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  1. Laughing to self about edition change...

    He didn't show it one shelf up and to the right is still the Third and fourth edition book
  2. Games at WoW tonight - 5/23

    working till close this week saddly.
  3. Planning on going to GG tonite anyone else care to join?
  4. Who's playing at WoW on Tuesday?

    I'll be there. Also sound like a few others will be too. So you should be able to get some games in.
  5. Raptors Scout Unit Alpha

    Two games 3 Promethium Caches ++ Kill Team (Space Marine Scouts) [1395pts] ++ + Uncategorised + Chapter: Angels of Redemption + Leader + Scout Sergeant [290pts]: +1 Initiative, +1 Weapon Skill . Bolt pistol: Hellfire bolts . Bolt pistol: Hellfire bolts + Troopers + Scout [200pts]: Camo gear, Photo-visor . Sniper rifle: Red-dot laser sight, Telescopic sight Scout [200pts]: Camo gear, Photo-visor . Sniper rifle: Red-dot laser sight, Telescopic sight Scout [200pts]: Camo gear, Photo-visor . Sniper rifle: Red-dot laser sight, Telescopic sight + Specialists + Scout Gunner [305pts]: Heavy bolter, Photo-visor + New Recruits + Novitiate Scout [100pts]: Bolt pistol Novitiate Scout [100pts]: Bolt pistol ++ Total: [1395pts] ++
  6. Raptors Scout Unit Alpha

    For those that do not know about the Raptor chapter. "Stop blindly obeying the words of the book and look at the situation. You have completed your training, but you must now learn to apply it. Regurgitation is not the answer, simple analysis and thought must be used to solve the problem!" - Captain Maodes Karib, Raptors 5th Company The Raptors are a Loyalist Second Founding Successor Space Marine Chapter of the Raven Guard. They have been heavily involved in many of the most recent campaigns of the Imperium of Man, including the Badab War, the Third War for Armageddon and the Taros Campaign. The Raptors were originally and mistakenly recorded in Imperial records as a Chapter called the Raptor Legion with a very different colour scheme; this mistake has now been rectified. As a Chapter, the Raptors have been nearly rendered extinct multiple times, but have learned to adapt to changing circumstances so well that they have flourished where other Chapters would simply have had their names added to the ranks of the fallen. The Raptors' Chapter culture is one that is very wary of the idea of martial glory or honour, and prefers instead to emphasise pragmatism, adaptability and completion of the mission over all other concerns. The Raptors, having been reduced to so few Battle-Brothers so often in their history, have no illusions about what war truly is. They understand that war is suffering and death. It is a brutal business that they specialise in, but they have no desire to wallow in its misery beyond what is required to carry out the Emperor's will. Like their genetic forebears, the Raptors adhere to the broad organisational patterns and provisions laid down in the Codex Astartes, but as a Chapter, they see the Codex as a highly effective and proven set of strategic and operational guidelines rather than inviolable dogma to be obeyed without question. The Raptors maintain a high degree of flexibility in their deployments and structures, and in battle favour hit-and-run tactics over all else. Flexibility and willingness to adapt to their situation represents the core of the Raptors' combat doctrine. As they prepare to engage their opponents, these Space Marines are always careful to identify all of their assets and utilisethem to the fullest means possible. These often include assets that are not identified within the constraints of the Codex Astartes. Even when operating well within the strictures of that tome, these Battle-Brothers may choose to take measures that others might consider dishonourable. For members of the Raptors Chapter, the only important standard is success. Honour and glory are noble notions, but a clear victory is worth far more than any amount of either. Most of the distinctive combat tactics that the Raptors employ are tied into this notion. Many Space Marine Chapters exhibit a clear disdain for the use of concealment, secrecy, espionage, and counter-intelligence. The Raptors know, however, that it provides a limited number of countermeasures to overcome those who would use such deception against members of the Adeptus Astartes. However, the Raptors Chapter enthusiastically and consistently applies these techniques throughout its battles. Deceiving their opponents as to the timing, nature, and objectives of an attack can often grant the Space Marines a significant tactical advantage. Similarly, by expertly scouting a region prior to launching an attack, the Raptors are often able to insert their forces without their opponents realising the number or nature of the opposing forces. However, such insertions are entirely dependent upon the reliability and accuracy of their initial reconnaissance work. This requires extensive dependence upon their Scout Marine units, which exceeds the level characteristic of many other Space Marine Chapters. When engaged in scouting missions, the Chapter's Battle-Brothers typically focus on both gathering intelligence and on countering the opposition's efforts. Just as they work to penetrate the fog of war, they may also deliver false -- but credible -- information. Consequently, at the same time as the Space Marines penetrate directly to the most vulnerable points of their opponent's strategy, those opponents are unable to locate the heart of the Raptors' forces. This stratagem has often enabled the Raptors to effectively engage opponents that enjoy an even greater numerical advantage than is typical for Imperial Space Marine forces. Throughout the Chapter, blind obedience is strongly discouraged. All of these Space Marines are expected to act upon their own initiative at the appropriate times. However, such actions must fit within the context of the larger battle scheme. Battle-Brothers consider unorthodox tactics during their preparation for any conflict. These include unusual deployment manoeuvres and infiltration. At times, they have gone so far as to assemble ad hoc units specifically appropriate for resolving a particular tactical problem. Other Chapters can find these attitudes at odds with a strong devotion to the Emperor and the righteous plight of Mankind, though the Raptors see the two as intertwined, and their Chapter has always done its duty and remains unquestionably loyal to the Imperium. For a Raptors Battle-Brother facing death is only a matter of time, and they carry the knowledge with them every day, alongside their duty to their brothers and their oath to the Emperor.
  7. Stray Dogs (Skitarii Scarr unit)

