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  1. Fixxer

    What's new with Malifaux?

    Good on you VonVikee, you are correct! I hit you up on Facebook I believe and would be happy to meet up with you for a crash course in the game. We have a growing community and the more the merrier. I just ran a tournament last week with 9 players,(Shouldve been 12 but a few dropped last minute). I think there is a buzz and the community will grow with a bit more of a push from players. We have game nights on Tuesdays and Fridays at 2 different stores in Portland. Typically a table or 3 going on those nights, depending on the week. I'd like to get something going in Vancouver, perhaps at Fate & Fury if we can get some more people interested in starting. The 2 masters that were considered broken and dominating the tournament scene were recently cuddled and brought back down to earth with the other 40+ masters. I appreciate Wyrd games for making balance changes as often as they do in order to keep the game fresh and inviting for casual and competitive players alike. The game is in a good place and has a booth at GenCon for some new release hype. Wave 6 should drop January/February with a new Gaining Grounds... The game is always fresh and meta shifting, I like the constant challenge. No net listing or finding ONE crew that can do it all, you are in constant flux trying to find what works in an ever changing environment. Basically, you'll need a crew, a fate deck, tape measure, and tokens of some sort. 30mm for scheme markers, scrap, corpses, ect... 50mm for stash markers or symbols of authority and condition/activation markers. I think a 3'x3' faux grid from Mats By Mars is a really nice tool for playing as the grid lets you see where you need to be without measuring or giving any clues to your opponent as to what you're trying to do. Its not essential, but really nice to have, any 3'x3' play surface will do. Hopefully this helps. 🙂
  2. Hello, I am running a 50ss Gaining Grounds 2018 tournament at the Portland Game Store on July 14th from 11-7pm. Pick your faction and come down for a 3 game event that will be part of the PNW rankings. I can do 12 players max... Appreciate the support very much. Thank you.
  3. Sad I can pull more of you guys into this fantastic and competitive scene. I just filled out my Henchman paperwork for Portland Game Store and hope to be approved by next week. We will be running tournaments or other events monthly/bi-monthly. The community is steadily growing here but I always like to see new people joining the game and getting prepped for competitive play. I'd be happy to provide models for any demo games and am typically available at The Portland Game store on Tuesday nights for Malifaux. Also have a tentatively planned tournament for July 14th. I will confirm once that one is set in stone with PGS, something to consider. Also a lot of tournaments happening up north in Lakewood/Tacoma/Bellevue if people are interested in short road trips. Anyway, just thought I'd mention it. Thank you. -Matt.
  4. Fixxer

    LF: Confrontation and Malifaux

    If you guys wanna tell me what you have I might be interested in paying you cash for those minis you arent using.
  5. Fixxer

    Vermintide for SP4 = 70% off

    I love this game, its Left for Dead with Skaven... who wouldnt like that!??!? I have it on Xbox though! and 6 months later!! LOL. I dont check this thread too often.
  6. Fixxer

    LF: Confrontation and Malifaux

    What do you got?
  7. Fixxer

    Confrontation 3.5 on KS... Big Support!!

    @Jay Perhaps, I don't really think KS is the best investment for gamers anyway. It gives a breadth of the line that is more of a collectors item now, painters will also enjoy them for the variety and character. It'd be a great line for any RPG set in a fantasy world. Hero and creature options galore. I also prefer what Legendarion was doing with the line, they were smart to jump on those molds while they did. Im just excited to see the game get a push into existing in its best rule set. Hopefully it will create a buzz with players that still have their models/cards to start playing again. Or people with plenty of expendable $ that want to get a wide array of miniatures can support the KS. I just want to play the game with 3.5 rules.
  8. Fixxer

    Confrontation 3.5 on KS... Big Support!!

    Its spendy for sure. But if you teamed up with another gamer or 3, there is enough for everyone to have multiple factions. It also comes with mats and some terrain. I happened to keep all my stuff from back in the day anyway, Im just hoping there is a resurgence in play because of the KS. Its such a fun system to play that I'd get fully invested again if there was at least a small group of players that got together. I believe you can download the rules for free. AND Ebay still has a decent collection of the old models. A crew could be built there for around $200 if you get lucky and find enough for your faction. I also have plenty to share...
  9. Fixxer

    LF: Confrontation and Malifaux

    Im looking to play Confrontation 3.5 so Im not sure I need infantry sized squads, but I'd take some Cynwall for sure. As for the Malifaux, I'd be interested. LMK what you have. You say "extra" are you still playing Malifaux?
  10. Does anyone have extra Confrontation (not plastics, v3.5 and prior) models or Malifaux just lying around and collecting dust? Id be interested and have cash money. 🤘
  11. Come play, come learn. The scene is growing and we always have room for more players.
  12. Yeah! They're redoing Confrontation 3.5 and its on KickStarter. This game was huge at Z Games back in the day and I would love to see it come back. I kept all my minis and will be ready to play if anyone else is thinking about joining the cause. A lot of $$ already raised, over half a million. Skirmish level, amazing models, and unique rules, go check it out.
  13. I got one too!! Dont play Outcasts but had to... I mean, he is a great Merc and can join any crew (minus Guild) for funsies.... Who doesnt like a 3 shot grenade launcher?
  14. Yeah, the Nightmare boxes including Curiosity Killed the Cat are ALT sculpts for master boxes and are expensive because they are limited release and once they're gone, they're gone. Kind of like the Flying Circus (Colette's Nightmare box) is nowhere to be found at this point. Grab them while you can, or just get the regular Hamelin box and start playing Malifaux with us!! Its awesome!
  15. Bunny costume Viks in metal... I mean, this game has excellent models, no question.