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  1. PourSpelur

    Who'd play H'Orks (as in Horde Orks)

    Biggest tip I picked up playing Orks, during opponents turn arrange your dice into sets. Three stacks of 20, a stack of 10 and a stack of 5 make pulling the correct amount much quicker than counting every time. Stuff like this is important with "time sink" armies. Have the book open to the page/s you will need, plan your turn before you get there and the aforementioned bulk movement all help prevent you from making your opponent stand there idle for 20 minutes. Horde Boyz isn't my jam. I'd give a kidney for Truck boys to be a viable build, but they're just no fun to play at this moment. Even with maxed out trucks it's still a slog so you have to be just a little more considerate to make up for it. As for playing against a horde, I've played quick games and slow. All up to the player. Slowest game I've ever played, I faced a smaller army with a metric ton of psychic powers. Once again, all up to the player.
  2. PourSpelur

    W: Gunz! Bolters, shootas, flashlights, whatever!

    Hey, I know that guy;) Thanks man! Let me sort through what I have and what's coming. Then I'll hit ya up. Appreciated!
  3. PourSpelur

    W: Gunz! Bolters, shootas, flashlights, whatever!

    Thanks again TXG! I'd love to be close enough to take you up on the offer. Appreciated Pretre: PM incoming Pumpkin: text incoming
  4. PourSpelur

    W: Gunz! Bolters, shootas, flashlights, whatever!

    You're the best! I'm up in Tacoma though;(
  5. Looking for 40ish guns to loot for my Boyz. Bolters, boltpistols, shootas, lasguns and whatever else you got that spits death at the other guys. Maybe not the Nid stuff, everything else is a go. Have a metric ton I can trade and a little cash. Shooting (pun intended) for a good mix of stuff. Making Orky storm bolters so any combination of two different guns strapped together is great. Not looking for anything that's held dear. Mostly just trying to raid out those bits you're never going to use. Thanks! Oh, also looking for 8 big machine guns to use as heavy bolters. Heavy stubbers, big shootas, sponson hvy bolters...anything that looks like it shoots a bunch of bullets
  6. PourSpelur

    The Big FAQ

    Yeah! You know how rich you gotta be to play with a bunch of collectable cars? Stupid elitists, looking down at our cardboard and plastic. 😉
  7. PourSpelur

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Dammit! I second guessed myself. True story: I giggled to myself about that for longer than I'm willing to admit, then got into my head that I was being obtuse and caved to non-existent peer pressure.
  8. PourSpelur

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Mission Impossible: Fallout Heard such rave reviews that I thought I'd check it out. It sure was a lot. Lots of what? Stuff. . . . and things. . .did I already mention the stuff? It was blah. Bland. Beige. But lots of it! Hard movie to explain. It's like mashed potatoes. Everybody loves mashed potatoes. Just a big ol plate of mashed taters. Gravy? Not taters, no room. Butter, garlic chive? No room, gotta get more taters! Boring action scenes strung together by not-suspensful suspense and plot turns that just...turn. It felt like a movie made by an AI. All the things a great movie should have, but used poorly and in the wrong ways. It wasn't memorable enough to like, it wasn't memorable enough to dislike. It just was.
  9. PourSpelur

    Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    Future man on Hulu. Great show! Lots of fun, watched the whole series in a week. That's crazy fast for me...like more TV than I watch in six months usually.
  10. PourSpelur

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I'll second the thumb's up for Murder Party. Looks dumb, starts slow, ok premise at best. Gels really well, characters feel real, humor is spot on and timed perfectly. Solid recommend!
  11. PourSpelur

    The Big FAQ

    I'd give the entire rules staff a cross-continental high five, of a magnitude measurable on the Richter scale, so amazing that all dogs within the shockwave immediately don jaunty tophats for some gosh darn flowcharts.
  12. PourSpelur

    Past the Sands of Time

    Remember, Orc piss does NOT make the crystals grow! Love it all.
  13. PourSpelur

    Looking to buy Orks

    Will look and see. You in love with the Kommando and Snickrot models? New codex is coming out so options/viability/optimum load out may change soon. Also, these guys are dead easy to convert. Happy to loot my Ork bits if that's a route you would rather take.
  14. PourSpelur

    they're good canids Brent

    Personally, I wouldn't read too much into it. Popular dog model in a box set, cute little article, end of story....probably;)
  15. PourSpelur

    3d Printer User's Group

    Never once considered printing bases. Such a great idea and fantastic results.