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  1. splinx

    Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Trading Thread

    Are you playing AOS please tell me this is for 9th age?
  2. splinx

    2 Skitarii units for sell or trade

    Just FYI the Dominus currently goes for between $5-$10 and the Skitarri goes for between 25-30$ on eBay so if you are looking at shifting these $35-$40 price may help shift them. Unfortunately the forgebane box set has created a ton of them spare as folks only wanted the mini knights.
  3. splinx

    5/19 Ordo Terrain Day

    I will be there but the airbrush is currently packed away in storage as I’m moving. I’ll head on down though and help batch paint or use someone else’s airbrush if you want me too?
  4. splinx

    April Terrain Day


    I'll be there in May for the may one and i"ll bring my airbrush and compressor along to get some work in. :)
  5. splinx

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    I tried to rewatch it and got through the first 5-10 mins and turned it off. Bloody awful and even worse (Didn't think it was possible) than watching it in the theatre. Such a shame a classic genre has taken a turn for the worse. I decided to throw on Rogue One and watched the whole thing and loved it (Now watched that about 5 times since the theatre) and the has solidified itself as one of my favorite SWU films now just behind Empire Strikes back.
  6. I would also be down to paint them up once I get settled if you are interested? Im based in Salmon creek 2 mins from the i5 on the way down into Portland.
  7. splinx

    W: Commission painter for Bobby G H: $$$

    Take a quick look at my facebook page Warp Gate Studios and PM me if interested. Another decent commission painter from Ordo is Gary Washington but he now lives in Ohio boooooo! www.facebook.com/warpgatestudios/
  8. splinx

    Kickass Cossacks team coming soon on Kickstarter

    Totally agree.
  9. splinx

    Kickass Cossacks team coming soon on Kickstarter

    these look superb! I would love to get hold of these to paint up! :)
  10. splinx


    I have the ressers box set you can have man! I’ll take a look and see what else you have as well. :)
  11. splinx


    Matt have you got Korhil the special character? I’m after him specifically and can trade ya malifaux stuff. Lol
  12. splinx

    Ordo Terrain Day


    i may actually come down for this! :)
  13. I would love too but I’m doing the painting workshop at dice age from 12-2pm tomorrow so will be tied up with that unfortunately. It’s possible that next Saturday would work for some dark elf magic and me blowing myself up. Lol
  14. splinx

    Space Marine Heavy Bolters

    Shoot me a PM and i'll send over a picture of what i have.