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  1. DisruptiveConduct

    Tuesday 12/11 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    i plan to be there for some gaming.
  2. DisruptiveConduct

    WoW January 2019 40k League interest?

    i should have some new Tyranids and a new Genestealer Codex by then so you can count me in.
  3. DisruptiveConduct

    Raindog's Rampage: 2018

    that'll work!
  4. DisruptiveConduct

    Raindog's Rampage: 2018

    export? save as? i dont use army builder. i just help with things at the club! 😃
  5. DisruptiveConduct

    Raindog's Rampage: 2018

    I can setup the printer for you. Make sure to bring your list on a flash drive or something as there is no internet at W.O.W. unless you provide it from your phone or whatnot.
  6. DisruptiveConduct

    Tuesday 11/13 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    is @Bosco interested in a learning game of 40k? 1500 pts?
  7. DisruptiveConduct

    Extra Life - Charity Gaming marathon 11/3

    yessir! our terrain days see all kinds of painting so no reason not to use the space for something like a painting marathon. i believe friday and saturday nights are dedicated to the W.O.W. guys and there is sometimes rooms still available. Saturday days though are definitely doable. hit me up in a PM and we can see what we can make happen.
  8. DisruptiveConduct

    Extra Life - Charity Gaming marathon 11/3

    that sounds like an awesome day of gaming! the painting marathon sounds like a great idea. no lack of talent in the pdx area to recruit from.
  9. DisruptiveConduct

    Black Friday Apoc Game is a "GO"

    I would love to attend although I will be in Vancouver, B.C. playing in Foodhammer. You guys will have a blast!
  10. DisruptiveConduct

    Ordo Fanaticus Senate Election Meeting


    Catch ya at the next meeting for sure!
  11. DisruptiveConduct

    The Big FAQ

    GSC is already announced as the last codex release of the edition. that means it will be valid for 3 months then a new edition or FAQ will change it again. not fun. i went through that in 7th edition already.
  12. DisruptiveConduct

    The Big FAQ

    These changes make my Genestealer Cult very very sad. I find zero reason to play them now. They were already a "win turn 1 or lose turn 2" army. Now they are an "always lose" army.
  13. DisruptiveConduct

    Can I make the Warhamster forum public yet?

    Im with ya, homes.
  14. DisruptiveConduct

    BaneBlade for sale!!! Come and get it!!!

    i hope this is sarcastic because you totally can. Index Xenos 2: Brood Brothers special rule on pg 112.
  15. DisruptiveConduct

    Tuesday 9/11 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    i believe everyone is talking about a group formation of murder..... otherwise known as Kill Team