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  1. Kickass Cossacks team coming soon on Kickstarter

    these look superb! I would love to get hold of these to paint up! :)
  2. I have the ressers box set you can have man! I’ll take a look and see what else you have as well. :)
  3. Matt have you got Korhil the special character? I’m after him specifically and can trade ya malifaux stuff. Lol
  4. Ordo Terrain Day


    i may actually come down for this! :)
  5. I would love too but I’m doing the painting workshop at dice age from 12-2pm tomorrow so will be tied up with that unfortunately. It’s possible that next Saturday would work for some dark elf magic and me blowing myself up. Lol
  6. Space Marine Heavy Bolters

    Shoot me a PM and i'll send over a picture of what i have.
  7. Space Marine Heavy Bolters

    That would be perfect bud! Any preference on plastic or metal heavy bolter devs? I think i have like 5 of each.
  8. Space Marine Heavy Bolters

    No worries! Any nids? or ork stuff? or stuff i can ork up? Still got the 5 heavy bolter dudes put aside for you.
  9. Space Marine Heavy Bolters

    I have 5 full Heavy bolter marines primed black that i would trade for some lascannons? I need 2 and a couple arms for venerable dreads if you have them?
  10. Bummer! I apparently now have to go to the International Cat Show in Portland tomorrow afternoon so the Dread Elves will be held back for yet another week. Apologies dudes! Hope you can still have a good couple games going.
  11. I have just checked and I can bring out the dread elves for a 2v2 game if you guys can find enough? And Benno it would be my pleasure to partner with the skinks! Lol
  12. T9A OFCC 2018

    I would vote 1! ;)
  13. T9A OFCC 2018

    But with everyone as good natured as they were last year i personally wouldn't have a problem pairing up with anyone who went? I totally agree about inclusiveness of the event but with us planning this so far in advance surely we can find a parter before then to enter the tournament? Or at least start asking around to start forming pairs?
  14. T9A OFCC 2018

    LOL looking at the folks who played last year most of us could find another teammate pretty easy i think. I don't think you would need to worry about being paired up with someone random Andrew! :) I would totally support 1 game of 2v2 grudge match over the weekend and then 1v1 games similar to the 40k team event where teams would choose who goes up against who etc. It would allow for some awesomely fun games and allow folks to either push themselves against a harder list or take a breather and have a more relaxing game against a deemed softer / more fluffy list. It would also allow teams to have a theme with their armies and challenge opponents in a grudge match (Of which i love the idea)!