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  1. I'd like a few people for card game playtesting this week, if available. Not gonna lie, I'm going to need about a solid two hours so that everyone playing really knows what they're doing by the end of it. We'll do some fake betting with spacebucks. I'm also going to be bringing down some spaceship racing. If it fits into your schedule to play after your other games, we can run a few laps. I think I remember how the rules I'd forgotten worked, so we should have stuff in there for drifting, drafting, ramming, and all. I'm trying to figure out the best overall structure for this game, whether it's just sorta one-off races or more of a campaign thing.
  2. Warhamsters 9/12 - Game Night!

    Wanna play some Destiny. Actually, if anybody has got some free time, I have a couple of things I need to playtest a bit. Gonna need a total of three people, whether it's just between games, at the end of the night, whatever. One thing I just want to test a couple of basic card mechanics, and the other thing would be a full playthrough of a racing game, so I can refresh myself on what state it was in when I put it down a couple years ago. That one should take about 30-45 minutes?
  3. Warhamsters 9/5 - The Day We Play Games

    Going to be running another round of Merchant of Venus. Nathan's on board. You want to play?
  4. Warhamsters 8/29 IN SPACE

    Game night thread - go go go! Jim and I were talking about playing a game of Merchant of Venus. Plays 4, but 3 are fine as well if only one more wants to tag along. It'll take the full night till close though, so if someone wants to play we're going to have to get rolling right about 6:00.
  5. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    300 points of Booty. Got it.
  6. 8/8 - Warhamsters Game Night!

    Oh. Uh, sure. I'll do it. Standard sort of list? Because I don't think I have one of those.
  7. Warhamsters Assemble!! August 1st

    I'm bringing Destiny, but will chill and watch Infinity if that doesn't happen.
  8. Warhamsters Assemble!! July 25th

    Edit: gonna be late tonight.
  9. Eh. He'll be back.
  10. Nah, I want to try the orks out.
  11. Yeah, I'll do that Kevin. See about trotting out something else this time around.
  12. Who's playing these "games" I hear so much about? I could probably be talked into another game of 40k, but I'll have Destiny on hand as well. Been too long.
  13. Warhamsters Assemble!! July 11th

    Some women just want to watch the world burn.
  14. Warhamsters Assemble!! July 11th

    Gonna play some 40k with Jim. 2k points? Gotta set up in nuke range of the Zombicide table. Stupid maximum range on Deathstrikes.