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  1. peter c

    W: OOP metal seated Lord of Macragge

    I've got that guy! PM me your address, and I'll get him in the mail.
  2. peter c


    Excellent work.
  3. peter c

    Advanced Squad Leader Wild West Fest 2018

    This sounds awesome, I'm glad to see you're keeping the old ways alive.
  4. peter c


    I like the guy with the melta gun. He looks like he's screaming "This is NOT my helmet!! Who grabbed my FREAKING HELMET?!?"
  5. peter c

    Here's an Odd one for ya...

    It's the shaggy unicorn who can fly surcharge.
  6. peter c

    2018 Ambassadorial Grand Tournament news

    Well not to split hairs, but Brood Brothers are part of a Genestealer Cult List. GW wrote the rule specifically for their index cognizant (as opposed to the rule for Allied Detachments, which applies to all detachments that share a keyword) of the fact that the list only really works in 8th when you include Brood Brothers. It's different because it isn't about sharing a keyword, it's about changing keywords and it's part of their fluff and part of the list that was (presumably) playtested to go on the tabletop in this edition. It's part of their list in the same way that And They Shall Know No Fear is part of a Space Marine list or Death To The False Emperor is part of a CSM list. But that's neither here nor there, the Ambassador's Tournament is designed to play a modified and limited version of 8th edition 40k and there's nothing wrong with that. Your house, your house rules. I'm good with that, but just for clarification the inclusion of certain units from the AM Codex is part of the army, plain and simple. Best of luck with the tourney!
  7. peter c

    2018 Ambassadorial Grand Tournament news

    Word up.
  8. peter c

    2018 Ambassadorial Grand Tournament news

    Gotcha, here's the gist of the ruling -- Lord Hanaur wrote via PM on 5/3/2018 : "The idea here is to showcase the codex's (in your case Index). It would probably defeat the purpose to allow importing, when a ton of them COULD also import other things. Codex Adeptus Astartes: Space Marines can by rights bring in things from all over the place because of the IMperium Keyword etc... INCLUDING Astra Militarum! Your special rule lets you take (essentially) do it also with a detachment of Astra Militarum to supplement your traitorous kin in the same way."
  9. peter c

    2018 Ambassadorial Grand Tournament news

    Two questions about the Ambassadors event from someone who is considering making the trip down to attend: 1.) Is there a preferred hotel that the tournament recommends for out-of-towners? Do you have a reduced rate negotiated anywhere, etc? 2.) Looking through the One Codex rule would seem to suggest that a Genestealer Cult player would not be able to utilize their Brood Brothers Special Rule, as that would necessitate the use of the Astra Militarum Codex. Is this the case? It seems slightly complicated to me as the GS Cult list doesn't really use AM units per se, but rather uses the AM codex as a reference. The AM codex is a sort of short cut to the data slates for Brood Brothers, as the Genestealer Cult list is (as I'm sure you know) still an Index list. Or does the fact that the unit entries come from the AM Codex preclude their inclusion, even though they are not technically Astra Militarum units but rather Brood Brothers units??
  10. peter c

    H: Genestealer Cult W: $

    FYI your pictures aren't working.
  11. peter c

    New 8th Edition Starter box trade thread.

    << EDIT 6/23/17: These Are Traded -! >> Hey Traders- If anyone here is going to OFCC at the end of July and is looking to trade there, I will happily trade the Imperial sprues from my box set straight across for the Nurgle sprues from your box set. Boom. I live up in the islands and don't get to the game stores regularly for a predictable meet-up, so that's the way it works best for me is to swap face to face at OFCC. Even though we'll both have to wait a couple weeks. PM me if this is cool with you and we can make a plan.
  12. Hey, thanks for running this it looks great. Question about possibly playing a Genestealer Cult list in this event: would the Return To Shadows rule be playable? Also, if a unit has the Infiltrate special rule (and thus Outflank) would they utilize the Cult Ambush table for their deployment?
  13. peter c

    A Grassy Wastes Table Build

    Nice! I like the details of the bases, it feels like just enough. What are you going to use for snow?
  14. Cool. I'm signed up. Matt, check your mailbox when you get a chance and looking forward to it. Mucho.