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  1. scottshoemaker

    4/22 Game Night and League

    I'll be there working on terrain
  2. scottshoemaker

    Airbrush - thoughts from the users

    If you are only using acrylics then there are no fumes as such, only the particulate from the aresolized paint. If you have a large vented area like a workshop you really don't need anything other than good room airflow. However, for a workstation I bought this: It draws the particles into the filter at the back. They also come with a duct so you can vent the exhaust, but I haven't needed it. Search Spray Booth. Around $60 on amazon, but could easily be made with computer fans and plexiglass and wood. I wouldn't build the shroud out of wood as it'll block your working light
  3. scottshoemaker

    Workstation build

    I use a wall mounted acrylic nail polish rack like this: Easy to hang, I can see everything, about $30 on amazon.
  4. scottshoemaker

    I'm Bored, entertain me!

    Just as it says on the tin.
  5. scottshoemaker

    Start my new job today

    Can I borrow $50?
  6. scottshoemaker

    Big FAQ Update

    That's onlt per detachment, not the army
  7. scottshoemaker

    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

  8. scottshoemaker

    A Grassy Wastes Table Build

    Just pulled the trigger on these plus some accessories from PuppetsWar: I'll use the containers as corridors
  9. scottshoemaker

    Monday 4/16 Ordo Terrain Night

    Get off your arse and come down.
  10. scottshoemaker

    Airbrush - thoughts from the users

  11. scottshoemaker

    Airbrush - thoughts from the users

    I run a Harbor Freight tankless. Buy the moisture trap regulator. My first airbrushed were TCP Global master series at $30 for a kit. You want gravity feed, double action. I'd recommend a .03 needle as a general use. The .05 is great for base coating. Don't spend money on a badger until you get the hang of it. Practice with plain water on brown paper bags to learn the brush. I can do some short videos with tips if you think it would help.
  12. scottshoemaker

    Daughters of the Burning Rose

    Anvil Industries Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1637892615/daughters-of-the-burning-rose I like these as they are more Joan of Arc, less sexualized boob armor warrior girls.
  13. scottshoemaker

    Wednesday 4/11 Ordo Terrain Night

    Got this far last night. I won't be able to make it Saturday except to swing by, so I hope this helps.
  14. scottshoemaker

    Wednesday 4/11 Ordo Terrain Night

    Another quiet night at the club, so I did a bunch of aerosol prep work. Got this sealed: Mostly done: Prepped: Got the rust red and the undershading on the GW furnace-whatever: My GF will be out of town again tonight, so I'll be by the club again to finish up, I just don't know when.
  15. scottshoemaker

    Transporting Large unwieldy models