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  1. Talapas

    Massive lot of board games

    pmed you
  2. Talapas

    Wanted: Metal Goblins

    Scheduling a game of Third Edition Oldhammer and would like my army to be eavy. Anyone have goblins and orca they can part with? Have cash and various things for trade.
  3. Talapas

    Andrewgeddon's trading thread

    Interested in the Star Wars Cards. Can you pm me a list of what you have?
  4. Talapas

    Vancouver Toy Show this Weekend

    Yeah. Early bird is $10, general admission starts at 11 am and is $3.
  5. Talapas

    Start my new job today

    Glad things are shaking out man.
  6. Talapas

    Vancouver Toy Show this Weekend

    I'll be selling a ton of Power of the Force 2 Star Wars Toys as well as other vintage action figures at the Vancouver Toy Junkies Show, this Sunday, May 6. 10:00 am - 3 pm 100 Columbia Street #102 Vancouver, Washington 98660 And I will also be buying and trading for Magic The Gathering Cards, Dungeons and Dragons, Vintage Wargamming Minis, and action figures while at the show. Hope to see you there.
  7. Talapas

    WTB/WTTF Magic the Gathering

    I’m looking to buy Magic the Gathering collections. Hit me up if you have some cards you’d like to sell or trade. Looking for older cards primarily but will look at any thing. Pm me if you want to work a deal. Thanks
  8. Talapas

    Looking for music recommendations

  9. Anyone know of a group that has a similar style to Dio? I’m more interested in groups that are currently performing together but will appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
  10. Talapas

    W: WoW tcg H: $$, board game, Khador

    I’ve got some raids decks and a bunch of rares. Got any mtg to trade?
  11. Talapas

    Toy Show and Free Movie this Saturday

    The Columbian did a nice write up on tomorrow’s Toy Show/Bride Of Frankenstein showing. Hope some of my friends can make it. I’ll have a table with a selection of vintage Star Wars toys and more. http://www.columbian.com/news/2018/jan/05/scream-for-fear-scream-for-joy-at-kiggins/
  12. I am looking for vintage D&d and AD&D stuff. Books, modules, oddball stuff, some minis, toys, posters, etc. lmk what you have and what you would like for it. Also interested in homebrew materials as well.
  13. Top four reasons to attend mini toy show and screening of "Bride of Frankenstein" Saturday! 1. IT'S FREE ADMISSION to both the mini toy and record show and screening of "Bride!" Seriously, it's all paid for, you are officially out of excuses...and what other plans do you have the first week of January? 2. This movie is one of the craziest, weirdest, and funniest horror movies of all time! This movie rarely gets shown on the big screen and is arguably BETTER than the Frankenstein original. Trust me, there is a lot of creepy enjoyment that snuck past the censors yet still entertaining for your jaded kids. 3. First 50 attendees will get a free handmade calendar courtesy of Vancouver Toy Junkies! Each month will spotlight a local toy entity and the calendar will be chock full of dates of awesome pop culture activities throughout the year (including dates for my Spring and Fall shows)! And did I mention awkwardly juvenile drawings and renderings that defy explanation? The perfect gift for those abhorrent of the internet yet still wanting social interaction! 4. Your appearance greatly helps our fundraising goal of helping a young one fighting Leukemia (see previous post). It is rare that you can have such a good time like what we have crafted for you, and also help a great cause! SATURDAY JANUARY 6TH Kiggins Theatre 1011 Main St VANCOUVER WAS 98660 Toy/collectible/record show 10am to 1:00ish BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN 12:00 pm start time Free admission to both events
  14. Talapas

    Post Apocalypse Koyote

    This blog is so badass. Please keep it going.
  15. Talapas

    Raindog's Rampage

    I miss you guys...