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  1. V4 Mid war on Thursday? 109 points again?
  2. James I was looking thru the Russian cards found a good one for you to examine. Leonid Ivanovich Monchenkov, it lets you infiltrate a full motor rifle or hero motor rifle after turn one into the opponents deployment zone or no mans land like coming from ambush. This seems a really good way to tie down units and threaten Nebelwerfers.
  3. Yes it was James. No armor above a 1. But many 1/2 tracks and troops all over 4 units with at9, 7 with AT 12. More at 6. PZ grenadiers were strong that game
  4. I agree with your observations. Soviets need a simple,directly at the enemy, plan. Germans have superior firepower, range, anti tank, and armor. I have been impressed by the panzer IV. when supported properly it is a great tank. I look forward to again using my German 1/2 tracks.
  5. Sounds good Zeke. My new terrain is urban based. So infantry will be very strong.
  6. I would like to use some new terrain I just assembled. SO eastern front FOW V4 please, or team yankee .
  7. phyfor88

    Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

    Night battles are entirely different from regular day games. I look forward to it.
  8. phyfor88

    Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

    Good game James. The new FOW book are very interesting.
  9. phyfor88

    Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

    Not gonna make it tonight. 20 dec 2018. Good hunting!
  10. phyfor88

    Thursdays gameplay at Guardian Games - 2018

    I will be there tonight. 13 dec 2018. We will miss you Zeke.
  11. It would be great if we could schedule a few events at Fate and Fury in Vancouver once a month or two. I will see what I can set up.