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  1. DisruptiveConduct


    okay. fine. who wants to split a box? 😀😁
  2. oh wow. i didnt expect them to start shooting for another couple years. 2019 is coming up fast.
  3. DisruptiveConduct

    2018 OFCC Friday 40K 2v2 Event - K.A.O.

    I am happy to say that the prizes are almost collected. The missions nearly complete. Get a teammate and get a list made if you havent already!
  4. DisruptiveConduct

    OFCC 2018 - Challenge matches and building out the schedule

    so for JtD challenged Warhamsters: These are not Dollies and Team Diversity. Still time to issue a third??
  5. DisruptiveConduct

    OFCC Team Ad-Hoc List thread

    teeth: tyranid's dont need teeth, they will gum ppl to death if they have to - done. eye sets: tyranid's dont need eyes, they will be guided by the hive mind - done. hoofs: cover these with basing material - done. highlights - who the hell highlights nids? just base layer, dip with minwax, and go! there, now you are that much closer to being ready. go try to play a game with 'em now.
  6. DisruptiveConduct


    im not seeing anything special for the GSC. Looks like a set of 8 stealers, some of the acolyte hybrids, the aberrants, and a cult primus. what am i missing?
  7. DisruptiveConduct

    Team FURY: ofcc team thread

    great looking army!
  8. we welcome all prize support. i see if i can get a banner made and find someone to pickup the loot. thanks a bunch!
  9. DisruptiveConduct

    2018 OFCC Friday 40K 2v2 Event - K.A.O.

    oh hells ya! im putting final touches on the missions. i think they will be very.....fun. :insert evil laughing:
  10. DisruptiveConduct

    Random 40k-specific thought thread

    Do Space Marines still eat fried eggs 38000 years into the future?
  11. DisruptiveConduct

    Tuesday 8/7 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    i'll be putting paint on my genestealers........still.
  12. DisruptiveConduct

    Tuesday 7/31 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    im out this week gotta paint too many things.
  13. DisruptiveConduct

    Infil-Traitors OFCC 2018 Team Thread

    so disgusting!
  14. DisruptiveConduct

    New Kill Team boxed set / rules / etc.

    i dont understand the Dragged into Darkness card. Genestealers have no guns....