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  1. PaladinX

    Sunday the 16th -Aristeia

    I'll also bring 300pt just in case someone wants to infinity.
  2. PaladinX

    Sunday: The 9th! At Guardian!

    I am at Guardian now and I just got ussome tables.
  3. PaladinX

    Sunday: The 9th! At Guardian!

    We may have to be in an area of Guardian that serves alcohol. Please bring a valid ID with you so we can all game. Thanks for your understanding.
  4. PaladinX

    Sunday: The 9th! At Guardian!

    It's all good. The 16th is a few weeks away.
  5. PaladinX

    New Book - Third Offensive

    I spelled November wrong. Anyone receive their 3rd offensive book yet?
  6. PaladinX

    Sunday: The 9th! At Guardian!

    Cool. I'm up for a blister gift exchange. What is a blister gift exchange?
  7. PaladinX

    New Book - Third Offensive

    Has anyone received their October preorders yet?
  8. PaladinX

    Infinity Escalation League in January?

    I, for one, would not mind if there was a slow grow league in January into February.
  9. Family Picture. I painted twenty-five doods for the fall escalation league, in preparation for the world famous "Raindogs Rampage". I feel good about this.
  10. Warsenal is having a 30% off Sale until Monday night.
  11. https://warsen.al/collections/designed-for-infinity/products/cosmica-consoles It is terrain to interact with. I like to call them "Fancy Buttons"!
  12. PaladinX

    Raindog's Rampage: 2018

    Hello all, I am planning on bringing some patches to trade with folks between rounds. So, if you have patches to trade I will be there with mine. I'm mostly looking for JSA Stuff, but I am open to other possibilities.