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  1. The Death Knights of Khorne

    Looks great! It's awesome how well the AoS dudes convert over. Looking forward to more pics.
  2. January Wolves

    Base colors and a wash on the big dakka. And the start of number 3. I'm looking forward to using these guys as pack leaders until their numbers are sufficient for a Logan wing style list.
  3. January Wolves

    One of his brothers. Just a little progress on the base colors.
  4. January Wolves

    Completed. These guys should look good in big packs. For now though he'll have to lone wolf it for a bit. Happy Friday!
  5. January Wolves

    Yarp :) He'll get similar treatment as the rest of his brothers. The claws will end up with a 3 step gradient and a white highlight. Similar to the sword effect, but with finer steps to the blues.
  6. January Wolves

    Post wash I'll probably add some face tattoos at some point, just to scruff him up.
  7. January Wolves

    I had a few minutes to work on some hobby'ing and decided to put some paint to plastic. Heres some pre wash of the first TDA. More to come.
  8. Finished I Am Slaughter by Dan Abnett. For the longest time I stayed away from this one because of the cover art, silly me. Its the first in a twelve part series by black library. It is interesting in that it is set in m31-32, post heresy, but just barely. It deals with both the imperial fists, and the upper command structure of the young imperium, for a little intrigue mixed in with the hail of bolter fire. A typically well written Abnett novel.
  9. January Wolves

    Yeah, GW advanced my painting abilities considerably when they released the washs. I'm addicted to nuln oil :)
  10. January Wolves

    Complete. Im happy with the subtle energy at the ends of the staff, but would love to get a hold of a good air brush and do a 'glow'. Its about to get stormy on the tables :)
  11. January Wolves

    Post wash.
  12. January Wolves

    Progress on one of the priests. Got all the base color down pre wash. Gonna try a radiating energy effect on the staff right below the eagle and toward the bottom.
  13. Finished The Warmaster by Dan Abnett. Its always nice to return to the ghosts as they are a group I can invest in since they've been around for so long. Gritty IG combat were you can feel the las rounds going through people, with good dark drama in the background. Leaves you wanting more at the end, and feels like a stepping stone for the next book/s. Makes me want to re-read from the start and work on my IG/AM.
  14. January Wolves

    Just gonna drop this here for funzies. Picked up some additions for the Rout. I plan to paint them to tabletop quality by the end of January.