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  1. Time: 3 PM to 7 PM (we sometimes stay later) Location: 717 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214 (map) - Around the corner from Kokiyo Teriyaki and up the stairs Cost: $5 for Ordo Members, $2 for Ordo Warlord Champions, FREE for Emperors! And as always, your first Game Night is FREE! Games we play: All games are welcome. Currently we have Infinity, Necromunda and 40K and pick up games. Although it is possible to find a pickup game at Game Night, it is much better to prearrange a game before coming down. New players are always welcome, feel free to stop in and check it out.  ****** looks like @Jay and @Raindog are out for the holiday, but I should be able to open the club up. I could be running a little late, but we should be open by 4 at the latest So post up if you want to get a game in! -jeffrey
  2. Where are the build details, for those of us that are too lazy to google?
  3. Mine are Shane’s set, and they’re pretty sharp. Since I’m apparently incapable of getting copies made, I can pass them along and let you be the responsible one. 20% chance that I manage to stop at the hardware store on my way and resolve it the easy (for you) way
  4. I’ll be hanging out, looking to work on models or maybe catch a board game. Im also available if anybody is pining for a necromunda demo. I’ll likely be able to open the club around 3:30, if traffic is kind and no one else beats me to it.
  5. I think Pete is thinking this event would be at the Hilton during ofcc
  6. I get off work at 3, so hopefully can be to the club as quick as 3:30. Ive also got a demo/refresher game with a guy from Facebook around 5 ish
  7. I’ll be there with some scheduled necromunda.
  8. So if I bottled, and had no fighters left on the battlefield, would that mean I can keep it or no? if I can keep it IF I send someone to the doc, that seems a little squishy.
  9. @Burk is the terrain czar this year. Feel free to reach out to him about when terrain days will be scheduled and how you can get involved. I’m sure critique of club terrain, recommendations of new aquisitions, etc would be valued as well.
  10. In one off games I’ll just typically grab a few random cards and see what happens. As Scott said, we’ve built decks for our gangs that stay consistent throughout the campaign. I’m definitely regretting not taking a “...click” one option I’ve seen online is a group that allows you to add one card to your deck each time you hire a new member. They’ve been drawing out of a master stack with all the cards. I may steal this idea someday in the future.
  11. Add to the dead fighter scenario the fact that, only a result of a 66 results in a dead fighter. 61-65 will die if they don’t go to the doc....
  12. Graffiti markings spotted near Cassandra’s Heap:
  13. Things are off to a roaring start at the Ordo Clubhouse. Sumpin@Shadows has claimed a gambling den. The Severed ‘eads claimed the fighting pits. The hot knives have claimed both an archeotech device and synth still. For challenges: Delaque challenges esher for the Genatorium. Goliath challenge Van Saar for the Mine Workings Van Saar challenge Delaque for the Gambling Den Escher challenge Goliath for the Narco Den. For this week, all injuries are to be rolled twice, with the gang members owner getting to choose which result applies. Get at ‘em Gangers!
  14. Classic @Weav. everything about Necromunda confuses him.... ... unless it’s all a clever ruse...
  15. https://yaktribe.games/underhive/campaign/escapefrompitcity.2331/ Gangs and more details at the link above. We generated territories this past sunday, and issued the first round of challenges. There are twelve notable territories being played for: Fighting Pit Archaeotech Device Sludge Sea Mine Workings Wastes Smelting Works Promethium Cache Rogue Doc Shop Old Ruins Synth Still Gambling Den Generatorium We established a priority order and each gang was allowed to issue one challenge with a territory staked: The Severed 'eads called out Sumpin@Shadows for sneaking too close to the Fighting Pits Sumpin@Shadows called The Bastard Squad's bluff, and seeks to rake in the Gambling Den The Hot Knives plans to smoke The Severed 'eads and claim their Synth Still The Bastard Squad began analyzing Sumpin@Shadows as a way to refurbish the Archeaotech Device Campaign Event for this week: "Oi, that stings, don't it!" Maybe your house hasn't fully given you the reigns to act with hostile intent, or maybe your gangers are just a bit rusty, but it seems like injuries just don't stick this week. When you roll for injuries, any roll other than an 11 or a 66 will count as 12-26 - Out Cold. This is your one chance to realize just how badly you can handicap your gang, if you don't bottle out at the right time. Still roll injuries as normal, to get in the habit. If you don't roll your injuries at the correct time and wait until the end of the game, the result on the die stands as normal.
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