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  1. Dnd or Pathfinder

    I have found it to be like that for electronic copies versus paper copies in everything. Paper copies are just so much easier to page through and find small details. That's a really great collection and quite worth it but that's a big commitment by the way.
  2. Dnd or Pathfinder

    Duckman is correct. Both Pathfinder and 5th edition are really fun to play. Pathfinder just has a little more number crunching and I'd like to think you have a lot more options in creating a character. However it depends on you as a Dungeon Master, Can you remember all the modifiers for different effects? Personally I like pathfinder because of the little bit of number crunching. Then again I play hackmaster and 2nd edition a lot. Also before you buy any starter set you should can ebay, theres a good chance someone is offloading a small collection which can jump start you in.
  3. Hackmaster!

    Anyone out there playing hackmaster? I wanna know ya'll opinions on this lovely game.
  4. Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

  5. Custom Fabbed Salamander Command Vehicle

    Where's the pieces come from?
  6. Really good Kickstarter, Empire of Men

    That look sweet!
  7. New Guard Codex

    Damn I am jealous
  8. New Guard Codex

    That vostoryn rule seems kinda meh. I guess it extends rapid fire range....
  9. New Guard Codex

    I am so excited for this codex. But I do echo the slight annoyance at each regiment being different models. I would have preferred if they had used something like Tank Regiments use this or like names of strategies that guard use like "Overwhelming assault"
  10. Massive Darkness

    I can't wait to play it! I love the minis
  11. Bad Rats

    Thats absolutely awesome
  12. OFCC Discount Terrain-a-palooza!!!!

    Jim are you gonna do 15mm terrain?
  13. An unlikely event. A Solitaire Wraithknight

    Holy [big bad swear word] that is amazing
  14. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Ive been looking at that site, let me know how the model comes out in person.
  15. New LOTR project for client

    I love that model