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  1. Hey, We play Malifaux at Guardian Games on Friday nights if anyone is interested in coming out and playing or just checking out the game. Wave 5 book is out and new master upgrades, an exciting time.
  2. Hey dude! 

    You still have those Malifaux models? You looking to play ever or are you moving on from that too? I have been playing a lot.... got a pretty solid group of players locally if you are ever trying to get a game in.  Hope all is well. Later!

    1. djellum


      no i still have them with no plans to sell.  im real busy so just kind of time locked right now.  once my wife goes back to school I may have some extra though. 

      I have just been enjoying painting to be honest.  im about 3/4 done painting all my stuff.  been way more into that than actually playing lately.

      I'm not moving on from Fantasy, just selling off extra stuff.  I still have 2 armies, but I inherited a ton of equipment when my step dad died so Im trying to fit a full jewelers shop and a whole bunch of reloading stuff in the closets.

      I know you shoot, are you interested in reloading.  I have a whole setup id get rid of cheap just to buy some other stuff and get it out of my way.

    2. Fixxer


      Dave, sorry to hear about your father. I am happy to hear that you are still interested in playing Malifaux and possibly 9th age. I have a few fantasy armies also, not looking to sell, ever. I like 9th age, but am really into playing Malifaux right now as its fresh, interesting, and new. 

      No space for anything like that right now, unfortunately. As much as i'd like to tinker around with something like that, lack of space keeps me from committing. 

      We need to try and get together sometime, its been far too long. I'd play anything you'd be interested in. LMK.



  3. Malifaux game nights at the Portland Game Store are on Tuesdays. Starts around 5pm and goes until closing at 10pm. Please stop by and check it out if you're at all interested in the game. I can get you a demo or show you the ropes, whichever you prefer.
  4. Kids do that from time to time!! Hope all is well in the end.
  5. Well......... What happened?
  6. Anyone up for a game or demo tonight at Dice Age up in Vancouver?
  7. Thanks for breaking this down Ben, looks exactly right. With the 9th Age, the Waagh does not give static combat rez, it gives another bonus which might be as good for dealing damage and getting that CR to stack. I do think it works as well in the new edition even though the general consensus is that Orcs arent good with shields. Frankly, I find them to be the best... cheap, T4 LA and Shields is darn good. With only 3 RnF models to target some models will have to target T5 Characters which will lower their chances even more of getting wounds through. I find the build to be completely viable in this edition, its a unit that your opponent will need to take out for in order to obtain enough VP to beat you, most likely. The reason I say 35 was because they were Big Uns in the last edition in order to get the banner on the standard and have WS4. Now with the newer rules, I believe you can get the standard on a normal orc unit now and shields which will effectively make them WS4 as most units will need 4s to hit with the parry rule. You can run regular orcs bigger than big uns due to pt cost. 25mm bases do get a little unwieldy if they are too large, be careful with that. Also, I didnt typically want this unit to BE charged... It was out there to CHARGE with a WAAGH for a game winning attack. With all the chaff O and G have, this unit can get lost in a sea of threatening green and wait for its opportunity. Again, not a sure thing but practice will help to make this a very strong strategy, IMO.
  8. One of my favorite builds in 8th edition was a 35 block of Big Un's with sword and board with the general and a BSB in there and the battle banner +1 CR on the units standard. This gave me 6 static combat rez. Now, if the general Waaghs on the charge for the additional D3 plus the charging combat rez, your at anywhere between 8-10 static. At that point your opponent needs to swing at an Orc lord, Big Boss or a big un who are WS 4 T 4 with light armor and shields... tough to get a lot of rez there to even tie a combat. This means most likely that you will auto break units on the charge. Mind you M4 is unlikely you charge, but I've seen people charge that unit only to bounce off and give the orcs free reign. As for the new edition and T9A, I dont know how well this would work but hey... perhaps you could get close to a build similar. In that case, they'd be worth looking into.
  9. I do have Paypal and would be happy to ship or even drop off something. I am headed up to Bremerton this weekend for a wedding, would be departing Thursday afternoon and coming back Monday, could stop in Olympia at Olympic Cards and Comics if youre interested in meeting up. Im in Vancouver so I'll be driving through anyway and am familiar with that store and Gabby. I just got an offer on the Dwarfs, what were you interested in?
  10. Thanks for the heads up Andozane, I appreciate it. Unfortunately I will not be in town on Monday to make that happen. Perhaps I should try Ebay or some other forums specifically for buying and selling minis. Cheers.
  11. No Nurgle interest? Didnt they just get new releases for each GW game? I mean, make an offer. I got some Plaguebearers and Nurglings available, they need an army to join. I'll entertain offer on everything. Thanks!!!
  12. I play Neverborn, Gremlins, and Guild. Will also be interested in any Outcasts/ Mercs. 3'x3' game mats are also on my list. Thanks!
  13. Looking to sell excess GW stuff. I will make good deals for cash, let me know. 50 Metal plaguebearers (includes x5 command groups) -$40 obo I also am now looking to sell my HE army also. $200.00 OBO Off the top of my head: *All grey plastic or metal unless otherwise noted. 20 Pewter White lions 6 Pewter Dragon Princes 7 Pewter Shadow Warriors 15 Silver helms 20 Archers 20 Spears (different stages of assembly) 28 Seaguard IoB 24 Swordmasters IoB 15 Reavers IoB Lion Chariot Prince on Dragon x2 Princes on Griffon IoB (1 is converted, head swap/weapon swap) 3 Bolt throwers BSB on horse Mage on horse Various HE characters Pewters and Plastics. This army is in wonderful condition, please make an offer. Thanks! ADDED** Circle of Orboros starter box with Werewolf, x2 cerebus, and warcaster. **Metal. $15.00
  14. Hello all, Just thought I'd post this here. Gen Con last weekend had Malifuax adding some great upgrades to all masters, pre-released models, and a hint at gaining grounds 2018. Exciting times for us Wyrdos... Spoke briefly with Roy at Dice Age about possibly doing a Henchman program at his store. This means a weekly game night and events every 3ish months. Please let me know if any of you guys would be interested in a demo or if you have a night that you'd prefer for weekly's. I have multiple painted crews and would be happy to show anyone the ropes. Thank you.
  15. At least you didn't forget your Miners!