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  1. Dark Angels Preview

    ... and I'm not good at cut/paste (sorry) so here's a link to the Codex review:
  2. So Luther escaped...

    I can see why a lot of folks think this... and I know that retconning isn't always favorable, but: * in "Angels of Darkness," author Gav Thorpe had a Fallen named Astelan gets taken to The Rock and basically suggests that Lion El'Johnson paused to see who was going to win the Heresy... which has stuck with a lot of folks since that book came out * however, in the book "Unforgiven," it's shown that Astelan was an almost pathological liar and nothing he said supports the First Legion waiting to see who would win... and in all of the Horus Heresy novels (again, I get why folks don't like the retconning) the Lion is anything but waiting to see. They, like other Loyalist Chapters, were purposefully spread hither and yon so the Traitor Chapters would have an easier march on Terra: Ultramar separated by the Ruinstorm; the Blood Angels getting sent waaaaaaayyy out for an ambush; the Dark Angels getting sent wayyyy out and having the Night Lords and Death Guard harassing/following/attacking them, etc. * proud? Oh yes. Wanting to be the new Warmaster since Horus turned? Yep, that's why he tried to get Perturabo's vote in exchange for the siege engines... whoops, he didn't know Big P had turned. Don't forget also that Kairos tried to turn the Lion and failed, finding him unwavering loyal to the Emperor. Luther and his cohorts rebelling and turning was a HUGE issue, because the First Legion knew what was going to happen to them all if that secret came out. Thus, secrets upon secrets upon secrets. The cover-up is way worse than the crime! But again, I totally get that all of this is with the new Horus Heresy books and thus has changed a lot of the "old story." But the Lion is painted as nothing but a Loyalist in all those books. Further details if folks want... but instead of "waiting and see" don't forget that in all the new books it's way different: *** SPOILER ALERTS FOR THOSE NOT READING UP WITH ALL THE NEW HORUS HERESY BOOKS/TIMELINES *** Following the Trial of Curze, Sanguinius, Lion El'Jonson, and Guilliman all agreed to try and breach the Ruinstorm to reach Terra and aid the Emperor who they now knew still lived. In the Ruinstorm, the loyalist fleet came across a variety of horrors and word of an entity spreading destruction known as the "Pilgrim". Not even the Tchulcha could navigate the Ruinstorm, frustrating the Lion. During the Battle of Pyrrhan the Lion commanded Dark Angels personnel as Sanguinius received a vision and he realized that he needed to go where this struggle had begun, Davin. Reluctantly, Guilliman and The Lion agreed to trust in Sanguinius but both had thought they would simply destroy the world upon arriving. While over Davin, Sanguinius shocked The Lion by boarding the "Invincible Reason" and taking the captive Konrad Curze with him. Sanguinius hoped to use Curze's prophetic abilities to determine what he was meant to do upon Davin. Sanguinius then commended a mass landing on the world, and the enraged Lion nearly ordered that Davin be subjected to Exterminatus regardless of Sanguinius' presence on it. At the last minute the Lion relented, and immediately was horrified by what he had nearly done. He realized that some power was attempting to force the Primarch's down the path to damnation, and followed Sanguinius down to Davin. At Davin, Sanguinius was trapped within a portal and did battle with the Daemon Madail while Guilliman and The Lion desperately tried to reach him. A vicious battle erupted both on Davin and above it, in which Guilliman's acting flagship was destroyed in orbit by the Veritas Ferrum. During the battle at Davin's temple, Guilliman and the Lion managed to finally fight as brothers and together they brought down a massive Soul Grinder. Eventually, Sanguinius was able to escape and the Space Marine forces evacuated to space. Davin was destroyed, and with its anchor gone the Daemonic fleet vanished. In the place of where Davin once was, a breach in the Ruinstorm was visible. The path led to Terra, but upon further study it became apparent that somehow Horus had foreseen this route and a large blockade was erected to block them. Guilliman and the Lion agreed to distract the blockade while Sanguinius and the Blood Angels made directly for Terra, for that was their destiny. The Lion expressed his desire to further distract the enemy by attacking worlds Horus had captured along the way to Terra, an act of vengeance he would come to relish. Eventually the Lion made course for Terra but was too late. But hardly waiting things out.
  3. Dark Angels Preview

    ... salvation of one's soul takes a while. Especially since it's being done by folks that can never forgive themselves. But then again, why would they want the hunt to end? If one's driving purpose is (x), and (x) is finally achieved, what's left to do? Kind of like some of the soon-to-turn Astartes' feelings towards the end of the Great Crusade: we're soldiers. And what happens to us when the Imperium no longer needs soldiers? I know, let's create something where we're always needed (/cue grimdark music)
  4. So Luther escaped...

    Think of it as a "pause" button... why sit and suffer through all the borrrrrrrring stuff when you can just wake up for the fun stuff? ha ha
  5. Dark Angels Preview

    Keep your friends close... ... and they're not Chaos. They have the super secret of all secrets that won't sit well with anyone and no one would even listen to their explanation if this super secret of all secrets got out. The cover-up is always worse than the crime. "Hey, just so everyone's on point... you know when the Heresy hit? Yeah, some of our folks were gonna turn. YOU KNOW, LIKE A LOT OF OTHER CHAPTERS' MEMBERS... but we got rid of those folks 'cuz us n' the Emperor are like this (intertwine fingers)."
  6. FS: evil_bryan is selling stuff?!? yes!

    Cannot wait to see what else goes up for sale
  7. Return of Necromunda?

    some new terrain pieces with the release, they look pretty cool
  8. Toe In is back, Cover save re-visited.

    That's like LSAT language right there. LSAT = "either" means A and not B... or B and not A... or both A and B What? LSAT = "most" can apply to only one of something, or all of something What? Maybe GW folks are all lawyers
  9. W: Imperial Fists Decals

    Mr. Yarborough, I mailed the envelope today, should get it soon. Careful opening it, as there's a bunch o' transfers: * (25) of the big- and medium-sized transfers from the "Space Marine Vehicle Transfer Sheet" * (50) sets of the small-sized transfers from the "Space Marine Transfer Sheet;" I think there's five per sheet so that's (250) small-sized ones Enjoy! Stay safe, don
  10. W: Imperial Fists Decals

    Hello there, Just did a quick count... 20+ sheets worth. I'll mail them as soon as I can, gimme a couple days. Stay safe, don
  11. W: Imperial Fists Decals

    Hello there, When do you need these by? I'm knee-deep in projects for wifey poo at the moment but you can have all mine... and I have probably 25+ transfer cards at least. Shoot me a mail here and I'll happily mail them to ya, no worries. Stay safe, don
  12. Stitches question

    If non-dissolving sutures are left in you can get discomfort, infection or an unwanted scar.
  13. Excuse me, but would the size of these models lend well to conversion work into 40k type models? Sorry, I don't have any first-hand experience with AoS models and have heard that they're a wee bit bigger in scale so wouldn't be the best for simple arm/head/leg swaps. Thanks for any insight you can provide! If they're conversion-worthy then I'd be interested in these (but would have to have to pay for postage to 98230) Stay safe, don