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  1. I will have to take a rain check from you. Gotta a few too many things happening this week to be there for a game.
  2. updated www.ofccgaming.com to reflect all the events, added new OFCC 2019 logo and moved this thread to the OFCC subforum. Special Thanks go to @Jay and everyone else who helped design and make the logo happen this year!
  3. Yes, we did not receive a submission for a Bolt Action event. There is still time! send me a PM or direct anyone interested in running an event to the boards.
  4. ill be there for some cities of death
  5. Geez. i dont think our cashier is even awake yet. Is the "open" sign on the store actually lit up? <rubs eyes some more>
  6. And please say "THANK YOU" to @Burk who stepped up to run a Friday Blood Bowl Braft event: Ordo Crush 2019! More to come!
  7. okay guys. Ask and sometimes, after lots of work, we can deliver.
  8. Version 1.2.0


    @evil_bryan @Weav @TheBeninator @Andrewgeddon @Threejacks @deadwing34 @KJTW @Exile @scotthartman @FKA Obscure Reference @peter.cosgrove @Blustorm @pretre HoGs!! Please take a look at the schedule and double check the times I have for everyone's events.
  9. read it again pax. Storm space LORD. not stormlord
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