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  1. Have a good game 21 March, my dice will be for different games on this weekend.See you next week.
  2. See you in two weeks. I will be in las Vegas next week.
  3. Team Yankee it is then. I have Brits to run.
  4. What arena shall we play 3/16/2019 ? I would enjoy a bit of a break from the desert. So eastern front or Team yankee sound great. Thoughts?
  5. I have expanded my Soviet weapons and look forward to playing them as Checks. T72M's and infantry.
  6. Great event James thanks for hosting again. I had a great time.
  7. Sounds great. I will be there tonight.
  8. I have Germans and British/ Canadians for D day period. I will not be abandoning mid war for late war. But it will be fun to have options again.
  9. I would like to try a 109 point list in preparation for Dogs of war. I will bring by Brits and Germans.
  10. I will be attending. I will bring a eastern front set of terrain, ( and plenty of extra just in case). I will send in a list soon.
  11. phyfor88

    Oil War

    I have a British Force you can borrow to play TY. I have a large soviet and US armies as well. You are welcome to borrow any at any time Just let us know you are headed down.
  12. James you are running this? Will there be tigers?
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