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  1. dalmer

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Move: Logan Meh. I bet folks were jazzed to hear cursing and see the claws doing something, as this was clearly not a PG movie but you needed to know way too much backstory for this to be a stand alone movie. I'd go 3/5
  2. I see the discounts even online... no coupons or nothing
  3. Hello there, For those of you that like OttLites, there's a huge sale at Joann Fabrics now and a lot of OttLites are $ 19.99. Likes ones that are normally $ 59.99 or $ 89.99 are now $ 19.99 Stay safe, don
  4. dalmer

    Lewdgrip Whiparm

    those're "former PE teacher tight" shorts for sure!
  5. dalmer

    Workstation build

    Oh, it will stay organized... what's got two thumbs and don't need a surprise visit from a very disappointed Korean mother, glaring at me due to clutter? This guy
  6. dalmer

    Workstation build

    pretre, More paints, good sir? Challenge may very well be accepted, as I don't think I've used a paint pot in like over two years. I was thinking of switching to the dropper bottles...
  7. dalmer

    Workstation build

    ... annnnnd I should've built bigger paint storage shelves. Already out of space. Didn't think that would'a happened
  8. dalmer

    Workstation build

    New bitz boxes! Velcro'd the frames to the wall and the lil' boxes I will label and put the appropriate bitz in... everything there for easy access. Wifey poo sold me on the colored bins... "some cheerful color won't hurt"
  9. dalmer

    Workstation build

    Got a little tool box set-up and a cork board for posting references or notes or whatnot
  10. dalmer

    Workstation build

    A fellow Ordo member graciously gifted me a portable airbrush hood system, which packs up nicely and stows when I'm not using it. Thank you Corey!
  11. dalmer

    Workstation build

    Starting to actually move some stuff into place and tidy things up a bit:
  12. dalmer

    The Death Knights of Khorne

    "... I looked and saw a pale horse. It's rider's name was Death..."
  13. dalmer

    Airbrush - thoughts from the users

    Appreciate it, folks! Looking at a Badger dual-stage, a lil' compressor and scottshoemaker's suggestion.
  14. dalmer

    Workstation build

    Okey doke, made some paint storage shelves. Used 1x2s that I had and put aromatic cedar 1/4" board for backing because wifey poo said, "it'll be pretty." So there's that. I made the shelves tall enough so that whatever paint pot / dropper I have should fit... and I should have enough space for a ton of paint. I made it as a corner unit because I have other plans for the left side of the table... storage bins, tool and brush rack, etc.
  15. dalmer

    Airbrush - thoughts from the users

    Another question for those of you that airbrush: * Do you use one with a vent that funnels the fumes/etc. out a window or something?