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  1. PourSpelur

    What's this teaser video about?

    I hadn't considered it, but I think Kerrigan nailed it
  2. PourSpelur

    What's this teaser video about?

    Only in death does duty end... Death does not end duty... XIII & Ultramarine'd up... Obviously they're bringing back the most famous dead Ultramarine, Rowboat Girlyman!!!
  3. PourSpelur


    That 6 up invuln is a tricky beast. It's one of my favorite things about Sisters. It really only seems to kick in when you truly need it. It's like the dice know how to get hot when it's thematic. A squad chilling on an objective that would have been mowed down ends up with one bloodied survivor, heroically holding the line. One Repentia that battled through wounds that would kill any normal human, only to hold on long enough to deliver a final blow etc... Game-wise, not that great. Story-wise, fantastic.
  4. PourSpelur


    True that. Black Reach Boyz with (rokkit, flamethrower, camo, jump pack, machine gun etc) are popular to make specialists and Ork vehicles just beg to be kitbashed/converted/scratch built. I'm just arguing against the statement that buggies are more expensive because Ork players build their own usually. I think more Orks do build/proxy/convert than many armies but nothing close to the majority. No worries, just a minor quibble.
  5. PourSpelur


    Here is where we disagree. It feels like you see a lot of Ork armies built out of toys, proxies and assorted garbage on the internet. That's because the small minority of people that will go through all the extra work of building their own are much more likely to actually post it. You're also more likely to remember it. Not because it's common, because it's rare. Think back to every single Ork army you've actually put eyeballs on. How many were full of crazy scratch builds?
  6. PourSpelur


    Challenge accepted.
  7. PourSpelur


    You guys already sick of Orks? I mean, all Orktober we've just been buried in em. They really undersold just the sheer volume of Orky goodness we'd get. I mean preorders for radically overpriced game boxes full of bikers that everybody wants?!? The promise we'll get to preorder a codex sometime this month as well?!? The literal tens of paragraphs of fluff?!? I'm just Ork'd out... Please GeeDub make it stop, think of all those monopose Primaris characters not being released. Bravely holding a sword over their heads and striding to the right...just sitting in a warehouse not being released. It's a tragedy. +Disengages sarcasm mode+
  8. PourSpelur

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Last couple months I've been watching movies that I used to love back in the day. It's a roller coaster. Sometimes I'll be struck by just how much of the love I have for a movie is through pure nostalgia. Yeah, I know it's trash but the second I hit play on the original Transformers cartoon? I was eight again and having a sleepover at my buddy Bryan's. His Mom made us popcorn, we got to ride our bikes to the video store and pick a movie all on our own. It was a big deal. It may be garbage, but it's my garbage and I love it. Finally broke down and rewatched RoboCop. I've been holding off because it's my favorite. It always stings a bit when you realize just how poorly they've aged. It hasn't. It's still fantastic. I made sure to take those rose colored glasses off and watch it with an open mind and was honestly blown away by how great it still is. Every hack trope that simply has to be in every movie? Toss em right in a flaming trash can. Murphy and Lewis are partners, damn good partners. Sexual chemistry? Nope. Oh it's because she's a lesbian? Nope...maybe...it's never pointed out. Because it isn't necessary. Lewis is a badass because she's a badass. Murphy is a bit of a goober but still pretty badass. Clarence Boddiker?!? Is he a giant man-mountain with an easily copied and marketed serrated knife? Nope. Leather jacket and face tattoos? Nope. He looks like the guy who does my taxes. You can tell he's a badguy because he does badguy stuff and does it very well. No scene at the beginning showing him kick a puppy but it's still very obvious he's a dangerous psychopath. At about the hour mark it hit me just how subtle this movie is. It's buried under 3 tons of in-your-face insanity but it's there. The real villian is a corporate boardroom. RoboCop doesn't win, he doesn't lose, he just gets to fight one more day. A man looses everything that makes him a man, becomes a better cop in the process. It's only after he gets some of his humaity back that he becomes a better one. Final rating: I'd buy that for a dollar!
  9. PourSpelur

    Who'd play H'Orks (as in Horde Orks)

    Biggest tip I picked up playing Orks, during opponents turn arrange your dice into sets. Three stacks of 20, a stack of 10 and a stack of 5 make pulling the correct amount much quicker than counting every time. Stuff like this is important with "time sink" armies. Have the book open to the page/s you will need, plan your turn before you get there and the aforementioned bulk movement all help prevent you from making your opponent stand there idle for 20 minutes. Horde Boyz isn't my jam. I'd give a kidney for Truck boys to be a viable build, but they're just no fun to play at this moment. Even with maxed out trucks it's still a slog so you have to be just a little more considerate to make up for it. As for playing against a horde, I've played quick games and slow. All up to the player. Slowest game I've ever played, I faced a smaller army with a metric ton of psychic powers. Once again, all up to the player.
  10. PourSpelur

    W: Gunz! Bolters, shootas, flashlights, whatever!

    Hey, I know that guy;) Thanks man! Let me sort through what I have and what's coming. Then I'll hit ya up. Appreciated!
  11. PourSpelur

    W: Gunz! Bolters, shootas, flashlights, whatever!

    Thanks again TXG! I'd love to be close enough to take you up on the offer. Appreciated Pretre: PM incoming Pumpkin: text incoming
  12. PourSpelur

    W: Gunz! Bolters, shootas, flashlights, whatever!

    You're the best! I'm up in Tacoma though;(
  13. Looking for 40ish guns to loot for my Boyz. Bolters, boltpistols, shootas, lasguns and whatever else you got that spits death at the other guys. Maybe not the Nid stuff, everything else is a go. Have a metric ton I can trade and a little cash. Shooting (pun intended) for a good mix of stuff. Making Orky storm bolters so any combination of two different guns strapped together is great. Not looking for anything that's held dear. Mostly just trying to raid out those bits you're never going to use. Thanks! Oh, also looking for 8 big machine guns to use as heavy bolters. Heavy stubbers, big shootas, sponson hvy bolters...anything that looks like it shoots a bunch of bullets
  14. PourSpelur

    The Big FAQ

    Yeah! You know how rich you gotta be to play with a bunch of collectable cars? Stupid elitists, looking down at our cardboard and plastic. 😉
  15. PourSpelur

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Dammit! I second guessed myself. True story: I giggled to myself about that for longer than I'm willing to admit, then got into my head that I was being obtuse and caved to non-existent peer pressure.