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  1. DisruptiveConduct

    Ordo Fanaticus Senate Election Meeting


    Catch ya at the next meeting for sure!
  2. DisruptiveConduct

    The Big FAQ

    GSC is already announced as the last codex release of the edition. that means it will be valid for 3 months then a new edition or FAQ will change it again. not fun. i went through that in 7th edition already.
  3. DisruptiveConduct

    The Big FAQ

    These changes make my Genestealer Cult very very sad. I find zero reason to play them now. They were already a "win turn 1 or lose turn 2" army. Now they are an "always lose" army.
  4. DisruptiveConduct

    Can I make the Warhamster forum public yet?

    Im with ya, homes.
  5. DisruptiveConduct

    BaneBlade for sale!!! Come and get it!!!

    i hope this is sarcastic because you totally can. Index Xenos 2: Brood Brothers special rule on pg 112.
  6. DisruptiveConduct

    Tuesday 9/11 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    i believe everyone is talking about a group formation of murder..... otherwise known as Kill Team
  7. Hello everyone! As a follow up to our biggest annual event, we are having a meeting and inviting anyone interested in attending. We will be discussing all OFCC related topics including: Reports from each of our elected officials Recaps about each event Any disciplinary issues that need to be addressed The Future of OFCC All members of the public can attend. Please come join us and let us hear your thoughts! For the Good of the Order @TheBeninator @Weav @MikhailLenin @evil_bryan @Patriarch of Sigmar @Raindog @deadwing34
  8. DisruptiveConduct

    Ordo Fanaticus Senate Election Meeting

    Come one, come all to the Ordo Fanaticus Senate Elections Meeting for 2019! Decide the fate of the club by attending in person and letting us know what you want to do for the club. Senate membership offers spoils beyond imagining: Club Access (comes along with Game Night Czar responsibilities) Required attendance at Senate Meetings (usually at least 6 a year on the weekends) Unobtainable hobby knowledge provided by Senate Elders Forum Moderator access (including reading every post made ever and responding to reports) Event planning and organizing Game store outreach Community involvement Unlimited criticism by other Senate Members Direct the activities of the best wargaming community in the Pacific Northwest Being part of something bigger than you
  9. DisruptiveConduct

    Foodhammer in Vancouver Thanksgiving Weekend 2018

    so emailed today and team event us full. im still down to do the singles event on Saturday.
  10. DisruptiveConduct

    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    Setting up for Round 1 against Team Diversity had me feeling like i was right back in the club in 2011 when i first met most of them. Reminded me of all the great games of years past. Good times for sure!
  11. DisruptiveConduct

    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    During Round 4, i yelled "Johnny Five is Alive!!". My opponent then proceeded to tell me he did not know what that meant. He has not seen Short Circuit.
  12. DisruptiveConduct

    Game Night (Sunday) : 9.2.18

  13. DisruptiveConduct

    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    achievement unlocked for pretty much every game!
  14. DisruptiveConduct

    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    I think it died and exploded in four games.
  15. DisruptiveConduct

    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    stupid S3 powerswords!! so glad they all ate it in the following explosion (brought about by a command point reroll for the explodes roll!).