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  1. von hammer


    I can send better pics on request.
  2. von hammer


  3. von hammer

    Space Wolf Sicaran

    Having built one before, the middle section is 4 parts (exhaust, top, bottom front, and floor). This was the hardest part to set right for me.
  4. von hammer

    New Years Day “Bring What’s Built” Event

    There can be anywhere from 6-8 players on league night. I think there might be a dozen people with sort portion of an army.
  5. von hammer

    New Years Day “Bring What’s Built” Event

    Hmmm.... ok. Let me see what I can set up and what I would need...
  6. von hammer

    LF: FW Imperial Titans for rent (lol)

    Looking to do a New Years Day thing. Not set in stone yet.
  7. von hammer

    New Years Day “Bring What’s Built” Event

    Well... if I move the venue (and I like the idea of having more space to play) then I’d have to look at table set ups, terrain, possible fat mats, etc. I have enough at Geeks and Games to do that without a charge.... Ordo wanna help out with all of that again? Lol!! Let me know if it’s something feasible!!
  8. von hammer

    LF: FW Imperial Titans for rent (lol)

    Thanks Ando!! It’s all good buddy, this is a long shot question ;) Maybe Your available to play New Years Day?
  9. von hammer

    LF: FW Imperial Titans for rent (lol)

    Hmmm... if you wouldn’t mind ;)
  10. von hammer

    LF: FW Imperial Titans for rent (lol)

    I would totally ask him but I’m looking for an imperial Titan such as a Reiver, Warhound, etc... I’m not expecting a Warlord because, well, I couldn’t bring myself to ask for that obviously... Overall aspect is maybe the person who owns it could be willing to play in the event I’m setting up (see Tournament page)
  11. I’m being kinda serious lol... anyone have a FW Imperial Titan (or chinacast) that I could use for an APOC game? I’ve got the PDF rules but would love to actually use one in a game. PM me if you have one collecting dust on a display shelf and it’s looking for a game :)
  12. von hammer

    New Years Day “Bring What’s Built” Event

    I’m trying to get the ok from others to allow Titans from FW and other Giant FW APOC toys. I’ll have more info out on the Geeks and Games Facebook page this week :)
  13. von hammer

    New Years Day “Bring What’s Built” Event

    LOL... I’ve been posting so much the last 48 hours I must have forgot!! Thanks for asking!! This would be played at Geeks and Games in Oregon City
  14. von hammer

    TO question

    That’s the logic I’m seeing left and right but I don’t get it. As the TO where this happened, a couple weekends ago, it seemed that those “tournament players” haven’t actually played in a tournament since 5th or 6th Edition and weren’t familiar with tournament standards. When you go to an ITC event ANYWHERE they have a “legal Codex cutoff” and the only thing that changes is how long before the tournament, could be a week or a month before the tournament. As for copies, I don’t care if you bring copies of a current, released, Codex but don’t bring in a PDF of a Codex that hasn’t been released yet. Both uncool and illegal. Now... saying all of that, these rules will only apply when I run an ITC event and that has been discussed with the players that originally had an issue. For all other events it won’t matter if it drops the day of as long as you have it, in hand, before the tournament starts.
  15. Looking to see if there is any interest in a “bring what you have built”, up to 500 Power Level, no Forgeworld, Imperial vs. Chaos vs. Xenos battle. I think there is normally one somewhere in town for Black Friday but that’s too soon for my area to get one programmed. Let me know if you’d be interested and if so, what army would you bring? If you have Forgeworld, let me know what it is... it could help me convince people making the rules to bend or break the no Forgeworld ruling. Thanks again Ordo!