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  1. Psilence

    Papa Nurgle Arrives

  2. Psilence

    KEEP AN EYE OUT. Stolen Ork Army in Seattle

    I’ll monitor my limited sphere. Hope they show up.
  3. Psilence

    Random Photo Thread

    The looks on their faces are classic. Spocks like. ....”pfft...”
  4. Psilence

    Jokes on me, 8th Ed Harlequins

    The Webway gate will go back burner. I’m going to try to knock out another troupe unit and their ride. Also another troupe master to round out the HQ’s.
  5. Psilence

    Jokes on me, 8th Ed Harlequins

    Finished up on the murder machine. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can pull off with the new relics and stratagems. I need to hit an art store and round up a mini rubber stamp set and play around with carving diamonds. Having a few similar details on everybody would be nice.
  6. Psilence

    Jokes on me, 8th Ed Harlequins

    I got to work on the second shadow seer, and put down the base coats and washes on Mr solitaire. Im pleased with how the purple tied in with the greens of the main robes, as well as the ‘pop’ from the yellow that ties everybody together.
  7. Psilence

    Jay's painting table.

    I love the fading checkers on top of the glaves.
  8. Psilence

    SW, Orks, GSC and Cawdor

    I try to escape, but Fenris calls to me. I better paint some Harlies quick 😉
  9. Psilence

    Jokes on me, 8th Ed Harlequins

    Jester complete. Im happy with him overall. The natural tones in the gun and cloak should stand him out from his bro’s. Starting in on shadow seer number 2, and after that comes the solitaire. I’ll revisit everyone’s bases (rocks/ruins) in the future when I figure out how I want to do the entire army.
  10. Psilence

    Jokes on me, 8th Ed Harlequins

    Progress on the jester. He’ll be the only model in the army with a bone colored gun (as opposed the gold) and a natural colored cloak. I want him easily identifiable as he’ll pack the relic shrieker cannon ‘curtain fall’. Also, his boots aren’t red, they’re just soaked from walking through all the blood ;). Bases and washes down. Highlights to come.
  11. Psilence

    Jokes on me, 8th Ed Harlequins

    Some progress on the skimmer. I applied some blue tape to a note card and used the wife’s paper trimmer to cut thin strips out of it. I then peeled the thin strips of tape off and used it to establish the diamond pattern. Some base coats and a wash later, with standard highlights on top of that. Im still not sold on the purple canopy, we’ll see what develops with the rest of the Air Force.
  12. Psilence

    Jokes on me, 8th Ed Harlequins

    Up next will be the transport for the troupe plus a few more supporting characters. After that comes a Webway gate for funzies.
  13. With the release of the new Harlequin codex for 8th ed I thought I’d take a break from power armor for a bit and dip my toes into the Webway. The force itself (like most of mine) is second hand with a repaint, and is intended for tabletop quality. One of the challenges of getting the army done will be staying motivated and finding time with work and family. To help in those regards I plan to avoid big batch painting sessions, and will try to finish (completely) a unit or two at a time. At some point I plan to add small diamond/checker patterns (perhaps with a rubber stamp system) but for now I’m satisfied with the base colors. First up is a shadow seer (my test model for the army) a troupe master and a troupe. I really enjoy all the implied movement the models have.
  14. Psilence

    Harlequin Formations

    Started some work. I’m excited to play something other than power armor. We got one game in with the index list a while back. They were amazeballz fast and hit like a truck, but esplode if you look at them sternly. Pretty fun.
  15. Psilence

    Harlequin Formations

    Not for everyone I guess. I’ve got an old school attention span. In the last 5’ish minutes he goes over some unit/form/relic/power combos that sound naughty.