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  1. Psilence


    The saga of the hunter on a thunder/bike/jumppack lord will make for some good threat range.
  2. Psilence


    Armor of Russ+strike first WL trait+the new chapter trait= A Wolf Lord that can heroic intervene 6”, +1 to hit, strikes first, and can shut down an enemy UNIT until the end of the fight phase. Ho-boy! Living lightning looks funny 😄 Lone wolf should be entertaining too.
  3. Psilence

    The future of non-primaris SM?

    Most likely they are phasing out the old molds, which could last another 10 years. Staying positive, as ordo usually is, I think it’s a bit premature to see the end of ‘normal’ astarte any time in the near future. Will they eventually stop supplying the older kits? Likely. Will they continue to generate rules for the older kits so folks can still use their old toys? Equally likely (in my book). Besides, for marines, “Only in death does duty end”. Also watch out... The Space Wolves are coming. >:)
  4. Psilence


    Woot. In Borats voice “I am very excite!”
  5. Psilence

    Returning to 40k; what units to buy?

    Welcome back to the far future! Emps champ - pretty much mandatory for a Templar army. Also, just cool. Dreads - Pretty fun on the table. Many are quite affordable as well. The starter mono pose redemptor falls in this catagory. Also, just cool. Land raider crusader - Smashing one into someone’s lines and then dumping a big squad on their door is a special feeling. All the flamers - Because if you are going on a 10,000 year crusade you might as well be able to have some fun too. 🙂 Most of the marine line will serve you well. I’d find a part of the game you enjoy and develop from there. Be it ranged fire or assault, badass characters or vehicles. Make it into something you enjoy and you can’t lose. Ok, you can, but you’ll have fun doing it.
  6. Psilence

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Deadpool 2. 9/10 Avacados. Pretty silly funny. At one point my wife and I could not breath because we were laughing so hard. Not for the little ones.
  7. Psilence

    Imperial Knights WIP

    Very pretty. The weathering/recesses look great.
  8. Psilence

    LF some one to split new SW/GSC box with

    Tooth and claw. New Space wolves vs GSC.
  9. Psilence


    That was Baal. 😉 Fenrisian campaigns have a habit of going poorly for the attacking forces. It would be a public service to the Imperium to snuff out another tyranid fleet. 😉 I’m looking forward to the release. The limited new model release is on par with DA and BA, not surprising there. Hopefully the strats are solid though, along with a tweek or two to stats/points. Maybe even the addition of some of the common units from the vanilla dex. Fluff wise it will be cool to have the Vlka involved at one of the routes (see what I did there?) across the rift. And who doesn’t like carving up xenos 🙂
  10. Psilence


    Argh! Right in the wallet!
  11. Psilence


  12. Here’s mine getting murdered by space wolves 🙂 Need reinforcements!
  13. Psilence

    Random 40k-specific thought thread

    I Am the Hammer.
  14. Psilence

    Gone are the days of group orders...

    Well this is pretty exciting. They covered most of the reasons I don’t have a larger FW representation. I guess I’ll start selling plasma (the blood kind) so I can add to my collections 😉
  15. Psilence

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Hotel Transylvania 3. 7.5 of 10 monsters. My young sons and I are fans of the franchise. This one is cute and funny in most of the same ways as the first two. Pretty epic battle at the end, but not in a normal battle sort of way 😉. I’ll probably own it eventually for kids/grandkids.