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  1. Malifaux, the game.

    Thanks Andrew! Totally understand about the holidays and time, not enough to go around. We'll catch up once its all passed and you have more down time. That game was only a draw due to a frame for murder target who was overlooked in lieu of others just like him. That's just bad luck and even if i kill that model on the last turn with anyone, you'd have gotten a point and won. Frame for murder can be a tough scheme to pick in general, gotta know that your opponent really doesnt like a certain model, then put it out there. Ive had bad luck putting FFM on something that I thought was important but my opponent ignored. Those VP are valuable and sometimes its better to pick a scheme that YOU control more. Really enjoy the scheme pool aspect of the game, give a lot of replay ability to two players who may play each other a lot AND with the same crews. Just mix the terrain up a little and its like a new puzzle to solve. I think your new pickups are excellent and should fill your crew out well. Johan and nurses are proven models, no question. Jaakuna is really nice board control and a good denial model. With all the pushes jack has you can really utilize her 3" hazardous terrain bubble to weaken or finish off models. Dead outlaws have excellent scheme denial tricks and at range, pretty disgusting if the scheme pool is asking for a lot of scheme markers bring multiple dead outlaws. As for Sue, he is Johnny Cash, absolutely!! Its cool because a lot of the design elements in Malifaux are based in Americana/World Mythology/pop culture. Its really funny to go over the models and figure out what you can find. For example, Burt Jebson is a version of Jack Burton while Yan Lo represent a Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China. If you look at the models and their abilities it makes sense and is hilariously fun to play. One of my favorites is Zipp the Sky pirate being an ugly knock off of Zapp Branigan of Futurama with his green "First Mate". Zipp's rules include things like Rambling Diatribes and Incoherent Monologues... I love it. Many of the Neverborn models are monsters of African and european folklore. Heck the 10 Thunders have a Penanggalan in their faction, its disgusting!! Nellie Cochran is a journalist who spreads "propaganda and fake news" ... Misleading headlines,... revisionist history. Just absolutely clever and smart transitions from fluff to rules. The interactions in game feel like how they are described creating a very narrative game experience. So fun. Tournament Sunday at Portland Game store if people want to come check it out! I believe its full but can still stop by, say hi and see a game.
  2. Malifaux, the game.

    Hey Ordofanaticus, whats up? Anyone want to play some Malifaux?
  3. Just in time for Christmas.
  4. http://members.efn.org/~fred_m/Warhammer Ancient Battles - Rulebook.pdf
  5. This looks fun. Exposure is everything and creating events to showcase your game of choice is important. I think it'd be cool to get a run down of different available rule sets for these types of games. I have been listening to Dan Carlin's hardcore history. Just did the Celtic Holocaust and thought about how rad it would be to play a historical mini game in that era. I believe the Warhammer ancients rule set is pretty legitimate still, perhaps something to look into...
  6. A bunch of Alt models and specials this Black Friday. https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2017/11/20/black-friday-newsletter
  7. Merry Xmas Rasputina. YES!! NIGHTMARE BOX

    I was honestly surprised to see it... Curiosity Killed the Cat was a huge success. Heck all of these Twisted boxes have been incredible so far..... Im no Archanist player but can appreciate their commitment to giving us wacky stuff to play with. Evil snow men and Krampus is just too cool!
  8. Merry Xmas Rasputina. YES!! NIGHTMARE BOX

    These are difficult to get outside of the promotional period and I would advise that if you are interested, you just order it when it becomes available. I think Wyrd does a good job with their collectible and ALT models. You COULD find them after the sale being sold second hand but the prices would vary as this has been the case in the past and I typically see them go for twice as much after the fact. With that said, a good indicator would be the "curiosity killed the cat" alt box and what its going for on EBAY... I see two postings, one at $130 the other at $250.00, I'd say get it on the promotion. Curiosity Killed the cat was released during the last Gencon
  9. http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/132842-monday-preview-alternate-rasputina/
  10. Seahawks play on Monday Night this week! You should be golden!! :)
  11. https://www.wyrd-games.net/bad-things-happen?utm_source=Wyrd+Games+Newsletter&utm_campaign=cf1fecea16-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_11_06&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b5e6c20880-cf1fecea16-128053381&mc_cid=cf1fecea16&mc_eid=084e91c08c
  12. Moar Demos!

    Had a few demo games last week with a few new players that went fantastic. IMO.... they might feel differently. LOL Perhaps added a couple new players in the mix here on Ordo. Slowly but surely we will have an active group in PDX... If anyone else is interested in getting a game in, let me know! I have crews to loan for learning purposes. YEAH!!
  13. This is a solid interview and gives really interesting insight to the mind of a game developer, how they react to community, and what the origin of creation entails. The interviews start at about the 40 minute mark. Part 1: http://www.combatphase.com/2017/10/01/episode-214/ Part 2: http://www.combatphase.com/2017/10/07/episode-215/
  14. I was able to preorder this dude during Gencon this year. All of the factions got 2 pre release models and I unfortunately did not get the Cyclops but see that they are being released really soon anyway. Grootslang was painted the week I got him and has seen the table in every game since. I think he is a solid model on paper and wanted to see him work with each of my NB masters. He's only a 6 stone minion so I dont usually have a problem fitting him in any master's crew. What he does is after both sides have deployed my crew places 3 50mm lair markers on my side of the table. These are height 0 and are not severe or hazardous. They are simply markers that the Grootslang can teleport between. He needs a 7 of any suit and has triggers on rams and masks for additional goodies. He unfortunately cannot interact on the turn he does his lair to lair action, so it keeps him from making claim jump or other interact schemes more difficult for him to preform. When he is touching ANY terrain marker (only created markers, so Lilitih's illusionary forest, waldgeist's wild growth, emissary's hungry land markers & proboly more) he gets a + to ALL FLIPS except damage but does +1 damage. This is really good, but keeps him tethered to his markers which makes placement of said markers a very important decision. He is on a 5mm base and has a 1" and 3" attack, which does give him some reach to finish off damaged models and engage for things like interference. Overall I am very pleased with the model. He has done great in some games and has gone down quickly in others which speaks to the glass cannon style faction NB can be. Get out early and kill because you wont be sticking around... at all. He wont be an every game inclusion but adds a nice piece for games like Guard the stash or Interference. He can punch above his SS cost if used properly, so for a 6SS minion, I am sold. I look to bring him with Lilith most of the time with all the markers available in her crews.
  15. Malifaux, the game.

    Oh, I’m sorry Derk... we could play some Malifaux too. Perhaps this way you won’t forget about your miners all game! Lol I would like to play your Gremlins sometime though.