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  1. WH40k night 10/10

    I haven’t tried it yet, I’ll aim to play with it on my lunch. Ive also got some models for you.
  2. WH40k night 10/10

    I’ll be at wow around 5:30. Happy to play 40k with my Orks, or catch a board game.
  3. ITC first floor wall LOS rule

    I think this ruling should mostly be aimed at large tournaments with an existing stock of terrain. Makes sense as a stopgap Stuff built for 6th ed might not work as well for the game these days. A better ideal is obviously to board up all the windows on your ruins. Should be feasible for, say, less than 8 tables worth of terrain.
  4. 10/3 Ordo Fanaticus Game Night @ W.O.W.

    Booo! Love and lifelong commitment are the worst! Ravenous hunger for biomass, now that’s where it’s at. And i I might have just coined my new nickname for marriage...
  5. 10/3 Ordo Fanaticus Game Night @ W.O.W.

    I’ll be there tomorrow, probably around 5/5:30 I’d love to field my orks against someone.
  6. I had a date tonight but she rescueduled to Thursday! ill be there with some waac ork nonsense.
  7. My Pheasant Pluckers are happy to play the first round
  8. I've got some sneaky ork goodies to try out tonight. I'll be there around 5, unless I can weasel out of work early.
  9. I've got my Bb game with @jollyork if I can get there early or stay late, I'm happy to squeeze in some 40k as well. I'll see what happens with work tomorrow.
  10. 9/10 Ordo Fanaticus Game Night @ W.O.W.

    @Chikin I should be able to be there. Say 4:00? my Orks are at the club or I'll see if I can get any more Deathwatch/astra militarum built.
  11. Sunday, September 3rd: Safe Area

    I'm dropping a pile of new terrain in the big room and starting the a/c early. I'd love feedback of the stuff as I move into more design concepts, if yall get a chance to use any of it. Pm or @ me
  12. Return of Necromunda?

    Hopefully it'll be more of a $40-80 box set instead of a $140 or whatever shadow wars was. That would help.
  13. I'll be there looking for a 40k game or two. Haven't done any hobbying this week yet, but either orks or deathwatch/inquisiton will come with me. Got to get used to actually having armour saves, eventually
  14. Nathanvoodoo's escalation league

    Sweet! Looks good so far!