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  1. Fixxer


    Thank you fellas! I built some Wyches last night and plan on getting the Kabalites together tonight, primed and some paint over the weekend. Perhaps next weekend I'll head out to WoW and play, its been a while since I've been out there. I'll definitely reach out to you guys directly when the time comes and try to plan a few games.
  2. Fixxer


    Rad, I'll hit you up sometime when I have my crew up and running. Thanks !
  3. Fixxer


    Do you plan on doing another league perhaps? Im just getting into the game with a few friends.
  4. Fixxer

    Malifaux closed beta...

    We'll be at Mythic Realms on Saturday around noon playing some games if you're interested in coming and checking it out.
  5. Fixxer

    Return of the Beastmen?

    All I wanna know is.... Do they still have that story about how Ungors are made?
  6. Fixxer

    Malifaux closed beta...

    We dont, unfortunately. Ive been testing a lot and 3E is looking really good though...
  7. Fixxer

    Malifaux closed beta...

    @VonVilkee I’ve been doing some beta testing. Most of our community here in PDX got in so it’s been really easy to find people to play. 3 games in so far with new Dreamer vs 10T. I’m pleasantly surprised. 🤓 it’s 100% Malifaux goodness. 👍
  8. I was about to be upset if this was any other way. I am not playing in any events but plan on coming down, hanging out, and hopefully getting an "open gaming" match with someone. Thanks to the ORDO Senate for being so courteous with the space, not everyone can commit to events but still want to see old friends and play a little bit.
  9. Fixxer

    What's new with Malifaux?

    Got some folks throwing down at Mythic Realms in Vancouver on Sundays. This will start around 2pm and will be a weekly thing. 🤘
  10. Fixxer

    What's new with Malifaux?

    There are 3 stores now with regular meet ups. Tuesdays at the Portland Game Store starting around 5:30pm- This is the one that I am consistently at. Fridays at Guardian Games starting at about 5pm- I'll make this once a month. Typically Rudy, Justin, and Erik are down there with other randoms that play. Sundays at Mythic Realms in Vancouver WA. This one is new and being run by Kalani. Thinking 5-6pm start time. We all play the standard 50ss which can take anywhere from 2 - 2.5 hours depending on how well you know your crew and how aggressive you are. I can typically end a tournament game in an hour and a half depending on my opponent.
  11. Fixxer

    What's new with Malifaux?

    Always down to show you the ropes, LMK.
  12. Are chosen knights mounted on 50x75mm? Or standard 25x50mm? Nasty looking list. Damn.
  13. Fixxer

    What's new with Malifaux?

    @KennyD76 Do you have a crew or were you just looking for a demo game to get back in?
  14. Fixxer

    What's new with Malifaux?

    Why not? It will be the same system, they are just cleaning up some of the excess on cards and upgrades while advancing the story. Learning to play M2E will only help you in M3E. All of the models will get new updated rules available for free when the edition drops, nothing you collect now or learn now will be useless.
  15. I'll come up for a weekend or something too! Lol! 🙂 Its been a while since I've been up there. You in Bellingham still @VonVilkee?