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  1. Sounds like you are playing 4th edition (most similar to old D&D), are you playing any of their satire adventures?
  2. Did you know cat pee can seep through every blanket you have and still get your ankle wet?
  3. I don't know what half those words are for those options but the hexs look good. How does the flat peice sit between the other ones? Is there a lip?
  4. My first question, what is the scale of everything? Is this setting a snapshot of the whole world? Also in which direction would the weather move?
  5. Well you dont' need more armor when your testicles give you a +1 save
  6. This is a post to say that I am still reading it, but before I finish. Are you looking for feedback?
  7. Well there's no problems with a reboot right? Get it back on the editing board.
  8. Questions: You say the Malnova imperium was colonized, where from? If a local warlord drove out the imperial government, where did the 4 legions come? Aka where did the imperial goverment get driven to? Also I feel like the timeline should include incursions from/into the troll lands Are there any outside influences? Possibly viking esk where they just raid this main country? Maybe it could develop where they end up settling for land after one war.
  9. Every fantasy setting has one unique thing that really makes it pop. Robert Jordan has the wheel of time, George Martin has the long winters and the wall in the north so on and so forth. What makes your setting pop?
  10. Man I have been looking for a civilization building game as well! I have banished and its good but not quite that itch.
  11. I assume the wizard feather falls or fly up and its enough distance so that's how he hides his lower vault. Maybe even layers explosive runes along the fall.
  12. Hackmaster is a great game for dedicated gamers. Every 3 levels is approximately the same as 1 D&D level. So power scales super slow. So it rewards people that are willing to level up their characters over time while risking death at every turn. Death is VERY real in hackmaster. They "alleviate" death with the protogee system. So you can take another adventurer under your wing and "feed" them EPs. So that if your character dies you don't have to restart at level 1 while everyone else is at 10th level.
  13. It supports about the same size groups however bigger groups are better than smaller groups. Every single monster in Hackmaster (5th) is super deadly as both sides roll attack and defense and damage dice penetrate. Also taking large hits can cause you (or the monsters) to go into shock and be out of combat for large lengths of time. Its easier on the DM's side because the DM doesn't manage everyone's initiative. They manage what the monsters are doing and they manage the second that the combat is on. If you act on second 12, you had better announce our action when the DM says "Second 12". Combat is extremely fun because of the amount of actions that you can take, attack defensivly/aggressively, jab, jump back... and the critical charts have you roll a d10,000. Critical also scale with the amount of damage you do and with the amount that you hit by. As for 4th edition, its amazing as well. Super spoofy. With a table for EVERYTHING. I think there is a set of tables you can use to generate an entire random dungeon. But that combat is super close to 2nd edition.
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