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  1. ninefinger

    Escape from Pit City - Week Two

    Things are off to a roaring start at the Ordo Clubhouse. Sumpin@Shadows has claimed a gambling den. The Severed ‘eads claimed the fighting pits. The hot knives have claimed both an archeotech device and synth still. For challenges: Delaque challenges esher for the Genatorium. Goliath challenge Van Saar for the Mine Workings Van Saar challenge Delaque for the Gambling Den Escher challenge Goliath for the Narco Den. For this week, all injuries are to be rolled twice, with the gang members owner getting to choose which result applies. Get at ‘em Gangers!
  2. ninefinger

    Necromunda Consensus?

    Classic @Weav. everything about Necromunda confuses him.... ... unless it’s all a clever ruse...
  3. https://yaktribe.games/underhive/campaign/escapefrompitcity.2331/ Gangs and more details at the link above. We generated territories this past sunday, and issued the first round of challenges. There are twelve notable territories being played for: Fighting Pit Archaeotech Device Sludge Sea Mine Workings Wastes Smelting Works Promethium Cache Rogue Doc Shop Old Ruins Synth Still Gambling Den Generatorium We established a priority order and each gang was allowed to issue one challenge with a territory staked: The Severed 'eads called out Sumpin@Shadows for sneaking too close to the Fighting Pits Sumpin@Shadows called The Bastard Squad's bluff, and seeks to rake in the Gambling Den The Hot Knives plans to smoke The Severed 'eads and claim their Synth Still The Bastard Squad began analyzing Sumpin@Shadows as a way to refurbish the Archeaotech Device Campaign Event for this week: "Oi, that stings, don't it!" Maybe your house hasn't fully given you the reigns to act with hostile intent, or maybe your gangers are just a bit rusty, but it seems like injuries just don't stick this week. When you roll for injuries, any roll other than an 11 or a 66 will count as 12-26 - Out Cold. This is your one chance to realize just how badly you can handicap your gang, if you don't bottle out at the right time. Still roll injuries as normal, to get in the habit. If you don't roll your injuries at the correct time and wait until the end of the game, the result on the die stands as normal.
  4. ninefinger

    New league at WOW, beginning February 2019

    Very Cool. We're kicking off a small campaign today at GN, so theres some bookkeeping we're starting off with, and hopefully folks first campaign games. If I have time afters, i'd be more than happy to try and get you a demo game, or such.
  5. ninefinger

    Sunday 2/3 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I don’t think we have any blood bowl tourneys this Sunday... you may want to double check before you skip GN
  6. ninefinger

    Escape from Pit City thread

    go to underhive tools
  7. ninefinger

    New league at WOW, beginning February 2019

    Post your gangs name and I will add it to the campaign
  8. ninefinger

    YakTribe gang creation issues

    Was working just fine for me yesterday, although I think I was using either chrome or a mobile version
  9. ninefinger

    Sunday 2/3 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I’ll be there for Necromunda. We’re kicking off a campaign, generating territories, talking through the challenge system and the like. Maybe even playing the game!
  10. ninefinger

    New league at WOW, beginning February 2019

    I’m gonna aim for 3.
  11. ninefinger

    New league at WOW, beginning February 2019

    So I’d love to do Sunday to pick out campaign stuff, (territory cards, etc) and go over nitty gritty. People could play their first games that day or we could do a side scenario that isn’t for territory stakes. That being said, if you can’t make it, I’ll still show up and pull cards, and make a post with all the details, so that folks can get started this week. I’ve also got a little map project that I’m working on, and planning to unveil that day, if you need extra incentive.
  12. ninefinger

    Escape from Pit City thread

    Here is my starting roster https://yaktribe.games/underhive/print/gang/36829
  13. ninefinger

    New league at WOW, beginning February 2019

    Alrighty, So if we can get a sound off from @scotthartman, @Weav and @Josiah, if we're all able to get together on the same day, I'd love to draw the territories do the first round of challenges and maybe do a group scenario, time permitting. I can pull the territories by myself, and start a challenges post, if it doesn't seem like we can do it in person. Feb 2nd, 3rd or 5th all seem like likely candidates, what do ya'll think?
  14. ninefinger

    New league at WOW, beginning February 2019

    Makes for a good mix, as well. Van Saar, goliaths, esher and delaque!
  15. ninefinger

    Potential Delaque build, fluff to come...

    Awesome. That is very good info. I have a pile of gsc that’s still waiting for me to get to assembling.