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  1. Psilence

    My New Armageddon Pattern Basilisk

    Very nice! I like the distressed kaki paint inside the crew compartment.
  2. Psilence

    ISO hurricane bolter bits

    Guardian games has some of the crusader sprues in separate bag if you want new.
  3. Psilence

    Land raider with chaos sprues

    Ewww. Pretty sure his prostate cancer has prostate cancer. still good to get screened though.
  4. Psilence

    The Big FAQ

    Depending on mission, friendly list type, enemy list type, and terrain, reserves are extremely useful. Capturing objectives establishing points superiority where you need to negating enemy list/deployment strengths through board positioning the list if fairly long. Turn 1 reserves arrival was a fairly new development in the game. We are seeing a shift away from the super alpha starts. I’m looking forward to it.
  5. Psilence

    The Sprue and You - New Slaanesh Models

    Yes, but on a high note, there are nipples. They were scared of those for awhile. Because bare breasts are not ok. But a group that would wipe out your continent because your moms brothers uncles roommates dog may, or may not, have herd somebody talking about said breasts is totally ok. People are funny sometimes. 🙂
  6. Psilence

    The Big FAQ

    Sorry to hear it. There mechanics cant be used to play to the mission? Some of my most satisfying wins were with “horrible” pure grey Knights back in the deamon hunters codex. Folks showed up to roll the list with ease, and left disappointed.
  7. Psilence

    The Big FAQ

    It’s a good write up, thanks. Im curious to see how the meta shifts now that the cp farm-soup lists took it in the pants. Like the author I’m pretty happy with all of the changes.
  8. Psilence

    Space Wolves

    Just a little update. Just need to hit the white edge highlights. I also started in on another side project.
  9. I disagree about the aggressors. The list looks like it advances turn 1, with a turn 2 outflank from the aggressors as the wolf assault elements come into range. The enemy deals with one or the other and takes the counter punch. If the aggressors live to turn 3 they are either dumping buckets of dice on everything around them, or moving up and fisticuffing with their bro’s. Looks fun 🙂
  10. Psilence

    Space Wolves

    I had a few minutes to work on some sky claws. I decided to work on them in finishable batches instead of trying to churn through the whole lot and getting discouraged. Base coats and wash done, I’ll move on to dry brushes and highlights next. I tried to use more of the young ‘crazy space wolf’ heads, rather than the ‘old man’ grey hunter’y ones, to convey their blood claw status. I’m actually really happy with the flock of seagulls mow hawk (which I normally dislike).
  11. Psilence

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I read the title of the above as “Antman”, then the review. I was like, what the heck? So I checked the title again. Phew, crisis averted.
  12. Psilence

    Random 40k-specific thought thread

    I would argue that living in such a cold climate that body hair in general would be a dominant evolutionary trait. Although 20k years might not be a long enough time line to see that sort of shift... There are other blurbs throughout the wolf fluff that suggest the original settlers of fenris (and likely the fauna) were engineered to be able to survive on the planet. That would be my last hope for any sort of justification of the points you raise. 🙂
  13. Psilence

    Random 40k-specific thought thread

    I would imagine the average life span for a normal human on Fenris (or any death world for that matter) is considerably shorter than on other imperial planets, or even our modern earth. When 35 is an ‘old man’, and everything everywhere wants to kill you it might accelerate maturity levels a bit.
  14. Psilence

    DeffWotch list for next year's ofcc

    Lots a dakka. Pretty well rounded, mobile/campy where it needs to be. Should be fun to fight with/against