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  1. PourSpelur

    2k IG List

    Dibs on Female Ork Marines in boobplate! Live Free or Dice Hard.
  2. PourSpelur


    Yield sign would be appropriate;)
  3. PourSpelur

    Red Wunz Go Fasta

    I'd never been really interested in any of the stand alone, GW boxed games before now. Curiosity piqued!
  4. PourSpelur

    Random 40k-specific thought thread

    I'll paint em as Sons of Malal! BwaHaHaHaHaaa!
  5. PourSpelur

    Random 40k-specific thought thread

    The toys that come in the Grim Meals were always the worst. So much building required
  6. PourSpelur

    Help painting a Stompa

  7. PourSpelur

    Random 40k-specific thought thread

    Westie, I think we're arguing the same side;) Subtle nudges can be hugely powerful. Adding nudges from a million Boyz into one mountain squishing blow is an awesome amount of power. I'm saying I disagree with the flat " It works because they believe it works" camp. Take my sub-par gunpowder example. Say a boy has a shoots with 30 rounds. He may get a misfire or two. Have a guardsman pick up that same shoota and he'll have 4 or 5 misfires, that 6th misfire is too hot and disintegrates the gun with his hands included.
  8. PourSpelur

    Random 40k-specific thought thread

    OFCC 2019, army decision made.
  9. PourSpelur

    Random 40k-specific thought thread

    I always pictured the Ork "belief makes it work" to be more subtle than that. As in it won't make sand into gunpowder but it will make [big bad swear word]ty gunpowder work better. Less violating physics, more of a nudge.
  10. PourSpelur

    Huzzah for supportive spouses & significant others!

    Still supportive as all get out. Still calls em my supermodels. Still a lucky dude.
  11. PourSpelur

    Random 40k-specific thought thread

    Female Marines? How powerful is the Ork gesalt/psychic power that makes their stuff work? "Boob" plate for Sisters? Who'd win, 40k or Star Wars? Did I get em all? 😉
  12. PourSpelur

    What podcasts are people listening to?

    Dug into this. He pulled his free podcast story, wrote it as a book, book sold well and made it an audiobook.
  13. PourSpelur

    Help painting a Stompa

    I post my model pics to Dakka gallery and pull em over here. Your Dakka password is "Pourspelur#1fan"
  14. PourSpelur

    Help painting a Stompa

    "Brains" included in offer. Hell, depending on the the color scheme you're shooting for, paint probably is too;)
  15. Quadrupled! Where you looking at settling down? Seattle to Tacoma is a pretty big stretch of land. I moved to the Tacoma area from the Seattle area about 8 years ago and into Tacoma proper about 3 years after that. Best decision ever. Really love this place, highly recommend.