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  1. ninefinger


    The gangers names are also fantastic
  2. ninefinger

    Tuesday 5/15 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I should be there on the early end. Happy to play pretty much whatever, but I'll have a couple Necromunnda gangs that want to get some action.
  3. ninefinger

    SP '18 - Brotherhood of Traveling Steel

    our first game vs some lovely Esher gangers went real poorly. Basically should have run after the first turn. Two champions and a ganger in recovery, with stat breaks (2 movement and one toughness) but it’s all about the journey. Hopefully we can do a shoot out to clear up some injuries with minimal risk and plot some revenge. Also hopefully I’ll do a better looking battle report next time.
  4. https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/brotherhood_of_the_traveling_steel.9408/ Ill probably be starting a couple gangs, to foster some variety, test out rules and based on whatever I’ve been working on painting/modeling lately, but here’s my first gang posting. I’ll try and edit it up in a day or two. Feel fee to call me out if I fail on that *insert some fluff here* gang cards - all the orlocks ones plus a few randoes that’s need to pick still. ***
  5. ninefinger

    Tuesday 5/8 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I’ll be there around 3 and have plenty of necromunda with me. I could also also play BB if I figure out who my next league game is supposed to be against.
  6. Hey Gangers, I should have gotten this posted earlier, but here is our custom scenario fro Cycle One. This is designed to give your gang a boost, and gain some extra turf, early in the campaign. Its also designed to force you to acquaint yourself with the rules for both Zone Mortalis and Sector Mechanicus games. It should only be played by untested gangs, for their first game. If you both agree, you can select this scenario without rolling on the scenario selection table. Ping me with any questions, typos, clarifications etc, and i'll get back to you as soon as I can. Scenario: As Above, So Below Recent pumping and recovery efforts have uncovered vast unclaimed sections of the underhive. This offers your gang a spectacular chance to stake your claim, but only if you move fast. Splitting your forces gives you a chance to cover more ground, and make your mark on these unclaimed territories. Let's just hope your rivals don’t get the same idea. This Scenario may only be fought by Gangs fighting their first battle of the Turf War Battle Field This scenario takes place with your forces split, simultaneously on a Zone Mortalis board, as well as a Sector Mechanicus board. Set up, following the normal rules from Gang War 1, a small board of 3d terrain, as well as a small board of Zone Mortalis tiles. Barricades, Doors, and Ductways should all be used to ensure good mobility across the board. Crews: Before deployment both gangs will select their forces for the underground and the 3D boards. To begin, select D3+1 fighters for each board. Additional Fighters will come in as reinforcements during subsequent turns. Deployment: Players roll off, and the winner decides whether to take the Priority Marker or give it to their opponent. The Player with priority will choose one of the two boards, and select an edge to deploy their crew for that board. Their opponent then sets up their models for that board. The player without the Priority marker will then select a board edge on the remaining board, and deploy their crew. Reinforcements: In the scramble to explore this new territory, your gangers have spread out, and may not be nearby when the battle starts. Each turn, beginning with the 2nd turn, each player must add D3-1 random gang members to one of the two boards. Select which board they will arrive on, before you roll for the number. The player with priority must declare which board they will arrive on first. Objective: If at the end of any turn, either player has no fighters remaining on one of the boards, they have abandoned their attempts to claim this board. Set aside any fighters on this board who are seriously injured, until the end of the battle, and roll for them as normall. Neither gang may bring additional reinforcements onto this board. If one gang does have active fighters still on this board, they gain one victory point. When both boards have been either claimed or abandoned, the game is over. Fighters remaining on an uncontested board, make no actions, but count as active fighters, for the purposes of bottle tests. Rewards: Turf: A gang will gain one Turf for each victory point they have achieved. If your opponent has gained two Turf in this battle, your gang was forced out of the easy to reach areas, but has still found a place to claim while fleeing their opponents. Gain one turf, but make no roll to see if it is a special territory. Experience: Each Fighter that took part in the battle earns 1XP The Leader of each gang that scored the most points gains 1XP - in the case of a draw, neither Leader gains this bonus. Reputation: Each Gang gains one reputation for each Victory Point they’ve scored. Each gang gains 1 Reputation if this was their first battle against this opponent. The gang with the lower Gang Rating gains 1 reputation for each full 100 points of difference. If either gang bottled out, they lose 1 Reputation
  7. ninefinger

