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  1. I will have to take a rain check from you. Gotta a few too many things happening this week to be there for a game.
  2. updated www.ofccgaming.com to reflect all the events, added new OFCC 2019 logo and moved this thread to the OFCC subforum. Special Thanks go to @Jay and everyone else who helped design and make the logo happen this year!
  3. Yes, we did not receive a submission for a Bolt Action event. There is still time! send me a PM or direct anyone interested in running an event to the boards.
  4. ill be there for some cities of death
  5. Geez. i dont think our cashier is even awake yet. Is the "open" sign on the store actually lit up? <rubs eyes some more>
  6. And please say "THANK YOU" to @Burk who stepped up to run a Friday Blood Bowl Braft event: Ordo Crush 2019! More to come!
  7. okay guys. Ask and sometimes, after lots of work, we can deliver.
  8. Version 1.2.0


    @evil_bryan @Weav @TheBeninator @Andrewgeddon @Threejacks @deadwing34 @KJTW @Exile @scotthartman @FKA Obscure Reference @peter.cosgrove @Blustorm @pretre HoGs!! Please take a look at the schedule and double check the times I have for everyone's events.
  9. read it again pax. Storm space LORD. not stormlord
  10. retail is incredibly difficult and stressful. i have no doubt everyone in that line of work gets to a certain point and decides to do something different. good on Angel and crew for creating something so awesome and in demand someone will pay thousands of dollars for it!
  11. I'll steal any idea that's cool! so arena might hold some inspiration (or something i can copy, heh).
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