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  1. We could do a smaller 3 way battle which could be fun! ;) or find someone else to do a 2 v 2?
  2. Cadian Torsos

    Just to confirm i don't need the arm just the weapons that slide into the arm! :) Thanks man
  3. I do need to start trying out the DE ruleset for 2.0 shortly. Anyone wanna throw down?
  4. LF: Night Goblins

  5. LF: Night Goblins

    I think I may have 40 spare dude maybe a little less. They are the older plastics multipart though.
  6. If you bring your own flask of cough mixture who cares. ;)
  7. Cadian Torsos

    I have 27 of them dude! https://imgur.com/gallery/IpGfE i would love to trade for either a dread plasma / lascannon and or the claw part of a dread power fist? Sam
  8. Looking for 40k SM Dread Weapons

    Any luck finding any Rex?
  9. Cadian Torsos

    I have a ton of them left over from when i did my renegade guard. How many do you need?
  10. Looking for 40k SM Dread Weapons

    Wonderful that would be great. Thanks again.
  11. Afternoon folks Looking for these bits if anyone has them spare? https://imgur.com/1hW3xgs https://imgur.com/d8LSeBz Shoot me a PM if you have them and we can sort out cash, trade or just a massive cup of tea! :)
  12. Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    It’s this or interstellar for me for sci fi film of the decade!
  13. Benno shoot me over what you need in Illustrator. ;) (Its what i do) Cheers
  14. FS: evil_bryan is selling stuff?!? yes!

    So Bryan I just saw you have two complete zoanthropes on sprue? I would love it if possible? Along with the Medusa?