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  1. 15$ Baneblade anyone?

    Tank no but if turret is stand alone could make a nice kitbash
  2. Flyers

    one landspeeder and a whirlwind can hurt flyers bad. They have a strat. called datalink that lets the whirlwind autohit if the speeder is with in 12" of target.
  3. Flyers

    If your ok with forge world this baby rules the skies Xiphon Pattern Interceptor. It has (with all be it good rolls) taken out in one turn both a stormraven and a baneblade.(not in same turn) It has 4 lazcannons and a heavy 3 rocket launcher, it can move and shoot heavy weapons with no penalties and gets 1 to hit flyers
  4. Roll modifiers

    Yes and no the standard fire mode for plasma weapons became safer its overcharging that is risky
  5. Roll modifiers

    So remember moral of the story walking with plasma weapons or shooting at airplane makes the weapon more unreliable.
  6. Roll modifiers

    Yer saddly means if you hit on 3+ can nvr reroll more then a 2. Reroll all misses works better now the higher your BS is. so a Grandmaster is just reroll 1s & 2s and if you have a 2+ to hit means just reroll 1s
  7. Portland Meta?

    It's kind of funny it's a rock paper scissors. A basic grey Knights list would basically beat the Death guard list but the Space Wolves would probably defeat the grey Knights LOL
  8. Portland Meta?

    So to sum up there are four specialty builds. 1. Horde= lots of troops overwhelm opponent. 2. Heavy= centered around one or two super heavies 3. Multi-Small-Units (MSU)= taking lots of small units to grab objectives this one is designed to win Battleplan more the beat opponent. 4. TAC. (take all comers)= built to take on anyone. Now of these the TAC. build can be used by the other 3. ie.(TAC-Horde, TAC-MSU) but at a cost of weakening the specialty area a bit. .
  9. Portland Meta?

    Your army should be a nice balance between anti-tank and anti horde. How you do this is up to you. If you specialize in one the other will bite you in the butt.
  10. Random vs fixed selections and list creation

    Yer just before games starts by ITC missions. Unless you have a mandatory one like say you have Roboute Guilliman he has to take Ultramarines trait.
  11. Parent/Child 'Learn'-ament

    I am game. My daughter's not really into the game but a one-time letting or participate in a tournament would be fun
  12. characteristic adjustment double check.

    Q: If an ability instructs me to resolve an attack with a different characteristic (e.g. a Culexus Assassin’s Etherium ability) does this happen before or after any other modifiers that also apply to that characteristic (e.g. the Drukhari Serpentin Combat Drug)? A: When resolving such an attack, change the relevant characteristic to the new value before applying any modifiers to that new value.
  13. Pioneer Open 2017 @ Geeks and Games in Oregon City

    Is fully painted required?
  14. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    You do know unless your guys are on the same ship fighting each other it's a different teleportation chamber
  15. It is in the faq you add marks while making a list.