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  1. Yeah, I can get some pics together here in a bit. Absolutely.
  2. Still looking to sell this HE lot. Please make offers. Thanks! I also am now looking to sell my HE army . Off the top of my head: *All grey plastic or metal unless otherwise noted. 20 Pewter White lions 6 Pewter Dragon Princes 7 Pewter Shadow Warriors 15 Silver helms 20 Archers 20 Spears (different stages of assembly) 28 Seaguard IoB 24 Swordmasters IoB 15 Reavers IoB Lion Chariot Prince on Dragon x2 Princes on Griffon IoB (1 is converted, head swap/weapon swap) 3 Bolt throwers BSB on horse Mage on horse Various HE characters Pewters and Plastics. +all the bits! This army is in wonderful condition, please make an offer. Thanks!
  3. Tuesday Nights at Portland Game Store

    We still do this! Come check it out. new players welcome.
  4. That book was just bad and the community’s reaction was salty as hell. Their forum is a hall of bickering. I don’t really like the direction they went either. Perhaps they over fixed the army and left a very under powered shell of what they always have been.
  5. Malifaux at OFCC 2018

    You know I'd be down to play or help host or whatever. I think a Friday event would be best, honestly. We could do a 3 game 2018 gaining grounds format. Hopefully we could garner some interest and set this up. We do have a community out here they just arent on Ordo. We'll have to rectify that.
  6. T9A OFCC 2018

    For the record, I would not be interested in a doubles tourney as I find doubles in tabletop games, not designed for doubles, to be wonky as heck. Also, being a new game system, we could encounter some rule interactions when there are 4 different factions on the table that could slow the game down or create situations that arent easily resolved except by a TO judgement. I find the 9th age already cumbersome as it is... Just my opinion... :)
  7. GG2018 and January Eratta

    Some changes coming for those of you that play Malifaux. Models across all factions have had SS cost reductions or increases along with a few upgrades being changed slightly. I am a really big fan of these changes and will be happy to see under utilized models seeing table time while the always consistent models see the shelf a little more. Malifaux is all about diversity and is doing its best to combat power creep by going back to old models and adjusting their cost accordingly. A solid move by a game company looking to make all models they sell relevant in the current format. Eratta: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/133708-january-2018-errata/ GG2018: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/133618-gaining-grounds-2018/
  8. Vermintide is a fantastic game. Difficult killing my children as a dirty elf, human, or dwarf sometimes, but hey! The world now knows what I am talking about when I happen to bring up Skaven in general conversation. Love seeing the world digitized for my amusement in an arcade style "bash em' up" game. The history and fluff is all there, they did a good job making it feel Warhammer fantasy. Its free on Xbox and Im happy that I downloaded it. Its Left for Dead 2 in the Warhammer world with a great weapon/loot system. Check it out if you got time and a gold account and PM me your profile if you want to team up! Later!
  9. Malifaux, the game.

    Thanks Andrew! Totally understand about the holidays and time, not enough to go around. We'll catch up once its all passed and you have more down time. That game was only a draw due to a frame for murder target who was overlooked in lieu of others just like him. That's just bad luck and even if i kill that model on the last turn with anyone, you'd have gotten a point and won. Frame for murder can be a tough scheme to pick in general, gotta know that your opponent really doesnt like a certain model, then put it out there. Ive had bad luck putting FFM on something that I thought was important but my opponent ignored. Those VP are valuable and sometimes its better to pick a scheme that YOU control more. Really enjoy the scheme pool aspect of the game, give a lot of replay ability to two players who may play each other a lot AND with the same crews. Just mix the terrain up a little and its like a new puzzle to solve. I think your new pickups are excellent and should fill your crew out well. Johan and nurses are proven models, no question. Jaakuna is really nice board control and a good denial model. With all the pushes jack has you can really utilize her 3" hazardous terrain bubble to weaken or finish off models. Dead outlaws have excellent scheme denial tricks and at range, pretty disgusting if the scheme pool is asking for a lot of scheme markers bring multiple dead outlaws. As for Sue, he is Johnny Cash, absolutely!! Its cool because a lot of the design elements in Malifaux are based in Americana/World Mythology/pop culture. Its really funny to go over the models and figure out what you can find. For example, Burt Jebson is a version of Jack Burton while Yan Lo represent a Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China. If you look at the models and their abilities it makes sense and is hilariously fun to play. One of my favorites is Zipp the Sky pirate being an ugly knock off of Zapp Branigan of Futurama with his green "First Mate". Zipp's rules include things like Rambling Diatribes and Incoherent Monologues... I love it. Many of the Neverborn models are monsters of African and european folklore. Heck the 10 Thunders have a Penanggalan in their faction, its disgusting!! Nellie Cochran is a journalist who spreads "propaganda and fake news" ... Misleading headlines,... revisionist history. Just absolutely clever and smart transitions from fluff to rules. The interactions in game feel like how they are described creating a very narrative game experience. So fun. Tournament Sunday at Portland Game store if people want to come check it out! I believe its full but can still stop by, say hi and see a game.
  10. Malifaux, the game.

    Hey Ordofanaticus, whats up? Anyone want to play some Malifaux?
  11. Just in time for Christmas.
  12. http://members.efn.org/~fred_m/Warhammer Ancient Battles - Rulebook.pdf
  13. This looks fun. Exposure is everything and creating events to showcase your game of choice is important. I think it'd be cool to get a run down of different available rule sets for these types of games. I have been listening to Dan Carlin's hardcore history. Just did the Celtic Holocaust and thought about how rad it would be to play a historical mini game in that era. I believe the Warhammer ancients rule set is pretty legitimate still, perhaps something to look into...
  14. A bunch of Alt models and specials this Black Friday. https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/11/20/black-friday-newsletter