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  1. Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    JJ is still my #1 but this was a close second. Casting has been excellent in all of these shows (except IF where they seem to have missed every mark).
  2. Random Photo Thread

  3. Random Photo Thread

  4. Random Photo Thread

  5. Random Photo Thread

  6. Random Photo Thread

  7. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    If you like his films, Prisoners is worth your time.
  8. Chappy's not here man.

    We'll miss you dude, at least we can still get stuck in on Xbox!
  9. Just stopping by to see the action and run my mouth.
  10. I'll be there for a bit. Might even be able to get in a game.
  11. I'll be there to see whats happening.
  12. Poll: which movie do you like more?

    Getting ready to debate about comments.
  13. Poll: which movie do you like more?

    No comments, read the rules. ?
  14. 5/9 Tuesday Game Night @ WOW

    Just dropping by to say hey.