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  1. phyfor88

    Battlefront Returns to the Eastern Front

    Just got my books. I am very interested in most of the games. I however am not interested in the full city fights German VS full Russians. They went back to a first edition style of city fighting. For the Germans the only thing they can do is pin the attacker in defensive fire or they lose. 28 teams VS 9 is a loser every time. I am very disappointed. I have not played it yet but it very similar edition city fights. Two major differences, no breaking when below 1/2 and the soviet's are now hit on 3's vs old way of 2's Both make the soviet force far far stronger. I have found no gain for the Germans, who had massive troubles before that turned almost everyone away for city fighting after only one game, and lost all the specialist pioneers and bunkerbuster weapons. Any thoughts?
  2. phyfor88

    Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

    Sounds good James. I am headed to the store tonight
  3. phyfor88

    Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

    Is anyone else headed to GG tonight?
  4. phyfor88

    25 AUG: V4 LW Armor Grinder (Tacoma)

    I am attending OFCC this weekend. I am interested in future events though, especially if someone wants to carpool.
  5. I always like having multiple options. My fovaorite will be German Grenadiers. I like city battles but not all the time. So for james all d's. D, D, D. Yuck that is barely a passing grade.
  6. phyfor88

    Battlefront Returns to the Eastern Front

    Just based on what I have seen the massed soviet infantry and KV1's is a very powerful force. So far the only thing I have seen that the Germans can do against this is tigers. But we shall see when we get the books.....
  7. phyfor88

    Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

    Thanks for the game 9 August James, sorry it was a short one. Until next time!
  8. Great game thanks everyone.
  9. I will play British Inf formation and Light tank formation.
  10. I will be there. I have set the whole day aside to play. I can leave early and deal with traffic. I can play either side.
  11. phyfor88

    Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

    Yes I have looked at that. My issue is I have to wait until my wife gets home from work, which can be very random. Taking the 205 adds about 15-30 minutes normally. So if i do not get to leave until 6 pm a normal 30 minute commute becomes 1 hour plus. We know it is hard to set up play a game and clean up in less then 3 hours.
  12. phyfor88

    Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

    Due to road construction I was unable to attend last thursday. 1.5 hour drive time compared to the usual 26 minutes. They are redoing the I84 overpasses for the whole month of july and into August. I will make it when I can, but it has really hammered all my access to Portland. Normally easy day trips now are much longer. I hope to see and play some FOW/ team yankee.
  13. phyfor88

    Battlefront Releases

    new stuff. http://btassault.wpengine.com/battlefront-open-day-what-did-we-learn/
  14. phyfor88

    Axis and Allies WW2 Game Day JUN 30 2018

    Not gonna make it. Family from out of town here for the week.