    SP '18 - Sons of the Clawed Redeemer

    FYI, in the big rule compilation on reddit (I can help you find this if you need, or have it available at the club) has the text of all the tactics cards. I also have decks of my own to lend at Game Nights. You can certainly use a deck of playing cards, etc. to represent the cards you've chosen for the Turf War
  8. Time: 3 PM to 9 PM (we sometimes open or stay later) Location: 717 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214 (map) - Around the corner from Kokiyo Teriyaki and up the stairs Cost: $5 for Ordo Members, $2 for Ordo Warlord Champions, FREE for Emperors! And as always, your first Game Night is FREE! We’re kicking off our Spring Necromunda League! Bring your gang and come join in the fray. Gangs that play the league scenario this Tuesday will be guaranteed to gain some bonus turf, which should only help your gang grow during the campaign. General details can be found here: If if you haven’t tried Necromunda yet, I’ll have a couple gangs available to borrow. Shoot me a pm if you’ve had trouble tracking down the rules and I’ll get you squared away Van Saar’s and bounty hunter gangs are coming this month, if the current selection doesn’t suit your fancy Also, it’s our game night! Post up and arrange a game. Games we play: All, with a focus on 40K, board games Blood Bowl, Necromunda and so on. New players are very welcome. Although it is possible to find a pickup game at Game Night, it is much better to prearrange a game before coming down.
  9. ninefinger

    Spring '18 Necromunda Campaign

    I don’t have any problems with it, although it seems like advancement can be a little slower than old school necromunda, so focusing on one may be more rewarding, if you’re hoping to see more advancement and change with your gang. @Torg I’ll ping @DisruptiveConduct and check if we’re any closer to getting to the last round of the 40k league, or even proceeding with the wrap up early. Hopefully there’s not too much overlap, and you can still get some quick necromunda games in
  10. ninefinger

    Tuesday 04/17 - OF Game Night at WOW

    I'll be there, likely around 3-ish i've got my week 6 (?) BB game with @Bosco at some point. (i'm guessing 6-ish) I'd also love to do some practice necromunda games, if anybody is interested. I'm happy to bring gangs for both of us.
  11. ninefinger

    Spring '18 Necromunda Campaign

    Intercepted Arbites Briefing to Palantine Enforcers- Code 0000346.024-D +++++++++ Despite some small armed conflicts during surrounding the Feast of Ascension, House control around the settlement of Spyder’s Sump remains mixed. A recent 4.03% uptick in registered arms sales, as well as information extracted after the latest round of raids in [redacted] suggest that a hostilities may well return to the streets, and a full blown turf war is anticipated in sections of the underhive. Enforcers are recommended to reduce patrols and response times by 12% to any calls of less than amber priority, to avoid any unnecessary expenditures and losses. Message ends Beginning May 1st, a turf war for control of Spyder’s Sump will resume at the Ordo Clubhouse. Any and all fanatics with a vested interest in the Gang Wars of Necromunda are encouraged to participate for credits,education and personal edification. Games do not need to be played at W.O.W., but rulebooks, gaming aids, and terrain resources will be available there, for your use. 3 Cycles will be played, starting every two weeks, but any number of battles may be played. A new custom missions will be available at W.O.W at the start of each cycle, with an emphasis on expanding our knowledge of the rules. After June 11th, reputation will be tallied and a series of Apotheoisis games will be scheduled to determine Ordo’s first Top Dog, which we will aim to have determined before the end of June for the zone of Spyder’s Sump. I, Ninefinger (jeffrey), will be serving as Arbitrator for this Gang War. Please direct any questions, complaints, or narcissistic rambling towards me and I will answer, address and ignore as necessary. ****** The nitty gritty: All available rules from GW will be used. Underhive, Gangs of Legend, GW1, GW2, the FAQ, WD Genestealer Cults, WD Chaos Cults, and the House Escher weapon packs. Deviations from rules as written may be allowed, with written permission from the Arbitrator (for instance, equipping starting gangers with common items from any of the Trading Posts.) Items without a current cost may be priced at the Arbitrator’s discretion, with prior approval. I am planning to have a variety of gangs and hired guns available to borrow at W.O.W. I will have a set or two of Gang Tactics cards available to borrow at W.O.W. If you need any help in tracking down rules, please reach out to me, I have a variety of resources available. Chief among these, there are flash drives with current pdfs available to borrow in the big room of the clubhouse. There will be no cost, apart from GN fees to participate. I am hoping to have Ordo Branded Gang rosters, Ganger Cards, Playsheets,and Tactics Cards available for sale. Expressing your interest in these will encourage me to get in gear and produce them. ****** How to participate Create a 1000 pt gang roster (Yaktribe is highly recommended for both creation and tracking) Select 11 of Gang Tactics Cards from any appropriate House Deck and/or any of the Gang Tactics Cards to serve as your tactics deck for the turf war. Start a thread in the Necromunda Subforum, titled with SP '18 and the name of your gang, which includes your starting gang roster and choice of tactics. Schedule and play games with other members Post the results of your games in the bi-weekly threads, as appropriate and post updated rosters in your gang's thread (and on Yaktribe)
  12. My schedule could be up in the air, pending work deveolpments, but its on my calendar to try and keep available.
  13. ninefinger

    4/3 Tuesday Game Night at WOW

    Actually it looks like I left my models at home. I’ll figure out a way to proxy if you make it.
  14. ninefinger

    April Terrain Day


    Going, barring unforseen changes to my schedule.
  15. ninefinger

    4/3 Tuesday Game Night at WOW

    Sweet. Let’s aim for some necromunda? I’ve also got a bb game to get in, but should be able to get a game or two in beforehand. I’m plann8ng on getting there around 3