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  1. Question for Seattle Denizens...

    No. Ask me on the 5th and the answer will be different though! Thanks for the heads-up.
  2. Random Photo Thread

    ^50 Shades of Grey Knight^ Obligatory pic
  3. Speculating Ork Klan stuff

    Fixed! Trukks and Boys was my re-introduction to 40k. Eventually shelved them because it just wasn't fun to have the deck stacked so bad. Give me a reason to dust em off and line em up like Mad Max please!
  4. Speculating Ork Klan stuff

    All I want is a way to make a Trukk based army effective. Boyz and Trukks, all day.
  5. Teleportarium Chamber deployment?

    Nope. Just one D6 but it's carved from marble and about 8 inches square.
  6. Chaos Bastions?

    Even moar skulls...?
  7. Tau Army For Sale

    It has ice cubes in it. Only a filthy, xenos lover would sink to such lows... Great looking army, good deal too.
  8. Always wanted to do an all wraith army...
  9. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    No dream bucks, no noodles!
  10. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I love weirdness strung together with little purpose. I love quiet, sweeping vistas. I love stories where you can only see the edges, actors chewing scenery as oddballs, questions about the difference between surviving and living. Bad Batch had all of that and more. What it didn't have was a compelling story or anything happen. Real shame.
  11. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Couldn't disagree more. Love almost every trope they put in there and still hated the actual movie. It's like eating a steak with chocolate sauce on a helicopter while trying to nap. All good things but put together horribly. Mostly just boring though.
  12. Really good Kickstarter, Empire of Men

    Last day! Delivery date is set for Feb2018, stuff looks good, great prices. If you play IG, SM or Ynnari Eldar I'd give it a look.
  13. Why my models aren't painted.

    That's fantastic, aces!
  14. Really good Kickstarter, Empire of Men

    Counts-as Baneblade...$65 Hot damn, that's nice.
  15. Really good Kickstarter, Empire of Men

    New stretch goals announced. Going from strength-to-strength! At 40k they release a tank the same size as a Baneblade. If Rhino/Chimera is $20 and Predator is $30 the Baneblade should be a screaming deal. On the xenos side they have Death cult Aspect warriors. Scorpion/Banshees, Dire Avenger/Guardians, and Swooping Hawks are available. Warp Spiders are almost unlocked. 5 days left.