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  1. 3.5 Planescape

    So as someone familiar with the AD&D books, 3.5 Books, Dragonlance and the planes. What exactly are you wondering? Starting level? If it's 1st then I would start with a normal campaign and introduce them to maybe a planar incursion or a wizard messing with the planes that then gets them drawn into the planes. The planes are crazy powerful and I think you want the players with some gear, some levels and familiarity with each other and their characters before they adventure on the planes. If you start higher I really think an adventure in the astral planes would be fun. Put them on a "sky" ship and you can have ship battles and have them explore exotic dead gods for ancient treasure and it'll allow you to have some politics/factions involved in the different ports of call and different captains. If you wanted to you could also give the ship the ability to be upgraded (maybe by quest) to travel between planes. I'd love to help in anyway I can. I have been thinking about doing a planescape campaign as well.
  2. D+D Maps

    Reallllly makes me wanna play firefly.
  3. Warhamster Game Night 2/6

    2000 works! I just made a list! Ill set up a table.
  4. FoW OFCC?

    Would people be interested in a FoW event like playing a giant historical battle?
  5. Warhamster Game Night 2/6

    1500 or 2000? and I don't think the old rulebooks roll over into this edition looking at the points totals people are playing with now.
  6. Warhamster Game Night 2/6

    When do you wanna play some FoW?
  7. Koyote's Britons

    I love it! Although I would think about maybe moving the shrub right in front of Mordred at least from this angle its hard to see the bottom of her chains.
  8. FoW OFCC?

    Will this be a thing this year?
  9. Rogue Trading rules for posting?

    I am looking for a new left arm, you know anyone who has an upgrade? I feel like I really like my right arm, could I get a second right?
  10. LF Attorny in Tacoma/Seattle Area (Hit by Drunk Driver)

    If his firm can't help hopefully they can direct you to someone who can help.
  11. LF Attorny in Tacoma/Seattle Area (Hit by Drunk Driver)

    I know someone in Everett who is a defendant. Michael D. laws of Baker, Lewis, Scheislow, Laws PPLC. I also know folks in Vancouver but that might be far. I hope that helps.
  12. Koyote's Britons

    Thats amazing
  13. New to 5th

    Personally its a little stripped down for my taste. But its a good system, seems super smooth and its really great for introducing people to the game which is super critical. Although I don't really know what direction they are going to go after this edition because I don't think they can strip it out any more. The best thing to come of it is D&D Beyond, which would be an amazing platform if it supported other older editions or eventually other game systems.
  14. New to 5th

    super easy system.
  15. 1/23 - The (game)Night of the Hamster

    Jacob and I are playing suburbia and could use 2 other players.