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    I left Niceville on sunday to try and get to New Orleans. I arrived yesterday. This is a 3 hour trip that took 3 dayyyyys. Up north you can stand on the side of the road and people will pick you up. But in the south you almost have to be aggressive and go to gas stations and rest stops and ask people where they are going and if they have room. First time I got to ride on the interstate in the back of a truck tho so that was fun. New Orleans is nice so far. I snuck into the National World War 2 museum. Glad I didnt pay because it was a great museum but I already knew a lot about world war 2 so it wasn't something I would have gotten any worth out of if I had paid 30 some dollars.
  2. generalripphook


    Ill try and add more photos to this site directly but in the meantime my Instagram is @nerdyhitchiker
  3. generalripphook


    I hope he has cool rules.
  4. generalripphook


    I have made it to Milton Florida. My best friends sisters wedding is tomorrow and I am so glad to see my best friend. I'll be honest I've missed some foods and some other things but I missed this guy the most. Also florida is stupid hot. Also stupid humidity. I would have to embrace nudity to live down here. Be some crazy naked guy living in the bayou......Kinda tempting
  5. generalripphook


    Also on a happy note, I volunteered with a group called permaculture action network. They helped revitalize a womans community garden in a food desert in west atlanta where the vacancy in the neighborhood is higher than 50s. We rebuilt her greenhouse, helped build a retaining wall for the creek, planted trees and helped clean up. The ammount of garbage is insane. They also teamed up with Lead to Life which melts down guns confiscated by police and uses the metal to make farming tools. Such an amazing group of people. Made me feel like I was home in the PNW. Also Georgia has a law where they can't destroy weapons confiscsted but they don't want to sell them. So the Georgia police is sitting on thousands of weapons.
  6. generalripphook


    Also I keep running into weird drama. In Kentucky I had a run in with middleaged woman having a midlife crisis and not handling it in any productive way. I am talking one hid her problems, another cheated on her husband and the last was hammered by 5 and had dinner with her family at 6. Did I mention the ones husband was in a bar across the street., I had a ride with a college girl and her high school sister and her high school friends. Omg Becky did you hear what....sigh. I do not miss that. But on the plus side they did know how to car dance to some cheesy songs. Then I show up at a place couch surfing. The house is two couples and they are currently suoer fueding. I spend two nights there and one ended up being with each of the couples. The morning after the second night I saw then interact. Damn people can be so so fake. I dont understand how neither party just extracts themselves from such an obviously toxic situations. So many people just make excuses.
  7. generalripphook


    I have had an amazing string of luck with rides. In charleston I got dropped off and walked maybe 2 blocks towards the interstate. And someone pulled over. I just had my sign on my backpack. So I get to Savannah. I see the city, we come back. Toss back some brewskies. Oh man, one guy has to leave late because he is traveling? Where too? BOOM ATLANTA. I get to Atlanta. I am couch surfing and come back to cook some food. The interior design traveling salesman roomate comes in. Super excited to have a weekend off. He has to travel on Monday. To Florida. Honestly I kinda miss sitting on the side of the road. Kinda takes the whole "ya never know what chocolate you're gonna get" thing away. P.s. I really want some chocolate now. And has anyone tried Praline? I know it sounds like a drug but apparently its made from pecans or something. God its good.
  8. generalripphook


    Jim I created this in part to keep you informed! Also I now own a machete. I did not buy a machete, I was given one. Because I Got a ride from a nice lady who proceded to describe EVERY [BIG BAD SWEAR WORD] SNAKE WHICH COULD KILL ME. I HATE SNAKES. So after seeing the pure horror on my face, she gave me a machete. I hope people still give me a ride after I am drenched in blood from fighting off this horde of snakes that are apparently set on a mission to kill me.
  9. generalripphook


    I was really quite shocked by it. Came out of the blue.
  10. generalripphook


    Big day of firsts. Left Richmond this morning and have ended up in Halifax. If ya havent heard of Halifax well neither had I before today. First I finally got harrassed by a state trooper. Belck. Annoying. I was in front of the "no pedestrian" sign by a good ways. Le sigh. Whatever floats ya boat man. Second a plumber and an electrician (sounds like a great start of a joke), gave me a ride in their work van. They were real nice and decided to go to the farthest job they had to give me the best ride. And the plumber didnt have any weed but he did offer me heroin. I passed up on that adventure. Had to jump in the window of one guys truck because his door didn't open. Finally I was reminded of how universal kindness is. I got invited into a man's home, he offered me a place to stay the night and a warm dinner and place to sleep. His family basically accepted me as one of them. They even prayed over me and my journey at their evening devotion. These kind folks also drink raw milk, beleive the earth is flat and dont trust vaccines to name a few of their ideals.
  11. generalripphook


    I left Lexington planning on going to Charleton west Virginia. Halfway through the day a truck driver picks me up and offers me a ride. Turns out he was heading to South Carolina via a stop in Pennsylvania. So that's where I headed, super nice guy if a little off once in a while. Ended up offering me a job if I ever made it to his neck of the woods in texas. He was hauling pipe bomb explosives for mining so I helped him load and unload stuff and he fed me ihop. It was hilarious because he facetimed his 8th grade science teacher in the middle of dinner and had a conversation. I swear he called half the people in his phone book to tell him of the crazy hitchhiker he picked up. I had him leave me in Richmond Virginia because I wanted to explore the city. I found a guy who has couch surfers. Super cool dude. We ate subs and talked about Dungeons and Dragons. Funny enough he is probably going to be moving to Seattle to go to UW
  12. generalripphook

    D+D Maps

    This looks exactly like a map I drew a year back.
  13. generalripphook


    I have managed to have a place to stay everytime the weather have been terrible. Which is quite nice as everytime I camp the weather is great. Downside is I always have to explore cities in dreadful weather. Lexington Kentucky had snow/slush coming down all of yesterday.
  14. generalripphook


    I stayed in a penthouse in Saint Louis which was crazy cool it was the 9th floor of some building. St. Louis has a boat load of free museums in forest park which was an absolute delight to go to. I went to the zoo and it was decent. They also had an art, science...and I feel like there was a third or fourth one. I obviously didn't go to those. The soldier monument and a few super old buildings I wanted to check out were closed for repairs. Its a nice city, but I avoided all the bad sections of town and heard quite a few stories of the violence. The entrance to the penthouse on the ground floor was ringed with bullet holes.
  15. generalripphook


    What problems......