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  1. The nightmare is over. There is paint on them and they are based. I, for one, will be towards the front of the line to buy updated sculpts when CB offers them.
  2. The KARAKURI have defeated my will to paint tonight. I'll take up the fight tomorrow 😓
  3. Construction of the Cacciatore Robuts = Phooey. PHOOEY I TELLS YA!!!
  4. PaladinX

    Fall Escalation League: Week 3

    Do we need to observe a box before we can open it?
  5. Imma big fan of my airbrush! Primed & base coated in less than an hour and a half!
  6. PaladinX

    The Infinity Run

    They started doing that last year or so. It is a bummer.
  7. Oda was had interesting fiddle-y bits to glue on, but I think I got them on securely.
  8. PaladinX

    Rudra's Super Special Infinity Blog

    He is lighter than the Blackjacks.
  9. PaladinX

    Sunday 9/9 - Yes we are open.

    I'm not Going to be there.
  10. PaladinX

    Look What I Found At Guardian Games

    Guardian does buy old games and minis.
  11. PaladinX

    ITS , Glimpses of Wonder, August 4

    I have fun with the people and the game. It's not about winning, it's about spending time with some Pleasant individuals.