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  1. Really good Kickstarter, Empire of Men

    That look sweet!
  2. New Guard Codex

    Damn I am jealous
  3. New Guard Codex

    That vostoryn rule seems kinda meh. I guess it extends rapid fire range....
  4. New Guard Codex

    I am so excited for this codex. But I do echo the slight annoyance at each regiment being different models. I would have preferred if they had used something like Tank Regiments use this or like names of strategies that guard use like "Overwhelming assault"
  5. Massive Darkness

    I can't wait to play it! I love the minis
  6. Bad Rats

    Thats absolutely awesome
  7. OFCC Discount Terrain-a-palooza!!!!

    Jim are you gonna do 15mm terrain?
  8. An unlikely event. A Solitaire Wraithknight

    Holy [big bad swear word] that is amazing
  9. Post Apocalypse Koyote

    Ive been looking at that site, let me know how the model comes out in person.
  10. New LOTR project for client

    I love that model
  11. BFG at OFCC

    Sorry, work really tried to screw me over but ill still bring all my stuff for sat or Sunday after some 40k
  12. BFG at OFCC

    Sadly I didn't get friday off, and I dont think ill be there until like 8
  13. BFG at OFCC

    So what day are we playing?
  14. Fate of Konor: WorldWide Campaign - Site is up

    Well the focus is Imperial and Chaos, and aside from the old KDK each army had a psyker
  15. Vendettas?

    So looking through index imperium 2.....are there no vendettas??