    "Alphas personal log: Was searching for more information we came across the Astarte Scouts again this time we gave more than we got. They retreated from the field and we captured both the objectives. We did not lose anyone but we gain lots of vital resources. We have hired another person to help us along our mission. Hopefully we will understand what's going on here soon. End Log:" Game Two Won earn 100pts, 4 Promethium Caches LT Rake gained Scavenger trade cache in for 100 extra pts Bought a additional Specialist, Arc pistol Clip harness, photo visor.
  8. Gaming at GG tonite

    Are you kidding me that was hilarious what are the odds of for every turn rolling two 6s. Besides I can honestly say I didnt loose to you. I loss to the monster in the dark. Lol Have to do again.
  9. Gaming at GG tonite

    We're going to play some at GG tonite anyone care to join?
  10. Days people are playing?

    Just post a day you would like to play and time and where you can play. Some folks like myself try to game any time time permits.
  11. Shadow War: Ordogeddon - the league

    So question if I pay twice can I rise two teams? With 2 weeks between sections sgould be able two get two teams up.
  12. Need a league game.

    Anyone open for a game tomorrow which is friday at GG?
  13. Stray Dogs (Skitarii Scarr unit)

    "Alphas personal log: My unit and I touch down on the planet looking for Intel as to why the magnus has told us to investigate this world. We stumble upon a Data Vault and Lenny proceeded to download the information we need it. The unit proceeded to stand guard while lenny did his magic. Pitt notified us over comms that a group was headed our way. We stepped outside the vault where upon we were attacked by unknown assailants. We did not get a good look at them but I do believe they were some unit of a Astarte Scouts. I'm not sure as we never really got a close look for we traded weapons fire over range and the group remained mostly hidden. the closest we came was when I tried to Ambush one but I was nullified before I could get a good look. "Nullified is that code word for falling on my ass and knocking myself out. Shut up Drooler before I make you clean the waste recycle." In the end we lost the Data Vault to the unknown assailants, But the good news is we delayed them long enough for us to download the data information. Hopefully we can find the information we seek to find what we are looking for and why this place is of interest to the Magnus. End Log" Game one lost earn 100pts, 1 Promethium Cache Guard Dogg gained +1 initiative trade cache in for 100 extra pts Bought 4 red dot sights 80pts, 4 telescopic sights 80pts, 4 clip harness 40pt total spent 200pts
  14. 5/1 Tuesday Game Night @ WOW

    I'll be there tomorrow too. looking for a few games of Shadow war.
  15. Found this on Dakkadakka

    Here's a Kill team builder like warscroll builder for AoS. https://killteams.com maker is AutocannonSidearm on Dakkadakka he did a great job.