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  1. Nurgle Pox Walkers

    i like that it's not the same ol' "Nurgle = pale green"
  2. My new project ....😎

    have fun with the project! really looks intricate
  3. Help A Gunsmith Get His Start!

    Okey doke, will do. Wifey poo travels a lot and sometimes I get sent down south for work so maybe it'll work out easy! Lemme know how the gun stuff works with local LE. If not, I can contact my product rep for the western region for stuff and see if he can't hook you up. Keep me posted on here and I can work on that if the LE agencies don't work out.
  4. Help A Gunsmith Get His Start!

    I'd be happy to do what I can. If you're ever up in the great white north (Bellingham, WA) or plan to be let me know. I had certifications in all those weapon systems and be happy to walk you through things too so notes make sense. "To do is to understand," so to speak. Give me time, as I gotta dig through stuff and photocopy but I can start easy (Glock) and go from there. And seriously, I will happily do a course for you (and others if they want) and teach all I know. Happy to help. Stay safe, don
  5. Help A Gunsmith Get His Start!

    If you need notes I can look up all my armorer course notes and materials for Colt AR15s, Glock handguns and Remington 870 shotguns. Secondary hint: contact your local law enforcement agencies and see how they dispose of weapons systems. A lot follow the "render inert" rule by cutting them up. Hence, your parts. For free. Stay safe, don
  6. Custodes Info

    Valdor representing like a boss...
  7. Custodes Info

    Aye, the never-ending battle at the warp breach keeps them honed. And, as another has already mentioned, the Blood Games. That's the best part about 40k's lore... nuggets here, nuggets there, interpretations abound. And in the book "The Emperor's Legion" it's detailed that they didn't ASK to be confined to the Imperial Palace... Robbie G enacted that into law. Which they didn't fully abide by, sending folks abroad for their own missions. So again, lots open to interpretation which is a good thing.
  8. Custodes Info

    "The Emperor's Legion" by Chris Wraight is the most recent book about them. Some good stuff in there about them. Also if you have the 7th edition codex from "Talons of the Emperor" there's their history in their along with this blurb: "Near immortal are the Adeptus Custodes, for the golden elixir of the Emperor's own blood runs in their veins. Though outwardly resplendent, there is a scar upon the soul of the Custodian Guard, an inescapable disgrace that has tainted their history and lives in the heart of every warrior, from fresh inductees to veterans over a thousand years old." etc etc etc
  9. Custodes Info

    Hello there, ... and don't forget that the Custodes are "built" from the flesh and blood of the Emperor himself, so with that genetic coding / experience and the fact that they do not age biologically, each Custodes could be survivors from whence they were first created around the Unification Wars. And thus 1000 years' of battle experience probably leads to a few skill sets. With the return of Guilliman (who they allowed to see papa for one day) they're re-energized, have cast off their cloak colors of shame and are going forth. Same Custodes as prior to the Heresy. That's some battlefield experience there. Stay safe, don
  10. Requesting Help: Spec a ~$1K PC

    Romans832, I tossed some ideas in the other thread, didn't see this one sorry. Stay safe, don
  11. Requesting Help: Spec a ~$1K PC

    Hello there, Intel core i3-8100 ... $ 130 GeForce GTX 1060 6gb ... $ 250 MSI Z370-A-Pro mobo (Intel chipset) ... $ 140 Patriot Signature Line DDR4-2400 8gb memory sticks (2x 4gb) ... $ 90 Crucial MX300 275gb SATA SSD ... $ 80 EVGA 450B Bronze PSU ... $ 40 ATX Mid Tower case of your choosing ... $ 85 ... that's only $ 815 so some left over for bells n' whistles? Hope it helps! Stay safe, don
  12. 1/2* Warhamsters bring the New Year

    I received the 8th edition rulebook for a Christmas gift. As my recent attendance record shows, it'll be like seeing a leprechaun riding a unicorn over a rainbow bridge while leading Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster to Never Never Land... but hopefully sometime in 2018 I can partake. I wish you all fun gaming and you and your loved ones a safe and happy 2018.
  13. Dark Angels Preview

    ... and I'm not good at cut/paste (sorry) so here's a link to the Codex review: