 on there. Go ahead and fill out the registration form to make it official. 

  14. Hey Everyone - We're running our first Infinity tournament at Dark Tower next Sunday 10/28. This is more or less a combination capstone event for the league and preparation event for the big tournament I'm running down in Seattle on 11/10-11/11 (The Emerald City Incursion MkII). It would be awesome if you guys from the league came to play/check it out. Infinity tournaments are inherently fairly relaxed, so don't stress too much about a "competitive environment". There's an event set up on facebook, but since a good chunk of you guys don't use it, here you go: