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  1. Travelling

    I'm enjoying your trip as well. Keep it up and be safe :)
  2. Van Saar

    Would be a pretty cool looking IG army.
  3. Black Hole, son, won't you come

    Darn it.
  4. Your bright light source + shadowing makes it look like daylight on the cobbles. Nice :)
  5. Harlequins - again - finally

    I've recently delved into the Harlies as well. The list looks good and fast, able to scoot around the board and harass whom they want. The troupes will greatly benefit from the troupe masters reroll wounds bubble, adding another might be worthwhile for you. More fusion in the squads might seem like overkill, but as glass hammer'y as these guys are it might help them not bounce off stuff. What close combat weapons will you run on the troupes? Star weavers are a no brain'er. -1 to hit and 4++ with their built in speed makes for great boats. The shadow seer is solid when their -1 to wound bubble is in effect. And smite + their grenades are a good source of mortal wounds, especially when coupled with a hemlock or 2. With the overlapping morale bubbles combined with morale modifying psi powers it can be punishing for elite builds you fight. The death jester is super fluffy, but disappointing on the table in my experience. The sky weavers are silly fast, with decent shooting, but hit like wet noodles in cc. I use mine to tar-pit and control the areas around my 'real' assaults. With rising crescendo they do well for me. As for the ynnari I have no table experience. It looks like you have plenty of fast units to spawn the yncarne or burst as needed. Should be fun to play :) The Harlies can get in toe to toe with most anything, but don't like getting shot at by... anything :) Thought about a solitare? Their movement is really impressive, even if they have issues being as murder'y as they should be on paper. Looking forward to your posts :) Have fun.
  6. New to Portland/40k/Ordo

    Aparenly I can' ype 's eiher...
  7. New to Portland/40k/Ordo

    I can read, it's one of my weaknessez.
  8. New to Portland/40k/Ordo

    Welcome to the region and ordo! Places of note: Western Oregon wargamers (wow), House of ordo. See OFCC. Guardian Games, downtown'ish, great selection and many other games to boot. Also, beer. Screen door. Restaurant. Burnside and 60th'ish. Silly good fried chicken. Just say'n :) Have a good weekend.
  9. Dull coat Dilemma

    I've had good luck with the GW spray 'purity seal'. On my grey knights it brought me back from a straight up chrome to a silver that would actually take a wash coat without just running off. I've tried a similar spray from Fred's with less success. Temperature of your painting space might have some effect as well. Good luck :)
  10. My new project ....😎

    Looking great!
  11. Painting with Pax

    Nice! It'll probably be totally ergonomic now :) Ive used green stuff for all sorts of home repairs before. One that stands out was some of the internal mechanisms of a toilet. Worked great for a long time.
  12. Snow!

    About 1" here.
  13. outside of 9"?

    Gotcha. :) The flamer bit and the outside bit make sense.
  14. outside of 9"?

    I had assumed that 9" meant 9", not 9.000001". I didn't notice where GW pointed out the decimal measurements. Not trolling, just wondering where others interpretations come from.
  15. outside of 9"?

    Wouldn't that make it an 8" charge? 9" from enemy targets. Within 1" to complete a successful charge. = 8"? Or am I wrong'ish? Math is hhhhaaaaaaaarrrrrrddddddd