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  1. W: 3rd ed Tyranid Raveners H: $

    PM'd you!
  2. W: 3rd ed Tyranid Raveners H: $

    What condition are yours in? I can do $20 plus shipping.
  3. W: 3rd ed Tyranid Raveners H: $

    I'd pay $20 for both if you cover shipping to Olympia, does that work?
  4. I'm looking for old metal Raveners from 3rd edition. This is the first sculpt of this unit. Sorry for the poor quality pic but it's what I could find on short notice. I would like 4 of them but will take what I can get! I don't care what the bottom arms are as long as the top Scything Talons are there. I have money and can pay via PayPal as you'll probably need to ship them to me in Olympia. I also have all sorts of stuff for trade - AM, Eldar, Chaos, modern Tyranids, and old Fantasy. PM if you're holding!
  5. IG FAQ

    Does the Valhallan relic pistol (Pietrov's MK .45) still function like the pre-FAQ Commissar rules? I didn't see any changes to that wording but I could have missed it.
  6. Eldar info

    The new Saim-Hann rules are very cool... And very good. I was hoping ScatBikes would not get any better :/
  7. Eldar info

    I'm not sure what I expected Ulthwé to get but that certainly wasn't it. I like the ability and think it's pretty good though. I like the subfaction-specific stratagems. It's a great way to introduce more rules without cluttering up the codex.
  8. New Guard Codex

    I am very happy that my Valhallans get regiment rules again! That's not the regiment rule that I expected but it's pretty good. I like the return of "Send in the next wave", the new Valhallan order, and the updated rules for Baneblades removing the movement penalty. Lots of good stuff in this book so far. Very excited to get my guard on the table with new rules!
  9. 2017 OFCC 40K Team Scores

    We (Kill! Maim! Beer!) did pretty well for being down a player! Thanks to Ordo for another great OFCC!
  10. Is the wound limitation going to be changed? Scout Sentinels have 6 wounds and cannot be taken, which makes me sad. Even Company Commanders have 4 wounds in 8th!
  11. 5 things you learned so far 40k 8th

    I looked through the rulebook, but couldn't find a ruling about Missiles. My Lightning Fighter has six Skystrike missiles that don't have the one use only rule. Can I shoot six missiles a turn, every turn? Or is there a maximum number of weapons that can be fired?
  12. What has been your go-to unit in 8th Edition?

    That's exciting, because I have 3 of the old metal ones!
  13. What has been your go-to unit in 8th Edition?

    They did?!? I always played them as 36" D:
  14. What has been your go-to unit in 8th Edition?

    My Baneblade, with two sets of sponsons. It's a TON of firepower on a resilient chassis for 635 points. I love it! I also really like Heavy Weapon Teams with Mortars. They're a steal at 27 points per squad of 3, and they now have 48" range.
  15. W: Descent board game stuff H: $

    I do have a copy of Descent 2nd ed! It looks to be complete. A few models have been primed black but nothing has been painted.