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  1. Sold

  2. Sold

    I can send better pics on request.
  3. Space Wolf Sicaran

    Having built one before, the middle section is 4 parts (exhaust, top, bottom front, and floor). This was the hardest part to set right for me.
  4. Looking to see if there is any interest in a “bring what you have built”, up to 500 Power Level, no Forgeworld, Imperial vs. Chaos vs. Xenos battle. I think there is normally one somewhere in town for Black Friday but that’s too soon for my area to get one programmed. Let me know if you’d be interested and if so, what army would you bring? If you have Forgeworld, let me know what it is... it could help me convince people making the rules to bend or break the no Forgeworld ruling. Thanks again Ordo!
  5. New Years Day “Bring What’s Built” Event

    There can be anywhere from 6-8 players on league night. I think there might be a dozen people with sort portion of an army.
  6. I’m being kinda serious lol... anyone have a FW Imperial Titan (or chinacast) that I could use for an APOC game? I’ve got the PDF rules but would love to actually use one in a game. PM me if you have one collecting dust on a display shelf and it’s looking for a game :)
  7. New Years Day “Bring What’s Built” Event

    Hmmm.... ok. Let me see what I can set up and what I would need...
  8. LF: FW Imperial Titans for rent (lol)

    Looking to do a New Years Day thing. Not set in stone yet.
  9. New Years Day “Bring What’s Built” Event

    Well... if I move the venue (and I like the idea of having more space to play) then I’d have to look at table set ups, terrain, possible fat mats, etc. I have enough at Geeks and Games to do that without a charge.... Ordo wanna help out with all of that again? Lol!! Let me know if it’s something feasible!!
  10. LF: FW Imperial Titans for rent (lol)

    Thanks Ando!! It’s all good buddy, this is a long shot question ;) Maybe Your available to play New Years Day?
  11. TO question

    To all the TOs on here... You have event on this Saturday. You have the Eldar Codex dropping this Saturday. Do you allow it to be used? Explain your answers please.
  12. LF: FW Imperial Titans for rent (lol)

    Hmmm... if you wouldn’t mind ;)
  13. LF: FW Imperial Titans for rent (lol)

    I would totally ask him but I’m looking for an imperial Titan such as a Reiver, Warhound, etc... I’m not expecting a Warlord because, well, I couldn’t bring myself to ask for that obviously... Overall aspect is maybe the person who owns it could be willing to play in the event I’m setting up (see Tournament page)
  14. New Years Day “Bring What’s Built” Event

    I’m trying to get the ok from others to allow Titans from FW and other Giant FW APOC toys. I’ll have more info out on the Geeks and Games Facebook page this week :)
  15. New Years Day “Bring What’s Built” Event

    LOL... I’ve been posting so much the last 48 hours I must have forgot!! Thanks for asking!! This would be played at Geeks and Games in Oregon City
  16. TO question

    That’s the logic I’m seeing left and right but I don’t get it. As the TO where this happened, a couple weekends ago, it seemed that those “tournament players” haven’t actually played in a tournament since 5th or 6th Edition and weren’t familiar with tournament standards. When you go to an ITC event ANYWHERE they have a “legal Codex cutoff” and the only thing that changes is how long before the tournament, could be a week or a month before the tournament. As for copies, I don’t care if you bring copies of a current, released, Codex but don’t bring in a PDF of a Codex that hasn’t been released yet. Both uncool and illegal. Now... saying all of that, these rules will only apply when I run an ITC event and that has been discussed with the players that originally had an issue. For all other events it won’t matter if it drops the day of as long as you have it, in hand, before the tournament starts.
  17. 40k Warscroll Cards?

    Anyone have the ability to make up something like the Age of Sigmar Warscroll Cards but for 40k? I love my books but what GW did for AoS with the cards is genius. PM me if you have something I can edit or Straight print out. Thanks again!
  18. 40k Warscroll Cards?

    Yeah, I feel GW is missing a ton of $$ on this! Literally looking to put the unit entries on 5”x8” card stock. If it is bigger than the one side I would double side it but not looking photos as I don’t do conversions. This has to be something someone can do or has the ability to do. :)
  19. Here we go!! Just a few “tid-bits” for the tourney! •We will be using the ITC missions 1, 3, and 5 for the Pioneer Open •The points will be broken down as follows: -Normal Win/Loss points per ITC missions -Normal Secondary/Tertiary points per ITC missions -Sportsmanship will be a 1-5 score -Army Composition will be a 1-10 score -Paint will be a 1-10 per TO for Best Overall •NO FORGEWORLD •Battle-forged army only •FAQ from GW will be used •Best Painted AWARD will be a player vote •Power Level (100) is being used instead of the 2,000 point system. There is still more being worked out such as lunch possibly being provided (or purchased), a raffle being done and fun donations for command points system. We have spots for 24 players since this year will be played in the store (looking into a larger area for next year already) and are taking sign-ups as we speak! You can either PayPal myself (anthony.hammerschmith@gmail.com) or come into the store and pay (recommended) the $15 registration fee!! Again, the date for this is October 28th from 9am-hopefully 6pm. I will be posting this to all of the gaming boards I am part of but please feel free to share amongst your groups as well! Hope to see you all there and stay tuned for more information to come in the next week!! Your Warmaster, Anthony
  20. LF 4x6 tabletop board

    Anyone have a 4x6 Tabletop I could borrow for the weekend? I have a large event on Saturday and could use a couple more “just in case”. I’ve got a 6 pack and a shout out at the event for ya :)
  21. TO question

    That’s one thing I totally forgot was the 10am product launch deal. Funny thing is my event starts at 9:30am technically lol. So you’d be right about the legal aspect of a Codex with that alone.
  22. LF 4x6 tabletop board

    Torg!! I will PM you!!
  23. LF 4x6 tabletop board

    PM’d you!
  24. TO question

    I’m getting “it’s a legal codex so it should be used” and “it’s illegal for you to not use the most up to date rules”.
  25. Pioneer Open 2017 @ Geeks and Games in Oregon City

    It is a requirement if your looking to score points in the painting department or going for Best Painted. As for needing to be painted to play, no, not required.