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  1. H: Realm of Chaos Slaves to Darkness Mint

    Just to verify, this is the reprint, correct?
  2. Game Night: Feb 11th. Unmasking

    I'll be there with my airbrush working tomorrow on projects. I'll be happy share my thoughts. If you have something you'd like worked on, bring it by and we'll see what we can do. I'd ask if you want something done that you supply the paint.
  3. Scotty paints Primaris Marines

  4. Looking for Bullgryn Brute Sheilds

    Ping! I can meet at guardian today or tomorrow, or Ordo on Sunday.
  5. Looking for Bullgryn Brute Sheilds

    Anyone got these?
  6. Old School Fanatsy RPG Adventure crawling - Sundays at Ordo

    OK, thats one!
  7. 2/6 Game Night at W.O.W

    I'll be there, oddly enough.
  8. Modeling Splashing Water?

    The best resource for this is the model railroad community. I've seen stunning effects that would make most professional model artist green with envy. I can remember 30 year old issues of Model Railroader showing the use of different resins to get the different states of water, and using dental picks to stretch these resins into shape while curing to get the splash and color effects (whitewater rapids). Start web crawling, I'm sure the info is out there. After a quick search I found this http://www.lauriegreensweb.com/Waterfalls/waterfalls.html
  9. GG AoS Game Night

    I'm working on it...
  10. Store Anniversary Space Marine Captain

    Or convert your own! (Then again, I'm cheap, and broke, so...)
  11. Engineer Guy - My favorite You Tube series

    The newest one
  12. I'd like to run a Pathfinder-lite or 5E group twice a month on Sunday afternoons. Who's in? Since we all have busy lives I'd like to set the expectations: Game sessions will be ~2hrs 3-5PM. Less crunch to the game mechanics. Less solving proofs and more play. Straight forward adventure crawls, with a loose "campaign" to tie them together Core classes and races only. We'll keep it simple, trying to avoid collection syndrome. Plus I already have tons of old material to draw from. Simplified advancement.
  13. 3rd Party 40K Conversion Kits?

    Do you already have some? How many do you need?
  14. An Arctic Wastes Table Build

    Finally, a freaking update. I'm backing off the Chaos theme for now and going more generic. As such I built a big hill. It's split so it can be a bit more flexible, plus each half can fit in a 12 gallon tote. Rough foam form on beveled MDF Chipped slate fit into place with foam cutouts Foam shaping done with a wire wheel, sanding block and orbital sander Detail on the split. I tried to get the smooth slate edges to line up. I'll fill them later.