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  1. PourSpelur

    Charging a Deathstorm Drop Pod

    Damn you. Now I wanna make an army just bursting with these puppies. Deathstorm launchers everywhere, then take it to a no-holds-barred smackdown like LVO. Imagine being that opponent. Looking at a list full of one, sub-par unit. Thinking to yourself, "I gotta be missing something. He can't have brought 12 Deathstorm drop pods just for the lulz...he must be some kind of mad genius". Then watching the look on their face on turn 3ish when they finally realize, "Nope, not genius, just jackass." That look on their face has GOTTA be worth the price of going.
  2. PourSpelur

    Shadowspear - New 40K Box

    I really want to make one of these guys breaking Curze's back over his knee.
  3. PourSpelur

    Shadowspear - New 40K Box

    That's the one! It's like the size of a postage stamp on there too. Crazy what people pick up on sometimes.
  4. PourSpelur

    Shadowspear - New 40K Box

    Wasn't there a big hullabaloo on Dakka about the KAOS TICK because there was a teeny-tiny pic of it on the back of some book?
  5. PourSpelur

    Koyote in Mordheim

    Consistently blown away by your stuff. The love for forgotten, flawed and just plain odd models really shows. The highest compliment I can give is when I see one of your painted models and say to myself, "oh, that's a neat sculpt", then I scroll down to the unpainted version and notice you've twisted the arm, built a new lower face, removed a cowboy hat, turned a shield upside-down...etc. The fact I don't see how much work went into it is what makes em so good. Keep churning that gold out and raising the bar!
  6. PourSpelur

    Terrain... Terrain... Oh what to do about you

    Lyraeus: You happen to be near Tacoma? After posting, I really wanna spray that terrain! Want a hand if close enough to be doable?
  7. PourSpelur

    Terrain... Terrain... Oh what to do about you

    Looks like you could do 90% of the paint work on these with rattle cans. Base black, dust lightly from different directions with 2 lighter colors. Seen a super great "post punk-alympitc" scheme a while back that has a real gritty Necromunda feel. Spray black solid. Dust with 2-3 different neon colors, different directions and a bit spotty. Medium grey zenithal dust from 45 degrees. Light white zenithal dust from straight above. Rusty/dirty wash and done.
  8. PourSpelur

    Forgotten Gargoyles Space Marines

    Check out the "Stonecast Eternals" for a cool, similar look.
  9. PourSpelur

    Blackstone on eBay daily deal

    Good catch! eBay math. Mark up, then cut back to just below what it normally is for a larger percentage difference.
  10. PourSpelur

    Blackstone on eBay daily deal

    37% off if anybody was on the fence... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Warhammer-Quest-Blackstone-Fortress-Brand-New-and-Sealed-Free-2-Day-Ship/253976154654?_trkparms=5079%3A5000006568
  11. PourSpelur

    Escalation league painting list: Month 1

    1) I dig your stuff, looking Sharp. 2) Have you considered dipping? I always thought of it as being cheesey, almost cheating. Then I tried it and changed my tune. Makes churning out footsloggers a walk in the park and they really turn out well. 3) For painting entertainment I've always found podcasts to be my go-to. Been doing Friday Night Quests lately, fun and funny D&D live play that I highly recommend.
  12. PourSpelur

    Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    Happy! Have you watched it yet? If not, do so now...like NOW. It's really good. Beat up, has-been, moderately psychotic, dunk, reprobate looser gets found by the imaginary friend of a kidnapped little girl and the two have to find her. It's a weird mis-mash of themes. Hyper violence and magical surrealism, crushing despair and juuuust enough hope and goodness to keep you moving through. 10ish episodes, 44 minutes each. Full story, beginning middle and end. Absolutely perfect.
  13. PourSpelur

    Fluger's Orks

    Running Custodedes cheap it's almost 14k in points. Spending those points on all Grots, then spreading them moderately ( 2 square inches each) gives you enough to cover almost 2 1/2 full game tables with no terrain. Base to base they're still bigger than a standard 6'x4' table. These are all, "back of the napkin", PCC (pre-coffee calculations). 😉
  14. PourSpelur

    Fluger's Orks

    And by dumb, you mean AWESOME! 😉
  15. PourSpelur

    What's this teaser video about?

    I hadn't considered it, but I think Kerrigan nailed it