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  1. I have no idea. I'm open.
  2. Fix

    Warhamsters 6/12

    Joey, we were going to do L5R, yes? Don't play Infinity with that scrub.
  3. Fix

    Warhamsters 6/5

    He’s talkin about ghosts.
  4. Fix

    Warhamsters 6/5

    Who’s got what? Eli, Twilight Struggle, yeah?
  5. Looks like the TNT campaign is getting under way, but if there are any players out there who can spare an hour at some point in the evening, I’m looking for folks for one last play test. This is my final opportunity before sending this thing off.
  6. Fix

    Warhamsters 3/27 Night o' Games

    I'll be running one Damage game in the second half of the evening, if people are looking for something after their TNT games. Got my actual cards in and have pretty well got all the components done. I might even have a rulebook (I probably won't have a rulebook)!
  7. Fix

    Warhamster game night 3/20

    A given, but still good to know.
  8. Fix

    Warhamster game night 3/20

    Your analysis is appreciated, as always.
  9. Get your games on, guys! Another week, still looking for Damage testers. Just a couple. Closing in on the home stretch! I’ve got just a few weeks left to tack down the details. Who is playing what this week?
  10. Fix

    Warhamsters Game Night (2/27)

    Yeah! I think one more, if you’re willing.
  11. Fix

    Warhamsters Game Night (2/27)

    Sorry Brendan. Would that I could, but I’ve got to get one more round of testing done before leaving town for a couple weeks. Big changes this time! It’ll probably be the last chance to make huge ones before my deadline.
  12. Who has what happening this week? If anyone is without game, I could use a couple more play testers. Thanks!
  13. Fix

    Warhamsters assemble Feb. 13**

    Late notice, but if anyone is without game, I could use a fourth for some playtesting. Thanks!
  14. Fix

    1/23 - The (game)Night of the Hamster

    I’m in, Eli.
  15. Fix

    Warhamster Dance 1/9