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  1. Looking for Land Raider doors

    I'm your huckleberry. See you for golf tomorrow.
  2. OFCC Discount Terrain-a-palooza!!!!

    Thanks for the donation of scenery as prizes Jim! I managed to snag one of your pieces and will be painting it up in the near future so will shoot pics over once its done. Cheers Sam
  3. I am delving into a 40k Conversion and want to start making some classic ork stuff and want to start with the Classic Spleen Ripper. Can someone take some close up shots of it for me if anyone has one? I have trawled through google and most of the pictures were on photo bucket and therefore no longer available in HD for some close ups so i can get the conversion as close as possible. Cheers in advance! Sam
  4. Random Song Thread

  5. Random Song Thread

  6. Yes i still have thew shield! I may well have to pop down on saturday and give it to you.
  7. Looking for Marauder Dwarves!

    Yes please! All of the above! Interested in trade for some rogue trader imperial guard?
  8. Did I sell you a big bag of square bases?

    I think I had a bag of deemed bits somewhere Tom! Lol maybe they are mine. I will see if I can find them?
  9. Did I sell you a big bag of square bases?

    You gave them to Tom! ;)
  10. Thanks bud! I'll shoot some pictures of it up later! Cheers Sam
  11. Skitarii / Cult Mech Codexes

    I would love the 8th edition empire book please!
  12. Hey guys As many know I don't hang around with my armies and my dread elf army from ofcc is on the chopping block. Lol everything from ofcc plus a new couldron of blood bare plastic and some newer warlocks on horses still new in box. I also have fully painted a block of 20 spearman and a bolt thrower to throw in with the army list. Looking to get $550 for the lot and I will also throw in the 48hr display board as well. Could be interested in a part trade idea as well so anyone interested shoot me a PM! I'll be putting this lot up on eBay in the next couple weeks if no one is interested. cheers sam
  13. I normally get there half hour before opening to check everyone's tables and reserve stuff if need be. Also the food was pretty good last time so grabbed a cup of tea and food!